[Ashen Snow] One Day Left [Gr 7.5] [Al 7.5] [Ami 7.7]

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Five days, you've been told five days was all you'd have. This is day five.

Scouts tell you the legion has already started fighting the hit and run teams as they near the foot of the mountains. Stripes and his Excellent Cyclists and Wolf and his pack took on Harridan's advanced force and the two sides took losses.

Roll +Hard to see how things are shaping up with your gang. On a 7-9, two of the below are true. On a 10+ , only 1. On a miss, it is all true. Best of luck, sucker.

* Tar Pit and the old guard refuse to defend the Spring and are currently running buckets to take all the water they can before burying it again. They've killed seven people at the spring who tried to stop them (three ShantyTowners, four Snow Slaves)
* Melody left this morning, without a word; Ula tells you she went to her brother in the hills and she is pregnant with your child
* The Armory Boys gave Mungo a big eff you for your promise of payment, they said they already have a higher bidder for a different contract, and next time you should show up your damn self

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  • [Grekkor][6xp][3pm]
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Melody left without a word . . .
  • [Grekkor]
    He stands looking at Ula, but he is not seeing her. The news has locked his brain in some cognitive loop. He is not processing or thinking. Stunned.
    After some time he attempts to make sense of it.
    "Is this an omen, Ula? Are we doomed?
    His face reddens in shame. How can he stand as a symbol and leader of the Pryers when not even Melody trusts him? A dark, moody cloud overtakes him.
    He calls out for his armor and his gun. He can not sit and stew in this disgrace. Come night fall he will take a force out and meet Harridan's legions on the field. The black of night to hide his dishonor. No glory awaits him now.
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    Ula touches your arm, with a single gesture urging you to be still and listen. Her eyes are in that far off place, "Many are doomed. The path is unclear if we will win the day. Your mate is out of the chain of events now. You must defeat Harridan or your sons will never prosper."

    Fuse is there, putting your armor on you quickly, handing you your weapons. The Pryers are set up in a defensive position around Teh Gym. Who is defending the Spring?
  • Spending Advance: + gunlugger move, Not to be f'd With.
  • [Grekkor]
    Chack and Arizona have been in charge of the springs. They have been rotating in the new Shanty Town recruits. Everyone does a 12 hour shift at the springs. The snowslaves have been given a place to set up camp nearby with some rudimentary weapons. Though whether they are in any sort of fighting condition, Alonzo would say.

    At any given point there are 15-20 Pryers at the springs. They are instructed to hold ground unless obviously out numbered. If out numbered they are to break formation and become an gorilla skirmish force, harassing, sniping and irritating any lines of supply.
  • Let's talk some battle plans. How many Pryers are you taking out to meet Harridan? Are you going to meet up with Chigger and his gang at the top of the mountain? That adds ten to whatever number you bring.

    If you wait for Wolf and his pack, that could add more.
  • Grekkor,

    You head outside, planning on mounting up a force and heading out, right? Metcalf comes running up to you, bows, follows forms and waits for you to give him permission to report.

    Once you do, he says, "Master Grekkor, I just returned from scoutin the armory. Unca Jess had a feelin about 'em and so I went to see what I could see. They have a big ass cannon, as long as a truck, and I never seen anythin like it. Anyhow, they brung it up out of the armory and been workin on it. I saw one of em on patrol and nabbed him. He's in the back o my truck, thought you might wanna talk with him. Cuz that cannon, its aimed at the Baths, sir."
  • [Grekkor]
    Grekkor gazes up the map.The Element with fairly good defensive positions in the center. Rudimentary defensive position at the springs off to the Element's flank. Small markers placed on the paper representing various forces based on the weak intel rolling in.

    He studies the terrain for positions of vulnerability and opportunity. Perhaps hedge them in toward the Springs, putting a large force there, more than they would think? He is pondering strategy when he takes a break, outside to get word that the Pryers might plan a midnight strike out on the flats. He has been putting out various rumors of his plans to his leaders on the assumption Harridan has spies everywhere. Flood him with misinformation, that is the best plan so far.

    He is talking to several Pryers on getting volunteers for the Midnight counter-attack, when Metcalf returns and reports.
    So, destroy the baths before Harridan can get them? Is that what they plan? Harridan would not have authorized that. And a day long bath, they would have plenty of warning that we had lost the day. An insurance plan. What do the Armory boys know that we don't? How do they know?

    Or, they could fire it as soon as it was operational. That would make sense from their position. Neutralize the greater threat, if they understand the horror Harridan presents, should he succeed here.

    Dangerous, nabbing an Armory patrol, but then, point a cannon like that, can they blame us?

    "Metcalf, please release our guest from your truck and bring him to the baths to meet with me. Be gentle with him."
  • Let's skip to the Baths then. you're in there, anyone with you?

    Metcalf brings in a young teen in camos, no weapon, just a little bruised. Hair's buzzcut, he has a lean body, angry eyes. The name sewn on a patch above the right pocket of his camo shirt says Pinto. He stands like a soldier. An at ease soldier and he isn't addressing you or making eye contact.

    What do you do?
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    He marches over to Pinto (if that is his name). He walks around him, sizing him up.
    Angry eyes, yes, he remembers times of getting jumped and captured. Not his best moments for certain.

    "So you are an Armory Boy. Sorry your visit to the baths are under such circumstances. Seems you have a might big gun, a cannon, they say, pointed right here at the Element. You can't blame Pryer Metcalf gathering you up and bringing you here, now can you? With such a thing threatening us?

    No reason why you can't walk out of here. Because we both know this is just some sort of misunderstanding, isn't it."

    He finishes his little talk directly in Pinto's face. Leaning in. Looking at him intensely.

    Going for the Read
  • Reading Pinto
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2)
  • Holding 1
  • Pinto stands at attention and looks past you, barking out, "Serial number eight five six nine forty two Delta. I serve the Armory Boy Company C!
  • Grekkor lets a smile escape.
    Must respect the training and discipline up with the Armory Boys.
    What is he really feeling?
  • Pinto is scared shitless. He knows who you are, he knows what you can do, what you have done He expects torture, worse. He just wants to get out of this alive and with honor, he's given up on not being harmed, he figures that's a definite.
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    He looks at Metcalf, a small nod showing how impressed he is with Pinto's resolve.
    "Since you're so silent I'm inclined to assume Armory Boys have turned on the Evan's Element. Though, if I were in your shoes, I suppose, I too would not want to talk, just on principle. But in this case, given the ambiguity of that cannon up there in Armory Boys, you really should re-think your training. Yes, most times serial number and company only, that is a good choice. But your people have put you in a difficult situation. One you could fix right here and now.

    I want you to think things over. I'll get Jeanette to give you a bath. Let the waters bring you wisdom. Have you ever experienced transcendent wisdom? "

    He looks up to Metcalf.
    "Where is Jeanette? I haven't seen her today. Tell her to give this Pinto a Simple Bath.
  • Omie is in the bath with you, Pinto and Metcalf. Metcalf's been out all morning, so he doesn't answer, but Omie replies sharp, "The Prophet told everyone to stay out of Jeanette's place a few minutes ago, then left. He put Pretzel on it, sir."
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    Interesting. Alonzo was here with Jeanette. Perhaps a good omen, finally.

    "Ok, Pinto. Omie will help you with a bath. I will be back in the hour to learn of your decision. Understood?"

    Grekkor makes sure Omie knows not to let this kid out of his sight.
    He then goes back outside to talk to Metcalf private. He looks yonder toward the Armory.

    Does Grekkor have time to get to the Armory and get back to the Element by Dusk to lead a midnight charge?

    "Let Unca Jess know I need to talk to him. If he asks, tell him he needs to do a diplomatic mission."
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    Pinto doesn't acknowledge your question, but he does let Omie lead him to the baths. Omie nods vigorously at his orders, he's sure he wont' fail you.

    Metcalf fetches Una Jess from outside, he comes in, salutes quickly and says, "With all due respect, Graykor, I aint gonna get shit done with them Arm'ry Boys. Same as Mungo, they only wanna talk to tha top dawg. An that's you. If'n you come with, then maybe they'll talk turkey. Otherwise, I'll be spinnin my wheels. An we need summin we can offer in trade, summin worth their time. Maybe spring water, er offer em one o the girl Pryers, they like their girls." Unca Jess knows he's speaking out of turn, suggesting something less than honorable, but you see in his eyes the fervor for saving Yurd and The Baths, the worry about that big damn gun. What's one Pryer for that?

    Yes, the Armory is close enough to travel there and return before dusk.
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    He has no jingle. Armory boys, not taking credit and now pointing cannons at the Element.
    Not the best way to start the day.
    His leverage diminishes every moment Harridan marches the warpath.

    "We have nothing to offer but our memories. When we defeat Harridan, will then treat with the Armory Boys, and we will not forget this."

    He will not go and stand a begging fool to those Armory Boys.
  • Unca Jess gives you a level look, "She made tha grass grow, an She brought tha Sprang. Mebbe She can help again?" He looks hopeful.
  • RusRus
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    "Yes, maybe she will bring boiling water from below the scheming Armory Boys and wash them down their mountain.
    Grekkor smiles at Unca Jess as he expresses his frustration with the Armory Boys in jest. And then it occurs to him, he really does not know the extent of her power. She is a force of life and reflection, but what if it was funneled to more direct purposes? Is that just what Harridan has in mind for her, something he ought not do?

    "But, then why not?" He asks Unca Jess in all seriousness. "Why couldn't we focus her power in ways she is unaware of? Would that be a betrayal of her nature?
  • Unca Jess knits his brows and shrugs lightly, "Yer more versed in this religion than I, Graykor. I wonder if she even understands how she ken help. Aint you her fist? Mebbe that means somethin more."

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkkor]
    He lets some time pass, maybe 15-20 minutes-- more planing for the midnight raid, but also adding rumors we'll be taking a good sized force to the Armory Boys as well (Harridan spies, you know). He then returns to the Baths on the assumption that Pinto is done and ready for final questioning.
  • You pass time, the Pryers are busy running reports back and forth, prepping for the war, scouting around the Armory Boys perimeter.

    You enter the Baths and Omie is there with Pinto. Pinto is still a bit damp, but clean and looks refreshed. He is dressed in a clean but worn off-white t-shirt and a pair of cotton slacks. He looks younger now. When you walk in, he was sitting on a bench, his body language was a little casual with Omie. Omie even had a smirk on his face, like they'd just shared some kind of joke. But Omie snaps to attention when he sees you and Pinto stands up at attention in his own posture.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    He walks up to Pinto. Nods to Omie. Then, with deathly seriousness:
    "Now tell me of this cannon, Pinto.

    Manipulating Pinto: Tell the truth of what is going on up there with the Armory Boys
  • Manipulate
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Pinto tries to be strong, but he withers under your gaze. You took his uniform, cleaned him of the much, even Omie's chatter broke him down. He's just a kid.

    He continues standing there, but he slumps out of his stance, makes eye contact, "I want to be Pryer. Make me. Make me a Pryer. I'll tell you about... about them."
  • [Grekkor]
    "You have what it takes to be a Pryer. We would be happy to have you. But, first, you must notify your current master: your Armory Company is it? We must let them know that you are joining us of your own free will. That is, we need to do that unless they are compromised some how? Do they deserve the respect and honor of your formal resignation, Pinto? Tell us about them."
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