[Ashen Snow] One Day Left [Bo 7.3]

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Five days, you've been told five days was all you'd have. This is day five. Its your second day out with the pack heading towards Harridan's legion. Under your care, everyone has healed up for this, even you (you're at 0-Harm).

This morning, you were woken up at what Jin called "the ass crack of dawn" to ride with Stripes and his Excellent Cyclists (which Manx rejoined and is riding along on Shayla, giving you hateful glares and refusing to talk to you). Your mission today is to hit and run on Harridan's Advance Force, which consists of three other cycle gangs (led by Horz Durves, Seitenna and Twisty Ties). You outgun them, they outnumber you. Wolf's plan is to hit them hard, then pull back up the mountain, letting them chase you so the force on top of the mountain can pick them off.

Roll +Sharp. On a 7-9, choose two of the below to be true. On a 10+, only one is true. Fail, and they're all true. Good luck sucker.
* Stripes Excellent Cyclists turned on you, went over to Harridan's side and now it is four gangs to one, you're deep in the shit and you've got to get the hell out now
* Your buggy, which was driven by Mac, with Wolf in the front and you and Jersey in the back, was just hit by a rocket: everyone took 3-Harm; who died?
* Harridan's figured out a way to tug at Spector, he's trying to do it right now, you've got a -1 Forward on Weird rolls until you stop whatever he's doing

Hugs and Kisses,
Your MC


  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • The ass crack of dawn is pretty fittin. It's hardly even light out, but the adrenaline's got me wide awake. I'm more nervous than I'm tryin' to let on. I've always hated this, goin' out into battle. Mostly cause I'm lookin' around wonderin' who's gonna die, who I won't be able to save. But I talked Wolf into lettin' me come. I want to be with him when he's out fightin' Harridan. Cause if he gets hurt, an' I'm the only one who could save him, I want to be there so I can. Same goes for the rest of the pack. I've been really tryin' not to push them away too. Mac's been really nice to me. I mean, he likes to tease me about that kiss cause it makes me turn all red. I was kinda afraid he'd try to tease me about Jin...but he hasn't. Which I appreciate more than I could say. There's nothin' funny about what happened with Jin. Jersey's still been pretty gruff, but he eased up a lot after that day at the church. Wolf told 'em all what happened inside. They all had different reactions, but their feelings towards Harridan are one an' the same. I'm pretty sure if any of the pack sees that sonuvabitch, they'll tear his throat out with their bare hands.

    I keep glancin' in Manx's direction. Before we set out this morning, I went an' found her. I tried to tell her I was sorry, that I was a fuckin' dumbass. She kinda cut me off halfway through, turned her back on me. So I told her back that I probably deserved that, but it didn't change the fact that I was sorry an' that I didn't mean any of the shit I said. I guess I really fucked her up though, cause she's still glarin' at me whenever I glance over at her. I feel awful.

    We're about halfway to Harridan's Advanced Force when two things happen kinda at once. First, I feel Spector wince. Which is really weird, cause I've never ever felt anythin' like that before. I immediately focus on him, an' he starts tryin' to sharethink what's wrong. It takes a bit, he can't seem to get more than a few words out at a time. But eventually he gets out that Harridan is tuggin' on him somehow, like he's tryin' to pull him out of my head. I'm startin' to fall into a panic, tryin' to figure out how the hell Harridan learned about Spector an' how to stop him an' what this will mean, an' that's when the second thing happens.

    Stripes rides up next to us an' winks at me, a sorta pleased as punch smile on his face. I'm starin' warily back at him when suddenly there's more bikes hemming us in, slowin' down so we have to slow down. I glance over at the other buggy with Jin, Scar, Sable, an' Nuff, only to see that they're gettin' hemmed in too. An' when I look back, I'm just in time to see that Stripes has a gun pointin' straight at me. I'm frozen in my seat, lookin' down the barrel as Stripes demands in a harsh voice that we pull over right fuckin' now.
  • It looks like Stripes has not only turned, but he's going to try and bring you in alive for Harridan's pleasure.

    Mac doesn't even flinch, he guns it immediately. Jersey throws himself in front of you, pulling you behind him and he takes a shot to the head. Manx's shotgun roars on the other side of your buggy and the driver's rear tire blows out, throwing you into a quick spin.

    You hear more shots ring out and the Advanced Force is almost on you. "Tire's blown, it'll take a change!" Mac yells

    "We don't have time!" Wolf yells back as he starts spraying and praying, more to get Stripes to veer off than to hit him

    Jersey is a heavy sumbitch and he's on top of you, not moving.

    What do you do?
  • "Jer...Jersey! Jersey!" I'm frantically tryin' to tell if he's alive. He's got me pinned to the seat. He's way too heavy for me to move, so I find his face with my hands, feelin' wet sticky blood under my fingers. "No. No. C'mon. Don't die. You dumbass. What were you thinkin? C'mon!" He just saved my life. Possibly at the cost of his own. I'm not even botherin' to find a pulse. I'm gonna try to use Spector, try to save him. Fuckin' Stripes! I can't believe Manx would be a part of this!
  • Healing Touch on Jersey
    -1 from Harridan
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • Acting Under Fire
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • highlighted for 1xp
  • You pull what you can of Spector and heal Jersey, literally pull him from the grave back into his body. He'll carry a wicked scar on his face from the bullet wound. But he'll live for now. Until the next shot hits him.

    You hear shots all around, but you can't pull yourself free without some help. I mean, sure, at some point, you can crawl out from under him, but some help would be nice.

    Wolf's reloading, you hear Manx's shotgun blaring and Shayla screaming by. Then a grenade goes off, it is crazy out there. You could just hunker down, it would be so easy. Soooo easy to just hide, right?
  • As soon as I feel Spector pull Jersey back, I let go an' start tryin' to squirm out from underneath him again. No way in hell am I gonna just hunker down an' hide! I gotta get up so I can see. I might not have a gun, but I can try to hurt people like I hurt G-String...well, at least I can try. Right?

    I hear Shayla pass by an' I feel sick. "Manx!" I scream as loud as I can. "Manx! Stop! Please!"
  • Sounds like you're trying to win Manx back to your side? Beg her for help?

    Roll a Manipulate. You've got a -1 Forward for this based on situation.
  • I keep workin' on gettin' free from Jersey, but I can still hear Shayla. Is Manx still close by?

    "Manx, I'm sorry! Please! I was lyin! I lied! I'm a shittyass friend, ok? You're my best friend! An' I couldn't...I didn't want you to get hurt! I was scared you'd die! An' I'm so sorry! Please, Manx!" I feel kinda stupid, hollerin' at her over gunfire when I can't even tell if she's listening, but hell, I gotta try. She's my best friend.
  • Manipulate Manx
    (-1 from Harridan & -1 forward)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • For my advance, I used "get +1 to any stat" and increased my Cool to +1.
  • You're yelling at the top of your lungs. You hear Wolf get out of the buggy while Mac is still there, cursing up a storm and firing at anything that moves. Then finally you worm your way up to the front seat where Wolf was. You see a sawed-off in the floorboard, then something slams into your door, hard. (take 1-Harm)

    Rambler just sideswiped the vehicle and he reaches down to snatch you up by the hair. He's busy trying to yank you up far enough to pull you onto his bike, then ride off. Its a ballsy maneuver. He's all rotting teeth and a bristly beard and screaming, "C'mere bitch, gonna ride you home! Hyah!"

    You're trying to pull back. I mean, giving up a handful of hair to avoid being drug back to Harridan is a fair trade, right? So you're pulling and Mac had slid down to take cover and he's trying to stay the fuck down but still get a bead on Rambler without blowing your head off... then Rambler's head pops open from about ten different wounds and he sprays some messy blood and gore forward onto you and Mac and falls off his bike like a sack of potatoes. You see a little Asian girl on a big bike ride past, then in front of the buggy. It's Manx, she shot Rambler in the back of the head.

    All around you, the battle is pretty rough. Stripes is somewhere not far from Manx, on his back, Wolf is choking the life out of him. The other buggy is still functional and Scar has climbed up on the back, she's pulling back a tarp and you hear Keeler and Dong, the last two cyclists, scream, "Fifty Cal!" and they break and head back towards the Advanced Force.

    They ride for about fifty yards, then you hear a crack. Two seconds later, Dong's head snaps forward and he falls off his bike. Twenty more yards, Keeler's sidewinding, then you hear another crack. Then pop, Keeler catches that in the side of his head and falls, too.

    Manx hasn't ridden off. She stopped Shayla and dropped her guns, stepped off the bike and rose her hands. Nobody has dealt with her yet. But you have a feeling she's next.

    Wolf finishes choking Stripes, then pulls out a k-bar and cuts his throat, to be sure. Then he runs back to you, talking on the radio and to Mac, they know who he's talking to, but its hard for you to tell exactly, "Scar, when the column gets close, light them up. Mac, change that fucken tire, now! Sabe, you got eyes? What do you see? What? No prisoners, no time for it..."

    What do you do?
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    I just about go flyin' when somethin' slams into the side of the buggy next to me. I probably would've too, cept Rambler grabs me by the hair, I grit my teeth an' fight back as hard as I can. I'm tryin' to get out of the way so Mac can shoot the sonuvabitch, but then suddenly his blood is sprayin' over us an' his grip slacks. I yank away from him as he falls an' that's when I see Manx. I flash her a grin, an' snatch up the shotgun on the floor. I take a second to peer over the dash of the buggy, tryin' to figure out what the hell is even goin' on. Then I see Manx gettin' off her bike an' I jump out of the buggy, crouchin' beside it for cover. I end up right next to Wolf, tryin' to listen to what he's sayin' an' yellin' at Manx at the same time.

    "Manx! C'mere! Hurry your ass up!" What'd Wolf say? No prisoners? I smack his arm to get his attention. "Wolf! That's my friend! Don't shoot her!"

    EDIT: Bones is wearing her leather jacket which is 1-armor, canceling out that 1-harm.
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    After you yell over at her, Manx limps up towards you real quick and when you hit Wolf, he says, "Hold up, Sabe." He glances over at Manx, then back to you, then heads back with Mac to work on the tire.

    Manx comes up to you and punches you in the arm, "You're as shitty a friend as I am a bodyguard. But I saved your ass this time, didn't I?" She flashes a smile.
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    "Yeah you did." An' I'm so happy to see her smile that I throw my arms around her real quick. It's not a long emotional hug, but I don't really hug people, an' she knows that.

    I stay next to the buggy, the shotgun in one hand, eyein' the enemy an' tryin' to spot anybody who looks important or in charge. Are they advancing? If I can, I'm gonna try to attack anybody who looks important with my...power or whatever. What'd Harridan call it? Bein' psychic? Anyways, the G-String thing. I'm gonna try to do that again. You know, be helpful.
  • But first I'm going to Read the Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Which enemy is the biggest threat?
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    Yes, they're advancing. Three motorcycle gangs, picked for speed, armed to the teeth. They are shock troops, set up to hammer things down and move on. Like locusts. Sable is already sniping away, but she'll run out of bullets before she runs out of targets. Your shotgun is a waste, really. By the time they're in range, you've got one second to make your shot before they're on you.

    There is one rail-thin guy that looks like one of the leaders, he's riding a big Harley. You recognize him by his puzzle-piece tattoos across his head and face. Its Twisty Ties. How do you know him?

    The biggest threat is time. Wolf and Mac are trying to fix that flat and things aren't going well. Scar will put a hurting on the gangs with that big fifty caliber machine gun on a turret that the pack has out and ready, and Nuff is a good driver, so Jin will be able to pop of some shots with his AK-97 while they try to keep the second buggy safe, but you can see it, there isn't enough time.

    On the side of the gangers, there's a girl, a big thick girl with what looks like a homemade grenade launcher. She's in a sidecar and she's probably the biggest threat once things go all slammy together.

    If someone could hold up the gangs for a minute, both buggies could be up and running and have a chance to get away. As it stands now, your buggy will be the focal point of the gangs and the second buggy will try an defend, but end up having to move on. Also, in their rush, nobody has moved Jersey. He's a sitting duck in the back of the buggy.
  • I take in the scene with a grim sorta realization. We need time. We desperately need time.

    "Hey Manx, remember when you offered to take me for a ride on Shayla? That offer still good?" I ask her in a low voice, but I flash her a smart ass smile. "What'dya say we try to slow these assholes down so my brother can get that tire fixed?"
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    Manx laughs, "Of course I remember, Bonesie. C'mon, let's go cause a ruckus!" She dashes for Shayla with a whoop and starts standing the bike back up and hops on, starting it.

    You hear Mac curse loudly, "Bloody tire iron! Damn this thing!"

    Wolf calls out, "Jin! Not sure we have time to get this buggy moving before they hit! Get Jersey over to your buggy!" Jin hops out, starts over to your buggy to grab him.

    Jin heard you, he sees your shotgun, then he tosses you his AK-97 and comes up to hand you some grenades, "Emmy, I'm sorry. I didn't stop. I'm sorry." Then he's back to grabbing Jersey and trying to pull him out of the buggy.
  • I catch Jin's hand, stoppin' him for a second. We haven't really talked at all since...since it happened. I've been avoidin' him, an' I think he's been kinda avoidin' me too. But right now, with death all around, I want to make sure he knows that I don't blame him.

    "Jin..." I let go of his hand an' take a breath. "It's not your fault, ok? I'm sorry I've been avoidin' you. I don't...I don't hate you or anythin. I don't even blame you, honest. I'm really just glad you're free now.' I give him a half smile, then I glance over at Manx to see if she's ready. I've got the grenades stuffed in the pockets of my leather jacket, an' the gun slung over my shoulder. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
  • Jin grabs the shotgun from you and nods, that's all you have time for. Then you're hopping on Shayla and wrapping an arm around Manx. She screams out some odd ululating war cry and guns the engine, then tears off straight for the gangs. She leans into it and the bike just sings for her, hair flying and she's laughing like mad.

    Manx screams at you, "We gonna try and get them to chase us? Or play chicken?"
  • "Whatever it takes!" I scream back in her ear. I'm holdin' onto Shayla with my knees clenched tight. With my hands, I'm readyin' the gun. "Just get close enough for me to put some holes in 'em!" Her mad laughter is infections an' I'm grinnin' along with her. This is so stupid, so dangerous. But what the hell. It's not like I've ever chosen the safe route.

    I've got the gun up an' ready. As soon as we're close enough, I'm gonna spray the front line with bullets. But in the meantime, I'm lookin' at the girl with the grenades an' I'm gonna try to scream my own war cry into her mind as loud as I can.
  • Direct-brain whisper projection
    (-1 from Harridan)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    highlighted for 1xp
  • The thick girl with the grenades hunkers down in fear from you, ducking to make herself a little smaller in the sidecar (it isn't working). It seems that she might think you're the reason some of her friends' heads are just exploding out of nowhere (that's Sable). But you get to her.

    Manx guns it and turns to give you a chance to full broadside. Now, this, as you know, is rather stupid. And brave. But lots of the first. So, let's see you Seize by Force their attention. If you gain definite hold of it, the tire is fixed by the time they reach Wolf.

    This is 3-Harm coming your way (before armor or anything else). It would be more in full combat, but you're only hitting the first wave.
  • Seize by Force
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • I take definite hold of it.
    I inflict terrible harm.
  • The gangers were headed straight at you and Manx. She gunned Shayla until the last possible second. A few shots fly past you, but you both crouch over the bike and she just loses the little windshield and a side-view mirror, takes a nick in the thigh.

    Then she turns the bike and you open up on them. You catch two of three in the face, tear up some tires and make a hell of a racket. Their perfect line of madmen breaks. You become the rabbit and they're a big-ass pack of wild dogs. You become the new scent and they're chasing and spitting and screaming at you. You take 3-Harm from the shots fire in your direction. Both you and Manx have 1-Armor so you're getting lit up.

    Manx is about to fall off the bike and she yells back at you, "Bonesie, hold on!" She throws down a leg and does a 180, then zips back towards the buggies in a long arc, just running past them. Most of the gang takes the bait and the ones that don't have to pull up to avoid a pileup. Manx is laughing and screaming obscenities and she takes another hit. You see it, the blood spray on the right side of her gut, the side facing away from the bikers. She gasps and nearly falls off the bike, so you end up taking the handlebars. You both nearly wipe out then and there and you spend a couple seconds trying to figure out how to co-pilot the damn thing.

    that's when you hear the budda-budda-budda of Scar on the fifty cal and she just lays down a line of death behind you. The cycles scatter and everything goes to hell in a handbasket. But by the time you manage to get close enough to see Wolf and the pack, Mac is starting up the buggy and Wolf is gesturing for you to come back.
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