[Ashen Snow] One Day Left [Bo 7.3]



  • Harm Move (for 2-Harm)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • It's too much!

    Manx slips down, almost off the bike and you turn to try and catch her and lay it down. You were still gunning it and then you both slide and then you're laying the bike down and skidding through the clay and hard scrabble dirt and kicking up dust a mile and Shayla is fucked up and Manx is lying in your lap and she's barely breathing and bleeding in a couple places and there's blood on her teeth when she smiles at up at you, in too much pain to say anything.

    There are a half dozen bikes headed your way right now.

    What do you do?
  • In the Love Letter, I said -1 Forward on Weird rolls, but I meant -1 Ongoing. Would that have changed your choices after rolling?
  • OOC: Well, that's what I thought you meant, so nope! Haha.

    I don't know how long I lie there, gasping. But as soon as my head clears, I start tryin' to pull myself up, coughin' at the dust an' wincin' when I cough. When I finally get myself up enough to see Manx, my heart sinks. Fuck. There's a sharp pain comin' from my side that I'm not really payin' attention to. My pants are pretty torn up. Just when my old road rash healed, I had to go an' get myself in a bike wreck.

    But I'm lookin' at Manx who's lyin' in my lap, dying. "Manx." I gasp. Shit. Everythin' really hurts. "Hold on, ok? C'mon, Manx, hold on for me, k? You're gonna be alright. You're gonna be fine. I'm not gonna let...I'm not gonna let you die."

    My voice catches on that last bit. I can see what's left of the bikes headin' straight for us. Even if I abandoned Manx an' tried to run, I don't know if I'd make it back to Wolf. An' I'm not abandonin' Manx. I shift an' that's when the pain in my side finally registers with a sharp stab. That an' the blood that comes back on my hand when I touch it. Fuck.

    I don't know where my gun ended up. I was too busy tryin' to hold onto Manx. I've got the grenades in my pocket still, an' when they're close enough, I'll start throwin' 'em. But right now...I know it's pretty fuckin' pointless, but it's what I know. It's what I do. So right now I'm gonna try to save Manx. Even if it means losin' the small window of opportunity I had to escape.
  • Healing Touch on Manx
    (-1 from Harridan)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
    highlighted for 1xp
  • Acting Under Fire
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  • You take Manx's face in your hands and there is a second of calm. The roar of the bikes, her ragged breaths, the machine gun fire all fall away and you're looking in Manx's eyes. The pain and distance between you falls away and it is a wonderful moment between you, two friends. "I love you, Bonesie." Manx whispers quiet, just for you to hear. She thinks they are her last works on this earth. She gives it to you, not a profession of a secret romantic love, but the last proclamation of a sisterly love, the only love she's ever wanted, but never brave enough to express for fear of being rejected, walled off, pushed away. But now, it doesn't matter now, she gives it to you selflessly, her only friend, here holding her as she dies.

    Then you pull on Spector drawing him into you to help Manx, to save her precious life. Your emotions are powerful now and the draw on him is unavoidable. Undeniable. He arrives in an instant, like a tidal wave and through the maelstrom you feel that chain, the link back to Harridan, it twists and turns. Then finally Spector/Dune, your partner and brother, breaks that chain, snaps it like a dried spaghetti noodle and comes to you in a rush, flooding you with healing power greater than anything you've drawn before. Manx's body shudders and broken bones mend and holes in her neck, side and thigh knit themselves. Then you, the pain and wounds you suffered, they heal as well in a powerful splash of endorphins and pure unadulterated joy fills you, from feeling all of Dune/Spector, from saving Manx, and your brother both, the pack, everyone you love on this battlefield you reach out and touch with a dollop of hope.

    You feel this nimbus of power around you now. You don't know how long Spector can keep this up, but he refuses to allow you to die for Manx, to die here and now. You hear through the pulse of power the sound of guns being fired. Fired at you by the gangers rushing at you. When you turn, you see them bounce harmlessly off some kind of bubble of force around you. Now you see them, those bikers, shock registering on their faces as their bikes bring them ever closer. Closer to you. One, a guy with a handlebar mustache and broken teeth, throws up his hands in front of his face, forgetting himself in the awe of what you are right now, his bike twists and he lays it down, too afraid to advance on you. But the others, they are still coming, confusion, wonder and fear awash on their faces.

    What do you do?
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    I've been called an angel more times than I can count. I always refer to myself as a doctor or a medic or a healer, but most people seem to see me as somethin' more supernatural I guess. But I've never felt like an angel before. At least not until now.

    I'm sittin' inside this force field of Spector's power, Manx in my lap, watchin' the bullets bounce harmlessly away from us. An' I'm connected to it, this power that just rushed with dizzying strength through Manx, through me, that is now coverin' the both of us, protecting us. I can see the awe an' fear on the bikers faces. I feel powerful. I feel like an angel.

    I look down at Manx, an' despite everythin' I actually smile. It's a soft smile, a calm smile, a real smile. An' I'm so full of this joy, this hope, that the words that I have never been able to say, well, they just come. "I love you too, Manx."

    I stand up, helpin' Manx stand up next to me, grippin' her hand tightly in mine. Together we face the oncoming bikers straight on, our wounds healed. I am full of a strange calm, a calm that I hope I'm transferring to Manx somehow. I find the first biker, the one in the lead, an' I hold his gaze unflinching.


  • Direct-brain whisper projection
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  • The lead biker, a chubby guy with a Van Halen t-shirt underneath some home-made armor, pulls up short, which causes the line to break, a couple of them veer off and away, two others, the guys who might be related to chubby but aren't as corpulent or old, they stop with him. Chubby has this mouth agape thing going on, like you truly are some angel in the middle of this hell. You hear the report of Scar on the fifty cal and some explosions, but you've got their attention. This is Erstwhile and his two sons, Fries and Shakeybat. The boys are looking to their pop, letting him lead this one. Both Fries and Shakeybat are early twenties maybe.

    What do you do?
  • "I don't want to fight you, Erstwhile." I call to him, my voice calm an' clear. I've had some dealings with Erstwhile before. He visited Juck a few times while I was there. They were on friendly terms, well, as friendly as anyone could be with Juck. I'm actually pretty sure I patched up Fries one time after he'd broken his leg in a bike wreck. He was just barely old enough to ride then, though he was the same age as me, the kid who was healin' him. Shakeybat was still too young, all huge eyes clingin' to his Pop. Erstwhile was rough an' tough just like all the others, but he loved his sons. That much was obvious. I wonder if they even remember me.

    I'm examinin' them carefully with the practiced eyes of a doctor, tryin' to see if any of 'em are hurt. Especially the boys.
  • Read Erstwhile
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • I love advanced moves!

    Holding 3.

    First Q: Is Erstwhile or either of his sons strung by Harridan?
    (If this question is stretching the limits too much, just let me know).
  • They're working for the jingle, not strung at all.
  • Second Q: What would convince Erstwhile to switch sides besides jingle?
  • Safety, a place to call home for him and his boys, a chance that at least one of them might find a girl he likes and have a family. He took this job with Harridan hoping to get enough jingle for that. He's no sweetheart, he's still a rough customer, but he's getting on in years and this life isn't comfortable anymore. Alternatively, he wants to eat a kickass cooked meal like he did when he was young, not some can-cooked leftover crap or dried rat-gut.
  • Erstwhile hasn't taken his eyes off you. He's transfixed. He drops the kickstand on his bike, then throws his leg over to stand in front of you. His scraggly face has wonder writ all over it and he says, "Angel... Fries took a bullet in his arm. Can ya? Help him?"

    Fries and Shakeybat follow suit, but they're not as awestruck. Fries still has his hand near the holster on his belt, Shakeybat has a tire iron with him, pointed at the ground, but you know, he could give a good whack i threatened. You notice Shakeybat's staring at Manx, not you. He recognizes her.
  • I'm eyein' Fries an' Shakeybat carefully. I noticed that Fries was holdin' his left arm kinda behind himself, favorin' it.

    "I can." I say carefully. "But you gotta put your weapons down first an' swear you an' your boys will do us no harm."
  • Manipulate Erstwhile
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
    highlighted for 1xp
  • Erstwhile looks a little surprised at that revelation, he looks over at them with a stern look and Fries pulls up his hand off the holster, Shakeybat scowls, but drops the tire iron. Then Erstwhile turns back to you, "We swear, Angel." He holds his hands out to the side, palms out. He adds, "Ya better be quick, the main force aint too far behind us. I mean, not to rush, but..."
  • I turn to Manx quick. "Go get Wolf. Tell him what's goin' on. I'm gonna heal Fries, then we need to get outta here."

    I don't really wait to see if she protests before I'm stridin' out of the protective force of Spector an' towards the bikers. I know how risky this is. If I fail to heal Fries, this won't end well. But hopefully Wolf will be over here soon...just in case. I show 'em my hands as I get up to 'em, just to reassure 'em that I'm not hidin' a gun or somethin. I go straight up to Fries, an' carefully take his arm. It's pretty torn up, half dried blood runnin' down his arm. An' it looks like the bullet didn't pass through. It's still in there. I'm sure it hurts a lot fuckin' more than he's lettin' on.

    I glance up at his face, an' smile a little in what I hope is a reassuring way. "Hey, Fries. I'm Emmy." I say as I reach for Spector.
  • Healing Touch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    Manx ducks her head and takes off, she knows there are bigger things going on and its obvious you have things in hand. She leaves Shayla behind and runs in her little limping way, scampering for all she's worth.

    Fries, yeah, his arm is in bad shape and he's a crazy bastard too proud to get help, but well, his dad told him to let you do this and wow, that does feel rather amazing when you heal him, right? There's a sigh of relief from him when the wound is just barely there and he tests his arm a bit, like a baseball player might see how a massage helped his throwing arm.

    Erstwhile asks, "Angel, where are you headed? You can't be staying at the Element, those folks are dead, doornail dead. Harridan has all the cutthroats for hire in the Nine Cities comin this way. Ride with us, we can take you somewhere safe."
  • I let go of Fries arm an' watch him test it out. "The Element is my home." I say simply, turnin' to look straight at Erstwhile. "You ever had a place you could call home? A place full of good people an' good food? A place where you could have a family?" I know these things are more precious than jingle to bikers. I hold his gaze, my voice a little fierce. "I found these things at Element. An' I'll die fightin' to protect it."
  • Erstwhile says, "Angel, that all sounds good, but your hold aint long for this world. Harridan's promised us.. them, I mean. He promised them all the pillage, he just wants some gemstone or somethin in the baths. And he's got the Armory Boys aimin a bigass gun at the place right now, to soften em up. Your hold is up shit creek, ma'am."

    You glance back towards Wolf and the pack and see that they're finished mopping up the last couple men on bikes and Wolf is talking to Manx. He looks up and waves towards you. Manx is scrounging around and runs for Keeler's bike. She's going to pull around and pick you up.

    What do you do?
  • "I won't say that we couldn't use some help." I say, softenin' my voice a little. "If you help defend Element, I can guarantee there'll be a place for you there. A home. An' don't be so quick to write us off. We're not gonna let Harridan win."

    I say it with a calm sorta confidence, an' it feels strange, talkin' like this. I'm not used to it. But that moment with Manx an' Spector...well maybe I'm still feelin' the after effects of that, of hope.
  • To get these three to actually join up, that feels like a Manipulate. Take a +1 from reading the sitch.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
    highlighted for 1xp
  • Erstwhile doesn't even blink. "Angel, marry my boy Fries and I can bring you ten men with me and my boys."

    Fries looks hopeful.

    What do you do?
  • Third Q: Can Erstwhile truthfully bring that many men with him or is he exaggerating (or under-exaggerating)?
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