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Great idea for a site, Simon. I think this could be really useful and fun.

But I want to make a few requests. I'm not familiar with Vanilla,so not all of these are going to be realistic or easy but hey, ideas, right?

Some kind of message stickied at the top explaining the reason the forum exists. Yes, there's that "First Post" thread, which is basically cool but having something called "What is Snail's Pace for?" would be really neato.

Vanilla uses a standard icon thing, looks like a black square with two green leaves on it. Story games and Knife Fight use the same software and therefore use the same icon, making it slightly harder for me to tell which one's in which tab. If the icon can be changed, that would be ace. I'm sure there's a fairly big crossover between here and SG, and a fair number of us using Firefox the same way I do.

I'd like to see playing cards supported in the same way dice are. That'd kick backside.

I'm sure other people will chime in with their own requests and whines ;^)


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    Hey Rich,

    I think this is going to be the start of a common theme here, in which I answer requests with "I'd love to, show me how".

    A "What is Snail's Pace" for sticky is a no-brainer. I'll get on that right away. I have no idea how to change the icon vanilla uses, but I'm sure there is a way. Our own icon would be kinda neat. I'll talk to some friends about how to do that. In terms of support for card draws, there's no Vanilla extension that does that, that I know of, and I've had a bit of a look. If someone could code one, that would be awesome. I have a friend who might have the skills, so I'll talk to him. Anyhow, I'll keep looking.

    Thanks for showing an interest, and for these (perfectly reasonable) requests.
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    Story-games has BB code enabled, so that I can select it as formatting when I type up a comment. I'm really used to it for PbP, so I was wondering if it was an easy addition. Yes/no?
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    Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. I'll get on that this evening (really early tomorrow US time).
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    Awesome, thank you very much!
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    Feature Request: "Preview Post" Vanilla add-on:

    Since we are crafting lengthy game posts, being able to preview (before posting publicly) would be helpful. I know we can post-then-edit, but it's cumbersome and reveals incomplete posts to the world. :)
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    Done! I've had some trouble with this extension not working very well in the past. I think some combinations of theme and browser make it look ugly and/or not work. But with this theme, and running Firefox, it seems to work fine!
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    Thanks, it works great for me (Camino browser on Mac).
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    Simon, I often get this error message when I first try to post on a thread:
    Some problems were encountered
    There was a problem authenticating your post information.
    If I hit the post button again, it works. Does Vanilla have a post timeout?
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    I get that as well.
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    It happens to me too. I can't seem to find any setting that would fix it. I wonder if it's my crappy hosting service? Gosh, knowing what I'm doing would be helpful here.
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    The post content is still there. I would say it's a minor annoyance.
  • I'll check that out, Garvey. I think there is, but it might require a bit more complex implimentation. I'm happy to do that though.
  • Hey Garvey,

    Sorry, I totally dropped the ball on your request. But I'm on it now! I've been checking out some other forums that have given me some great ideas. "Notify" is totally getting done.

    Regarding categories, at the moment I'm not sure what the best approach is. I can manually add categories, and I'm happy to do that for any game that needs them, but I'd really like it if people could do it themselves. I'd also kinda prefer if the "all discussions" page, which is most people's main interface for the site, wasn't just insanely full of different threads. I think there are some ways around this. One thing I'm considering is "tags", so you can tag your threads with whatever title you want, and make them easier to find. But the ideal solution is a little "sub forum" for each game that requires larger numbers of threads.

    There's also an extension that attaches a wiki to the site. I need to talk to Dev about how that affects the hosting, but I think it would be a cool resource, that would do most of what you're talking about wrt character sheets, rule changes and the like.

    Thanks for bringing this up!
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  • An attached wiki just means making a mediawiki that has the same password and username as this site, and that automatically makes members here members over there. There's a little addon that does that, and puts a link up the top of the page. You're right that it might be overkill for small games though.

    Mmm, I'll look at the options for categories. Is there a category you'd like right now? For example, do you think the Polaris game needs its own category? How would you want that to look? I don't have a lot of experience with how other sites do this, so your advice is welcomed.
  • I think Tags might work better than categories for these games as setting up a new category for a game seems like it wouldn't mesh with the current categories. The only categories I use now (for separating posts, which is the only reason to have categories really) are Pitch and Site Matters. What I really want is a way to find all the threads for a certain game - for example, just now I wanted to find a certain thread for the In a Wicked Age game, and it sure would be nice to be able to see them all at a glance. I think some way of organizing the games will be crucial if the site grows beyond its current size. I already find it difficult to read.
  • Yeah, I'm on the same page. Tags is a great idea. I'm running into a slight technical hitch in that since the move, I've not been able to access some parts of the site. I'm working on fixing that now. Thanks for suggesting this.
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