Mortal Coil - Amber

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I'm interested in running an Amber game using Mortal Coil, a diceless indie game from Brennan Taylor

My suggestion for setting, with regard to the books, is during NPiA:

Eric has crowned himself King after defeating Corwin and Bleys. The first anniversary of his reign approaches and he wishes to prove its stability and security. His children - the PCs - (perhaps including those of his allies) are being brought out of hiding and presented to the family.

Corwin is in the dungeon, Bleys Benedict and Brand are missing to various degrees. Random is nearing the end of his year in Rebma.

I'd be expecting a couple minor posts a week from players, I'd be posting most days myself.

Any interest?


  • Interested, yes. However, I don't own or particularly know Mortal Coil, so I'm a little fuzzy there. If a game does shape up here, I'll think about buying a copy.
  • I know little about Mortal Coil but have been playing Amber diceless for years. What about Mortal Coil makes it a good fit for Amber?
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