[MH] Meet the Parent... Again.[Nu 3.3]

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You went back to Jarrod's house. You couldn't keep your hands off each other. You made love again. The intensity of the experience, the passion, hasn't lessened at all. Did you even make it to his room?

Wherever you ended up, (where was that?) you're cuddled together in a sleepy post-coital haze. Jarrod is dreamily stroking whatever skin he can find, in utter wonder. What's going through your head?

Whatever it is, the thing that brings you back to reality is the sound of a car pulling into the drive.


  • We didn't make it to his room. We ended up on a really soft rug on the floor of the livingroom, draped in a blanket, sleepily cuddled up together. I'm not thinking of much at the moment. I'm just letting my thoughts lazily float around me, mostly of Jarrod. He's gently stroking my arm and side, and I'm almost dozing off when I realize that sound is a car driving up.

    I'm instantly awake. I don't want to meet James again like this. So I scramble to my feet, snatching my clothes from where they'd been discarded around the room.

    "I'll be in the bathroom!" I whisper to Jarrod, darting down the hall.
  • Your clothes are kind of spread around and you guys were enthusiastic right? So you're kind of rushed and maybe a little panicky.

    Hold Steady to manage to grab all of it, I mean, you're not that good at remembering underwear anyway, are you?
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  • I am panicking a little, ok, a lot. More than I thought I would. I don't know what to expect. What will James do when he sees me? Will he believe that I'm my own daughter? At one point he had every part of my body memorized. He's drawn me a million times! What if he's angry? What if he forbids me to see Jarrod? What if he hates me? What will I do when I see him? What if my old feelings for him return? What then?

    I'm scrambling around, trying to get all my clothes. I almost forget my underwear, but I remember at the last second, snatching it where it's almost hidden halfway under the couch. Then finally I'm down the hall, with all of my clothes in my arms, but completely terrified to see James.

    And since I took on that condition, I'm going to ask you, MC, how could Nula get James to help her and Jarrod find a way for Nula to avoid her fate?
  • Well Nula, you're pretty well set up for that, really. You look like...uh, yourself. And Jarrod is his son. If you tell him about the problem he will do everything he can to help you with it. He'll probably be skeptical about the 'meant to be' love of teenagers, but if you describe your 'mother's' deepest fear and regret you might convince him. He might be especially interested if there is some way he could speak to your 'mother' one last time, say a proper goodbye.

    Now... if he should happen to figure out that you're you? Well. I won't say he won't help, but things will get very messy at least, and he will be terribly hurt, more so if it comes out later, and he might not. If you come out with that right away, work things out between you.... I don't know. It's hard to say. That's a tough thing for a man to live with. But you have faith in Jame's heart, right? Eventually he would do the right thing, but there might be some hard times between here and there.

    But the man will certainly go to the wall for his son... and the daughter of his lost love.

    You hear the front door get keyed open, and James call through the house for Jarrod, sounding tired.
  • I drop my clothes in a pile on the floor and lock the bathroom door. I hear James voice and it sets my hands shaking. He sounds all grown up, older, tired. But I can hear the young man I knew in his voice. He's still there. I pull on my clothes, trying to hurry, but my mind is elsewhere. I accidentally put my underwear on backwards first, and then it takes forever for me to clasp my bra. Why is it so important to wear all these clothes? But finally I'm dressed, and I survey my reflection in the mirror. I'm still wearing my skinny jeans and flowy top from earlier. My hair has fallen out of the messy bun I'd had it in earlier, so I just let it down. It's wavy and wild, but with some water and finger combing, I manage to make it look presentable. Maybe this will be ok. James has never seen me wear human clothes like this. Maybe he won't know.

    I listen for a few seconds, waiting until I hear Jarrod talking to James. Then I take a deep breath, try to calm my racing heart, and open the door, heading back towards the livingroom.
  • "...to the bathroom, she'll be down in a minute. She's really special, Dad."

    "Are you guys being safe?"


    "Jerr, I was 16 once too. I'm not an idiot and you need to be careful. What happens if you get her pregnant?"

    "I would marry her... duh!"

    Silence. Clearly not the response James was expecting.

    "I... see. You really like her, huh?"

    "I love her." Jarrod says it firmly, with utter conviction.

    Exasperated sigh. "Jerr." Then, "Okay... you love her. Do I know her?" He sounds resigned.

    "Um... sort of. She just moved here during the summer, but you knew her mom, she says, a long time ago."

    James sighs. "Son, I've known a lot of people. It would help if you would tell me her name."

    "I'll let her tell you. You'll, uh... you'll know when you see her. Trust me."
  • I paused in the hallway for a few seconds, listening, but then I take a deep breath and round the corner into the livingroom. I'm trying to look calm and collected, but my hands are shaking. My eyes immediately find James' face. What does he look like after all this time? What does he do when he sees me? Can he tell I'm terrified?
  • I think he's too deep in his own shock.

    You rounded the corner to find James standing there in the living room. In his blue uniform with the stars on the collar. He looks much the same, except older and not so lean. His dark hair has begun to grey at the temples. Hes' filled out, more muscular than the person you remember from so long ago. The eyes are exactly the same, and now two sets of them are looking at you.

    When he sees you he freezes, sucking in a sharp breath.

    A long silence seems to hang in the air.

    "Nula?" It's a whisper full of emotion.

    He's lost track of everything but your face.

    He steps towards you slowly once, then again, then suddenly he's across the room, taking hold of you and kissing you desperately.
  • I wasn't sure what I would feel when I saw James. I was almost hoping that he would be angry with me. I deserve it.

    But despite the years, despite what I did, James is still James. There's no anger in his face. Emotion, yes, but not anger. And seeing him right there, breathing the same air he is, I feel a sharp pang in my chest. It's shocking, really. I was prepared for this, but it's still shocking. It seems fitting that he's older, aged by life and trials and pain, while I still look young, unchanged by time.

    I want to tell him that I'm not unchanged, that I've realized, well, everything.

    But he's moving towards me, across the room, and I'm suddenly trying to remember all the lies Jarrod and I rehearsed. They seemed so simple then, but now they're snarled up in my head like a tangled net. And I haven't even got a word past my lips before he's pushing past my half-hearted attempt at stopping him, taken me in his arms, and he's kissing me. He's kissing me, and I can't remember any words at all.

    It is so painfully clear that he still loves me, that he might not have ever stopped. There's so much desperation in this kiss, a kind of desperation that I have never experienced before. He feels all different. He seems taller, broader, stronger than I remember. Older. There was no hesitation when he took me in his arms. There is no awkward fumbling in this kiss. This kiss that takes me so off guard that before I realize it, I'm starting to kiss him back. I'm kissing him back because I loved him. Or I love him? I promised Jarrod. I promised Mar. I don't understand what is going on inside my own head anymore.

    I thought I could do this, but I don't know what I'm doing. What am I doing? I'm being a monster. I am a monster.

    I can't do this.

    As suddenly as I started to kiss James back, I stop. And then I'm trying to shove him away from me, breathing hard with panic. I don't know what to do, but I do know that I need to get out of this room. Right now. The front door seems very far away and blocked by both James and Jarrod. So if I can get away from James, I'm going to flee back down the hallway to the only place that comes to mind, which is the bathroom I just exited, the bathroom with a door that locks.
  • Attempting to run away
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  • You pull out of the kiss but James holds you fast, though he still looks confused. He's strong. He also gets a string on you.

    Jarrod moves around so he's behind you, taking hold of your arms from behind you, pulling you away from his dad, speaking as he moves. "DAD! What the fuck are you doing?" He's clearly upset too. Babbling.

    "This isn't your Nula, Dad. DAD. She's not Nula. It's her daughter!"

    You're now caught between the two of them.

    James blinks, glances at his son. back to you, searching. Testing it against the familiarity of that kiss. It was, for a moment, exactly as it used to be, your responses lining up perfectly, but you see the doubt in his eyes. Like he knows he's waited so long he could just be seeing what he wants.

    "Daughter?" His voice is rough.

    What do you do?
  • "I need to leave. I should leave. I...I think I need to leave. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

    I'm babbling too, shakily, trying to back away, to get free from both of them. I feel trapped right now. This is not going as planned. I wasn't expecting James to kiss me like that. And I certainly wasn't expecting to kiss him back. And now he knows, or he thinks he might. If I lied to him now, I could probably convince him. But I don't know if I can lie to him now. I don't know what to do, and I'm terrified and I'm panicking.
  • Do you want to manipulate him into letting you leave?
  • Let's try for a manipulation!

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  • Well, he can see now that you're panicking. But... but his whole life has been focused around you. He can't let you just walk away without knowing for sure who you are. I mean... last time he let you walk away you didn't come back and that crushed him. He'll let you leave if you tell him you are your own daughter. That's if you want to leave the house entirely. If you tell him you're...um, you. He won't let you leave until you've talked. If you just want some space to yourself for a bit, he'll let you collect yourself down the hall. Jarrod's room. The bathroom. if you ask for a moment to yourself and promise him that you'll talk to him before you leave.
  • I close my eyes for a second, willing myself to hold onto a little composure. James isn't going to let me go without some sort of answer, but I just need a minute, or a few minutes.

    "I'm sorry." I say again, and it's slightly calmer. "Just...can I just have a minute, please? Just let me be by myself for a minute. I promise I'll explain, I just...need a minute."
  • He lets go.

    James runs a hand over his face, still not able to take his eyes off of you.

    But he nods. "Okay." He says gruffly, then forces himself to turn away from you.

    Jarrod lets go of you too, looking between you and his Dad, but it's clear he intends to follow you down the hall.
  • I retreat down the hall and back into the bathroom. I don't really want Jarrod to come with me, but he seems pretty intent on following me. I'm wringing my hands, and when he comes in the room, I turn to him more than a little desperately.

    "Jarrod, I can't do this. I can't...I can't lie to him." I whisper frantically. "I wasn't expecting...I've already done enough, hurt him enough. I can't do it. This was a mistake, this was a terrible mistake..."
  • Jarrod looks shaken by what he just witnessed.

    "Nula... you can't be responsible for all of it. I mean, yeah, maybe you left, but... but did Dad ever understand what he was asking you to do? You were a lot younger then." That point trips him up. Like he's thinking about how much younger he is than you are. How stupid and inexperienced he must seem to you.

    He tries to shake it off. "And after that, Nula. I mean... I get being sad, but after a few years... he should have moved on. I mean, he married my mom. He had me. And he was still... " Jarrod's actually getting angry. "Maybe you broke his heart, you can be sorry for that, but that happens to a lot of people. And he gave you an impossible choice. It's HIS fault that he let his heart stay broken, not yours. It's his fault that he fed his freaking obsession, that he didn't try to pull himself together and live. It's... It's fucking selfish is what it is."

    Jarrod looks down and away from you, kind of slumping against the door, those beautiful eyes looking shiny.

    "I think there is something special between us... but, but I'm just a kid, Nula, compared to you. If we... If we're not together forever, I won't forget you, but I won't... I won't break either." You can hear the like he did. " I'm... I'm in love with you but I'm your friend too, no matter what. If you think you should tell him the truth, then do it. Do what you need to do. It might be the only way through all this."
  • I stand still for a few more seconds before slowly approaching him and gently wrapping my arms around him. He might be younger than I am, but he's so, so, wise. It surprises me, astonishes me, makes me love him even more. I've never had a human lover like him before, not even his father. They might share those beautiful eyes, but in some ways they are so different. I stay there, pressed against him, listening to his heartbeat and thinking about what he said for a while. I feel a little calmer when I'm in his arms. And maybe, maybe he's right.

    "Jarrod. I've never met anyone like you." I pull back and take a deep breath. "I love you for that reason, and a million more." I smile, sadly and a little shakily, my mind made up. "I have to tell him the truth, and I'm sorry. I am so sorry for everything. I hope this does not make things worse, but I have to tell him the truth."
  • Jarrod shakes his head and shrugs. "Maybe it will, but I don't care. I'll still be with you." He kisses you, softly. "Ready?"
  • "Ready." I say back, but I don't know if it's true. Ready or not, though, this is what I have to do.

    I lead the way back out into the livingroom. I stop a good distance away from James and take a breath, holding his gaze. I really hope he doesn't try to kiss me again. The distance between us feels safe, but I know he could close it quickly. "I am who you think I am." I say in a small voice. "James...I want you to know that I am so sorry. I can not tell you how sorry I am for hurting you."

    I could spill out a hundred more words, but I hold them back, waiting nervously for him to react.
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    James is sitting at the dining table, hunched over in a chair, his head resting on one hand as he turns the pages in a sketchbook, one of those that you saw upstairs. He must've been by the bathroom at some point, though you didn't hear him. He looks... weighted down. Jarrod stays behind you, his fingers touching your lower back.

    He nods. He doesn't look up at you. He looks at a page of a dozen sketches, his eyes scanning, remembering, then turns it carefully to look at the next.

    "Why are you here, Nula?"
  • I swallow hard. It's so awful to see him like this, and to know that I am hurting him. I step forward, away from the small comfort of Jarrod's hand on my lower back. I slowly walk up to the table until I'm standing behind the chair across from him.

    "I am living here." I say quietly, watching him look at the sketchbook. There is a sharp pain stabbing me between my ribs. "I am living with Dominic Volkov. He is my family."
  • He looks up at you, hand shifting so he rests his chin on his knuckles. He nods at the chair, and waits for you to sit. "Husband?"
  • "No." I say a little sharper than I meant to. I take a breath and sit. "No, he's not my husband. He is my uncle, the son of my Grandmother and a human. I am calling him my Grandfather though, for appearances." I fold my hands on the table in front of me, watching him. "I didn't know." I say, softer. "I didn't know that you lived here."
  • He puts his arm down and looks at you evenly. There's something in his face that says he doesn't believe in coincidence. A more suspicious nature that he didn't have when you knew him before. But he is a policeman.

    "I thought you'd be with Mar by now. Have three or four kids or something."
  • "Mar is still my match, but no I haven't...I am not ready for that yet." I shift a little in my chair. He is right. I should have three or four pups by now. Everyone else my age has settled down. Except for me. Well, and Mar. But that hasn't really been his choice.

    "I promise I did not know you lived here, James." I add, holding his gaze even though it hurts. I didn't miss the suspicion in his face earlier. "I am not lying. I do not want to cause you pain. I know you have little reason to believe me, but I swear it's the truth. I came here for Dominic."
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    "And... you just happened to seduce my son." His tone is flat.


    "Be quiet, Jarrod." He snaps at his son then looks back at you. "She's a big girl, she's old enough to speak for herself. Right?"

    Before you can actually respond to that, he goes on.

    "Mar actually came to see me, you know. The end of the second summer, after you left. He told me... he told me that I should let this go. Because you weren't coming back, you were his. When I told him we were in love he laughed at me, like I was the funniest thing he'd ever seen, and told me that all humans think that. But that we were... how did he put it? We were toys for you. Entertaining for a while, but eventually to be left behind. I told him that you wouldn't do that... you weren't like that. You were... different, special."

    "Then he told me about the sea. How it's a part of you and how if you decided to stay on land and allow yourself to really love a man, how it would hurt you. How your grandmother got hurt."

    "So when you came back... do you remember? I was surprised. I mean, I had been hoping, but your match had told me you wouldn't. So when you did... I thought you had chosen me."
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