[BPRD] Makes My Skin Crawl, pt 4 [All 3.4]

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We cut to a bit later after the wild time at the Sizzler.

The police have come and gone, Dolly is gone, too. You're at the hotel, Ahiga should be coming very soon.

Who handled the cops and what did you tell them? If you want to use their knowledge of the situation with the oil company or Jolo, let me know what that was like.

Joe, where did Dolly go?

What are you doing in prep for this meeting?


  • I should think that it is Blake's responsibility to sort out the authorities. It is his actions that drew them down, and he is meant to serve as team lead, in any case.

    I have already laid out wards on our adjoining rooms, and I now make certain other preparations by paging through certain texts drawn from my library. I have also retrieved a small collection of spell components, which are arranged across the desk in, hm, perhaps your room, Penelope, if you wouldn't mind.

    So, I am seated in one of the hotel chairs, studying my books. If anyone would care to seek my advice on one matter or another, I will offer it, but I am otherwise somewhat irritable and silent, as I have been for much of this excursion.
  • Blake, while I may not be particularly taken with your recent behavior, I believe I could look into your daughter's situation. I have been through Bridgeport, of course, so it would take only a very short time to travel there and locate ... where? This dance studio? The home of your former wife?

    If I have a specific goal, I can travel there, attempt to determine what had happened there, and then return. I do not think, however, that we have sufficient time for me to be moving about the town conducting a general investigation.
  • It cost way more than it should have to get those tires replaced. But, it was late and this was much better than having her new husband drive out to pick her up. Nothing more was said about her being a skinwalker. I apologized for the tires and said I'd see her again before I left town. For her part, she mentioned needing to get back home; she had gotten a worried text from Jason just as the repair man finished changing the tires.

    I'm taking a long, hot shower when we get back to the hotel. A lot has happened today and I need to clear my head. While this would normally be a time I would take a walk, I don't feel safe. My pistol and knife are on the bathroom counter under a hand towel. While in the shower I'm making a mental list of tribal elders I can try to see tomorrow that might be able to help me reverse what my sister has done to herself. While the room is still foggy I'll shave.

    Once dressed and out I'll look over the wards that Doctor Eaton has put around. Staying busy is better than letting my mind wander ahead.
  • Well, I did have to my advantage that despite what Doc said I didn't actually shoot at her. I shot her tire. And it was dark or getting there. From my days as a commando I tend to keep one in the pipe as well as a full clip, so when the cops checked it, I only had one round missing.

    So with a lot of embarrassing explanation I told them that I believed I had seen a threat, an animal the size of a mountain lion, in the shadowy parking lot, and drawn the weapon. Considering the nature of the murders recently, animal attacks are probably at the top of everyone's mind. I had determined no threat existed but I accidentally discharged the weapon when I lowered it, which was my own fault. And it was purely accident that I hit Miss Johnson's vehicle. The trigger is, in fact, very sensitive on that weapon. So I promise to pay damages, and if they require me to give it up for the time being, I hand it over.

    One of the cops was also a former special forces guy, and seemed generally sympathetic. The other one not so much.

    Once the cops are gone I would check into whether I had even gotten a call from Annie or if I had just been fooled with some kind of mind mojo. I check the call log, check with the dance studio, text Annie.

    If I'm not doing that then I ask Joe about this white ash thing. If it comes to a fight, I want to be more effective. Not that I trust my instincts on fighting right now.
  • I did not mind, Dr. Eaton, when you set up your miniature office in my room, however I am not being very social at the moment either. I am laying on my back on the saggy hotel bed like a corpse in a coffin, my hands clasped neatly over my stomach, both my feet pointed upwards, my eyes fixed on the ceiling. There is a dark storm cloud hovering over my head. I wish Beau was here.

    I suppose we are waiting for Ahiga to arrive. I hope that Iiya does not come with him. I hope that Iiya does come with him.

    I wonder if I am from a different planet. Maybe I am an orphaned alien. Maybe my father was not human. Maybe he was a werewolf. Maybe my mother didn't exist at all. Maybe I was born in a test tube. Maybe none of this is real and it's all just one big hallucination.

    No. I would hope that my mind would create much more interesting hotels than this one. There are water stains on the ceiling that look like two grizzly bears wrestling with a mammoth fish. I would definitely have made more exciting shapes in the water stains.
  • Blake,

    The call log shows your outgoing calls only. Annie texts back that she hasn't called you, asks what's up, seems pretty convincingly Annie.


    The hotel phone rings. Its Ahiga, he is waiting outside.

    What do you do?
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    I rise and set aside my book.

    "I will retrieve our guest. Penelope? Would you join us in here, please?"

    And I step away from the chair, vanishing from this room and coming around a corner into the lobby below. I cross in front of the desk and go to the door.

    "Please come with me, Mr. Ahiga."
  • When you come to the lobby, you see Mr. Ahiga is not alone. Mr. Iiya is there, looking a tad uncomfortable. Dolly is there, too, looking angry and not at all happy to be here. They follow you. Are you taking them up to the rooms or outside or what?
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    I lead them to our rooms without comment, besides perhaps a nod to Ms. Johnson and a critical examination of the boy.

    On reaching the door, I knock twice, then slash a hand through the door, ruining the ward-sign on the other side of the wood. The other signs remain, of course, on the windows and on the other door. Then I open the door and reenter the room.

  • Mister Ahiga pauses at the threshold, gives you a questioning look, Dr. Eaton, "I feel the magic here. Is this a trap for us? Maybe we should meet outside?"
  • I text back that things are fine and ignore the voicemail. And to tell Sammie I love her.

    Right. The call was bogus. Skinwalker magic? Whatever. They played me, which ticks me off.

    I suppose, Joe, that we can't get together any white ash just now.

    I lean against the wall and fold my arms, waiting. When Penny comes out, I look at her. Now that my panic is out of my head I can feel my face soften. She doesn't look very happy. I suppose none of us are. I raise an eyebrow slightly, my expression asking if she's going to be okay. It's more important to me than she probably thinks.
  • "A spell, to keep out you and your kind. I have now broken it."

    I enter the room. Of course, the rest of you have had a few minutes without me.
  • Grandfather interrupts my dark thoughts. For ten seconds I debate pretending that I am actually a corpse. Corpse's can't hear. Or get up and go into the other room and see the skinwalker that they gave their first kiss to.

    I sit up and walk into the other room. Blake is trying to communicate with his own version of telepathy. That One Eyebrow Raise is a question. But I'm not in the mood for questions, especially that one. I sit down in one of the empty chairs, smooth my skirt out until it's perfectly neat. Then I fold my hands in my lap and pretend I'm a china doll with unmoving porcelain features and a chest full of sawdust instead of silly, messy emotions that lead to things like kissing monsters and wishing your partner would think about you instead of his ex-wife.
  • Mr. Ahiga looks at Dolly, "Stay out here, child." Then he steps over the threshold, followed by Iiya. Ahiga scans the room, settling on you, Blake. You're the obvious threat, right?

    Penny, what expression does Iiya see on your face when he comes in? He looks a little worried, but hopeful, his eyes searching for you the second he enters.

    What do you do?
  • I'm trying to be expressionless, like I've often seen Blake look, but my eyes betray me when I see the look on his face. He doesn't look like a monster who lied and used me. He looks like he actually might care. I'm so frustrated that I can't read the skinwalkers' minds that I want to scream. He's either a really good liar or I'm especially pathetic. Maybe both.

    So anyways, I'm trying to make my face blank, like a pristinely clean chalkboard, but when I meet his eyes, mine are full of emotions. Scared, hurt, hopeful, longing. Someone wrote these things in permanent marker on my eyeballs and I can't erase them.
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    I suppose I am, from an "angry and ready" standpoint. Though bullets have already proven ineffective. I'm the most threatening looking in a physical sense anyway. Capability wise though, I have the feeling that everyone else on this team is probably more of a threat than I am.

    I return the guy's look evenly, expressionless as Penny is trying to be but failing.
  • Ahiga begins without ceremony, "The oil men found one of our sacred places. They were going to tear it open to drain their oil from it and destroy the land. I called my kin and we descended on them. Their deaths were my doing. I will do it again if more oil men come. I leave it to your organization to prevent that from happening."


    Haske Yitkayo Iiya thinks to you, Penny, while Ahiga is talking, Are you angry with me, Penelope Snow? Did I do something to hurt you?


    You see Dolly outside the open door, pacing back and forth in the hall like a wolf. She keeps looks at you, then away. At you, then away.
  • Hey Penny,

    You know, with your Dark Side, I'm thinking it would be a bad thing for you to spill the beans on what your team knows about skinwalkers, like using white ash on bullets to kill them, and how the wards work to trap them. That would be a bad thing to do, right?

    Tell Iiya and I'll give you an XP. Just sayin
  • I look at the ceiling. I don't know. I frown. Not knowing is not something I'm used to, you know. It's horrible, and I hate it. I sneak a glance at him, feeling miserable. I have an entire weed garden of doubts in my head, and I don't have the proper tools to remove them because your thoughts just HAVE to be broadcasting on the wrong frequency. I'm glaring at the ceiling now like I'm entirely offended by it's stained, yellowed appearance. Not that I'm not offended, but anyways...

    If this is a game, I don't want to play. The rules are mean. I've been trying very hard to to nice and polite and honest to you...to all of you. Even though Dolly was horrible and Ahiga ignored me. Even if you're just trying to hurt me, I don't want to hurt you, Haske Yitkayo Iiya. I don't want anyone to hurt you. I finally look at him, my eyes wide and unblinking. A tiny voice in my head is warning me to stop, but I'm very good at ignoring that tiny voice. And we know how to hurt you. Joe told us. We know how to trap you with wards, and how white ash bullets will kill you. This is our job. We are dangerous too, Haske Yitkayo Iiya.

    I'll take that xp!
  • Haske Yitkayo Iiya's eyes widen slightly with concern, maybe a little fear, Penny, do they have any of those bullets now? Are they going to murder us? You realize he pointedly said "they", like he thinks of you uniquely, your own person, separate from them.
  • My eyes widen further in genuine surprise. No. No they're not going to murder you. They spoke the truth. They want to talk.

    I realize that I just pointedly said "they" too, and I frown. Why did I do that?
  • "And the boy, Jolo? Why did you kill him? And why does this boy here wear his skin?"
  • Probably ought to be reading him, for the long run:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (3)
  • Mister Iiya turns his head from Penny and answers you, Dr. Eaton. He says with a hint of regret, "Jolo found that place. He ignored my warnings. I tried to drive him away, even spoke to him as a coyote, but he was obsessed with finding it. I couldn't let him tell anyone and he wouldn't keep my secret. I had to kill one of The People. I wear his face in shame."

    Ahiga doesn't flinch at this admission.
  • I am wandering the room. Circling, really. Perhaps it is a little cramped for that, considering the crowd that we have accumulated, but of course many of the obstacles in the room are no issue for me: furniture, walls, that nature of thing. In fact, here I step through the dividing wall into Penelope's room, check in passing a few of the things I have there, and appear in the connecting doorway.

    I'm keeping an eye on Ms. Johnson, outside, but devoting the main of my attention to the two males. Well, I have been primarily focused on Mr. Ahiga, but now I regard the boy. I wonder, how old is he really?
  • "What is so important about this 'place'?" I ask Agiha, straightening.
  • Oh, crap! Unfinished post!

    Before Blake presses them about their sacred ground, I note that, "Shame is meant to teach a lesson, is it not? But I wager you will do this again, if the circumstances arise. Won't you?"

    Rhetorical question. And then on the heels of Blake's question:

    "And to whom is it sacred? It seems you feel the People have no right to it, hm?"
  • And, here. I am rolling to read the situation, and I am taking -1forward because of my encounter with the boy back in the canyon.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Well, never mind that then. For reference, I was intending to ask who was in control, particularly whether Ahiga is, in fact, the leader of this little pack of creatures. I suppose that Investigate a Mystery might also have applied, but the result is the same either way.

    xp (4)
  • I've been standing in the doorway between the two rooms, leaning against the door jamb. This all seems unreal - standing in a room with two skinwalkers--I think of my sister - three skinwalkers - out in the hallway. Damnation!

    Ahiga's summation of the murder of the oilmen and Jolo should have shown the rest of my team what sort of blackhearted creature he is.

    Are we to stop the oil company to prevent more deaths? Others will find the spot. And all the while they will taint more people regardless of their secret places.

    I wish I had taken an antacid. Either my dinner or my anger is boiling inside so fiercely I can taste bile.

    If only I could find a way to break through Doctor Eaton's formal exterior. I was, of course, wrong to have gone after him. And maybe my sister and the boy could be helped but Ahiga.... He's so calm when talking about Jolo.
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