[LF] Only the one bed then? [K 4.5]

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Gerra and Piera left you and Dash in the room. The servants from outside, they come in to bring a change of clothing, something to wear to sleep in, some towels, a bowl of dried fruits, then leave.

And it's just you and Dash. He looks a little unsure. "So uh, that's a big bed."


  • I glance at the bed and then back at Dash, and suddenly I'm grinning and laughter is leaking out the corners of my mouth. I clap a hand over my mad grin, trying to suppress it, but this has been the most ridiculous first date of all time, and then I'm giggling into my hand.

    "Dash..." I manage to get out through the laughter. "I'm sorry...this is just...it's just...how did this even happen? We were just eating a nice dinner...and now...now we're here! I'm sorry. This is probably what you get for trying to date a fugitive." I grin at him, although I can feel myself blushing. "Although this is probably nicer than any of the inns in town."
  • Dash pulls you close and smiles, "I'm not dating a fugitive. You're thinking about that girl Dare I told you about. We left her a world behind. You're no fugitive, no noble girl, no escapee at all. They've got it all wrong." He gives you a long, slow gentle kiss, then pulls back to look into your eyes.

    "You're Key's sister. And I really owe him big, since this has been the most exciting first date I could have ever hoped for." Dash leans in to give you another deep, toe-curling kiss, pressing his whole body against you.
  • I kiss him back, the spark between us burning hot. I love Dash. I love that he is constantly reminding me that I can be whoever I want to be when I'm with him. I'm in charge of my own future. That is the freedom I want, so I guess really, anywhere I'm with Dash I'll be free. There you go, Piera. There's your answer.

    But I'm not thinking about Piera right now. I'm busy wrapping my arms tightly around Dash and kissing him back. And delighting in the fact that we're not hiding in a closet.

    Finally I pull back a little breathlessly, smiling, blushing, my heart skipping a little nervously, but in a good way. If there was ever a right time, it'd be now. So I keep my eyes fixed on his warm brown ones, and finally say what I've wanted to tell him for so long.

    "I love you, Dash."
  • Dash draws in a breath through his nostrils as he stares down at you with wonder. A grin breaks the pregnant moment and his eyes dance as he looks at you. He swallows and replies, "Definitely the best first date in history." He smiles as he bends to kiss you again, his hands gently exploring your shoulders down your spine to your lower back, pulling you deeper into him.

    The kiss becomes a swirling of tongues, light at first, then growing more intense. You can feel Dash yearns to touch more of you, to explore your body, but he's even less experienced than you, so he sticks to the accepted places, the ones he knows won't "cause trouble". If it weren't for what Ji Fang taught you, you'd be as clueless as he is. So the question is, do you mimic what passion you know, that Ji Fang taught you?
  • I'm so happy, floating really, lost in this moment, but as our passion deepens, Ji Fang's face starts invading my thoughts. And I do not want him here right now. Especially right now. This moment belongs to Dash and me only. No one else. I want to feel Dash's hands moving down my spine and think about Dash, not Ji.

    So I take a move from Ji's book. I step back, somehow shy and certain at the same time, my fingers already untying my kimono knot. The silk rustles to the ground and I remember the expression on Ji's face. No. I shove Ji's face away and look at Dash, smiling a little nervously as I stand there in my silk shift. I feel more vulnerable than I ever have in my life, and not just because I'm standing before Dash barely clothed.
  • Dash blinks and stares, looks at you like you're some long-lost dragon revealed to him and he is so obviously amazed by you. For long moments, he drinks you in, dumbstruck. Finally he says, "This is so much better than stealing glances at you and trying not to get caught. You know, Chopsticks figured out how much I cared for you? I ended up telling Boot, just so I could talk about it. I felt... I felt so guilty, being in love with you when you all trusted me to look out for you. I knew you weren't a kid, of course. But I told myself it would be taking advantage of you, to be with you, ah, like this." He looks around, at the bedroom where the two of you are, all alone. The enormity of it seems to weigh on him a little.

    He quirks a brow and asks, "Did Boot ever tell you? About my feelings? Because I talked his ear off about them. One time, I tried to follow you home. Did you see me? It was maybe four moons ago, I'd had enough, you were coming to see us so rarely then, because of, ah, we know why now, but I had no idea then. It was driving me crazy. I tailed you all the way to Upper and you lost me at the gates. I thought I'd taught you all you knew, but you lost me. It was. Well, humbling." He stops talking then, like he realized he was babbling, something he really doesn't do.

    After that hesitation, he sees that you're still there, sort of alone and he closes the distance and trails the fingertips of his right hand across your cheek, back to your earlobe, then down across the nape of your neck to your exposed collar, to your shoulder. Watching the light on your skin, enjoying the feel of it on his fingers, so soft and smooth. He smiles and finally looks again in your eyes, "You are so beautiful."

    Then he's kissing you again and the passion rises up and his hands are all over your back and moving lower, He pulls back eventually and takes your left hand in his, then places your palm against his chest, underneath his kimono and closes his eyes at the sensation, making a so quiet "hmmmn" sound in his pleasure. You feel his quick heartbeat in your hand and his chest rises and falls as he stands there.
  • I didn't know that Chopsticks had figured it out. At the mention of his name, my heart pangs a little. I miss Boot's brother like he was my own brother. He was the perfect counterpart to Boot, always ready with a smile. I didn't know that Dash told Boot either. But Boot is probably the best secret keeper I've ever known. I also didn't know that Dash tried to follow me home one day. I'm sure I lost him purely on accident, but Dash doesn't really want answers to any of these questions.

    Then he's up next to me, his fingers gently trailing across my skin, and my breath catches in my throat. This is Dash. His passion is more meaningful, deeper, gentle. This fire between us could burn forever. That is the difference between him and Ji. When he pulls me to him, I press myself against him. He moves my hand underneath his kimono and I can feel his hard won muscles beneath my fingers. A light smile plays across my face at the soft sound of pleasure he makes. I slide my hand slowly across his chest, down to his abs, but the kimono prevents me from reaching his stomach. I remove my hand and slowly start pulling at his kimono knot, untying it. I keep my eyes on his, reading his reaction. I want to do this. I want to discover what else makes him close his eyes like that. But I want him to want it too.
  • Dash's eyes open and he looks down at your hand on his chest, his stomach, down to the tie on his kimono. He reaches down to touch your hands, to help you untie his kimono, his breathing quickening in nerves, anticipation and obvious arousal. The tie drops away and his kimono opens, revealing the rest of his toned abs and chest. He shrugs his way out of the kimono and stands in his loose black pants only, as close to naked as you are in your shift.

    He summons up some daring and begins to pull at your shift, eager but trying to be careful not to ruin the magical moment between you. Then Dash forces himself to speak, to break the spell, "Is this?... are you- are you sure?" He asks the question but you aren't sure if he even knows his own answer, pent up desire and a numbing fear that you could reject him, that this could ruin the love burning between you, that you've both professed with your lips but is still so fragile.
  • Now it's my turn to drink him in. I run my fingers down his chest, across his stomach, up his back. I press myself against him again, kissing him, and the sensation of almost bare skin against bare skin is dizzying.

    When he starts to pull at my shift, I feel like my heart skips several beats. His hands on my thighs, slipping under my shift, pulling it up....but then he hesitates. I open my eyes and look at him. My desire for him was overwhelming my nerves, but now that he's asking...the shyness creeps back in a little "I...yes. I'm sure." I say, blushing again. "I've...I've never done this before...but I want....Dash, I want it to be you."
  • Dash sucks in a breath, his eyes roaming over all that you've offered, then he leans back down to kiss you, his hands working on your shift again, which is quickly lifted over your head, then you finish undressing him and both of you walk quietly, hand in hand, to the big, luxurious bed.

    And that's when we can close the curtain on our two lovers and...

    --END SCENE--
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