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You wake after a short nap in the darkness of Teddy's room. At first the environment is unfamiliar and it takes you a moment to place where you are. What were you dreaming about? Your arm aches. It's time to take more pills.

You realize you can hear voices through the door, at the entrance to the apartment.

"Hi, Peggy, Is...uh... is Teddy here?"

"Well hi, Ashley, come in." Something sounds off in Mrs. Ellis' tone. "I'm sorry, but she's not home yet."

"Oh... well, um... could I leave something for her?"

"Sure. I'll make sure she gets it... Are you okay, honey?"

What do you do?


  • [Holly]

    Holly was dreaming about a conversation with Badtzmaru, Ken and Barbie. They were eating at the high school cafeteria together, but the dolls were human-sized and animated. Badtz was smoking and drinking coffee and talking really tough while Ken and Barbie were talking about relationship issues (Ken was jealous that Barbie has a car and a house and he has a tennis outfit). Parts of the conversation were lifted from Breakfast Club, a movie Holly saw last year in drama class, other parts from noir novels she's devoured, those were Badtz's lines. The whole thing was pretty nonsensical, but Holly felt at home with her friends, like she fit with them. Renna wasn't there, though. Just an empty seat with a tray in front of it, a cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off and a red delicious apple.

    The pain rouses Holly and she smacks her lips a couple times and groans when she tries to wipe her mouth with her broken arm. She looks around and the smell of Teddy helps bring her into focus. Then she eavesdrops and hears her foster mommy and someone... Ashley! Holly rolls over to stand and grits her teeth as she makes her way to the door and opens it, then heads towards the front door in a rush.

    A hundred conversations could happen right now, taking Ashley outside to explain how things were so messed up in Holly's head, talking quietly to test Ashley out, then trying to set something up later to gradually ease back into a friendship, a confession followed by begging to renew their friendship, even a crying fit to gain sympathy. But Holly doesn't use words, they can't express how much she regrets what she said this morning to her best living friend. She looks for Ashley in the doorway once she comes into the living room and if she can do it without bowling Peggy over, she's going to do something Freddy from Trig class explained that anime fandom called glomping.

    "Ashley!!!!" she calls to announce her little dash. Holly plans on throwing herself into Ashley with as big a hug as she can manage with an arm in a cast, squeezing her tight and willing all the good feelings she has from being here with Teddy's mommy and away from the Bays and seeing her again. If Ashley flinches, Holly will understand, but she doesn't want to be sad with Ashley anymore, she's so good. She just wants to give her some of the love she feels for her. She's got another chance to be here with her two friends, she doesn't want to squander it.
  • Ashley's there standing in the front hall, just inside the Door. She's still wearing the jeans and red sweater that you saw her in early this morning. Peggy's not to far away from her, having just taken an envelope from Ashley.

    When you call out Ashley looks at you in surprise and is still processing it when you glomp her, so she doesn't flinch. She's not quite prepared for the impact, rocking back, but manages to recover and hug you back, tentatively at first, sort of dazed, then tightly and you can hear her sniffle.

    "I'm sorry, okay?" She whispers to you.

    You feel, more than see, Peggy withdraw to the kitchen to give you two a little privacy. Not much in a small apartment.
  • [Holly]

    The hug is welcome and warm and wonderful and it carries Holly's good mood, the one she faked at first in hopes of getting this very buzz. She draws back, her left arm sliding down to Ashley's waist, her hips still pressed against Ashley's in a comfortable mirror of a pose they held recently, just with more clothes this time. She looks Ashley in the eyes and smiling, whispers back, "I forgive you, I swear, Ashley." She smiles to accentuate the statement of forgiveness, "It was me, I was overwhelmed by everything bad in my life and I convinced myself that I was trapped and I didn't deserve a friend like you. You've been so good to me."

    For a breath, Holly breathes in Ashley's smell, looks at her hair, her beautiful face, just admiring her, saying quietly, "I knew, uh, that you loved her. And I got really selfish and I was an awful person to say those things to you. I want to be your friend, really alot. Your best good friend. I changed things because of you, Ashley Lange. You gave me hope and made me feel happy and special."
  • Ashley shakes her head sharply when you say it was you. Her eyes shiny. They're still a little swollen anyway, from this morning. It seems like she goes a little paler, her lips tighten, and she looks down when you mention how she loves Teddy.

    She shakes her head in denial again when you say you were awful to say what you said. Her eyes come up again when you say you changed things, and the whole thing of you being here seems to catch up to her. And the splint, which she now takes in.

    "You... you changed things? What... Why are you here? What happened to you?" The last she's touching the splint gingerly. A look of horror on her face. "Did... did he do this to you?"
  • [Holly]

    At her question about the arm, Holly nods, "Yes. Liam broke my arm. It really hurt." She shrugs at the truth of it, then she grimaces a little when the shrug causes a little pain. It is time for her medicine. Before Ashley gets too worked up, she adds, "But if he hadn't, I wouldn't have gone to the hospital and then the doctor and the police asked me what happened and... you are supposed to tell the truth to your doctor and the police are there to help and so I told Officer Becky. I mean Officer Parr. I told her about the Bays, Ashley, the whole truth. And then they took me to the Bays to get my stuff and brought me here and Mrs. Ellis is taking care of me right now and isn't that pretty... well, awesome?"

    Holly has a smile on her face again when she finishes the abbreviated tale and she's still touching Ashley's waist, still standing up against her, enjoying her warmth. "You helped me, Ashley. I would never have told on the Bays if you hadn't been my friend. You became something I want, Ashley. I didn't just want to be what the Bays told me to be. I wanted to be with you, to be your best good friend. And even Teddy, too. I have friends and you brought that to me and it is so very precious."

    Now Holly's eyes are a little wet, "Can we still be close?" She swallows and adds, "Please?"
  • Could it be that this touchy-feely emotion and Holly giving Ashley so much admiration might turn her on, just a little?
    That might be interesting.
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  • Well darn, guess I'll spend a string on Ashley and bump that up to a soft hit.
  • She puts her hand to her mouth, reflexively, muttering "Oh god." when you tell her about Liam breaking your arm.

    You do catch her noticing the closeness of your bodies. Remembering. Remembering feeling good.When your plea comes up she glances towards Peggy still busying herself in the kitchen.

    "We'll... um... we'll talk about it later, okay?"

    It's not a no (but go ahead and take the string back too).

    "And that is awesome," She says smiling, though it's still a little dimmed by pain and worry, "I'm... I'm really glad you're out of there. I was scared for you. I guess Teddy... she doesn't know yet?"
  • [Holly]

    When Ashley says they can talk about it later, Holly's expression slides into a shy smile and she inadvertently finds herself staring at Ashley's lips for a moment. She hasn't stopped pressing herself against Ashley, enjoying the closeness and warmth. At the mention of Teddy, Holly finally breaks contact, sliding her left hand across Ashley's side and then off, and leaning back to standing straight. It isn't a sharp move, just Holly standing up, but the delicious skintimacy ends. Holly answers, "I tried calling her mobile phone and left her a message, but she hasn't called back. I told her, uh, in the message, because I didn't want her to come back. And be mad at me, like I was a creepy stalker." She says the last sentence with a lopsided smile.

    Then Holly makes eye contact again, "Ashley? What's in the letter for Teddy? Are you? Worried that this morning hurt your, uhm, your friendship with Teddy?" Holly's tone is curious, a little guilty, too. A hint of worry in her voice, that the hurt she caused could have long-lasting impact.
  • Ashley's face falls again. She turns so her back is to Peggy a little more facing you.

    She sighs, dropping her eyes again, her voice dropping even lower. "An apology. An... an explanation. I don't know. I... think I really fucked things up good. I crossed a line and I can't undo it... I had... I swore I wouldn't. Now there's always going to be this... this thing between us. And.." She starts to tear up again, sniffing. "We can't really go back and... and she doesn't really...w-want me that way. And... we'll just... drift apart. I'm going to lose her.. and... it just... it feels like a piece of me is getting cut off and there's... there's nothing I can do... to stop it."

    She shakes her head, swiping at her face trying to get herself back under control. But her face is all bleak misery.

    You hear the sound of a door quietly closing. Peggy evidently decided that you needed more privacy.
  • [Holly]

    As Ashley starts to break down, Holly looks sad with her for a second. But then she pushes that away to try and console her friend, "Ashley, it's going to be okay. Do you remember this morning when your mommy asked us to leave? I, uhm, I talked with Teddy outside. And I don't think there is a thing." She gives a small grin, "Do you know what we talked about? She yelled at me for hurting you. Teddy said," Holly drops into a slightly altered voice, kind of a Teddy impression, not trying to be silly, but trying to make sure Ashley knows she's reciting her word for word, "She's the best friend anyone could ever have. And she's my best friend!" Holly is smart enough to leave off the part where she called Ashley her sister, however.

    She pauses to let that sink in, "I'm not very good with, hm, people, but she didn't say anything about lines crossed or drifting apart. I think its going to be okay."

    Holly is going to try and get the letter back. Just putting that out there.
  • She laughs a little brokenly when you imitate Teddy, then shakes her head.

    "Now she knows that I'm in love with her. It'll change things. It has changed things. Maybe it won't look like it right away... but it will. I mean.. .before.. .well, we were on the same team, you know? I mean, the idea that I thought of her that way probably didn't even occur to her, even though I gave myself away enough times. I've been crazy about her since we first met, not that I really realized it until Eric fucking moved on her and I just went nuts...

    She stops and it's obvious there's a deeper story there. She shakes her head to herself, moving on.

    "Anyway so... so now she's accepted she can like a girl but so far it's just Nula, and she does like guys. And that might be it. Me on the other hand... I mean people can't figure out why I'm not with a guy. They think I'm like all religious, or my parents are super strict. I even heard some crazy thing about my dating a teacher. Nobody assumes that the rich, pretty, girly girl is gay." She snorts. "My mom would die. She's counting on a son in law and grandchildren."

    She sighs and leans against the wall.

    "At least before I could hope. All those times she came over and stayed the night, and I got to hold her while she slept, and pretend we were together. And I would dream that she woke up and just... just realized that I loved her and that she liked girls and loved me, and we could be happy."
  • [Holly]

    As Ashley shares her history of unrequited love, Holly chews on her lower lip, trying not to give her looks of pity. But it obviously affects her. The pangs of being left out, feeling like an island, so tantalizingly close to humanity but there is a disconnect. At the end, Holly sighs, "It's like Pip's love for Estella. I'm so sorry it hurts, Ashley. It... it isn't fair. You are so wonderful and caring." She reaches out to touch Ashley's forearm again, just lightly. "Nobody was ever nice to me until you. You deserve to be happy."

    She realizes Ashley has been standing there for a while, "Do you? Do you want to come in? Or uhm, we could ride around? Maybe look for Teddy and..." But she doesn't finish the sentence.
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    Ashley smiles a little sheepishly.

    "Isn't Fair? Geez. I'm sitting here bellyaching about my life to you, and it doesn't even compare to what you've gone through. How pathetic am I, right?" She laughs a little. She stands straight again, glancing at her feet.

    "Thanks for listening, Holly. You're wonderful and caring, and you deserve to be happy too." She looks back up at you. "You're a wonderful friend."

    You're standing in the entryway of the apartment for all this, really. Peggy has gone into her office and you can vaguely hear things shuffling around. Ash looks around the apartment, considering your offer.

    "Well I am kinda avoiding Mom. She's nutso right now. And I have no idea where to look for Teddy. Maybe we can go get some food, bring it back? I'm starving."
  • [Holly]

    At the mention of food, Holly's eyes widen, "Ooh, can we get Rosalie's Pizza?" She'd wanted to try it since Nolan and Liam taunted her with a pie, eating every slice and making her ask nicely, then refusing to give her any, not even one bite. Now, she could maybe have some.

    Holly adds, "I don't care where we go, Ashley. As long as we're friends." She heads inside to find Peggy in her office, "Miss... uhm, Peggy. We are going to get something to eat Do you want something? And uhm... is that ok? We will be right back." As long as Peggy is amenable, Holly will go get her pain meds and then head out with Ashley.
  • Ashley smiles, "Sure! Pizza sounds good."

    When you go into the office, Peggy looks up from where she's sitting, reflexively blanking the screen. You haven't been in here before but it isn't much. A bookshelf and a small table with an aging laptop, the walls actually close in on you a bit, they're painted an intense pink way too strong for such a small space. It's small, smaller than Teddy's room, but you don't have much anyway, right?

    She smiles at you. "Good idea! Here..." She takes her brown leather purse, which is hanging by its strap from the chair and opens it. Digging through for a minute and comes up with her wallet. She produces a couple of twenties from it and gives them to you.

    "Go ahead and get two pizzas, whatever you girls like, I'm not picky. Just bring me the change, okay?"

    And you and Ashley head out to get it.

    You can tell us what it's like, if you want. I'm thinking you run into Teddy coming home on the way back.
  • [Holly]

    The drive to Rosalie's is short. Ashley calls ahead on her mobile and orders a couple pies. Holly just asks for pepperoni, Ashley gets a veggie for the second. On the drive there, Holly spends some time staring at the money, she's never held this much money before. She's seen it of course, but never been responsible for it.

    Then Ashley flips the station to XM Hits One and a vacuous pop song with easily memorized lyrics, a fad of the moment, comes on and she sings it a bit. Holly chimes in on the chorus once she gets the words right. They sing it and then the next song until they hit Rosalie's. The wait in the parking lot is over too soon as Holly takes over the radio and finds the disco station. They get a few odd looks as Holly car dances and smiles the whole time, oblivious to anyone outside the car, as if the windows weren't clear.

    Then they head in, grab the pizzas and drive back, flipping between disco and pop songs, singing and laughing the whole time. Holly's forgotten her pain and Ashley's hiding hers well enough when they come inside and head into the kitchen. Holly looks for Peggy and tells her, "The pizza is here. Here is the change and the receipt." Holly was meticulous about keeping track of every penny. She picked up an application, too. It looked like a fun place.
  • [New Scene]

    Peggy was already out in the main apartment again when you and Ashley came in. She doesn't question it at all, Holly, just smiles, tosses the receipt in the trash and shoves the change in the pocket of her jeans for the moment, then moves to getting out plates so that you can all dig in. She's asking you things, Holly, light stuff, like what you like to do, what sorts of music and books do you like.

    You've all settled in and started eating when Teddy arrives.


    Did you see Ash's car in the lot? It's pretty recognizable, but sometimes the parking at the apartment is weird, right, and she might not park close.

    Anyway, you've arrived back home. Just outside the door to your place you can smell hot pizza and hear voices. Your Mom's and Holly's. Unless you've seen the car, you don't know Ash is in there right away, she's being pretty quiet.
  • [Holly]

    Sitting at the table, Holly digs into the first bite of the pizza, then sits there chewing for an inordinate amount of time, a big smile on her face adoring the taste of this wondrous thing that is pepperoni pizza. She washes it down with a drink of water and remarks, "This is really super good. Better than Totino's by a mile!" It's her first pizza that wasn't leftover by the Bay brothers or cafeteria food and it tastes even better than it smells.

    Unused to the spotlight, Holly rambles a bit about what she likes, mentioning that she likes disco and that she thinks Ketchup is interesting, citing the song Ashley played for her in the car. "Her music would be fun for dancing, but her lyrics are sad. She seems so lost. I don't understand brushing your teeth by drinking alcohol AT ALL, that would be gross." It takes a bit for Ashley to correct Holly with the singer's name - Ke$ha.

    At the mention of books, Holly warms up to the conversation. She rattles off her favorite books, from The Tempest to Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights to Anne of Green Gables, even Nancy Drew mysteries and the Call of the Wild. She admits to spending most of the summer at the library, not even bothering to check out books, just sitting in the floor of the children's section reading book after book.
  • Ashley, yeah. She did end up parking in kind of a weird spot, but I was looking for it, you know? And I did find it. I stop, like, on the stair, and I try to straighten up a little. I'm exhausted, bone-deep, and kind of emotionally keyed-up, all hurt and angry. And I've been trying to get back in touch with Ash, but now - man, I'm not ready.

    I'm pretty sure I look like crap, too. I mostly cleaned up all the blood, just from being in the water and changing clothes, but it's not like I took a shower or something - there's probably still a smear or two. And I'd almost forgotten about this stinging scratch across my cheekbone, but now when I touch it my fingers come away with flakes of dry blood, and a little fresh blood when I try and rub it clean.

    I zip and fasten dad's jacket, since it's clean and it'll hide any mess I missed. Run my fingers through my hair. And I twist to check my jeans over, best I can.

    And then I go and let myself in. Quietly, though it's not like I can really sneak in, the apartment's too small.
  • [Holly]

    After talking about all the books she's read and adored, she's up, pushing through the numbness and haze of her pain medicine, taking her plate to the sink. She runs some water and finds the hand dishwashing liquid. Its slow going for her, with only one arm, but she wants to do it. She hears the door click closed when Teddy comes in and turns off the water.

    Holly walks to the doorway into the living room to see that yes, it is Teddy. While Ashley and PEggy are both also seeing her, it's Holly that calls, "Teddy! Oh hey." She walks up to Teddy to try and hug her awkwardly.
  • Well Teddy, obviously Holly greets you first.

    Your mom was just in the middle of getting up to stop Holly from washing the dishes when she stopped, with everyone turning to look towards you. I think your mom is surprised for a moment, I mean you look pretty ragged, and that scratch!

    Anyway, Holly greets you first, and has a broken arm. But you got the message, right? Mom is right after that.

    "Dora! What... What happened? Are you alright?" She starts towards you across the living room.

    Ashley stays seated at the table, she's looking at you, equally concerned it looks like, but she's subdued, there's so much stuff between you, and she's afraid. And there others around.
  • Well, I got the message, yeah, though nobody mentioned Holly being hurt. I don't know how much I care, though - she's not my favorite person right now. I mean, she wasn't before, and now - why the hell is she here? She's a monster, and she hurt Ashley so bad, but ... what? All that's forgotten? Jesus.

    I see Ashley, and I run a hand through my hair again, nervously, and then you're up here trying to hug me or something, Holly? I'm stiff, my body language saying rejection.

    "I'm, uh, I'm fine, mom. I'll be fine. I'm just ... tired. And I kinda fell down."
  • [Holly]

    When Teddy stiffens, Holly notices and almost stops. Teddy responds to her mom and then Holly goes ahead and hugs her. Then, she whispers into her ear, "Be nice to Ashley. She loves you."
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    "Fell down?"

    Your mom says, coming up to you. She gently takes your chin in her soft hand to turn your face into the light so she can see the scratch.

    "Oh, sweetie." She makes that hissing sound through her teeth. "That bike scares me sometimes. We need to clean that. Well, um..." She stops and looks over at Holly. "And we have something to discuss. Do you want to sit and eat something, honey?

    Ash gave you a weak smile when you looked at her. Now when your mom says you have "something to discuss" she gets up. "You know, uh, Mrs. Ellis, I, uh... I should be going. Mom's probably going crazy."
  • What the hell? No, no way she gets to wuss out now, now that I'm here and after all of what's happened.

    I shrug you off, Holly, and to mom I'm like, "Whatever. Sure. I guess just let me walk Ash out."
  • Teddy,

    Your mom gives you a hard to read look, but says. "Allright, hon."

    Ashley snags her sparkly purse and her jacket. She thanks your mom for the pizza and reaches out and squeezes your hand, Holly, then leans in and kisses you on the cheek, whispering "I'll see you later, okay?"

    Then she leads you out, headed for her car. She's definitely tense. How far do you let her get?


    Peggy watches the two of them go out the door and shakes her head to herself, then she glances over at you.

    "Holly... you said that Teddy's one of your friends at school, right?" She hesitates for a moment. "Do you... can you tell me what's going on? Did something happen? I've never seen them act that way around each other."
  • [Holly]

    Holly watches them go, her face playing between sad and slightly guilty. She brought this to a head. When Peggy asks about what is happening between them, Holly turns to her. Her face shows how uneasy this makes her, the line between being a good foster and a good friend, how she can't be both right now. She chews on her bottom lip, considering. Finally, she answers, "I am her friend, Peggy. And uhm, I'm not comfortable talking about their private things. But! But, it isn't about them being in any trouble or anything, I would tell you if they were in trouble. They just have. They had a fight. This morning. Sort of. Well, I had a fight and they were part of it. I... I'm sort of scared, Peggy. I'm not a very good person."
  • [Holly]

    Manipulating Peggy to drop the Teddy-Ashley thing. Will give her a string for a +2 on the roll
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  • [Holly]

    Whoah! Holly's bribe is that she'd tell Peggy if Teddy aka Dora was ever in any trouble.
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