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So... Teddy. Did you jump her? You can tell that she's not quite going to make the move, but she's sending out all the signals.

She took you back to the hidey-hole, the little cavern or whatever that Nyx hides in, and maybe made to get the clothes that you said you wanted.

If you do, it's nowhere near like it was with Myrii of course. Aubrey is terribly inexperienced having only lost her virginity early this morning. So you are in the position of being the knowledgeable, powerful one. But if you pursue this, she's pretty pliant about it all, and even if she is clumsy she's into it enough to be interesting.

So, to get down to brass tacks. Do you? How does it go? And what are you in the middle of when Nyx shows up?


You're bringing Robbie along with you into the woods again. Are you talking to him, answering questions? And you know when you come into it... maybe from the forest itself, that something big has gone down. You've got the precious book in your hands. Are you taking him into your hideout or were you going to fetch Aubrey out of it? Depending on what Teddy says above, you might hear them before you see them.


  • [Nyx]

    Yeah, Robbie is along. I talk to him. It's a nice enough day, late afternoon-ish or something I think. I try to talk about him, about his sister, about her favorite foods, what makes her laugh, does Robbie have a girlfriend... you know. Stuff like that. Just getting to know him and learning about Aubrey. If he asks specific questions... well, i don't want to tell so much as show him.

    When we get to the woods, though, near the stream I get more quiet. I do explain that, "Robbie, you're about to see some pretty secret stuff... I hope you'll understand when you see her, we should probably keep all this to ourselves." I'm not trying to get him to promise, this isn't about that... this is for Aubrey. I hope Robbie and I will be enough for the ritual, though I'm sure I could ask Myrii. And in a pinch even Teddy, or Nula.

    And why is Holly always on my mind? She didn't actually promise to meet me at the library exactly, why am I so bothered?

    So yeah, I'm taking him to where Aubrey should be, my spot by the creek. I'm going to have to move anyway what with Teddy and I guess Myrii knowing the way. I need a new spot, maybe where only Aubrey knows how to find. When she's herself again.

    Also I mentioned bringing a change of clothes and stuff for Aubrey, though it didn't get mentioned in action. Hope I had time to grab a bag of stuff for her.

    As for when I arrive and see... well, I'll wait until we know what's going on.
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    I did. Or, I'm doing it. Her. Whatever, yes. We kind of pussyfooted around for a little bit, so I'm half changed, wearing that pair of jeans I lent her and ... I guess that's it. But then I, well, I jumped her. Like you said. I took her, kissed her deep, started sliding my hands over her clothes, and then under, and then ...

    This isn't about getting me off. It's not even really about getting Aubrey off, though that's definitely what I'm working on. It's about, I guess, Aubrey picking Nyx last night over me. It's about her picking him, staying with him, giving him her virginity. Not that I wanted ... but why does that come to him so easy? It's the fairy thing. He was just Alvin before they got to him, shy, invisible. Give him a little magic, though, and everyone's falling all over - so why does it have to be so hard for me?

    He doesn't even care. He ditched Myrii as soon as he hooked up with Aubrey, he was obviously making out with Hayden Booker last night, he had me for a little bit too. He even went after Nula! Twice! So why does he get all of that - I just want one girl, someone I love, but it's still so hard.

    Well, this wasn't that hard. And that's what it's about, showing Aubrey and showing Nyx. I want him to find out, I totally do.

    So right now? I've got her out of, like, most of her clothes, and this is mostly new to me, too. But I'm focusing on just her, getting her up against the wall, then sliding to the floor, and learning from her body all the way. Myrii was patient with me last night, let me try a lot of things, taught me more, and I try to turn all of that around on Aubrey.

    So I'm touching and kissing, all over, caught up a little in that weird charge off of her naked skin. And then using my fingers, like I did with Myrii, and then my tongue, like Myrii did with me. Wondering, kind of vindictively, if Nyx did any of this, or did he just hurt her? But just doing my best to bring her off hard, maybe more than once if Nyx is slow about getting here. Talking to her, getting her to tell me what's good, getting her to tell me ...

    I don't know. To tell me that she likes it? That she likes me?
  • [Nyx]

    So we're walking by the pond then, not on the path but through the light woods East of the pond and not too close because I don't want Robbie to see Myrii before he meets Aubrey. That would be weird to explain...

    But I have this unsettled feeling that something's happened near the pond as we near? I start to kind of nervously dance about a bit, taking an odd glance through the trees to the pond all the while trying not to lead Robbie right to it.

    Finally I can't take not knowing, I ask in a hushed voice, "Robbie, can you wait here a minute... I need to scout ahead, make sure it's clear..." I hand him Aubrey's things and give him an encouraging nod and a hand clasped on his shoulder in trust.

    Then I silently head down to the pond.
  • So what do I see? Naturally I assume it's Teddy messing around with Myrii again.

    At least at first. I think I can tell them apart when I see them clear.
  • We're not at the pond, Nyx. Like the MC said, I took Aubrey back to your laughably "secret" little hideout.

    As for ... what? Do you want a play by play? Aubrey's on the ground, on her back, mostly naked. Her pants are off, her blouse kind of hiked up above her breasts, her underwear missing. I'm with her, in just a pair of jeans, and I'm down there kind of coiled beside her and dipping between her legs, one hand free to wander over her breasts and belly while my mouth and other hand do, well, other things.

    That's what you see. What you hear depends, I guess, on how loud Aubrey is, though I like to think that as you get up here, her voice is clear enough that even her brother can hear and recognize it.
  • Oh yeah... I need to read better. But who made it so un-secret... Teddy!


    I quicken my step a we near, getting ahead of Robbie a bit, "Aubrey!" I call out, trying to get there first so Robbie doesn't get an eyeful of... what? Teddy? Of course it's Teddy, who else would know the way but....

    That's not Myrii, that's... I feel my heart quiver in an all-too-human reaction which I thought I would never feel again, I can feel it in my face and my heart.

    I nearly run over to the mossy soft place where they're entangled, getting right up thee near them. By now they've had a few seconds since I called out.

    "What are you doing?" My voice breaks, I'm really hurt and confused, my fae heart shouldn't be but there it is,"Robbie is here.... Aubrey?"

    I gather up her pants and toss them down to her... at them. Trying to stand in the way so Robbie might not see.
  • Aubrey's making these little animal-like whimpering moans. You probably recognize them well enough, Nyx.

    I guess your first call didn't quite penetrate the fog. At least not for Aubrey, though Teddy might have heard it. It kind of sounds like she's out to get you a little though, so I don't know if she does anything about it, aside from maybe try to get Aubrey to come right then, for the second time. (If you do, Teddy, then she does. Loudly.)

    So, yeah, its the "What are you doing?" that breaks the spell and Aubrey goes from afterglow to panic in the blink of an eye, scrambling back from Teddy, hyperventilating, her eyes wide in a mixture of fear and shame. "Nyx! Oh my god," She's yanking her shirt down, curling in on herself to hide her nudity. She's back against the little cave's wall, taking her pants when you throw them at her and scrambling to try to put them on.
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    Yeah, that's what I wanted. I mean, I didn't expect Nyx to show up right now, but really? That's fine. That's perfect. I hear him coming, and I use right then to push Aubrey along, curling my fingers into her and kissing, tasting.

    She rewards me with clenching thighs and a pair of loud cries, and I'm amazed, again, that I can even do this to a girl. It's like having sex for the first time again, helping Eric get off in cars, on beaches, taking joy in having that kind of power over such a gorgeous boy. This time, I guess, my pleasure in it is less innocent, tainted by other motivations. But still amazing.

    Of course, then you ruin it Nyx, but that's okay. It's not like I didn't expect you to. So I let Aubrey escape, and I start to rise, first up to my knees. My hand goes to my mouth, and I can still taste her on my fingers, on my tongue. She glistens on my lips. And now I cut you an unreadable look, Nyx, then go immediately to Aubrey.

    I stand in the way, hiding her from you. Maybe from Robbie a little, if he comes. I'm solicitous and concerned, even affectionate. It's not hard to project that - even without getting off, the sex was great - and I also try to calm her down, help her cover herself, help her dress.

    To her, not you Nyx, in a low voice: "I'm sorry, Aubrey - it's my fault, forgive me, I'm, uh, I'm so sorry. No, here, let me ..."
  • Nyx, I think Aubrey, in her panic, missed that you said Robbie was with you. And I'm a little unclear. From what I understand, there are two ways into your little thingie right? The up from underneath climb and the thing where you can drop down from above. Which way did you come? I think Robbie follows you up, I just want to know where everyone is seeing each other from.
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    I climbed up from below, guess they're right up in what you'd call my bedroom then. So it would be pretty hard to see them from afar.... so yeah that would kind of be a close up shock as you rise up into the elevated hollow in the rocks. So Robbie would be right behind me on my heels either down on the ground or in mid-scramble up the rocks which serve as a sort of large stairs.

    So by now I've climbed up into the space and yeah, keeping in front of the way in to keep Robbie from coming all the way up just now.

    "What's going on? What are you doing here Teddy? Aubrey, get..." I'm obviously bothered, near anger, and quite shocked at what I've seen. I quietly whisper the rest, "get dressed... your Brother. Is. Here." And i point behind me down the hole.

    Do I see the pelt here somewhere?
  • The pelt isn't out anywhere. I guess it'd be in my backpack. I didn't say I brought that here with me, but I don't think I would've let it out of my sight.

    So if you're looking for the pelt, you don't see it. But there're some wet clothes piled to the side, jeans and t-shirt and underwear and a bundled-up hoodie (wrapped around an evil knife or something, which might be just slightly uncovered), there's my bag, a scattering of other things like my cell, my iPod, and dry boots and socks. Aubrey's underwear too, just to, you know, rub that in.

    The wet clothes are the ones I was wearing earlier, and they are kind of bloody, if you'd be the sort to notice that.
  • And I'm focused on Aubrey, like I said.
  • A pretty decent amount of blood, actually. There's some on Aubrey's clothes too (Myrii was covered with it.)

    Teddy, to your whispers Aubrey shakes her head, muttering "No..s'okay." Even though it clearly isn't. It's not you really, and you can see she's grateful for you shielding her for a minute so she can get it together. She's cringing from the anger in Nyx's voice.

    Then, Nyx, when you whisper that you brought her brother she looks up at you in surprise, past Teddy. She's just now zipping up her pants. "Robbie's here?" She whispers. "Does he... what did you tell him?"

    And Nyx, yes you brought whatever clothes you snagged from Aubrey's room.
  • [Nyx]

    As they talk a bit I look down to Robbie, gesturing with a flattened hand that he should stay put a minute. I keep my eyes on Teddy for a second, I can't believe she's doing this and my look says so. I kind of give her a 'what the hell' expression before turning my back on the girls to give them some privacy... I realize I'm kind of staring at them.

    As I speak I look down at Robbie, catching his eye if I can and speaking as much to him as to Aubrey.

    "He's here to help... Aubrey everyone wants you to come home," I try to focus on being positive and what we need to do but it's obvious to everyone that I'm struggling, "You said that... that Robbie was the one you can count on, no matter what. That's still true right?" I nod slightly down at Robbie, trying to get him on board... focused... get his mind off off whatever he must have just heard going on up here.
  • Nyx,

    "Yes, it's true," She says, from behind you. She manages to finish getting her pants on. She's not meeting your eyes either, Teddy, it's kind of emotional overload right now. But she grabs your hand and squeezes it as she goes by. Then she comes to the entrance and looks down. "Robbie!"

    For Robbie this is just getting weirder by the minute. I mean you kiss his mom, now he hears...uh... sex noises coming from where his sister, who has been missing for a week, is. But he hears Aubrey's voice and he's locked onto that, and impatient when you signal for him to hold still.

    Then he finally sees her.

    "Sis! Where have you been? This... uh, this guy showed up and said you were in trouble? What's happening?"

    Aubrey looks between you two. Obviously this is going to take some explaining. Are you having the meeting up here in Nyx's fort, or somewhere else? Teddy are you sticking around for this?
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    I glance to see if Teddy is decent, then if so I lower my hand, "come on up, Robbie... you two need to talk."

    And I'll help Robbie climb up, not that he really needs help, it's more a gesture on my part. Welcoming him to my space. I bring him to Aubrey actually, then check out Teddy.... i mean... wait is she bloody? What the heck happened. I intend for us all to sit down and talk, well... Aubrey and Robbie at least.

    I shake my head slightly looking at Teddy, "wait, how long have you been here Teddy? Weren't you going to town?"

    I haven't been gone that long, and I didn't see Teddy along the road. Did she even go anywhere since I left her earlier?
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    Get it straight, Nyx. You didn't leave me at the pond, we were both right here. And then I left on my own, while you stuck around to make out with Aubrey and discuss the pros and cons of murdering Jen Ronconi.

    I don't know if I'm sticking around, MC. Honestly, I have more important things to do than fuck around with Nyx, right? And I guess, yeah, any savor all of this might of had is just mostly turning to ashes on my tongue. Nyx is being as much of a hypocritical douchebag as I guess I expected, and it just makes me kind of hate him. He thinks he can horn after every fucking thing with two legs and a wet place between them? And it's fine when he steals someone's girl, and don't think I didn't notice that.

    (Though I guess that was Hayden Booker, so it almost shouldn't count.)

    Fucking asshole. I mean, I'm not surprised, I did do this to goad him out, and I know I'm not exactly filled with goodness and light today, either, but still.

    Oh, uh, sorry MC. Yeah, so Aubrey squeezes my hand, and I return the gesture, right? And then I snatch up one of the baggy shirts I brought here for her, and I pull it over my head. I did actually need to come here, I can't go home all soaking and bloody. And I'm going to gather up my stuff: my boots, my socks, my backpack, my dad's jacket. And my phone and all of that, crammed into pockets.

    I'm leaving the bloody clothes. And the knife too, it's out of sight and it just kind of slips my mind. I guess I won't miss it, anyway.

    To you, Nyx: "Well, I'm sorry, Nyx. I kind of ran into Aubrey's murderer? Nearly died, but it's no big deal, we took care of it. Ask Myrii if you want the details, I know you've so helpful to her with all of that. Oh, and maybe you should cut Aubrey some slack, Nyx? Or at least, before you get so pissy, tell her about all the other girls you've been -"

    No, fuck this. I'm leaving!
  • And I wasn't thinking about it, but I guess I'm shutting you down, Nyx.

    There are modifiers here. I'm absolutely and happily not Entrenched with you, but I get +1 because you're terrified of me. And I think out of your league deserves some play here, because I'm both making it with your girl and emphasizing how much more useful I've been to Myrii than you. So +1 there. And honestly, doesn't the fact that you're hot for me just go to show that you're a hypocritical jerk? So +1 again.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    On a hit, I'm cutting Strings.

    Whatever it is, xp (4).
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    I do have one string on you if you want to make me lose it.

    I try to interrupt but she's on fire and I can't get a word in until she's done.

    "Wha... you n..... who?" I try to interject but I can't until she's all done shitting all over me, "I... i don't have any secrets from Aubrey! But... but what do you mean you took care of it? You... you mean Cross right? I know about her... we should find her when Aubrey' safe! Do something!"

    She gets up to go as I talk I guess, I just try and grab her arm, she's not walking out on me right now, "you stay right here Th... Teddy! You don't come walking into my place uninvited and do... do... this! And just keep crowing on how you'e better than everyone on this Island! Why are you doing this? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to ruin everything important to me?!"

    Wow that sounds selfish... it''s the human side of me winning out... the worse side, and I'll regret it later, but I'm upset, feeling hurt, scared, hot and alone and confused and I don't know what to do.
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    That's what I meant, eliminating Strings. And I was already up, but whatever.

    I'm cold as winter: "Fuck off, Alvin. I don't give a shit about you, you self-centered -"

    I slap your hand away. You going to do something about it?
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    Hell, come on Nyx! Hit a girl, do it!

    I'm spending my String to offer you: if you lash out at me, you mark xp.
  • [Nyx]

    Sure, sure I'll take that xp. But you called me Alvin again... here!

    "My name... is..." I hold onto Teddy's arm, pulling her towards me with this final cry I hit her on the side of the face with a half-closed fist, more of a claw, maybe my fae nature flares and she can see the golden hot gleam in my eyes, "my name is not Alvin!"

    I lash out at Theodora! #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
    +1 (included) because Teddy is drained and unable to fight back.... wow that makes me sound even worse.
  • That figures. I would like to add that I can see being especially upset here if I see that the pelt hasn't been returned.
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    The pelt's still packed away, just like a moment ago.

    So, wow, you actually did it. I didn't think you really would - I'm surprised, and I'm so exhausted that I don't quite realize what's happening until, you know, it's happened. I feel the sting across my cheek, and you were fumbling for my arm after I slapped it away, but I jerk free, and MC? I wouldn't mind taking a tick of harm or a cosmetic injury, along with Nyx's miss. Some physical sign of this altercation could be useful.
  • Sure Teddy, you get a long wicked scratch across your cheek, almost like you got caught with a claw (which you kind of did.) It fills with blood and stings, but we're not talking much.

    Aubrey screams, in tears, "Stop it! Both of you, just fucking stop it!" Before really starting to cry.

    Nyx, Robbie is looking at you with wide, terrified eyes from behind his sister. He just saw something that isn't human and it's freaking him the fuck out. (plus, just a minute ago he put together that his sister was making those noises with a girl.)
  • Right. Well, anyway, you tried to make me stay ... and you failed. I slap your hand aside, jerk free, and I'm out, hopping and sliding down the stones.
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    Breathing heavy I reach after Teddy as she goes but she's quickly out if reach. I take two or three labored breaths before feeling calm enough to turn back towards Aubrey and her brother

    I stare down at the ground near their feet and say through long breaths as I rub my hand as if massaging away the anger, "I brought him for you... let us heal the wound upon my woods... I guess... that's all you want me for."

    My voice is speaking as the fae protector of the woods, at first.... but softens to that of a deeply hurt and ashamed boy by the last.
  • Aubrey comes over and tries to hug you. Tries to press that body that you just saw Teddy's hands all over against you. She sniffs. "Nyx... No... please. I'm... I'm sorry... I just... I didn't mean... She just... I couldn't stop it, the... the magic... I promise it won't happen again, I'll do whatever you want, just... please forgive me."
  • Going home then, Teddy?
  • I think so. I mean, I need to see Nula, but I'm probably going home first. But actually, I check my phone. Ashley still hasn't called ... is it possible she called while I was, uh, out? Or is the battery run down? Or maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me.
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