[Ashen Snow] A Friend Indeed [Wi 7.6]

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You get things moving with the trade of food and people and things fall in line pretty well. Swoozie even sidles up to tell you to get lost, that she'll handle things.

So, I assume you take her up on it and have a breather for a bit more than a quickie with Easton. Your first time alone with the man you've declared to be yours. How does that feel? He's obviously deeply infatuated with you, amazed by you, your every curve and movement. He says as much, the bravado falls away when it is you two alone. He's quite considerate, actually. As you well know, not something you openly display in rough company.

It is late afternoon when Fitteen steps inside the yurt. What with all the activity, Easton never set a guard. Just no manpower, really. So Fitteen walks in, comes up to both of you. Are you covered when she comes in?

Fitteen looks a little stressed when she blurts out, "Miss Winner, Ah'm sorry, but Ah need yer help." You think she's been crying, her eyes are red, nose is, too

What do you do?


  • The stress of preparing this last week, and general responsibilities adjusting to life with Easton and his gang have meant that Winter hasn't really had time to be herself. When Swoozie suggests she disappear for a while, she's more than happy to oblige. Taking off the new costume people have come to expect of her is a huge relief, and she almost immediately falls back into old habits of playing the princess. A sexy princess to be sure, but a woman of up-scale tastes who tends to spoil herself. She even took Swoozie up on a little bit of booze for the men, and stole some wine for her and Easton. The feeling of accomplishment, and being overworked but not exhausted — it made the reward that much sweeter. To top it all off, she didn't have very many clients who were attentive to her needs when she was working, and Easton's attention to detail is spectacular. Being lauded on after a hard day's work? This is something she could get used to — of course when you're being praised, returning the favor is all the easier.

    Winter's lounging around in her dress in the afternoon, brushing her hair after a quick wash. She's feeling sated and pleased with herself, a distant smile on her face as Easton flitters about. When Fitteen walks through the door all stressed out, her smile is replaced with a look of concern. "What's wrong?" she asks, putting her brush down.
  • She takes a few steps to you, then falls to the ground, sobbing, her body gasping for breath. You don't see any wounds on her. However, you do see signs on her hands. They're red, recently scrubbed clean with some harsh chemical, blood under her nails. Between tears, she says, "Ah done it, Miss Winner. Ah done it." Then, "So much blood. She didunt tell me bout that."
  • Winter's composure is in tact, but she worries she may have had too strong an effect on Fitteen... The blood, raw hands, and the smell of harsh chemicals are kind of sickening, but all too familiar. She kneels down in front of Fitteen and takes her hands, "Slow down, Sweetie. Take a deep breath." She examines the extent of the damage on Fitteen's hands — she really did rub these raw, but it looks like they won't scar if she doesn't do it again. "Whose blood is that, and who is she?"
  • Fitteen stares at her hands when she answers, unable to meet your gaze, "Ah took per contract, Miss Winner. Cher... Cherry said ya didunt want it. She helped me-me. Ah... Ah kilt Shazza, Miss Winner." She finally looks up to meet your eyes. Hers are filled with tears, but there's something else in there. A different, emotion, opposed to the sorrow her body shows. Something else entirely.
  • Winter's face goes pale at the mention of Cherry's name, but her eyes burn with a white-hot flame. That fucking BITCH. It was never enough for her to ruin her own fucking life... It was one thing when Winter played along, but to bring Fitteen into this? She was certain Cherry knew Fitteen would react this way. She knew and she made her do it anyway. This wouldn't stand... The contract didn't even make sense! Why Shazza?

    She looks Fitteen in the eyes, appraising this new body language she's showing... It worries her. What is it?

    "Sweetie, Cherry is dangerous, and she'll use you up until there's nothing left to take... I need you to calm down, promise me you'll never take a job from her again, and tell me everything."
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  • What is Fitteen really feeling?
  • Fitteen nods slowly, her demeanor calming as she looks up into your eyes. "Yes. Yes mayum."

    She's appalled and fascinated. She just experienced the most intense moment of her young life, more than losing her virginity or drugs. The kill was intimate, she knew Shazza. She's on the edge of deciding how she feels. It is an emotional battle nearing its end. She almost ready to accept that she likes it. And once she does, she'll be ready for more.
  • She sees it: Fitteen standing over the same cliff Winter once did, contemplating jumping into the vast ocean in front of her... It's turbulent, violent, and fascinating all at the same time — and while Winter is in the process of stepping out of the business, she couldn't truthfully admit that she would never kill again if it was necessary. Nobody could do that in this day and age... The trouble comes with the romanticism surrounding a murder. If she said nothing, Fitteen would become addicted to the sensations surrounding this, and it would only be a matter of time before Cherry would step in and offer to up the ante. To a certain extent, Fitteen is already lost — we all are, sometimes without ever knowing it — but she's got a taste for it, and trying to pull her away from the edge would have her looking back at it her whole life. The best thing she could hope for was giving Fitteen something to cling on to, something stable so she could keep her head above water.

    Winter hangs her head, ashamed of herself for not seeing this sooner, and not knowing how to back her down. She considers what to say that might make things a little better, or maybe clarify things for her... After all, Winter is definitely experienced in the matter of killing. She looks Fitteen in the eyes, and summons up the most experienced voice she can muster, "Your first kill is always personal — it clouds your judgement, because you feel so many thing all at once. It's a rush. It's scary, and exciting all at the same time, and it's hard to tell whether something's changed in you, or you've realized something new about yourself. I prefer to think you've just realized what you're capable of; because it means you can keep being who you really are, and if you're really careful you can stop it from overtaking you."

    She puts her hand on Fitteen's shoulder and gives her a supportive squeeze, "if it helps, I'm sort of re-tooling my crew at the moment to suit a new venture." she looks over at Easton, guiding Fitteen's gaze to him, "The goal is to cut back on those kinds of contracts, but sometimes they're unavoidable. I won't lie to you, the right jobs can be exhilarating and purposeful — but if you pick the wrong ones, they can ruin you. Cherry has a knack for finding those jobs. If you're sure this is the kind of life you want, and you want to learn how to pick the good jobs from the bad ones, then there's a place for you on my crew."
  • That's one hell of a Manipulation, Winter. Lets see some dice for her fate.
  • I can't look... Good thing Winter is Easy to Trust for this impressionable young woman.
    Manipulating Fitteen: Roll+Cool*, +1XP rolling highlighted.
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    OOC: FYI, I've advanced Winter's Seduce/Manipulate move. In the event this is the catalyst for Winter's deeper understanding of how to reach people, I'd like Fitteen to become Winter's right hand — seeking to follow through on her intentions.
  • Fitteen looks up at you, Winter. Her doe eyes are fixed on you, you've seen it before, when you lure someone and have them completely hooked. But it's slightly different, this isn't some kind of sexual attraction, you gave her the direction she craved, the attention she desperately wanted. Her voice grows calm and she nods, then licks her lips to speak in a quiet but convicted tone, "Ah would give anythin to be one o yer crew, Miss Winner. Whatever ya need, Ah'll do. It's all Ah ever wanted. since Ah first seen ya, Ah knew it."

    She reaches up to place her small, dark hand over yours, the one you placed on her shoulder. She squeezes back, thankful for you, nearly worshipful. Then Fitteen smiles, and waits for instruction

    Easton breaks the silence after a bit, "Shazza's the gardener, Win. Lonzo and Norvy won't let that lie." He stands back, not breaking up the moment of unity between you and your new right hand, but he is worried about the ramifications of this, you hear it in his voice.
  • Winter smiles when Fitteen agrees to join her crew, and she gently brushes a stray hair out of Fitteen's face affectionately. When Easton explains Shazza's connection to the hold, she comes back down to the real world. There would definitely be consequences that came from this, and experience told her there was only one way to get Fitteen out of this mess. "We need to find out who put that contract out," she whispers just loud enough for Easton to hear, but still looking at Fitteen, "it'll give us some leverage, and prove we're not turning on the hold. I'd just as soon turn Cherry in, but it'd never stick... You can never find her when you're looking for her. Did anyone see you do it, Sweetie? Did Cherry, by some stroke of luck, mention who put the contract out?"
  • Fitteen nods, offers up all she knows, "Nobody saw me, Ah swear. Ah done real good, gettin er in er lil cole storage locker, nobody saw me go down with er. When Ah left, aint nobody foun er body yet. Ah'm clean. An Cherry, well, Cherry, she said it's somethin you weren't doin no more, said Jack gave er a To Do list."

    Easton comes up at that, like he's right there over the both of you, "What did you just say? That's some bullshit, little girl."

    Fitteen flinches, but says, "Cherry said it! Not me!"
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    That hits way too close to home, she looks up at Easton and shakes her head. "Cherry's a lying bitch... She's probably using Fitteen to get under my skin, pissed that I'm not playing her stupid game anymore. Besides, why the hell would Jack want Shazza dead? It doesn't make any sense... Why the hell would anyone want to kill a gardener? I smell a rat." She gets up and slips into her jacket, annoyed at this new turn of events before turning back to Fitteen, "Did she tell you anyone else on the list?"
  • Fitteen blinks a couple times, the spotlight on her is not something she's used to. That, and Easton glaring down at her, it's intimidating. She says in a small voice, "Norvell is next."
  • Winter's jaw drops when Fitteen announces Cherry's next target, but she doesn't drop the ball — she's barely finished putting her jacket on and she's already heading for the door. "Norvell's got to know. East, can you come with me? Fitteen, I need you to find wherever Cherry's hiding, and then come get me. She's gotta be stopped."
  • Fitteen nods then takes off. Easton falls behind you.

    --END SCENE--

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