[Ashen Snow] Trip to the Arm'ry [Gr 7.6]

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You and your unit head out. Are you taking the truck? I assume yes, right? The one Pinto was brought in.

Did you give your team any instructions before you head out?

So you and Metcalf are in the front, Pinto in the middle seat. Everyone else in the truckbed. It is a bumpy ride out to the Armory, but none of the Pryers complain, cramped in there as they are.

The Armory

The Armory is in very good condition for something this old. It was old before the Fall, and happened to be sitting far enough away from most of the lava and earthquakes that little to no structural damage happened. The original national guardsmen that responded to the act of God mustered here, and they never left, bringing in families and making the place their new home.

There are checkpoints a quarter mile away from the place, a couple men with assault rifles standing guard at a sandbag stopping point with a gate. You see, in the space between the building and this blockade, a M777 like this:
There is a unit of four men, two women, in green uniforms, working on it, looks like they are training on loading it and sighting it, looking at maps.

One of the gate guards, a rail-thin guy with a name patch that says "Chevelle", comes up, looks in and recognizes Pinto. How do you know him Grekkor?

"Pinto, you alright?" Chevelle asks. Pinto nods. Then, to you and Metcalf, "Why do you have one of our boys? State your business." Hes got an M-16 slung over his shoulder. His partner is far enough away to cause trouble with his weapon. His name patch says "Cherokee". He has a clean-shaved face pock-marked with old acne scars.

What do you do?


  • [Grekkor][3xp][3pm]
    The engine rumbles from the truck like a low growl from some distorted creature. They are waiting for Pinto as Grekkor gives a quick briefing and instructions. He stands on the edge of the truck talking over the noise.
    "We go one final time to get guns from the Armory. They do not understand the threat that Harridan poses. I am going to make that case. Remember, Harridan's agents are everywhere. I'm convinced the Armory is rife with them. If we uncover such agents, be prepared to take action."

    Grekkor uses the trip to think upon Ula's words. Realizing Amiette's larger roll in things. Imagining the horror of a rank of Pryers sharing her dead eyes... He starts and looks around, watching the ashen wastes as they roll along. The strange rivulets and canyons left from the rains form snake trails through the white-grey expanse.

    The Armory is impressive. But Grekkor notes how the ash eats away at the brick in capricious ways, leaving a unsettling marble like pattern on the building's facade.

    Grekkor greets Chavelle by getting out of the truck and walking up to him.

    They served together briefly. Said he was exiled from the Armory, but didn't say why. He'd taken up as a mercenary and joined up with Grekkor under Madame. One night he got drunk and told a disturbing story about how, on a rare smokeless night he looked up to see some massive, dark shape floating across the sky, blotting out the stars. Hundreds of meters long, at least a thousand feet in the sky. Just slowly going east to west. No sound, no lights. But when it passed overhead, that's when Chavelle ended his story. He got quiet and almost tear-eyed.

    "We are here to barter for guns. I need to speak with Howar. Pinto is a good solider, represented your Armory well. He bumped into one of our patrols and we brought him in. He has been our guest until we got things figured out."

    Grekkor has already told Pinto, in private, to find Rodreguez and tell him about Harridan and that Howar is possessed and will bring ruin to them all.
  • Chevelle looks in on Pinto, who nods to confirm your story. Chevelle says, "C'mon, Pinto. Head in and rejoin your unit."

    Pinto looks at you, Grekkor. Do you let him go?
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    He nods at Pinto and waves his hand to motion him along.
    "That's a mighty big gun you have their, Chevelle. What's that about?" He looks yonder to the M777.
  • Chevelle nods, "Yes, sir. Inspection time, bringing it out for cleaning, nothing special." He's giving yo an odd look, glancing up at his partner a couple times. "How have you been? Still workin with the Pryers?"

    You realize you're getting some eyes from the Boys inside.
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    Then he just stares at him. Body language telling him to go get Howar.
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    Chevelle sends Cherokee off to get Howar, Pinto goes with him. Chevelle motions for you, "Can you step out of the car for a moment, Grekkor?"

    There are eight of the Armory Boys watching your truck right now. They have a machine gun nest covering the dead zone between the building and the gate. No guns are pointed at you, but this is a well-armed gang.

    Assuming you step out with Chevelle, he steps in tight and says, "What's really going on? You already sent a team for a trade, we said no. What did Pinto tell you?"
  • [Grekkor]
    He stands just glaring at that M777 as Chavelle talks to him. He doesn't make eye contact with Chavelle. That gun could cause serious damage to the Baths and the thought of it sets off a low level rage within him. He hears Chavelle talking but it takes sometime for him to focus his attention on him.

    "You Armory boys are blinded by your technology and your gear. Pinto, that boy has honor, he represented you well." He then turns his eyes away from the gun to Chavelle. "Denying us trade, and then pointing that cannon at our community, that is down right cowardly. I wanted to see for myself if any of the Armory Boys had any honor left in them. After I smash Harridan's skull upon the brittle lava of the plains, after the full glory of the Baths washes out upon this valley -- we will not forget those who acted with honor and those without. That is what is really going on."
  • Are you trying to Manipulate Chevelle into giving you the story of what's happening? It's obvious he has orders not to do this, but you know him and you're appealing to his honor for leverage.

    (don't forget any reads you want to make, cough cough)
  • [Grekkor]
    Reading Chavelle
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Holding 1 for now. Want to see how Chevelle reacts to his rant.
  • Chevelle nods a couple times, then without looking at you, he answers, "Our house is not in order. Something is wrong with Howar. He ordered this gun out here and Rod countermanded and now we're in a cold war. We left the gun out here, but only to keep them from going at it. I doubt Howar is going to come out to talk to you. If he does, he will try to kill you. And if that happens, all of the Boys will be honorbound to shoot you. So you see, we're in a piclkle. My partner is one of Howar's men. Don't trust him anymore. They're deranged now, but Rod won't move on Howar."

    He licks his lips, thinking, then says, "Let me take you in to see Rod. Just you, that's all I can pull. If you're willing to hit Howar, take the fall, Rod can take control without this place going haywire. But Rod might have a different plan."

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    "I am sorry. Harridan has used sorcery on your people. They are not deranged, they are simply not themselves. If you disable that gun, right now, I, and my men, will help you with Howar and any of your other corrupted. It must have a firing pin or some other critical component. Get that to me so I know, even if we fail here, that the Element is safe.

    How could Grekkor get Chevelle to disable this gun? I'm thinking, what extra carrot/stick item would he have to offer?
  • If you can get Chevelle credit so he can move up in the ranks, he's in. He's always been cutthroat about advancement. Its how he got back in with the Boys.

    Chevelle narrows his eyes, he is inclined to help an old war buddy, but not at this cost. "Tell you what, Grekkor. We're running short of females. If you give me an oath to get us ten child-bearing women, I'll disable the gun. I want them here tomorrow morning. Think of it this way, they'll be safer from Harridan, at least."

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    "I would not dishonor the women of the Element with such a bargain. Your house is not in order. Harridan has corrupted your leadership. The Armory's very existence is in question and by tomorrow morning it will be too late. If you can't step up and make the leadership call, right here, right now,then go get this Rod-- at least then I'll know I will be talking to someone able to make the executive decisions."

    Grekkor breaks away from Chevelle and marches back to his group.
  • Sounds like a darn good Manip. Take a +1 for acting on the read.
  • Manipulate Chevelle - Disable that gun
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
  • You starting marching back to the truck and your Pryers when the double doors of the Armory main entrance opens up quickly, the doors slamming against the pitted brick walls.

    A man in a camouflage uniform carrying an MP-5 and a gunbelt along with a squad of men with M4 Carbine rifles come spilling out.

    Here's there leader. It's Howar:

    Howar looks towards the gate, Cherokee pointing you out. He calls out in a commanding voice, "Boys, that's the leader of the Pryers right there at our gates! Take them down! All of them! This is a direct order!"

    Chevelle curses and starts bugging out, your Pryers have been near the truck, not goofing around, but ready in case this goes bad, so they're taking cover even before gunfire opens up, which it is about to.

    The unit near the gun, they're taking cover (from your group), but not attacking.

    There is about a hundred feet of distance between the front of the armory and your truck. You'e nearer to the truck, of course, and can take cover if you wish. You have moments to take cover or you can fire off some shots if you choose to stay out and exposed.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    Which way does Chevelle go?

    He hears the crack of the doors as they snap against the brick. And then Cherokee is pointing and ordering. He levels his gun at Cherokee, but then thinks better of it. Let them start shooting first and maybe the half squad by the gun will hesitate. Blast Cherokee and that will make their decision simple for them-- and not a good one for Grekkor or his troops.

    Grekkor pivots and follows Chevelle.
    As the battle begins he opens his brain.
  • Open Brain - Battlefield instincts
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    First, let's do a map:

  • As you run towards Chevelle, you look upon this battle with your second sight.

    The soldiers standing near Howar, Cherokee included, their skin melts away, showing that they are not skeletal things, but mannequins, puppets of Harridan, his last hurrah before the actual war on Yurd. But these mannequins, they are pock-marked with disease, rotting, unstable. Left to their own in a contained environment, they would fall to decay, madness, doom. But here, they infest the land, they spread slowly but surely by touch. However, Harridan's control weakens as it spreads, stretching out his strings to the point of being worn and useless and all that is left is disease. They are at the point of breaking now, barely muzzled rabid dogs.

    The squad by the M777, men and women, set by Rod to secure the gun from unauthorized use. They are honor-bound to protect their fellows and once the Pryers fire upon Howar and his fellows, they will join in the battle and fight you with skill, not savagery. The Pryers will most likely fall, you would be outnumbered two to one. But if you can hold on for a few minutes without firing upon the Armory Boys, then Rod will order them to stand down, he will have what he needs to unseat Howar.

    It will be a hard bargain, you may lose men, but once Rod assumes control, Chevelle will disable the gun. Chevelle pushed for an ugly trade to only see if you would take it, which you didn't. He'd heard so many rumors about your cult, he didn't know if you were still the man he knew from before.

    The Pryers by the truck, they glow brightly as men, you chose well. They are taking cover, working like a unit as they have trained, but you see them drawing swords, ready to charge into fierce and pitched battle, unafraid and determined to take whatever steps needed to protect the Baths. They will disable that gun, you know it, it will happen. They will die to a man in the doing if you do not interfere. You know this to be true. Howar will continue here, he will fight Rod and the Armory Boys will fall onto each other, brother against brother. Bu for the price of these Pryers, The Baths will be safe from this gun.

    But more than that, Grekkor, you see what Amiette has seen. The babe Harridan, cast out as a mutant freak by his own mother, left to die on the ashen wastes, mewling, crawling to the first person who he could control. For five years, he has grown up in spite and hate for Domino his mother and his unknown father. One year ago, Harridan heard the legend of Domino's child and the thousand year reign, the ultimate power he would wield, is he were to consume the last soul of the earth, he would become a god-king. He has sought that ever since, he is so close to it he can taste Yurd's heart.

    You can find Harridan, through his puppets, you can find him within his army encampment now. If your brain is opened, you can hunt him like a dog to a scent trail now. As Ula told you, you have found release on the field of battle. You understand more than ever before.
  • [Grekkor]
    His adrenaline rushes and it takes all his self-control not to open up with his rifle. He gazes at Howar and the corruption and decay he represents. So opposite his recent experiences with the baths, the growth of the green, Shazza's life affirming garden.

    He stops following Chevelle. He needs to stick with his men. He feels their energy and he takes pride in that.

    He gives Cherokee a hard glare. Then looks at the troops near the gun, a pleading look on his face, asking for honor and a fair fight. Not this sudden betrayal.

    Then he begins to retreat. He crouches in battle stance, his gun at the ready but not pointed. He moves back positioning himself between his men and the main Armory Boy's force. If the Pryers are going to open fire, they will have to shoot at Grekkor as he put himself in both lines of fire. As he moves, he takes stock of the situation.
  • Reading the Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • [5xp]
    What is Grekkor's best escape route?
    Which enemy most vulnerable to Grekkor?
    What should Grekkor be on the look out for?
  • Spending advance: +1 Cool
  • Howar and his squad advance, opening fire on you and the Pryers. The spray is wild, unfocused, undisciplined.

    This is a small gang with +1-Harm Weapons +Savage Take 3-Harm (before Armor). Your men take no damage. They remain in position, waiting for your command, trusting that you will lead them to the correct action. Not victory, not safety, but the correct action.

    Your best escape route is to run from the field. Howar is exposed, this is the final straw, he will not be able to pursue once Rod arrives. But then your men will pay the price for your retreat, not all of them. But at least half.
    Howar is the most vulnerable, he is leading this charge, not even firing. He wants to tear itno you, it is Harridan's last command to his putrefying brain.
    Grekkor should be on the lookout for infection. While out of Harridan's control, if left unchecked, this will become a new menace to threaten the Baths. Warping into a thing unto itself. Not tomorrow. Not even a month from now. But soon.
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    Grekkor holds back a scream as the bullets rip in to the ground and ash about him, peppering the truck behind him. One bullet catches him in the thigh, and then another in the shoulder. The wind is punched from his chest and he labors to breathe.
  • Behind you, you hear Metcalf bark, Hand, let me protect you!" But he's waiting for your order, or until you fall and cannot give one.

    Howar is running ahead of his men, the two squads fall into a mob, a couple actually striking at each other when they press together.

    Behind them, you see another unit of men appear on the top of the Arm'ry, looking down with surprise, trying to assess the situation.
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    The mob bears down on you, only feet away, Howar lobs a grenade towards you, which rolls near the truck. It explodes with enough force to shatter the windshield and destroy the headlights, slamming you back into the grill of the truck (per the 0-Harm effect, I choose you lose your footing). Take 4-Harm before armor. Your men also take 1-Harm from the concussion.

    You hear a man from the roof wearing a boonie hat call down, "Stand down, Howar! This is an unauthorized use of force! There will be no second warning!"

    Howar does't flinch, doesn't stop, still barreling forward. He's going to tackle you and beat you with his gun like a club, tear you apart limb from limb.

    Give me an Acting Under Fire roll to withstand this last onslaught.
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