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You're standing outside the hold, at a rundown playground for the school that a gang converted into temporary housing. Tents and stuff, thrown over monkey bars and the slide, like a grown-up fort. Chigger's place, where he and his gang are waiting for Harridan to get close enough to kill. Crawley's there, this is where you found him. He's standing with Chigger as you walk up. You can smell her on him from here.

Who's with you?

What do you do?


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    After I left the Baths, I went on a round-up to collect Spurlock and Sails (if he'll come) for the ritual. Sails was at the Gray's Haven and the two of us plus Hoze were going to collect Spurlock when we came upon this scene.

    I do not hesitate. I walk straight to Crawley and interrupt whatever they might be talking about.

    "Crawley. Why did you kill her?". My voice is firm, but not overly loud, conversational in volume if not tone.
  • Of course Sails is with you, Hoze walking near-by, in his own way.

    Crawley narrows his eyes and says completely deadpan, "Killed who, boss?" Then he gives you a half smile.

    Chigger is curious about this, too. It seems this wasn't a subject they'd discussed. There are about ten other folks around here, mostly big guys in skins and leathers with hand weapons, no guns. If this were a high school, this would be the jock tribe. Chigger crosses his arms and looks at the two of you. It seems he knows Sails, they give each a curt "guy nod".
  • "So the Big. Bad. Crawley kills a woman and is ashamed to cop to it front of his buddies.

    I angle my body slightly -- so my right arm is away from him -- and start walking around him, just out of reach. If he plans on keeping his eyes on me he will have to turn. Ideally I would like to move between him and anyone else, kind of separating him from the herd, as a shepherd dog might do.
    "Did she fight back? Did you eat her porridge or her dying body? Should I kill you here in front of your peers or wait until you are alone like Jeanette was?"

    Damnit, I didn't want to deal with this today. But here I am and I can't stop myslef. My anger is up. This piece of shit is exactly the kind of asshole that has no place in a post-Harridan Element.
  • Sure, you can pull him away from Chigger. He does turn to keep an eye on you. Still deadpan, Crawley says, "Are you saying I killed Jeanette? Boss, I've got no-what do ya call it? Recollection. At all. The Bride must have made me do it, boss."

    Chigger scoffs, "That's bullshit, Crawls. Ami's good people, she's just got weird skills."

    To that, Crawley shrugs, "She put the whammy on G-String and Spurlock both, didn't she, boss? You were there."
  • I keep circling slowly.

    "If anyone got inside your pig's brain it wasn't Miss Amiette. Where is Tse-Tse, by the way?"

    Incoming read.
  • Read Crawley

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    Disregard that result. I thought I had "Clear-Eyed" and I dont.

    The actual result should be 6. The roll should have been 2d6+2
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    Crawley shrugs again, "Dunno, boss. She's a little tiny for me, ya know? We aint close or nothin." He's getting the sense this won't go well, you can see him tense. Sails has moved to be able to back you up. Hoze has dropped into a ready stance.

    Chigger says, "Lonzo, Crawley came to me under truce. I will honor it. Don't break it." Some of his men start paying more attention at that, watching you. You're outnumbered here.

    What do you do?
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    "Under truce? For what? Kiling Jeanette?"

    When my circling brings me back to where I began in this showdown, I stop.

    "Chigger, I will honor your truce."
    "But you,"
    and I jab a finger at Crawley, my face is shining with righteous rage "are a dead man. Since you hide behind lies and and your betters, I will wait."
    Then I issue my prophetic command.
    "If you want to live, go to Norvell and place yourself under his custody, now. It is the only way I don't kill you."
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  • Pick one:
    1. follow my order.
    2. freeze
    3. back away, hand where I can see them
    4. attack me.
  • Yeah, Crawley knows the gig is up, he just shrugs again and says, "Yeah, I'll go. I'll turn myself in right now. Not so bad with Norvy, right? Three square meals for prisoners, not like the rest of em. D'ya think he serves porridge, old man?"
  • clinch jaw, eyes narrowed
    hands shaking with rage, I turn
    want to pick a fight
  • Alright, well, Crawley is waiting until you leave, but you figure Chigger will make him follow up.

    Where do you go next?
  • To the baths. I need to take care of Jeanette.
  • As you're heading to the Baths, let's say you walk outside, since you're probably fuming. As you walk, Sails is beside you, "You alright?"

    Hoze is hanging back, watching you both, keeping up. He looks still sad, but trying to distract himself by looking at things around the hold's exterior.
  • "Yeah. It just took everything I had not to take him out. Truce or not."
    "Now I'll try and let him stew with Norvell while I try to calm myself for Amiette's thing."
  • Sails lets some time pass before he speaks again. Shantytown has almost nobody around, it is getting dark. "You need me to take care of anything while you're doing that?"

    Off across the way you see a bunch of jeeps, and a couple dune buggies. They're coming from the opposite direction than Harridan. Sails sees it, too.
  • "Hmm, well my joys," I wink at Hoze. "Maybe this is just the distraction I need."
  • The three of you walk across the ashy plain to Shantytown. By the time you get there, you already saw the dune buggies and motorcycles head past you towards the element. You recognize Wolf, Emmy and that crew, plus Manx from Stripes gang and some kid you haven't seen before.

    The men in the jeeps, that's a new thing. Have you ever been to Amy's Mountain? Would you recognize their dark blue uniforms? Rothschild is with them, you know him, of course. Why does he look up to you?
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    Posted By: orklordSails [says],"You need me to take care of anything while you're doing that?"
    "What? Oh, no. Just stick with me. Are those Amy's Mountain folken? I think they are. Well, my joy, that's an interesting development."

    Sails says, "You know them?"

    I pull at my chin and say, "Not really. I've seen them around once or twice, that's about it. But one of them is Rothschild. You know him? He is good people."

    I don't know why he looks up to me. I've never been around him much. What I don't know is that he saw me make a hard decision a few years back. I choose the right thing instead of the easy thing. There was a man and woman trying to scratch out a living on the edge of settled land; Shantytown was smaller then. Some gangers came to extract protection payment. The couple were prepared to go to war, but there was no way they would win. They had bravery in spades, but not so battle-wise. I didn't know the pair -- just a couple of strangers on the edge of the settlement I lived it--but I stood up with them and the gangers left him alone after that.
  • Rothschild recognizes you when you come up. He's got couple dozen men and women here, all in those uniforms, sporting clean weapons, some with light ballistic armor. The group is not an assault group, built for for mountain work and speed, some utility. Five of them are talking to some of Jack and Easton's gang about setting up in a shack to sleep, others are looking at some maps, chatting amongst themselves.

    You see Rothschild walking over to meet you. He smiles and offers you his hand, a firm grip on this one, "Good to see you, Alonzo. What brings you here? I didn't know you traveled this way." He gives Sails the guy nod, which is returned. He smiles and nods to Hoze, who doesn't return it.
  • "Rothschild. Good to see you. I have settled in Evan Element. What brings you down with the mountain?"

    Alonzo is pretty much just biding time until Amiette gets back. He doesn't know Spurlock is with her, so barring other action, we are making the rounds of the security assignments. Checking progress, inspecting readiness, that sort of thing.
  • Rothschild gives your hand a firm grip and answers without irony, "Amy ordered two teams to join y'all in defending the Element. We're here to help out however we can."

    Unless you have more for Rothschild, I'll assume you can continue on to the hold. You find out from the Grays that Amiette headed up to Red House and Spurlock went with her, that Bones is back, went to the infirmary. Also, Crawley turned himself in.

    It's getting dark. Anything need doing?
  • I head back to the baths and Jeanette's room. I carefully clean her face as well as I can.

    There's not much here, she always lived a kind of spartan life as possessions go. But she had a cup, a mug really, with some kind of funny saying on it -- the picture reminded her of the hills around the Element. She never fully got the joke, but I never explained it to her. I look around the room and find her mug.
    "I'll tell you what this means Norm - - no size restrictions and screw the limit"

    As I close the door behind me, tears blur my vision. In her room I have laid Jeanette on her cot, her mug in her clasped hands, and wrapped with her thin blanket. If there is an after Harridan, I will bury properly then.

    Hoze and Sails are waiting for me as I exit.
    "Let's go to the Haven. I'm done for today."
  • Sails accepts this grimly and falls in with you. Hoze still seems oddly affected by your demeanor with her body. He doesn't understand it, but he seems to find it unique.

    As you walk through the hold to your Haven, you come upon Winter and Bones and a couple others having a "discussion", go here.
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