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It's dark when you come back to Evan. Rothschild routes his teams over to find a place to stay in ShantyTown. Wolf and the pack head up to the ridge to look down at Harridan. Wolf asks you to meet him in a few hours at your infirmary. You rode with Fries, right? He's a good rider, his bike, while nothing special, it has dents and dings that give it character. He hasn't named it or anything. Manx is here, she was off talking with someone at Amy's Mountain when all that crap came down, but she caught up to you on Keeler's bike before you left. She's named it "Keeler".

After Rothschild and the soldiers leave and Wolf and the pack ride off, it's just you, Manx and Fries. He seems pleased with this. "Hey Emmy, where do you want me to take you now? I'm guessing we should get some sleep soon, right?"

Manx is looking at the two of you suspiciously.


  • I ride with Fries again, which earns me looks from just about everyone. Looks that I try to ignore. It's harder to ignore Rothschild, harder still not to think about his lips on mine not that long ago. I hold onto Fries waist an' wonder a little nervously when Erstwhile will show up. An' how that will go down.

    It makes me anxious that the pack is leavin' without me. I hope they don't run into any trouble. Rothschild hasn't really said a word to me since we left Amy's. I don't know what to think about that besides that I kinda wish he would. Stupid. I'm watchin' everybody drive off when Fries asks what we should do now. I catch Manx's look an' try to pretend that I didn't. "I guess we should head over to the infirmary. We can crash there an' wait for Wolf. Chibi might need some help anyways."

    I know that Fries was probably hopin' to get some alone time, but I'm really not in the mood.
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    "Chibi?" Fries says with surprise, "Holyshit, I haven't seen her in forever. Man, she has the prettiest hair." He looks over at Manx with her little mohawk and shrugs, "I mean, if you like hair."

    Manx laughs, "Oh yeah, beanpole's got great hair! haha! C'mon, Bonesie, let's ride." She guns Keeler and spits some dirt, "accidentally" towards Fries.

    He laughs, a genuine laugh, as if he doesn't get the tension here, throws on his goggles and speeds off after Manx.

    The side gate you used to use to sneak out from the infirmary has been welded shut, a crashed car moved in front of it. Did you come through main gate or through the Gym? Nevertheless, people are busy, you get lots of waves from folks, smiles, even though folks are scared, you seem to bring some comfort. You're an Angel, after all.

    You end up at the infirmary pretty quick. Feels like home, right? The place is quiet. You smell some incense through the courtyard. The door has been fixed, too, new lock outside, new door on the hinges, a pretty yellow one. Hand painted sign on it that says "THE DOCTOR IS IN"

    What do you do?
  • I roll my eyes at Manx's hair jab, but then we're taking off and I have to throw my arms around Fries' waist to hold on. I swear he's started taking off really fast just so I grab onto him. I roll my eyes again.

    "Hey, Chibi got kinda beat up. She doesn't exactly have her pretty hair anymore. So be nice, alright?" I say sternly in his ear as we zip along after Manx.

    It touches me a lot more than I'd care to let on, all the smiles and waves. I've missed it here. An' I've hardly been gone that long. My future after Harridan seems so unknown. I mean, I don't even know if I'll be alive first of all, but if I do live, will I end up married to Fries? Will I be goin' back to see Pa? Will Amy try to get me to stay at her Mountain again? An' Rothschild...

    Anyways, we get to the infirmary an' it does feel like home. The new door is pretty. My favorite color. Yellow like buttercups. It makes me smile a little softly. That an' the fact that Chibi has totally embraced bein' the doctor here. I'm glad. She's good at it. So I lead the way, push the door open, an' walk in.
  • Fries humph when you tell him someone beat up Chibi, yells back at you, "Somebody hurt Cheebs? That guy needs a beating and a half then. She's really, uhm, cool."

    Speaking of Chibi, you open the door to the infirmary, her infirmary and the incense smell is much stronger now, sandalwood. A clean smell, gives the place a sense of order. You see Chibi, her head still shaven, which means she must have taken a liking to it, she should have at least an inch or two now, but it's still cropped close. She's in a baggy white shirt and a pair of cargos, barefoot. She's sitting indian-style on the floor, a bowl of water near her, cleaning some of her instruments carefully with water and a bit of a rough stone. Sitting beside her, with blunt tools and her own bowl of water, is Exit. Little Exit has her tongue sticking out in concentration as she tries to polish a pair of long tweezers.

    Chibi looks up and sees you all and a smile breaks wide, she puts away the scalpel as she starts to stand, "Oh my... Manx. Bones!.. Fries?" She rises up and throws herself to hug each of you in turn.

    There are chairs here now, five of them. Mismatched, but they look comfy enough. Wooden ones with rotted leather upholstery on them. The window is fixed with new panes, the leaks look plugged. There is art on the wall, you think you've seen the pieces near Market along an abandoned hall. Pictures of children playing, a big cartoon bear with a hat on, random pleasant stuff.

    Fries hugs Chibi real tight, she giggles and pulls back, looking at all of you, "I can't believe you're all here!" Then she sort of quickly examines you, "Is everyone alright?"

    Manx punches her in the arm, "She's Emmy now, dumbass. And we're fine, not here for business." Chibi raises her eyebrows at that, looks to you.

    What do you do?
  • I give Chibi a smile, a tired smile, but a real one. The atmosphere in here is so much lighter. It's like I've been holdin' my breath, an' now I can finally breathe. An' it's really nice that Fries is kinda focused on Chibi. "Hey Chibi. You've really fixed this place up. It looks good." It looks like a home. I was too afraid of gettin' too attached to ever make this place like an actual home. It really looks a lot better now. "Sorry to just show up like this...we mostly just need a place to crash. Is that alright? We can sleep on the floor."

    I glance at Exit, my face softening. An' that's when I think about Ghost. When's the last time I saw Ghost? When I was sick with Scourge? I've always kinda tried to keep tabs on that kid, give him odd jobs an' shit. I shared my rations with him a lot too. I don't know why....I mean there's lots of little ragamuffins runnin' around here, but Ghost was so quiet, so grave, so different. "Hey, you seen Ghost around? Is he ok?"
  • Chibi grins at the compliment to the infirmary. To the request for sanctuary, "Bo-Emmy, it's as much your place as mine. Of course you can stay. Even you, Manx." That gets a glare from Manx, but Chibi continues as Exit primly begins putting everything away, "There's a couple bunks up there now. I had to get a second mattress up there to keep an eye on River. Poor girl got food poisoning. It was... it was a mess."

    Fries says, "Two bunks will work, Cheebs. Me and Emmy only need the one." That gets a surprised look from Chibi.

    Manx pounces on that, moving up between you and Fries, "Listen, Shit-for-brains, Bonesie aint marrying you. She aint the marrying type. So keep it in your pants and just shut the fuck up."

    Fries is at a loss for words, not hurt, just... she popped his bubble. He takes a second to formulate a reply.

    What do you do?
  • "No, Fries is right. Two bunks will work just fine." I insert in quick. Then I grab Manx's arm an' start pullin' her back towards the door. "Manx, c'mere for a sec."

    Assuming she lets me, I'll pull her back outside an' stop a few feet away from the infirmary. Then I let go of her arm an' scowl, but then a small grin slips in there. "Damn, Manx. I missed you." I say, surprising myself a little. It just kinda came out, but...well, it's true. I shove my hands in my jacket pocket an' sigh a little. "I know this looks weird, alright? But Fries' Pa is gonna bring us a new biker gang if I marry him. An' since Stripes fuckin' turned on us, we really need the help. An' what the hell, it's not like he's a bad guy. He's not gonna knock me around or anythin. An' he's got all his teeth. So why not?" I grin an' shrug like it's no big deal. She can probably tell I'm not entirely convinced, but I'm tryin. Then I stop an' tilt my head at her curiously. "How'd you know he wanted to marry me anyways?"
  • As you head out with Manx, you hear Fries saying, "Wow, long time, Cheebs."

    Then you're outside talking with Manx. You swear she almost blushes when you tell her you missed her. She just softens for a second, and then, you think you heard something that from anyone else would be classified as a giggle. But of course, that had to be your imagination, you're dead tired, right?

    To the marriage, Manx is not happy, she argues, "A gang is great and all, but c'mon Bonesie. You deserve to be with a guy you really wanna be with. Like Rothschild. I saw the googlie eyes y'all were makin. And he's a catch. So, why don't you... I dunno, we can offer Fries a night of fun with Holtsclaw. And, uh, and us. Instead?"

    Then, "How'd I find out? He was bragging about it to me and Mac. I told him Wolf would shoot him and he shut up about it. So anyways, let's reneg on the marriage thing. K?"
  • I scowl indignantly. "I was not makin' googlie eyes at Rothschild. Plus, I'm pretty sure he hates me. Amy messed with his head, an' I undid it, an' now he's not talkin' to me." My scowl deepens to cover up any hurt that mighta accompanied that omission. "An' I'm done with all that love shit, anyways. Ambrose told me grand stories about love, an' then he up an' left with fuckin' Camaro. So whatever. I'm stayin' away from that shit now."

    I take a breath an' calm myself down a little, then I smile ruefully. "I'd love a night with Holtsclaw, but well, I'm pretty sure me bein' hungover as fuck tomorrow won't help anybody. Plus Fries' Pa seems really into the whole old fashioned, settle down with a wife thing. He's the one with the gang, so really he's the one who's callin' the shots. An' yeah, ok, I mean it's not like I'm real excited about all this, but really he's not all that bad. An' maybe this biker gang could help us beat Harridan's ass. An' if I can do anythin' to give Evan a better chance, I want to."

    I sigh tiredly. I wonder if Mac has told Wolf yet then. Is that what Wolf wants to talk about? No, he must not know yet. If he knew, he'd be here right now, probably tryin' to strangle Fries.
  • Manx sticks a finger in your face, "You dumbass, Ambrose went away because you fucken drove him away. He fucken settled. Don't you even stand here and lie to me about Rothschild. Sable agrees with me, you two are a good match. Fries... he's not your guy. Don't fuck this up, Bonesie. You drove me away, too, remember?"
  • I suck in a breath. Shit. That hurts. I kinda half turn away from her an' kick at nothin' on the ground. "I know that, alright?" I mutter. "I know it's my fault. I just..." I blink hard an' swallow. "I'm not drivin' anybody away, alright? Rothschild isn't talkin' to me cause I went in his head an' messed with stuff without askin. An' I don't blame him."

    I turn my head to glare at her, crossin' my arms stubbornly. "An' maybe Fries is my guy. Maybe you an' Sable should just shut up about my love life."
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    "You fixed his head! I saw how he was about to shoot Amy for you, don't lie and say you didn't, too." Manx gives you a little smart aleck smile and pushes on your shoulder, just a little, "Tell me you like Fries more than Rothschild. And mean it. C'mon. Seriously. Make me believe you. You're a shitty liar, Bonesie."
  • "What does it matter? We might all die tomorrow." I shoot back. I know I'm a shitty liar. I'm not even gonna try. Distraction works better. I crack my own smartass smile. "I can only save your sorry ass so many times, you know."
  • Manx laughs out loud, "Yeah, we might. But shit, we should already be dead. So fuck it, you give Fries all his happiness and when we survive Harridan, we can figure out what to do next. Just don't leave me, ok? Especially since your new pack has a bunch of cuties."
  • I throw an arm around her shoulder, an' pull her back towards the infirmary. I'm really happy that I have Manx back...an' this time as an actual friend. It still kinda scares the shit outta me, but I guess if there was ever a time to be reckless, it's now. Like I said, we might all die tomorrow.

    An' that's exactly why you should go find Rothschild. I bite the inside of my cheek an' push that thought away. I've neglected Fries enough, an' despite what Manx said, I'm pretty sure Rothschild doesn't want to see me. Least, it's easier to think that.

    "Course I won't leave you, dumbass." I make a face at her. "Just don't go stickin' your tongue down my brothers throat again, alright? Or if you do, just...don't tell me about it."
  • Manx snorts, "Your brother is a very handsome boy, Bonesie. I'll just agree to keep it a secret." She walks in with you right after Exit leaves.

    When you come back in, Fries is sitting on the examination table and Chibi is checking him over, the arm you healed, mostly. He has his shirt off. He's got a nice enough body, but well, he smells. Chibi isn't saying anything, but Manx wrinles her nose. Chibi looks up to say, "Hey, Ghost is fine. I use him to fetch things sometimes. Why did you ask about him?"
  • "I just wanted to check up on him." I say, tryin' not to wrinkle my own nose. I am not sleepin' with Fries if he smells like that. I heave a sigh inwardly. "Fries, I'm gonna go up to The Baths before I crash, you wanna come with me?"
  • Fries hops up, "That sounds great! It gets grimy on the road, all that ask. You can just, up and get us a bath, Emmy? Can they come, too?"

    Manx doesn't seem like she wants to go for some reason, she shakes her head no. Chibi shrugs, seems a bit interested.
  • "Most of the time. If you can pay." I hope Grekkor isn't there. "Sure, why not. Chibi you wanna come?" I give Manx a look. I have an idea why's sayin' no. I've a feelin' it's probably got something to do with Mungo.

    I climb upstairs real quick an' pry up the floorboard that has what little jingle I have underneath. It's mostly odds and ends, pieces of jewelry, a couple gold coins. I carefully pick out enough to cover the three of us at The Baths, hoping that they'll let us in. The Pryers have been a little unpredictable lately.

    When I climb back down, I turn to Manx. "Manx, if you're stayin' here, will you keep an eye out for Ghost? He's a little kid, bout eight or ten? White blond hair, blue eyes. If you see him, tell him I want to say hi."
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    Chibi nods, "Yeah, that sounds great."

    Fries leaves his armor off, Chibi agrees to let him stow it here, in a bag. Manx agrees to look for Ghost and hang out at the infirmary.

    The three of you walk back through the hold towards The Gym. Turns out that Chibi and Fries knew each other a few years ago, before Chibi hooked up with Never. They're pretty friendly, you see Chibi smile up at him a couple times as he tells a story about stealing a grill out of a dogyard in Nokes on a drunken dare.

    Folks in the hold are getting scarce now, starting to clear out and hole up. When you come through The Garden, you see Norvell talking with Mice. Norvell looks relieved to see you, he gives you a tight smile. But then he turns back to Mice, trying to hide his face, you can tell there's something wrong, he looks really, really angry. Do you head on?
  • I am watchin' with interest how Chibi an' Fries are interacting. More than just interest, actually, I'm studying 'em. I wonder if they ever had somethin' together, I mean they both seem interested enough. Maybe....just maybe Erstwhile would be up for switchin' who exactly is to be marryin' Fries? That sets off a tiny flare of hope in my heart, that I immediately try to squash. Best not to get my hopes up.

    I'm interrupted from my thoughts an' from watchin' Chibi an' Fries when I see Norvell. I actually stop in my tracks. I've never seen him look like that before. I grab Chibi's arm an' press the jingle into her hand. "Chibi, here, take the jingle. I'll meet up with you guys in a little bit. If anybody give you trouble tell 'em I sent you. I'm gonna talk to Norvell real quick."

    I don't really wait for a response. I'm already hurryin' towards Norvell. I get up next to him an' put a hand on his arm, lookin' at his face, my own full of worry. "Norvell? What's wrong?"
  • Chibi pauses, but Fries seems good with it and you're moving on, so that will resolve itself, right?

    When you ask Norvell about what's going on, he takes a moment. With that hole in his cheek, you can actually see him grind his teeth as he considers how to say this. Then, "Someone murdered Shazza."

    He looks away from you, over towards The Garden, clenching and un-clenching his fists. Mice finds something else to do, wandering off to work on whatever it is, leaving you alone.
  • I drop my hand, a dull sense of horror spreadin' through me. Shazza? Why? Shazza didn't have enemies, least I can't imagine she did. Did this have to do with the food shortage? Would someone be that desperate? Shazza was always kind to me. Always. Even when she caught me an' Ambrose sneakin' into her cellar which was definitely against the rules.

    "I'm sorry, Norvell." I say finally in a kinda wooden voice, an' I bite the inside of my cheek. I feel like I should show more sadness, outta respect, but after Jin today...well, I just feel numb. "Do you...can I do anythin? To help?"

    I find myself lookin' at that hole in his cheek an' wonderin....could I fix that....if I tried?
  • Norvell grinds his teeth for a moment longer, then cocks his head and asks, "Is that gal Winner... do ya trust her?" He doesn't catch your thoughts, but he notices you looking at his wound and ends up turning himself, profile, good side towards you, saving you the sight of him.
  • I drop my eyes, feelin' awful that I made him feel like he had to do that. "Uh, Winter? No, not really. Why? Do you think she did this?"

    My hands are clenched at my side. I warned Winter. I know she killed Crackle, an' now another body's turned up. My stomach tightens. If Winter killed Shazza, I will hunt her down an' tear her apart myself.
  • Norvell still keeps himself in profile, pretending he's looking at the roof or something, "I dunno, Emmy. She said she'd find who did it. I gave er a bit o time. Honestly, I'm stretched so thin, I aint got men to hunt it down." He shakes his head and adds bitterly, "It'll all be washed away tomorra anyhow. So many good people dying, Emmy. This world, it chews em up."
  • "If you could get rid of that scar on your face, would you?" I kinda blurt out, an' then wince a little.
  • Norvell doesn't flinch, he just drops his head, looking at the floor and says low, "Hell yeah, I would. Hate how folks lookit me, sometimes. Can ya do that?" He hasn't met your eyes. His question is in a slightly incredulous tone.
  • "It might...it might not work, but there's a chance. An' I'll try my hardest, if you want me to." I hesitate for a fraction of a second an' then it just kinda bursts out of me in a hushed voice. "I deflected bullets today. Somehow. I don't know how, but there was this real bright light an' it made like a bubble around me an' Manx an' they just bounced off."

    I have no idea why I'm tellin' him this. I guess it just kinda feels like I have to tell someone who wasn't there. To see if they think I'm crazy. Now I feel kinda dumb for sayin' it out loud, so I continue quick before he says anythin.

    "Uh, anyway, all that to say...I've been able to do some...more powerful stuff lately I guess. So, I think...I think I can."
  • Norvell gives you a look when you reveal your new powers, one of amazement, not disbelief. He nods, accepting it, then says, "What say you an I have this conversation again after Harridan's dead and they're all safe?" Then he turns to face you, comes up to put a callused hand on your shoulder. "Yer a good woman, Emmy. I wish ya'd gone on already, but yer as stubborn as anyone I ever known. I'll be glad ta have ya near when they come."

    Then he releases your shoulder and turns again, "Ya oughta head on to tha Baths with yer friends, Emmy. Good to be clean an all."
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