[MH] Holly and Nyx's big adventure. [Ho 3.5] [Nx 3.8]

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"Yup, Renna showed me a pic. I was right there with Barbie and Ken and Badtzmaru having tea parties and dancing. Then she wished upon a star like Jiminy Cricket said annnnd here I am!" Holly laughs and squeezes Nyx hand tightly.

Holly has a lift in her step, the medicine and fresh air giving her energy, tinged with the anticipation of this big secret adventure. She watches where they are headed, from the sidewalk to the position relative to the woods. Nyx's smile is infectious and she shares it with him. As they're walking, she says, "Nyx? I'm going to ask you a question. Are you trying to get in my pants?"
Nyx:he question makes me giggle a bit before answering, "whaaa? No Holly, you're my friend... you're beautiful and nice and you make me smile just thinkin' of you. But I'm not trying to get in your pants... silly. Why... do you ask?"


  • [Holly]

    "Oh, just heard a rumor. It's ok. I trust you, Nyx. That's why I asked." Holly leans over totouch the side of her head to Nyx's shoulder, "You're beautiful, too. But I think you know that, hunh?"

    She walks in silence for a while, then, "Who is your friend? The girl who needs help?"
  • [Nyx]

    I pull her aside somewhere out of sight and get serious for a minute.

    "Holly, you heard about Aubrey Benton right? She's been missing? Well... I found her out in the woods... she's... it's really hard to explain..." I pause and look at Holly who just told me she's a magic doll and I just go for it, "Maybe not so hard... she died but... she's not gone, I guess she's some kind of a ghost, I'm not really sure. But... I'm trying to help her live again. She... we need some people to help with the magic. That's why I need you, to help do magic. Real magic. But this isn't just a fun adventure you know? It's serious stuff... I don't know what's going to happen... and you know, someone already died out there... you might see some blood and... bad stuff. I really just don't know what's going to happen, we might be out really late and I don't want to get you in trouble at home... and... and... you don't have to do this Holly. I didn't want to put you in danger but I really want to hep her and I didn't know who else to ask."

    I look expectantly at her face, waiting for her answer.
  • [Holly]

    Her eyes wide with wonder, Holly says quietly, "Real magic? I'm magical, Nyx. I'm not even a real person. Do you-does it need a real person?" Holly hesitates, gently letting go of his hand, "What if I mess it up?" Holly blinks a couple times, "I liked Aubrey. I want to help, but..."
  • [Nyx]

    Wow, i don't know how to answer that. Truth is I have no idea.

    "Like... you like her... she's not a was. She's an is. We're just trying to make her whole," but is it really true? I think so, "Holly if you don't feel like this is the right thing then I'll walk you home and I'll se you at school tomorrow and whatever happens I'll hug you and I'll still be your friend... last thing I want is to get you in trouble..."

    But Aubrey... who else can I ask? My eyes wander a bit as my mind races... no way I can ask Teddy. Not Hayden, not... Chad?

    Wait can I? There might be someone else... maybe.

    "Holly," I just pull her to me gently and start to softly cry... I'm overwhelmed and this is more responsibility than I can bear... being fae is supposed to be fun right?

    "Holly just be safe... I don't want to lose my friend... I'll take you home."
  • What? No string bribe? :)
  • Thing is... Nyx isn't sure whether he truly wants Holly to do this.
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    But yeah.... Aubrey is counting on me. Got to focus on that... and I'm running out of time.

    Ok, sure... I'll spend a string to offer Holly xp if she insists on coming with Nyx to do magic. Even though Nyx THINKS he's telling her to go home.
  • [Holly]

    "I'm-I'm sorry, Nyx," Holly stammers, her confidence shattered, their shining moment now filled with doubt, "I don't want Aubrey to die. I, uhm, I couldn't save Jen. She's in a. A coma, Nyx. I want to help, please. And Teddy is so strong, she could help, too. She told me about Aubrey! She knows this stuff, too. She will help, Nyx. The more the merrier? And, you need to apologize to her, too. But, well, if, uhm, you think she can't help, then, I'll do what you want. To-to help Aubrey."
  • [Nyx]

    "You really think Teddy wants to help me? Really? As far as I can tell she hates me... I don't even know why," getting a little upset suddenly, through teary eyes, "if you think she'll listen then sure... call her. See if she cares more about Aubrey then she does about getting back at me for whatever... whatever it is I did to her."

    I turn away, I'm not angry with Holly, she's just so hopeful... so... if anyone can talk Teddy into helping then it's Holly.

    I walk a couple steps away, running both hands through my hair in intense thought before turning back to her, "okay... ok you have her... her phone right? Tell her I'll do anything if she'll help us. Anything she wants even if it's never talk to her again..."
  • [Holly]

    "Oh. Yes, I do have a mobile phone! Thank you." Holly smiles pleasantly at Nyx, then pulls the phone out. And promptly stares at it for a little while trying to figure out how to unlock it. "Can you call her and then I talk?" She says as she hands the phone to Nyx.
  • [Nyx]

    I take the phone, a little uncomfortable with the whole thing... then find the address book or whatever... this is Teddy's moms phone right? Teddy's number has to be in there, so I find it and dial her number.

    I hand the phone back to Holly before it rings.
  • Well, you managed to time this phone call in a kinda weird way, Holly, but we can probably just assume it works out. I don't think either of these calls is going to be very long, plus you're calling my cell while I'm calling Nula on the land line.

    It rings a few times before I pick up, though.

  • [Nyx]

    While Holly is on the phone, I nervously shift from foot to foot and kind of walk in a little circle, watching Holly, happy to be with her, but also worried like crazy for Aubrey.

    I don't try to eavesdrop on the call or anything, I keep a little distance.
  • [Holly]

    "Teddy! Hello! I am calling because Aubrey needs your help for some magic. Will you come to the woods and help?" Holly tries to sound happy, because that's her best emotion.
  • I don't know what I expected you to be calling about, Holly, but I guess I'm a little disappointed anyway, just sort of vaguely.

    "What does - is this about getting her body back?"

    "... Whose idea was this?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly pauses, and asks Nyx, "Is this about getting Aubrey's body back? Where's her body? I should have asked this beforehand. Teddy is a better investigator than me. Than I. Than I am, I mean."
  • [Nyx]

    I nod yes, then softly add, "it's about not letting her really die..."
  • [Holly]

    "It's about not letting her really, uhm, die?" Holly ends with a question rather than a statement. She says away from the phone, "But she's a ghost?" Then back to the phone, "Uhm, Teddy, please please please come help." Holly begs plaintively.
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    "Holly ..."

    This is really transparent, like, you can't of talked to Aubrey yet, she didn't ask for me. So this is just your scheme to, what? Get me and Nyx to become best friends? I don't owe you or him ... well, maybe I do owe you a little, but you've moved into my home, so I think the books are balanced-ish. And I don't owe Nyx jack.

    And I remember what the King thought of Aubrey. This whole thing might be just a bad idea.

    "She is dead, Holly. The, uh, policewoman shot her, and then she drowned in a pond out there. Her body's out there, it's been out there for, like, a week. Are you sure you want to mess with this? Have you actually talked to Aubrey?"
  • [Holly]

    "Plea-hee-hease?" Holly whines. Then she switches tact and says defiantly, "I'm going to go help her. I don't want anybody to die. Or, uhm, die again. Nyx says we need more people for the magic."

    Would you do it for... a Scooby Snack? Or I could spend a string to give you an XP.
  • Are you, in fact, spending a String?
  • [Holly]

    Yes, I am spending a String to bribe Teddy to come save the girl she slept with this morning.
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    Well ... if Aubrey really needs my help, or like, wants my help, then I really better. With that thing earlier, I don't know. I don't know how she'll think of me now, and I don't even know if she holds it against me, but I know, at least, that I was basically using her, in a really crappy way.

    "... Look. Talk to Aubrey. I don't care what Ny-, Alvin says, ask her if she wants me to be there. I'll come if, uh, if she says yes."

    Not taking that xp yet, but I'll take it and come if Aubrey says she wants me there. Or at least, I guess, if you call and claim she does.
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    Holly nods, as if Teddy could see her, "That's great, I'll do that. Thanks! I'll see you soon...sis" She hands Nyx the phone, "Turn it off, please?"

    Once he's disconnected, she leans into his shoulder and says up at him with a grin, "She wants me to talk to Aubrey and if Aubrey thinks Teddy can help, she will come and help! Let's go!"
  • [Nyx]

    I nod to Holly and agree silently, take her hand and start hurrying towards the woods.

    Of course Aubrey will say so.

    I think.
  • Holly and Nyx,

    it takes you a while to get back to the woods if you're walking. Not that you use the human paths much anymore, Nyx. But you're maybe halfway through when you hear someone... a girl... calling your human name in a way that sounds worried. Is that... Chelsea? She's out on the path. It looks like Chad is with her.
  • [Holly]

    Holly's eyes widen, she drops her voice to a whisper, "Are they? Coming to help, too? That doesn't sound like Aubrey."
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    Chad? Chelsea?

    I might expect Chelsea to help, I thought if calling her, but Chad? No way right? But...

    "Holly that's my brother, guess they're looking for me..." I quietly say, "but I don't think he'll understand all this magic we're going to do. Let's go." I make our way past, using the animal trails and secret ways. But when were a hundred or two yards past I stop and shout back.

    "Chad, Chelsea, I'm fine but I can't come home yet.... I'm on a quest!" I squeeze Holly's hand and urge her onward.
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    Holly follows Nyx, although her splint makes traversing the tight trails difficult and a bit painful. She doesn't complain, the excitement of their adventure not yet worn off. When Nyx calls out to Chad and Chelsea about their quest, she can't help but giggle.
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