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Teddy, it didn't take you long to find the police chief's house, and maybe 10 minutes to drive over. It's nice enough, if small. There is a police cruiser, unmarked, parked outside, along with another car. What is your mom's car like anyway? And are you uneasy driving?

Nula, are you waiting outside or does Teddy come to the door or call? I guess she said she would call coming down the street, didn't she? So you're probably getting in the car now.


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    It's an old Honda Civic hatchback, it's almost as old as I am. And yeah, I'm not comfortable driving, I don't do it very often and the sun's starting to go down, right? And I'm so tired. I'm driving slowly and carefully, hands clamped on the wheel, kind of tense. When I find the street, I use the red light to call ahead, Nula, and tell you I'm almost there.

    When you get in, I'm just like, "Uh, hey."

    I look really tired and really nervous, both of those. But I guess maybe the bigger thing is, you have wild super-senses now, right? And I haven't taken a shower yet today, so to you maybe I, uh, kind of smell like blood, and pond water, and sex. Just, you know, girl sex, the scent of another girl on me. And it's kind of a lot of blood, and not all from one person, or even from the same two people.

    I'm trying to figure out if you're hurt or something, if I need to take you to the hospital. I mean, you said you were hurt, are you holding your arm funny, anything like that?
  • I'm outside when you pull up, Teddy, standing in the driveway next to Jarrod's car. I'm actually a little mesmerized with how many things I can smell out here. I can tell that the neighbors cooked steak for dinner. But you pull up and I move so that I'm not illuminated in the headlights, going around the back of the car to get in the passenger side.

    "Hi." I say quietly back. I might've said more, but I am kind of distracted by how you smell. Especially the blood. I mean, the sex is strange, but not really surprising after you asked me out last night, but there's a lot of blood. And pond water? I kind of shoot you an intense look. What have you been doing?

    And yes, my right cheek is bruised. I'm trying to hide it with my hair, but I forget when I turn my head to look at the seat belt buckle. And I'm awkwardly only using my right arm so I fumble a little bit. My left arm is in my lap, not really moving. I finally get the seat belt buckled and then I look at you again, more cautiously this time. I guess I can probably see that cut on your cheek, right?

    "Thank you. For picking me up." I hesitate, my eyes flicking to your cheek. "Are...are you ok?"
  • I shoot you a look, kind of a terrified, deer-in-headlights sort of thing, except blurred by exhaustion. Then I put eyes forward and get the car moving. I slip into the wrong gear, the engine races, I correct it.

    "Not - I'm not great. Uh, how about you, you didn't sound ... are you hurt?"

    I'm kind of flashing back to Holly, right? Bruises, holding your arm funny. So obviously:

    "... Did he do something to you?"
  • "It was an accident." I say, leaning my head against the window. It feels cool on my bruised face. I'm so tired. The painkillers are starting to work a little. The pain isn't quite so sharp. I turn my head so I can look at you. You look like you feel only slightly more comfortably driving than I do. "I'll be ok." I smile, but it doesn't reach my eyes.

    "Do...do you have my pelt?" I add quietly. I want to ask you why you smell like blood, but I'm afraid that might scare you. You looked terrified enough when I just asked if you were ok.
  • There's a moment of silence, then I breathe out, "... Yeah."

    I'm not sure where we're driving, I haven't asked yet. Just moving, maybe pointing the car in the direction of your house, Nula. I haven't been there, but I looked up the address, like, a few days ago.

    "Nula? What, um ... is it?"
  • I hesitate, honestly not sure what I should tell you. You...you don't know? I'm puzzling over that, but then I get distracted by the realization that my pelt is here. In this car. I wonder what would happen if I tried to put it on. And suddenly I'm flooded with longing. I just...I want to hold it. I need to hold it. To see if I feel anything.

    "Where is it?" I ask instead of answering your question. I twist in the seat to look behind us at the back seat, wincing a little when I move my shoulder.
  • My backpack is on the floor behind my seat. I hesitate to tell you where to look, though, because I realize, you know, there's some other stuff - pretty bad stuff - in that bag too, right now. But by then you could be already twisting around and pulling it forward, if you wanted.
  • Well, I don't know. I hesitate, but if you reach back, feel the corners of the box (the box that holds your pelt, taking up most the space in the bag) ... if you do that and start pulling it around to the front, I don't interfere. I'm too tired, and I'm still in love with you, distracted by being so close to you, and alone with you.

    And after a second, I confirm, "It's back there."

    There's a gun in the bag's bigger outside pocket (you might not notice), and there's a folder full of photographs in the main pocket with your pelt (you might not care). Also a thing full of cold chicken and rice. I'm sitting here, eyes firmly on the road, but I'm trying to keep track of what you're doing out of the corner of my eye, following you as you twist around beside me, ears straining after every little sound you make.

    I try again, unevenly: "I've, uh, a lot's happened since I met you and ... I've changed a lot and ... done things. And, I've seen things like, like fairy tales and ... I think, I think you know? You're, uh, involved? In magic. Like that, that's ... what is that, uh, pelt to you? Please? I mean, I ... I got it back for you ..."

    My voice kind of goes small at the end there. I mean, I got it back for you because I love you, right? Not to use as leverage?
  • Nula, I'm calling out Down the Rabbit Hole for prying into your affairs, matters my kind wasn't meant to know.

    That means you get another String on me, and I mark xp (4). Incidentally, with all the Strings you're getting on me, you totally should feel secure enough to let me in on things and use me to your benefit.

    Also, as always, if you dump your emotional problems on me, then you might get to clear your conditions.
  • I awkwardly pull the backpack into my lap with one arm. It's heavier than I thought it'd be. I unzip the biggest zipper I see, only to accidentally open the pocket with the gun. I go still for a few seconds, blinking down at it, but then I slowly zip that pocket back up and move to the next one. Why do you have a gun in your backpack? I mean, I know humans own guns, and I'm not really knowledgeable on any of the rules, but I wasn't...It just seems really....unexpected that you would have one.

    You start talking, and I pause to look at you, wondering what exactly "a lot" is and what exactly you've done. I can tell you've changed. You're full of secrets now with that cut on your face and the gun in your backpack and the smell of blood all over you. And you're sitting here talking about fairy tales and magic and suddenly I'm just talking, the words just falling numbly out of my mouth. I guess it doesn't matter anymore if you know, anyways.

    "I'm not...I'm not a human. I'm from the sea. I don't know if...if you've ever heard of a Selkie, but, well, that's what I...." I trail off, unable to say the word "was." I start fumbling for the zipper of the main compartment. "This pelt is a piece of me, it is...without it, I am....was lost. It is how I transform, how I can go....go home. Back to the sea. But I—"

    I stop abruptly, my breath actually catching when I see the familiar wooden box in your bag. I pause, but then I'm pulling it out, my fingers suddenly frantically searching for the latch. It creaks open and then I have my pelt in my arms and I can smell it, the smell of salt and ocean and home, and I'm crying again, because it's so real now, everything I'm going to lose.
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    I, no, I have no idea what a selkie is. I might've read the word somewhere, or something, but ... but it doesn't really matter. You come from the sea. And you want to go back.

    "You're ... leaving?"

    But I don't know if you hear me, though. You're clutching your pelt to yourself, and you're starting to cry.
  • Nula,

    You reach out for the ocean, for comfort as you cradle your pelt in your arms. You feel it though, right? That the pelt is becoming other. Before it was part of you, like an arm, a leg, a flipper, whatever. Now... well, it's more like a thing, an object outside of yourself, not part of your being.

    You're reaching for your connection to the ocean. But there is something else in you now, something different, feral, wild and raw, and it's like the ocean doesn't recognize you as part of it, as one of it's children. It simply doesn't respond. It's like being shunned. That happens among Selkies sometimes, doesn't it? Do you remember when you saw it?


    Nula is clearly very vulnerable at the moment, and she's breaking down in front of you. Go ahead and take another string on her.
  • Okay, so you're, uh, falling apart or something, Nula. I take my eyes off the road to glance at you a couple times, snap back to forward to recenter myself in the lane, and that's when I decide to pull over somewhere. Where are we? Uh, we're like skirting the park, and I see a pull-over for a trail head or something coming up, so I slow down and ease over into there, and parallel park probably way too far from the curb.

    I'm still kinda checking on you, not sure what I should do, should I kill the engine? Should I, like, reassure you? Don't be creepy, Teddy. Don't be creepy.

    I get a good look at you, you're really miserable. After hesitating a second, I try just touching your hunched shoulder, apologizing on reflex:

    "Hey, uh, sorry ... Nula, what's wrong?"
  • Teddy, I think your phone is ringing. It's coming up "Mom" but you know that Holly has your phone.
  • "I can't....I can't feel it anymore. It's...it's rejecting me. It's gone and I don't....I don't know...what I am anymore." The words just burst out of me in between sobs and I sort of realize that I'm not making any sense, but feeling to ocean turn it's back on me like that, like I don't belong to it anymore...

    I saw this happen once before. There was a Selkie named Finn who struggled with anger. One day he lashed out in a rage and accidentally killed his match. The punishment for such a thing is exile from the sea. We all watched as the council took his pelt and left him on the shore. Most of the other Selkies returned home after a few minutes, but I couldn't look away. He paced for a long time, screaming at the ocean. His anger was terrifying. But eventually his anger gave out, and he collapsed on the beach and sobbed. It was a kind of sorrow that pierced through you, one you couldn't easily forget. It's one I understand all too clearly now.

    "I have to...I have to...I can't...." I'm looking out the window at the black expanse of the ocean next to us. And then I'm fumbling with my seat belt, and then the car door. I'm going to try to scramble down the rocky side of the road down to the water, still clutching my pelt to my chest. Unless you do something to try to stop me, or maybe you just follow?
  • Yeah, this place I parked, it's an overlook, isn't it? Big, rough rocks tumbling down to ocean breakers, the slope crowned by pines. Very scenic, and very dangerous if you're going to go scrambling down the slope in the twilight. I didn't have time to stop you.

    I'm reaching for you again as you go, but I miss you, so now I'm hurrying to get unbuckled and out of the car, cussing under my breath.

    "... dammit, dammit, dammit ..."

    Visions of you leaping into the waves and never coming back up, either because you've left or because you just bashed yourself dead on the rocks, I don't know. And now my phone is ringing, or actually it's been ringing. I have it in my hand as I come around the front end of the car, and it's Holly, of course it is. I go chasing you down the rocks.

    Let's say you stop at least a moment out of the water? Give me at least a second before you go leaping in, if you're going to do that, so I have a chance to take the call. I hope you don't at all, but still. You stop, my heart starts beating again, and I stop too, hanging back a little. I watch, and I pick up the call, whispering into the phone.

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    I do stop. I'm standing on a rock that's submerged, so I'm in the water up to my knees. I'm getting buffeted by the waves, so it's probably not entirely safe, but I'm not really thinking clearly. I'm still sobbing and clutching my pelt. I want to try to put it on, but I'm terrified. I'm terrified that nothing will happen and I don't know if I could handle that final rejection. So I'm standing there, my shoes and jeans getting soaked. I don't know what I'm expecting to happen. Part of me just thought maybe, maybe I needed to get in the water, to show the ocean that it's me. I'm not a stranger. I do belong.

    But nothing has changed. I'm just getting soaked. And cold. And I kind of hunch over a little, squeezing my eyes shut because it feels like I can't breathe.

    And I wish Mar were here. I need him. I need him to help me. I just want Mar.
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    You're wishing so hard for Mar, eyes closed, that at first your not sure if you're imagining his voice over the surf. Then he shouts again.

    You see him wading towards you out of the surf. Naked, of course, and beautiful. But he looks worn and exhausted. He gets up to within a couple of yards, then sees your face and rushes the remaining distance to you, grabbing your upper arms. You know Mar's smell. Now it's more intense. You smell Dominic too, faintly.

    "Nula? Nula! What happened?"


    You've just witnessed possibly the most beautiful man you have ever seen emerge from the surf, naked, and approach Nula.
  • I stare at him, startled. He's here. He came. And Dominic...I can smell Dominic? But then Mar is in front of me. I wince a little when he grabs my arms, but then I'm throwing my good arm around his neck, clinging to him, trying to explain through the sobs.

    "It's gone. The ocean. I'm not. I'm not a Selkie anymore, Mar. It's gone. I can't...I can't feel it."
  • I sit, suddenly, falling to a rest on the rocks, listening to Holly natter in my phone. I just watch, I don't know if your man has even noticed me yet, Nula, and I'm slowly twisting up with jealousy. Not sure ... I'm not entirely sure if I'm jealous of him, or you. Or both.
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    "Gone? What are you talking about?" Mar peers into your face. He glances up the rocks at Teddy, then back at you, seeing you've still got your pelt. "You're not making sense. What happened? That human... did she do something to you?"
  • "No. Not her. Mar. I've...I've..." I practically rip my shirt off my shoulder, popping buttons off into the waves, exposing the bandage...and my bra. "I've been bitten, Mar. By...by a....a werewolf."

    I say that last word pretty quiet, in a horrified whisper. So I don't know if you heard it, Teddy, but you definitely heard the word "bitten." I was practically yelling it. And now my face kind of crumples again and I cover it with my hands. I managed to keep myself together at James house because James was there, and his scent was so distracting, and I was worried about Jarrod....but here, feeling the ocean shun me, I can't hold myself together anymore.
  • I take the phone from my ear, and stand, and kind of tentatively approach. You're bandaged up, you say you've been bitten by something, and you're kind of breaking down or whatever. I'm concerned, obviously, but also more and more jealous. And a little distracted by this, uh, this naked guy of yours, but mostly jealous and worried.

    I insist, "What's happened? Nula, are you - can I -"

    @Him: "Who are you?"
  • Nula,

    I don't think Mar knows what that means. I mean he knows that there are werewolves, but he's not much of a loremaster is he. And Selkies usually don't stay on land much less get bitten by werewolves.


    Well from this close up you can certainly see how well built he is. Um... everywhere. Like movie-star. Mar glances at you, and his gaze catches for second, but only a second, widening, then he seems to dismiss you, trying to put himself between you and Nula. I suppose I should mention that he's not entirely naked. He has a pelt thing too, a lot like Nula's, draped over his shoulder.

    "This is not your concern, human. Nula, this was a mistake, to let you stay here. Come... change with me and we will go home, away from this.... human world." The tone to his voice shows it is more than a request.

    Nula, He begins urging you further into the surf.
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    Okay, well now he's a big beautiful jerk. Maybe the last couple days here've been kind of fucked up, but I didn't go through all of that just to stand here and let some naked guy with a seal skin shove Nula around or, or to take her away from me. I step up, a little more certain, and I touch you Nula, like just lightly in the small of your back.

    "No! If she wants to go ... well, you can't make her. She has friends here, and her granddad! I'm her friend, so it kind of is my concern, you - ! Who are you? You're not even listening to her!"
  • Shut him down:

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    The +1 is from True Love, though it might be misguided.

    xp (5)
  • Trade conditions, I guess. Hm. Oh, you know, I'm jealous, I think he puts it together and he gets to be jealous too (even though I'm not sure he really has anything to be jealous about).
  • I'm almost up to my waist now in the cold ocean water, and for the first time in my life it feels foreign. Not welcoming. Not like home.

    I pull back against Mar, probably bumping into you, Teddy, and your hand on my back is strangely comforting. "Mar, you're...she's right...you're not listening." I choke out before he can respond to Teddy, and my voice slowly gains a little strength in my desperation to make him understand. "I can't change. I've been turned. I'm not a Selkie anymore, I'm a werewolf."

    Well there. It's out.
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