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After spending time on the Lucky Dragon with the Clay Street crew for a few hours, things calmed. Sheng-Li left without talking to anyone else and you found Mew Mew sitting quietly on the deck looking down on the dock and everyone working. Iwao came by to drop off some things he got at the bazaar, said hello, not much else happened on the ship.

Did you hide out there with Dash all day? Everyone started getting hungry and Boot and Mew Mew wanted to get some food, so they left, Min and Canlid went, too. Did you join them? Dash suggested it would be the first time whole crew ate a meal at a tavern together, which sounded pretty nice, right?

So tell me, did you go to eat at The Turtleducks? Or hide out on the ship for the night?


  • Yes, I stay on the ship with Dash for the rest of the day. I was planning on hiding out on the ship for the rest of our time here. I don't want to get caught by Suli or Talon or the red-haired woman. I don't want to get dragged back to Ba Sing Se.

    BUT a meal together at a tavern? That sounds really nice. And well, when Dash asked if I was going to hide out on the ship for the night, it felt a little bit like a dare. And I don't turn down dares. Plus, it really does make me mad that Suli is continuing to ruin my life.

    So I went with them, in my Key disguise, which I'm hoping will throw off anyone looking. And I'm trying really hard not to look over my shoulder the whole time. I want to be able to enjoy myself. Plus, if I was smart, I would've gotten out of this town as soon as I saw Suli, right? So maybe she's already gone, pursuing other leads.
  • All of the Clay Street Bunch went then, Min wearing her newly mended kimono, Mew Mew in something Boot bought her, a nice long shirt that doesn't hide her shape like most of her clothing. Dash is in a nice set of dark clothes he bought at the bazaar as a backup for what he ended up wearing to your first date, Boot in simple clothing himself, he never changes. Canlid is in his normal worn clothing even though Mew Mew made him wash his body. He got dirty on the way here.

    You all sit at a long table together. Turtleducks is a clean place to eat, very sparsely decorated, but known for the pond that dominates the middle of the restaurant. Which has, of course, a family of turtleducks. Their squawking is rather pleasant and Min can't take her eyes off them. You're all brougth some yummy sweet noodle bowls while you have a chance to read from the menu. You and Min can read, can anyone else?

    Boot is sitting beside Mew Mew, but you can tell she's trying not to look guilty or uncomfortable. Dash notices it, too. Min hasn't said a single word to Mew Mew, actively ignoring any of her questions. Mew Mew lets it slide, but it bothers her and of course, she has no idea Min knows about her dalliance with Sheng-Li.

    What do you order for yourself and Dash? He insisted that you pick the food. Canlid quickly gave you the responsibility of ordering for him, he just wants "lots of food".

    Do you bring anything up at dinner?
  • I order a platter of steamed buns filled with pork and a large serving of grilled vegetables and fluffy rice. We don't get very many fresh vegetables on the ship, and I know Canlid will eat them, despite his loud complaints. Canlid will eat most anything you put in front of him. And we all really should eat more vegetables.

    I don't really bring up anything specific. I try really hard to keep the atmosphere light and relaxed. There's obvious tension between Min and Mew Mew, but I really want this to be a night where we can all be together as a family. So if the conversation lulls, I start reminiscing about some of our favorite adventures, funny stories that never fail to make us all laugh. It's a little exhausting, trying to coax smiles out of everyone, but for every smile I receive, it's worth the trouble.

    Under the table, my knee is pressed against Dash's knee. I wish I could put my head on his shoulder or hold his hand, but we're back in the real world now. I guess at least I have the memory of last night. Though the thought of going weeks without being able to be with Dash again....I'm trying not to think about that.
  • Canlid and Boot tear through the steamed buns, to the point that Min stops glaring at Mew Mew and threatens to jab her chopstick in their greedy hands, which makes Canlid hoot a bit with laughter before Mew Mew hushes him.

    Your stories about the old days work pretty well. Dash throws you a few assists, adding details that bring Min out of her anger shell and draw Boot into a few stories of his own. Like the time that Boot had to catch Canlid when he fell off the Middle Ring wall, or when Mew Mew convinced a blind lady she was her long lost cousin so she could get a free meal.

    Dash keeps pressing his knee against yours, he's sitting too close to you, too. But nobody says anything. It still makes you a little nervous, though, right? The meal stretches on for an hour, so long that everyone, even Canlid, is getting crazy full. There are smiles and laughter and you are feeling pretty great that you brought them all together as a family again.

    Min is starting to look a little sleepy, and Canlid is hiding yawns when you look outside the cafe to see Jyuu Shin-Ta. Dash notices him too. He's wearing a worn cotton robe that has seen better days and he looks upset (perhaps his default state). But not surly grumbling upset, but visibly angry about something. And wouldn't you know it, he marks you and Dash. He was just walking down the street in the evening heading, maybe back to the Dragon and randomly looked over and saw you both.

    Jyuu Shin-Ta stops walking. Then he turns and comes towards you, "Key! Dash! Come out here"
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    I tense. Jyuu is not fun on a good day, and today does not look like a good day. I glance at Dash, but I'm already getting to my feet, putting some appropriate distance between the two of us. Did Jyuu notice how close we were sitting? I don't know what this is, but I can't really imagine it being anything good. Assuming Dash comes with, I'll head over to him, trying to look casually curious and not like my stomach is in a knot.
  • Dash sighs a little and rises up to follow you out. He moves slightly apart from you and other than angry, Jyuu Shin-Ta doesn't seem to notice your body language. He moves close enough to drop his voice among the few folks walking in the street, "I was looking for you two..."

    Dash cuts in, "Aren't we on shore leave?" His tone isn't petulant, more unsure than anything.

    Jyuu Shin-Ta closes his eyes and takes a breath. He's trying to refocus, it looks like. When he opens his eyes again, the anger rolls off him and he says with a bit of urgency, "This isn't ship business. Not yet. I was hoping to find Iwao and Ren, but you can help. I need able bodies. And you're better in a fight than they are." He pauses and looks at Dash, then adds, "Well, Key is."

    Dash shakes his head, but doesn't get upset. Jyuu Shin-Ta continues, "Hornet is in over her head. I need help getting her out of a gambling hall before they kill her."
  • I'm nodding, my eyes narrowed, before I really think. All I know is that Hornet is in trouble, and I won't hesitate to help her. "Take us there. We'll help." I say immediately.

    Sure, it might be a terrible idea to go get myself in trouble when this city is crawling with people looking for me, but I'm not exactly thinking about that.
  • Dash nods, too. Less readily, he seems a bit wary about this. But he doesn't offer an objection and Juu Shin-Ta turns on a heel and starts heading to a section of the oasis you recall from a different angle, a set of one level buildings you ran across yesterday. These squat things have maybe a couple feet between them, with tiled roofs that are easily spanned. You put a good amount of distance between you and your pursuers here.

    The place smells of an odd smoke, as if it leaks through the mud-brick walls. In the early evening, there are many men here, some loitering outside, a few playing go at tables in between buildings. Koku and alcohol is flowing freely. This looks like a place where merchants come to swap stories and gamble. Nobody gives you a second look and no, you haven't seen any of Suli's gang.

    You enter the second building, a rectangular place that was probably a restaurant at one point. The open middle is dominated by six tables of men playing some tile-placing games, go and a few other games of chance and skill. You see her, Hornet, in the back, not far from an exit, but obviously blocked by two burly men standing at it, arms crossed, looking out.

    Hornet looks loose around her face, like she's maybe a bit drunk, her expression is a cocky smile. She's got a stack of koku in front of her and she's boasting about something to the dark-eyed men in dark red robes she's playing with, "Well, if you were half as good at playing as you are talking about it, I would have these here!" She gestures to the koku and laughs. One of the men in dark red robes with a long drooping mustache, snarls and says something you can't hear. Hornet laughs again and yells loudly, "Why don't you set up for a another game, sore loser? Oh, did I call you a loser?!? That's so RUDE!"

    You catch one of them reachign into his robe and pulling out a long skinning knife, but he's got his hands under the table. Jyuu and Dash see it, too and they're already trying to move forward, but there's almost no room in between the tables, some men are literally back to back.
  • I'm smaller than both Jyuu and Dash, so I manage to wiggle through the crowd a little easier. They're headed straight for Hornet, but I go off to the side. In the middle of the room is a section that's curtained off. That's where I'm headed. I squeeze my way through the bodies, moving as fast as I can until I'm right next to the heavy drapes. More than anything, we need a distraction. And what's a better distraction than all the people in this room suddenly evacuating at once?

    So I glance around quick, trying to move fast so no one sees, and then I light the drapes on fire.
  • Keela, I'm curious if you want others to see you light this fire. I assume you're being sneaky about it, but you're in such a hurry and fire-bending isn't so subtle.

    Give me a roll at difficulty two to pull it off.
  • I'm a Fire Bender with Noble Blood and I know how to Bending-do to Burn stuff.

    #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
  • You dance between a few tables and with a thought, the cloth tapestry is alight, the fire jumping up towards the ceiling. At the same time, Dash jumps up on a table and runs across them to tackle the man with the dagger as he lunges for Hornet. Hornet skips back a step from the table, standing up and looking at the men in red robes. Then she points at them and laughs for a moment.

    Meanwhile, Dash is on the floor, rolling around trying to disarm the guy while Jyuu Shin-Ta comes around the last table. You see more men in red at another table hop up, reaching into their robes for weapons. You know they'll get the drop on both Jyuu Shin-Ta and Dash if you don't do something, but there are a dozen men and three tables between you. Yes, they're clearing out from the fire, but you only have seconds.
  • I don't think. I act.

    I'm on top of a table, a fiery whip in my hands in the space of a blink. I snap the stream of fire out, across the room towards the men in red, bowling over everyone in it's path. They're all clothed, it should just singe their robes. Right?

    No time to think about it. Have to save Dash and Hornet. And Jyuu...I guess.
  • Alright, this is exciting!

    You summon a fire whip and lash out at the three men across the room. There are so many in the way and, what if Jyuu sees you? What if someone reports to Suli what happened here?

    Pulling this off will be a Difficulty 3 action. Failure means someone saw you and Dash and Jyuu Shin-Ta are going to be attacked.
  • I'm a Fire Bender with Noble Blood and I know how to use Bending-do to Burn with a Heat Blast in Defense.

    Using 2 dice from the pool.

    #DiceRoller( 9d6 )
  • You unleash your flaming whip and it slashes down on two tables, sending sparks across the cards and tiles. Men jump back, some dive for the floor or under tables. The tail end of the whip flicks all three men in robes. They fall down in fear and begin trying desperately to put themselves out, rolling on the floor and screaming.

    The place begins filling with smoke and it is thinning out fast. You hear bells outside and the rush of people scurrying about. Hornet is up on a table, kicking one of the men in the face while Jyuu Shin-Ta is busy trying to avoid being cut. Dash just dislodged the man he was fighting, pushing him against the wall.
  • I jump off the table, the fiery whip vanishing from my hands. Then I'm running across the room towards them, dodging the fleeing and jumping over the cowering. I get up to Hornet, and yell over the din. "Hornet! We need to leave NOW."

    I'm trying to catch Dash's attention too, and keep an eye out for trouble, and make sure Hornet doesn't kick me in the face. But we need to leave. We need to leave now.
  • You push through the few stragglers, one of them a teen with a shaved head who is trying to pull all the koku left on the tables into his pants. He gives you a gap-toothed grin like he's grateful. You reach Dash and he takes your hand firmly, completely forgetting any worries of impropriety. Hornet leaps off the table to deliver a savage knee to the head of the man with the knife fighting Jyuu Shin-Ta, then all four of you head for the front door of the place, away from the flames.

    When you come out of the gambling house, you see most of the patrons are still running away from the flames, a couple have even jumped into the fountain. You also catch to the right of the fountain, heading your way, a woman with flowing red hair. The mist of the fountain is enough to keep from seeing her face, or her seeing yours, but she is unmistakable. And she is coming right towards you.

    Rough map:
  • My heart jumps into my throat. I yank Dash's hand, changing our direction to go around the opposite side of the fountain as the red haired woman. With my other hand I grab Hornet's arm, directing her to change directions too. Hopefully Jyuu follows. Well, maybe it'd be better if he didn't. I don't stop to check on him.

    "Bounty hunter. Red hair." I hiss to Hornet and Dash. If Jyuu is close, he'd probably hear what I said too. I don't really have the luxury of secrets right now.

    I can't tell if she's spotted us or if she's just running in the direction of the burning building. I try to keep my head low while still keeping a close eye on her. No. I will not be caught now. I will not go back to Ba Sing Se. I won't.
  • "How do you know a bount..." Shin-Ta begins, but Hornet hisses him quiet. Hornet, by the way, smells like grain alcohol. A good deal of it. On her breath, in her hair... coming through her pores. She's not staggering though, she's keeping up with you. Dash glances over to see her through the mist of the fountain and nods.

    I've just got to see dice on this. Escaping the red-haired woman without being seen will be difficulty three.
  • I'm a Street Kid so I know how to Hide and Sneak like a Thief as I Find the Way.

    Using 2 dice from the pool.

    #DiceRoller( 8d6 )
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    (The fountain)
    You duck your head and try to keep the fountain between the two of you, your friends and peers and the red-haired bounty hunter. You're running in the crowd like they were a herd. Dash grabs your hand, trying to either stay with you or guide you. People are shouting, there are animals making frightened noises form their nearby pens, people are tryign to tell everyone else what to do, some shrill whistle is being sounded, the place smells of soot.

    You're nearly halfway around the fountain, directly across from where you think she might be when you risk a glance over your shoulder.

    That's when you see her. On top of the dragon's head. She's wearing a cloth wrap around her chest and long flowing pants that billow out in the wind. Her long red hair is flying in the wind like an untamed flag. In her right hand are all three pieces of a simple wooden three-piece staff.

    She fixes you with a knowing grin, like she's just solved a little riddle.

    It reminds you of another time you were caught...

    Go here.
  • "Dash." I hiss, my eyes fixed on the woman. She's seen us. "Whatever happens, keep the others safe."

    I don't stop running. Not yet anyways. I don't want to fight her unless I have to, but I'm ready.
  • Hornet mumbles as everyone is running, "Damn! Wish I hadda bow. Jyuu, wherz my bow?" Then she snaps up, cursing, "Tsi! Lef it inna hut!"" She turns as if to run back against the crowd to get her bow, but Jyuu Shin-Ta sidesteps in front of her.

    Quicker than you imagine he could move, Jyuu Shin-Ta ducks his head and moves forward, bent over. He plants a shoulder right in Hornet's midsection and scoops her up, carrying her over his shoulder, not even missing a step. Hornet's eyes grow wide and she screams another curse, trying to beat his back, but he keeps moving on, "Keep going!" he barks at you, Dash, everyone else.

    Dash tries to pull you along with him. He heard you ask him to keep them all safe, but he says, "Stay with me, Key! I dare you!"

    That's when the red-haired woman bends forward, leaping off the dragon's head and running down it's body. You see the water cascading down the bronze scales of the statue ripple in odd patterns as she plants bare feet on them. Then she skips off the dragon and across to the lip of the fountain and stops. Completely stops, her body relaxed and posed. She says in a sharp voice, "Come here, little Zhu. I remember you!" She raises a hand and the water of the fountain rises up like a small tidal wave behind her, "Let's take you home to your father!"
  • I almost have a heart attack when Hornet tries to go back, but thankfully Jyuu scoops her up. I'm holding Dash's hand as tightly as I can, just like that first time. Someday, maybe someday, we can stop running, but right now is not that time. When he dares me, I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry, but I keep struggling on, determined to stick with him.

    The red-haired woman's voice cuts like a knife through the chaos and noise. My father? Not Ba Sing Se? Not that it matters. I wouldn't be free in either location. I see her raise the water behind her and a slew of inappropriate words escape my clenched teeth. She's a bender. Great. There's so many people running here. I don't want to hurt anyone. Maybe if I just run fast enough, I can get away.
  • The red-haired woman jabs her hands forward towards you and the tidal wave spills over the lip of the fountain and sweeps towards you and everyone else. The force of the water knocks twenty people to the ground, including you, Jyuu Shin-Ta and Dash. Hornet pitches forward into the water and for a moment she is submerged under the tide.

    You roll to a crouch and see your opponent moving towards you. She gestures lightly with an upturned wrist and the water at your feet freezees solid, capturing your left knee and right foot. Dash was still prone and rising, so his hands and knees down are caught as well. It looks focused around a ten foot around with you at the epicenter, meaning she is rather skilled. Perhaps, she is even your match.

    "Stay down. It will be best for you not to fight. You've made enough trouble, little Zhu."
  • "No!" I spit back through gritted teeth. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

    There's flames in my palms before I even finish speaking and then I'm hurling them at her, sending a barrage of well aimed fiery arcs flying through the air. They're more to keep her occupied than anything else. She'll have to move to avoid them and while she's doing that, I'm going to try to melt the ice that's holding me down.
  • That's a good plan. Let's see how you pull it off. Dificulty two to buy enough time to free yourself.
  • I'm a Firebender with Noble Blood so I can use Bending-Do to create Heat Blasts that Burn to Defend myself.

    Using 1 dice from the pool.

    #DiceRoller( 8d6 )
  • She ducks one fireball, then throws up a watery shield in front of the second and it hisses into steam. But it buys you enough time to melt the ice to water, freeing both you and Dash. Dash scrambles away, rushing to Jyuu Shin-Ta and Hornet. Hornet is busy being a little sick right now, you hear her retching.

    The red-haired woman pushes a small fountain of water at you, hitting you in the shoulder and nearly knocking you offf balance. She says sharply, "Surrender, or I will hurt you, little Zhu. Neither of us wants that."
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