[Ashen Snow] Raid at Dawn [Bo 8.1]

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Fries and Chibi left you with Rothschild last night, without a word. There might have been looks, but you were busy at the time, so you didn’t notice. Where did you and Rothschild end up? I assume you’ve had either no sleep or almost no sleep. An hour ago, Rothschild left to gather up Amy’s teams (he still calls them Amy’s teams) and I assume you went looking for Fries.

Fries’ father Erstwhile showed up sometime in the night, eleven hard-charging bikers with him, counting his other son, of course. You found them all at Chibi’s infirmary. There was actually a moment between Fries and Chibi when you mounted up, she kissed him on the cheek. Felt like a lady kissing a knight before he rode off to battle. Fries isn’t talking to you, not shooting you angry looks, he’s just more in tune with Chibi, spending time with his father and brother, the rest of the bikers are familiar to him as well, a couple cousins, old friends. Fries cleaned up pretty nice, by the way.

Of course, teary-eyed Chibi hugged you and even Manx. Manx pushed her off, but you saw Manx mist up a little even as she called Chibi a pussy. You knew Manx would be there with Keeler, insisting you ride with her. You did, right?

Half an hour ago, you met up with Wolf and the pack. Everyone has war paint on, they’re pretty charged up; except Sable, who is upset that Wolf ordered her to take up a sniping position rather than wade in with the rest of you. With so much going on, Wolf didn’t get a moment alone with you. He just wished you luck as you rode off with Manx and Rothschild.

As planned, you split into two groups and rode down trails in the mountain to hit Harridan’s read force, hoping to take out the supply train, weapons depot and the pair of cannons that are being brought up. Wolf advised that it won’t be easy, but at dawn’s first light, you should be able to hit and run without taking too much damage. The plan is to hit them hard and scatter, off into the woods, down the highway away from the hold, force them to give chase, lose them in the mountains. Then double back and head back to the hold.

Now you’re riding down a steep slope on a skinny-ass deer trail, careening towards a beat-up pick-up truck that’s sitting low on the ground, cannonballs in the bed, a trailer hitch dragging an ancient pre-Fall cannon. You’ve got a few grenades, but the ride is anything but smooth and Manx is opting for speed over subtlety

Give me a roll+Cool.
On a 7-9, choose two of the options below to be true. On a 10, all three are true.
• You pull off the grenade attack, blasting the cannon to slag
• You and Manx suffer little Harm
• Manx is able to ride back off into the woods and you aren’t pulled down by the men around the truck
All around you, Harridan’s men try to close ranks and react to the attacks from both sides. Your attack was covered by the early light, camouflaged by the spines of black trees about all burned by ash and there is a light smoke along the trail as well. It couldn’t be a better set-up.

But with all the advantages in the world, your group is fighting a far superior force in size. Let’s see a Seize by Force to destroy their ammo supply and supply train. This will eliminate their artillery (since Grekkor disabled the attack from the Armory Boys) and make a siege more difficult.


  • Rothschild an' I ended up in that abandoned classroom where Sugar used to teach the kids. I mean, I was a little preoccupied, an' we were right there, an' it was the only place I could think to go. It's not like I was gonna bring Rothschild back to the Infirmary an' ask Fries to scoot over. An' that sheet I took from Ambrose's bed was still in there, which I did not feel guilty about using, not one little bit. So anyways, we spent the night in there, together.An' yeah, we didn't get a ton of sleep, but it was so worth it. Cause for the first time in a long time, I actually had sex only because I wanted to. No other reasons. No tryin' to get someone to shut up. No tryin' to distract an evil brainer. Just the two of us together cause we're attracted to each other, we like each other. An' afterwards we did sleep for a couple hours. It was actually really nice to fall asleep in his arms on what might be my last night on earth.

    Dawn came all too soon. An' we had to wake up an' get dressed and leave. We didn't talk about what was gonna happen, we just kissed one last time. A slow, kinda regretful kiss. An' then we were both headin' our separate ways, an' I'm tryin' really hard not to think about the fact that he could very easily die today.

    I didn't mind Fries' silence. He didn't seem angry, an' him and Chibi seem to have somethin. So I just got ready, zipped up my leather jacket, hugged Chibi back, an' climbed on Keeler behind Manx. We met up with the pack, an' I didn't get a chance to talk to Wolf alone, but I caught his gaze right before we left, an' I tried to say everythin' I wanted to in that look. Please be careful. I love you. Please please please keep my brother safe.

    So now we're careening down this hill, towards this pickup, an' I have my grenades ready. This is it. This is war.
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    I choose that we pull off the grenade attack, blasting the cannon to slag and that Manx is able to ride back off into the woods and we aren’t pulled down by the men around the truck.
  • Seize by Force
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • I choose that we take definite hold of it and that we inflict terrible harm.
  • doing the math here and showing my work:
    * Harridan has one huge gang, well-armed, for 2-Harm (reserve force, supply train and artillery)
    * Emmy and the raiding force is one large gang, 3-Harm (well-armed)

    With Bones' roll to inflict terrible harm results in 3-Harm to Harridan's gang +1 for terrible Harm but -1 for size difference =
    3-Harm total to Harridan's force
    In turn, we trade Harm for Harm, so Harridan's return attack would be 2-Harm + 1 for size for a total of
    3-Harm to each group in the hold-defense force (Erstwhile's choppers, Amy's Mtn teams, Wolf's pack), Wolf's pack reducing through armor to 2-Harm for themselves.

    I am assuming Bones is not a prominent member of the gang here. Why put your Angel on the front lines? Therefore, you have 2-Harm coming to you. I assume you have your jacket on for 1-Armor, reducing it to 1-Harm
  • Harm Move for Bones:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • BonesI choose that we pull off the grenade attack, blasting the cannon to slag and that Manx is able to ride back off into the woods and we aren’t pulled down by the men around the truck.
    You most certainly do, taking them by surprise in the first light of day. You even see one of them, a snaggle-toothed guy with a homemade spear tries to see you, but the angle of looking into the sun rising gets him and he blinks at stars right when the grenade goes off.

    The cannon, the truck, all slagged. Manx catches an arrow in her left arm and you are deafened for a bit, head woozy when the concussion wave hits from the explosion. (Take 1-Harm, I already rolled the Harm move)

    Rothschild's teams in their jeeps provide cover fire with their rifles and handguns as Manx rides you out of there and you can almost feel the steady bass of Sable's sniper fire.

    From the completely opposite side, Erstwhile's choppers come riding down hooting and screaming, chains flying and axes chopping. They slam into the schoolbus holding the legion's food, all locked up to avoid fighting over supplies. Pellet, this wildman from the northlands that Erstwhile picked up in a dogtown, he jumps on the bus and beats his way into a window, crawling in to loot and pillage. A couple of Erstwhile's choppers get mired in the road or the ash of the ditch on either side and end up having to lay down their bikes. They are overtaken by the surrounding guards, but the reserve force takes some widespread casualties, maybe ten of them killed outright in this first attack.

    Your hearing has dulled to a ringing in your ears when Manx stops to pull out the arrow. I assume you don't let her pull that barbed thing right out, do you? She rode a half mile away to keep you both safe after that hit, like Wolf told you. As you're trying to fix her (tell me what you're doing), you hear Sable over the comms (Wolf gave you Jin's backup radio), "Emmy! I see you, you ok? Can you hear me? Rothschild's jeep has stopped, he had a blowout!"

    Wolf calls over the comms, "Emmy, I'm close, I'll do what I can, but you stay back. Keep your head."

    What do you do?
  • I don't let Manx pull the arrow out. I smack her hand when I realize what she's about to do. "Dumbass! Don't pull that out! Just hold on, let me look at it."

    I'm not hurt. I mean, my ears are still ringin' from that explosion, but I can hear again. Now if everybody else can just get out of there safe. I wrap my hands around her arm an' call on Spector, lettin' him be the one to push the arrow out. It causes a lot less damage that way. These barbed arrows are nasty pieces of work.
  • Healing Touch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • I hear Sable an' Wolf over the radio, an' their news washes me in panic, but I force myself to stay focused on Manx until Spector pushes that arrow out an' the wound mostly closes itself to an angry red line. All in all, it doesn't take that long, but it feels like hours. Rothschild's jeep is down. He's stuck. He might be fightin' for his life. But I focus. I force myself to focus. An' finally it's done.

    I let go of Manx an' look at her, my face drawn. I don't respond to Wolf or Sable on the radio. Sable will see what we do, an' I'm sure she'll tell Wolf for me. An' then he'll be pissed, but what's he gonna do? I am not just gonna sit up here an' twiddle my thumbs. "Manx, we gotta go back, at least...at least so we can see what's goin' on. Maybe we can help. Please?"
  • You get out "Manx..." before she's already peeling a line with the bike in the worn road and whipping Keeler back around, charging for Rothschild and Harridan. She doesn't answer in words, she talks in actions. And a keening scream. But a surprise attack is a waste anyway, right?

    She leans down and you follow, taking cover, the rumbling power of her new bike vibrating and humming along. In moments, you see the smoke rising from the truck you destroyed, then you're on it and riding past a few men who hid from you. Then you pass by a smoking Jeep with a dead driver, the rest of the riders out and taking cover behind the vehicle in a firefight with some of Harridan's force firing a machine gun and hiding behind an SUV and a truck.

    Manx guns the engine and leans to move past them, a few shots whizzing by. Then you're past them and zipping forward. There's a gap of maybe a few hundred yards between that little skirmish and the wrecked Jeep. Down the road you see maybe a hundred men running back towards you. This is part of the main force. If they get here, you'll be overwhelmed. Rothschild and four others are trying to rip the tire off and fix it, but from your vantage point, it looks like the wheel itself is warped pretty bad. Rothschild is bleeding, he took a shot in the side at some point. He glances up to see you, but he's in the middle of working at a lug-nut, grunting with the effort.

    Off in the woods, Max drives up in the big buggy. Wolf is in the passenger seat and he's up as soon as it stops, squeezing off shots at the mob. Nuff is up on the fifty cal and he's just waiting for them to get close enough for him to do maximum damage. Wolf stops just long enough to call, "Dammit, Emmy, get the fuck outta here! Manx, get her out of here!"

    You know Wolf cant get all five of those men out of here. Manx and you, you might be able to squeeze Rothschild on the bike, but would he leave his team to die?

    What do you do?
  • I took +1 Sharp for my next advance

    Read the Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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  • Where's my best escape route (preferably with everyone if possible)?
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    You can take one of them with you on the bike, that would work. The remaining four can try to hang onto the buggy, but that means Nuff would have to give up going wide open on these guys. Mac's got the shot lined up. It actually looks like Wolf is set up and using them as a lure, waiting for the main force to get close and then mowing down as many as they could, then driving off. But that leaves Rothschild and the others holding the bag.

    So you'll have to talk Wolf into giving up a prime opportunity to make a dent in Harridan's legion just to save these five.

    What do you do?
  • "Wolf! We gotta try to get everyone out of here! Please! You can't leave these men to die!" I'm yellin' at him over the gunfire an' the roar of the bike. I'm fixin' him with my best stubborn look. "Manx an' I can take Rothschild. You could take the other four! I'm not leavin' here without 'em!"

    In the back of my mind, I do remember how he threatened to knock me out the next time I talked back to him in front of other people. An' I'm aware I might be doin' that, but I'm not lettin' Rothschild an' his men die.
  • Manipulate Wolf with +1 from Reading the Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
  • Wolf doesn't budge for a few moments. Rothschild is still working on the tire, yelling for you to go.

    Mac finally says, "Tell them ta get there arses over here, Emmy!"

    Nuff growls, "This is bravo sierra! We had a beautiful trap here. Fucken amateur night here!" He begins firing towards center mass of the force, hoping to at least tag a few of them. Rothschild runs up and hopes on Keeler, putting his arms around your waist, while he orders the others to jump on the buggy. Mac has to slow it down to avoid losing them, but you take off up into the mountains, then double back towards the hold.
  • I duck my head as we zip back towards the hold. I'm pretty sure Wolf is pissed, but feelin' Rothschild alive an' breathin' against my back is worth it in my opinion. I let go of Manx with one arm an' reach back to touch his side where it's sticky with blood, callin' on Spector.
  • Healing Touch on Rothschild
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Acting Under Fire
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  • You're busy healing Rothschild, who leans over you grunting with the motion of the bike, but you see that while Manx is charing over the ditch beside the road and up a deer trail, Mac isn't driving away. He hops off the road and up onto the dry underbrush, then turns the buggy to zip between tree trunks towards the mass of Harridan's men. Nuff unloads on them, firing full auto and ripping through them. Wolf also fires bursts and even a couple of the soldiers from Amy's Mountain find enough purchase on the outside of the buggy to fire at them. The firefight continues as Mac effectively broadsides the men.

    All the while, Manx is charging up the hill, getting you and Rothschild to safety. You crest it in a minute and still hear the rat-t-at-tat of gunfire down in the valley and then down the hill you see the second buggy, the one Scar and Jersey were riding in with a couple of Erstwhile's bikers. It is a burning husk, all the windows blasted, the thing is slagged. You see a mass of maybe six bodies around it, a couple in it, burned to unrecognizable corpses.

    What do you do?
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    I'm about to yell at Manx to turn the bike around, so we can go back an' help or somethin, but then I see the second buggy. The words get stuck in my throat an' choke me, an' for a few seconds I struggle silently for any words at all.

    "Fuck! Manx! Oh my god...Scar an' Jersey...oh my god, Manx get us down there! Hurry! Oh fuck...no!" I finally gasp out, my eyes stuck on the horrifyin' blackened husk. No. No no no no. Maybe...maybe they're still alive. Maybe I can heal them. Maybe I can save them!
  • "You can't save everyone, Emmy!" Rothschild yells as Manx guns the bike and sends you down the other side of the ridge. You hear gunfire from Wolf's side, a couple blasts as well. Then Rothschild yells at Manx, "Take us to the fallback point! There might be people she can save!" Manx nods once, then starts angling the bike to ride a bit more carefully towards an old dirt road for four-wheelers in pre-Fall days. It's well overgrown, but better than a deer trail by far, less underbrush and possible pitfalls.

    It looks like Rothschild and Manx are conspiring to take you back to the point where Wolf wanted everyone to gather after the first hit, so you could do a headcount and figure out if you could pull off another attack or need to retreat.

    What do you do?
  • I stiffen furiously, even though I know they're right, but my eyes are stuck on the pile of burned bodies...Scar an' Jersey. My mouth starts angrily spittin' out words.

    "Maybe I could! Maybe I could save 'em! You don't know! Fuck. I might...I could try...I could at least...I..." I choke an' press my lips together. Not Scar. Not Jersey. Not them too.

    There's hot tears prickin' at my eyes an' for a second all of this just feels so overwhelming an' I'm tempted to just give in an' cry. More the pack is dead. An' Wolf just went chargin' into the fray. An' I don't know what to do. But no. I can't. I gotta be strong. I gotta keep goin.

    So I take a breath. "What about Wolf?" I try not to sound too desperate. "Why aren't they fallin' back?"
  • Over the radio you hear Sable answer, "Emmy! Are you heading to the fallback point? Erstwhile's gang and some of Rothschild's teams are there. Wolf's on his way..." Then you hear a couple shots through the radio in your ear. Sable's sniper rifle is a single action fifty cal and it doesn't sound like that.

    What do you do?
  • "Sable! Sable, are you ok? What was that?" I basically yell into the radio, panicked. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Not Sable too. This can't be happening.
  • Your mind is filled with fear and worry as Manx takes you and Rothschild to the fallback point. Wolf isn't there yet, but there is a Small gang here comprised of Erstwhile and Fries and their kin and the remainder of Amy's teams.

    Rothschild hops off the bike and heads over to a jeep, calling, "Emmy! We need to wait for Wolf, hold this spot and wait for him. Then we head back to the hold!"

    What do you do?
  • As soon as the bike stops, I'm scramblin' off an' I'm running. I'm not even listenin' to Rothschild. I'm running as fast as I can towards where Sable was set up in her sniper position. It's not too far from the fallback point, an' maybe, maybe if I can just get there fast enough....maybe I can save at least one person today. Otherwise, what the hell am I good for? Nothing. That's the answer. I've been good for nothing.
  • Let's see an Acting Under Fire to reach the sniper point. There are a few of them still there.
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