[Ashen Snow] Can you See Me? [Wi 8.1]

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An hour ago, at dawn, you hear the telltale sounds of combat echoing across the valley. Did you see Rothschild sneak in a bit before dawn to gathering up his teams to head out to meet Harridan?

Easton and Jackabacka were up at dawn. Actually, you think Jackabacka is on some kind of stims, he didn't sleep last night, waving off any concern saying "I'll sleep when I'm dead, honey." How was early morning with Easton? He's been spending the lat few minutes trying to make excuses for you to stay put, to hide at Swoozie's bar. He even tells you that you look a little sick. How have you handled that?

A minute ago, you heard gunfire in ShantyTown. Both you and Easton head out of the yurt and find one of Swoozie's guys, Tangerine. He's standing near a shed, walking out towards a thin person lying on their gut. He looks up when you come running, saying, "Saw some bitch sneaking through around the outside, popped off a shot. She fell fast! Aint dead yet." He's walking up to kick her over. You're maybe twenty feet away, you and Easton, when you recognize her, it's Idjit, one of Visage's crew, a girl who nearly ODed on drugs five or six times, basically warped her own brain chemistry.

She lets him flip her over, but you catch her actually moving with it. She's got a grenade.

What do you do?


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    The sounds of battle have Winter a little spooked. She hates war. Too many people die because they're too lazy to find the optimal path through the woods. Her usual method of planning, and weighing out the consequences of failure didn't work here — but it didn't look like there was a choice... Harridan would unleash these dogs of war unto the world, and stopping him now was the only way they could secure their future. She did spot Rothschild sneaking about before dawn... She was exhausted from last night's events, and wrapped in Easton's embrace. They shared a look as he roused his men, and she caught a glimpse in his eye that seemed familiar... that subconscious fear of losing something precious. It set the tone for the day...

    Jack's off-handed remark about sleeping when he's dead has her freaked out... She actually did freak out at him. "Don't you dare joke about that," she argued, half in tears, "don't take stupid risks Jack, we need you alive!" She shared a hug with him as he left to "inspect the troops". Early morning with Easton was ... Emotional. The reality of their situation is coming crashing down on Winter hard; and it may have been Cherry's death, but Winter is particularly worked up today. They shared a private moment after Jack left (before the boys started coming in and out), and she broke down when Easton hinted about going out to check the line. She pleaded with him to stay just a few minutes longer — trying to trick herself into believing that if they stayed put long enough, it would all blow over. It worked though... She denies feeling ill when Easton suggests she hunker down at Swoozie's, though she can totally see why he would think she's sick — she is sick. She just hasn't felt right all morning. Being woken up by gun fire was nothing new — but being woken up by constant gunfire? That's the kind of shit that fires up your adrenaline.

    Today was just a shitty day all around. Winter is compensating by keeping herself busy.

    The gunfire in Shanty Town startled her — it was too soon to be hearing gunplay, and even Easton felt it. When they ran out to find Tangerine walking towards the girl's body, Winter was on edge — she watched attentively as Tangerine examined the body, and kicked it over ... But then she sees Idjit's face, and terror washes over her. "Get the fuck away from her Tan! Just fucking put her down, she's got a grenade!" She's already dragging Easton back behind cover.
  • The handle of the grenade flips up in the air and poor Tangerine, he was never so fast on the pick-up. Had a keen eye, just not the sharpest wit. He sort of watches the flip end over end and it doesn't register to him until it's too late. He's toast

    Idjit lets out her last scream of defiance and pain (she was shot) as the grenade goes off. You and Easton are trying to get away when the concussion slams into you (Take 1-Harm). You're both thrown to the ground, Easton actually went through a tin wall in the shed you tried to duck into.

    That's when you hear the screams, Tangerine burning alive. your ears are ringing, but you think its Easton yelling, "Willie Pete! Fuck's sake!" Then he's scrambling up, trying to grab you and move when you hear gunfire, bullets ripping through the shed from an unknown assailant. You both just barely get out of sight.

    But Visage and crew, they are so definitely here. That was a single assault rifle, messy, the spray shows that the gunner was nearby. Idjit was the fucking lure, to draw folks in. They didn't want to eliminate Tan. This is a hit.

    You're their target.

    What do you do?
  • Winter's heart starts racing when the concussive force of the blast pushes through her. When she hits the ground she shuffles away from the wall, and frantically fumbles back to cover, looking for a way out of the heat. The ringing in her ears is muffling Easton's speech, but she manages to grab him and pull him close. "We need to lure her somewhere dark and close quarters. Where are those tunnels?"

    Winter wasn't naive enough to think Tan was the target — but why the fuck would Visage be after her? If Norvell was Dremmer's target, then Cherry must have been working with Visage all along... None of this is making any sense to her.
  • OOC: Roll+Sharp: Reading the Sitch, which feels pretty charged to me. ;)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Harm Move (for 0-Harm earlier after applying 1-Armor coat):
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Easton picks you up like a child and in one smooth motion he's carrying you while charging for an interior wall. He slams through one wall shoulder first while gunfire explodes around you, reverberating against the metal shack, blowing cans and cups off of a table, throwing debris and dirt up everywhere. You try to spy the gunner and hear another explosion. It looks like one of Easton's little traps just blew someone sky high. You can only hope it was one of Visage's crew.

    Then you feel it as Easton slams through another wall, which doesn't fall away easily, it was held up by spikes planted in the hard-packed clay. So he kicks it down and steps over into an adjoining shed, costing you precious seconds. You can hear a keening scream feet away, one of the dreaded war cries Visage has used to torment her prey. You see the archer too late at the doorway to this shed, she's looking right at you. It's too late to move Easton and he sees her too late to do anything but twist around and take the arrow in his arm instead of you taking it in the face. He drops you and charges forward at the girl without mercy.

    Her name was Tenpenny, this archer who almost killed you. She's got some horrid wasting disease. The guy who gave it to her was one of your targets. A sane person might have thought, back in that alley in Nokes, that she would be grateful when you killed him. But Hoax was the only one who touch her anymore, the only one who still loved her, the only one she hadn't killed with her infection. She hated you for taking him, even though Hoax was a plague-bearing sack of shit willfully spreading his disease to anyone he could. Even if the Communion of Nokes hadn't paid you so handsomely for hunting down Patient Zero, you might have done it free. Might.

    Tenpenny has lost so much weight since you last saw her. Its a wonder she drew back that bow. That bow she's dropping with a pock-marked smile as Easton swings his bat against the side of her head, ending her struggle for life, to keep going. Gore sprays from her bone-brittle brainpan and skull and her head is like a Gallagher watermelon and she dies instantly. Instantly after two years of dying slowly, a welcome change of pace.

    Did Easton just get infected? It was. It was sexually transmitted, right? Right, right, sexually transmitted, yes, that was it. You think.

    Easton doesn't pause, he turns back to you, stalking forward, a bit of the blowback blood on the side of his face making him look ghastly. He steps over to kick a bed over and you see a grate in the ground. A tunnel grate.

    What do you do?
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    Her senses finally coming back to her, Winter could actually feel shrapnel from the blast in her coat — well that was a close call. She's so busy scanning the area for Visage that she doesn't even notice Easton grab her at first. She can feel his strong arms lift her up, and carry her out of the line of fire. Given all the gunfire and explosions, she's not arguing with him. The force from slamming through the first wall disorients her, and being carried makes her movement feel unnatural. She barely recovered from the first blow when Easton kicks down the second wall — and then without warning that horrid war-cry Visage's bitches screech fills her ears.

    Winter's eyes meet Tenpenny's gaze and she's filled with a mixture of pity, anger, and fear. The woman looks like a skeleton — a mere shadow of her former chubby self — and it's clear she doesn't have the strength or speed requisite to out-draw Easton. Winter doesn't think about her disease spreading by blood at first, largely because Hoax's kill was fucking messy — that bastard had way too much blood for such a skinny man. It had been a long time since Winter had killed him, and she most certainly wasn't dying. She wasn't losing any weight, anyway... But then she remembered how Hoax said he got it. Specifically how he fucked this chick who was involved with that "Cult of the Boiling Blood" — they would spread their "enlightenment" by slicing their hands open and shaking hands, sharing the blood of an initiated with a prospective member. Now that she thinks of it; it almost looked like Penny didn't want to out-draw Easton — whether her actions were a death wish, or she thought she was some kind of biological weapon, Winter will never know. Penny's techniques up close were often spitting and scratching — ineffective at spreading the disease, but a sure fire way to freak someone the fuck out. Winter just adds that anxiety to the top of the pile, and presses forward.

    When Easton returns to her after flipping up the bed, she immediately produces her handkerchief, and tears off a long section of her dress to fashion a bandage. "Clean off all her blood," she says, waving her fingers around the areas with the blood spatter, "especially around that damn arrow," she whispers insistently with concern, and without breaking eye contact. When he takes the rags, she shuffles over to the grate and removes it. She looks down into the tunnels, which are darker and dirtier in this section than the ones by Waterberth. She wishes she had Fitteen here with her. It was the perfect place for an ambush... When Easton is done cleaning himself up, and gets some of the bandage on, she looks up at him and says, "If they're really after me, then we've got to use that to our advantage... Let's lure them into a trap down here, where it's all close quarters, and pick them off that way."
  • Easton scrubs himself with the kerchief, even manages to joke through clenched teeth, "If this is what you use for bandages," He holds up the piece of your dress, "Then I need to get shot a couple more times. heh" He even glances down at the hint of bare leg revealed by your action. He snaps the arrow off and almost doubles over, leaning into you for support, then bites down on the folded piece of your dress and quickly shoves the rest of the shaft deepen in, then gasps and quickly reaches around his big bicept to pull it out the other side.

    You see his eye glaze over in pain, but you're both shocked back to reality with a brap-brap of gunfire and you hear a voice you recognize, Visage, "Where you at, Winnie? I just wanna talk!"

    Easton drops to a knee and starts moving the grate away, revealing the shaft to the tunnels and the rung ladder built into the concrete.

    What do yuo do?
  • Winter's seen blood before, but the sight of Easton pulling the arrow through his arm is just disgusting — like really disgusting. So disgusting she has to keep herself from gagging. It strikes her as a little odd that she's so worked up over gore, but she'd never been overly concerned for someone with a wound before. She spots him eyeing her exposed leg, and shakes her head disapprovingly at his joke — she still smiles, cause she can't help but smile at his corny jokes, but she doesn't find it funny. She'd have to nurse him back to health when all this was over... It's a shame she threw out that skimpy pre-fall nurse outfit she had for that hospital job in Nokes.

    Winter directs Easton down the ladder, and waits for him to get fully in before she starts going down herself. She calls back to Visage as she descends, "you could have just knocked on my door, Viz," the irony of Easton's yurt having a flap for a door is not lost on her, "I don't know why you people think you've got to kill someone to get my attention..."

    She holds a moment, just barely poking out of the ground for Visage to respond to be sure she's got Winter's scent.
  • "YOU PEOPLE?!? The hell does that mean, Winnie? You are one of us! I'm just taking a step up the ladder since you're taking your sweet-ass time on the hit. Did he offer you LESS? Is that what's taking so long, Winnie?" you hear the brap-brap again, followed by another explosion, very, very close to your shed.

    Easton is down the ladder, waiting to catch you if you come down too fast. You know Visage will pick up on your trail quick.

    The tunnels here are five feet high, so Easton is stooped over. He asks quiet, "Where do you wanna go? Waterberth? Shazza's derry? Swoozie's Bar? Just get lost?" He reaches for a battered flashlight on the wall and hands it to you. He's got his bat and his wounded arm isn't working so well right now.

    Let's see how you're setting this trap. What do you do?
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    Yeah, sure... Winter greets fellow assassins with grenades and machine gun fire. Wait... Does Visage think she took the Norvell contract? ... Fucking Cherry ... She disappears down the ladder, and tries not to rely on Easton — since his arm probably hurts like hell. She takes the flashlight Easton hands her, and thinks quickly. "Waterberth, Shazza's, and Swoozie's all lead straight to defenseless people... but Norvell said he was posting a guard at Waterberth, so if we can get them close enough, Visage's gunfire should attract their attention... Or at least we can cry for help if we need it. We can check on Norvell while we're at it." She looks down both ends of the tunnel, trying to get her bearings a moment, before figuring it out and darting off towards Vulture's old love nest.

    I'm presuming there are a few girls coming down after them — Visage's crew isn't overly large, but there haven't been enough explosions to take them all down yet... So the trap itself is relatively simple: they double-time it, not taking care to mask their tracks long enough that they can trick Visage into a false sense of security. Then they'll use the intersections and thousand odd pipes, nooks and crannies in the ceiling and walls that litter the tunnel as ambush points — striking from two directions, and using misdirection to throw them off.
  • Easton nods once and heads on, but you both know the way there. The place smells like sulphur and offal, even though there's no sewage running here. The concrete is cracked in mutliple places, and dry. Stifling heat pour down the tunnel as well, it is not comfortable.

    Your plan sounds solid. It seems like you're Seizing the crew by Force here. Give me a roll.
  • OOC: Here we go! Seize Visage's crew by force... roll+hard, +1XP for rolling highlighted.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • 10+ — Awesome!
    • You take definite hold of it.
    • You suffer little harm.
    • You inflict terrible harm.
  • (What are you using to do Harm? I figure it isn't hairpins. Maybe Easton's gun that he usually keeps stuck in the back of his pants? (2-harm close loud) I'll do the math assuming that's it.)

    You work with Easton effectively, the two of you in sync like a deadly couple. The four members of Visage's crew who try to hound you are picked off or pounded as one or both of you use the tunnels to your advantage. Your previous experience coupled with Easton's thorough knowledge give you a definite advantage.

    You make it just inside Waterberth when Ik opens the grate to let you in. One fo the girls, a tiny little teen called Avaya fires a burst of bullets down the late feet of tunnel, and Easton pushes you in ahead of him into Ik's arms. Then he falls forward and you fire back over him and send Avaya diving for cover.

    Easton is hurt pretty bad, he took at least two bullets in his big back. Ik drags him away towards the bed while you cover the tunnel.

    You hear Avaya's screech of a voice, "She's down the main! In the hold! She's in the hold!"

    Thatch is in the room. You catch a glance at her. She's dressed in her riding leathers and she's a little wobbly on her feet, eyes bloodshot, hands shaking. She's got a shotgun. It's... sort of aimed at you. Or maybe the tunnel.

    What do you do?

    Visage's crew is a well-armed small gang, so they're 3-Harm, no Armor.
    That's 3-Harm to you, minus one for suffer little harm minus one for your armor. End result is 1-Harm to you.
    You would do 2-Harm minus one for size difference but plus one for terrible Harm for 2 total to the crew
  • Harm mopve
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Take an additional Harm, Winter (that's 2-Harm after armor).
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    Winter doesn't like using guns, but there's really no other way to take a gang of people on... So yeah, she's using Easton's handgun. The bullets flying like crazy, and every shot fired pulls Visage and her crew just a little bit closer to Winter and Easton's location, so things are getting tense... She's a little surprised that they were able to race to Waterberth, and she's relieved to see Ik waiting for her when the grate opens up. She frantically runs up to Waterberth, checking constantly to make sure Easton is following her — but her world goes into slow-mo when she sees Avaya's face pop around the corner... A wave of nausea overtakes her when she sees the muzzle flash of Avaya's gun — she feels Easton's shove, and turns just in time to see him fall to the ground. She unloads a few suppressing shots to deter Avaya's advance, but then covers Ik while he drags Easton into the (relative) safety of the hold.

    Safety... Like anywhere is safe now.

    Winter's shaking like a leaf, and as pale as a ghost. She hears Avaya screaming back at her from the depths of the tunnels, but her mind just isn't there... It's in the back of the room, listening to Easton groan in pain. There's a lull in the firing, so she quickly glances over her shoulder to see how Easton's doing, and she spots Thatch with that shotgun pointed vaguely in her direction. She does a double take when she sees Thatch weak on her feet, eyes bloodshot and hands shaking — Thatch isn't a warrior, and this is probably the last place she should be... But it almost looks like she's high. Winter averts her gaze, and doesn't pass judgement — she had only been sober a week, and it's not like Winter had never buried her sorrows in narcotics before. What does worry her though is losing Easton — would she fall into that same rut if he didn't survive this? She can't bear the thought...

    She can't worry about Thatch right now. It doesn't look like Avaya's going to risk coming here right now; and if Thatch is going to shoot her in the back, then so be it — she looks back to Easton, who just coughed up some blood, and that calmness she used to rely on to get her gigs done washes over her. Easton needs her, and right now he's all that matters to her. She closes the gate to the hold, walks back to Easton and kneels down beside him, cradling his head in her lap and examining his wounds. The shots weren't incidental, and there's no way he can shake this off. She can feel his heartbeat dropping, and his breath getting shallow. No bandages or care that Winter can give him can bring him back from the edge — he will die here unless somebody capable helps him. With Emmy gone, the only person she can even conceive of as capable is Amiette...

    The blood from his wounds are staining her dress, and he's going into shock. Winter needs to act now. "Sweetie," she whispers, fighting back tears and brushing his cheek with her thumb, "Sweetie I'm going to look after you, okay? I'm going to get you help! I don't care what's on the line — I can't lose you. Not now, not ever." She looks up at Ik, and with tear-filled eyes asks, "Can you help me get him to Amiette? She can do things — like Emmy. I need to get him to Amiette!"
  • Easton is pale white with pain, basically out of it. Ik answers your question with action, gently picking Easton up into a fireman's carry, leaving his rifle in his off hand. He starts to head for the door.

    Thatch wobbles forward and says-mumbles, "Heyyy Winner. We got yer back, love. If that bitch somes through that grate, we'll fucken shoot em."

    I assume you don't argue with her about it and head on through the hold.

    You hear the first shots of combat outside as Grekkor and the Pryers meet Harridan's main force in battle. The sounds of men dying, gunfire, explosions. The smells of smoke, ash, blood and fear permeate the hold.

    Give me an Acting Under Fire to reach the Baths without incident.
  • Seeing Easton this way is tearing Winter apart... She watches him carefully as Ik lifts him, and starts to leave — but she's genuinely surprised when Thatch offers up support. Not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, she smiles back at Thatch and answers, "Thanks Thatch — you're the best. Stay safe."

    Then not wanting to waste any more time, she leads the charge out into the hold. Bullets are pinging against the hold walls, and the fighting is getting dangerously close — but Winter doesn't care. She's already half way down the hall before she even notices the hold is under fire...
  • OOC: Act Under Fire, Roll+Cool, +1XP for rolling highlighted.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    OOC: So that's a 12+, and AUF is advanced.

  • You lead Ik through the hold, bullets flying, explosions, people dying around you. Some of Harridan's gangers snuck around to beat down side doors, avoiding the battle on the field for pillaging inside. You pass by two older people, man and woman, in each others' arms, hacked to pieces. You see Bendrix use one of his gadgets to elctrocute a bald man in war-paint before he is shot. But through perfect timing and sheer determination, you cut through the chaos and pick the right hallway, the right time to duck or hide for a breath as three or four men scream past after someone to scalp.

    So much devastation and death, but there's one person you have to save. You feel a second sight come over you, like you're in a zone. You heard Cherry talk about it, she called it the killzone, this supernatural state where you see things before they happen, you reach into reality and make your mark on it.

    Noone touches you, they don't even see Ik. It's like you folded space and walked through a door and end up in The Gym.

    The floor is slick with blood. The holes in the roof are teeming with men firing down into the Gym. You see Grekkor and the Pryers making what appears to be a last stand and Grekkor. Well, Grekkor is moving forward into the throng of Harridan's men, an angel of death himself. But you can't spare a glance at him. You're almost to the Baths, just feet away.

    But there are two men, two strangers, running ahead of you, trying to force their way in to The Baths, desperate to find the prize inside, Harridan's mad desire. You realize you're going to have to fight them, Winter. Your gun's empty, you don't even remember who you shot or how many. One of them turns to face you, a chain in his meaty hand. The other charges forward, nearly crossing the threshold of the door.

    Without thought, your spikes are in your hands and all the pain, the worry and the heartbreak is fueling your righteous anger and you stab him five times before he flexes a muscle. Precise strikes to disable him, then a final blow to let him bleed out, quietly, no fanfare, no gory mess in battle. Just assume room temperature, you bastard.

    A shot rings out, you feel it whizz by your ear and hit the one trying to enter the Baths. He doubles over, then drops to his knees and then the ground, all in that slow motion of your killzone. You glance behind you for Ik and behind Ik, you see Fitteen with a rifle. Her second kill. She just bagged her second kill. It doesn't bring fear or regret, but resolve. Not a bloodlust, either, thankfully.

    Then you and Ik and Easton are inside the Baths. Amiette and her followers are all touching each other, naked and bathing, performing some ritual you're interrupting.

    Go here.
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