[Ashen Snow] Circle of Trust [Ami 8.1] [Wi 8.2]

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Last night you healed Chin's wound of course, right? And Raven sobered up eventually, crying and apologizing and worn thin, needing rest. Roark was there to give you respite, to help corral your followers, your throng. Trundlerock stood guard outside as you slept, always nearby, never close enough to touch. Oh, but the sense of touch, of closeness, it was not denied by others. Fleece slept in your arms, which set the tone of the night as sensual but not sexual. Whisper slept on the floor, but reached a hand up to your leg form time to time. Fuse held you at times, Winkle and Tilson others. Raven and Chin clung to you, Chin like a child, Raven like a grief-stricken sister and lover. It was a wash of affection and you were tossed to and fro.

Sable came to see you last night, talking quietly about Wolf's plans, about Emmy, about Jin's death, about her love for Mac and how she understands your love for Emmy. She needed to share that with you, she was frightened of what the morning would bring. She's out there now. Corbett stopped by to talk about your mother, about you, about how proud he is of you, how he thinks of you like a daughter. He kissed your forehead before he left, the spot still feels a tinge wet. Or maybe you imagine it.

At dawn you awoke to the sounds of gunfire across the valley. The volcanoes and mountains often buffet the sounds of a single shot around to make it seem like a staccato rhythm. But this time the rhythm plays for too long to be one single shot. The battle for Evan Element has begun. Emmy is out there, with her brother, with her lover Rothschild, with her betrothed Fries, striking first against a legion that far outnumbers the people of Evan Element. Is this your last morning? If it is, it might be your strongest. You slept soundly, at least your body did, but your mind. What did you dream about?

Program and Acidface joined you after you rose and urged everyone to head towards The Baths. This group follows with excitement. There is some jealousy among a few, some who want you for themselves alone, but this is not the time. Not the place. Within minutes after waking and washing, eating some morsels for strength, you and your followers arrive at The Baths.

You see Logic there, but nobody else seems to notice him. He has dark circles under his eyes, he hasn't slept, maybe hasn't eaten. His normally clean-shaven face has a five o'clock shadow. He looks like he's aged years in the space of a single day.

Your thirteen followers for this Augury are as follows:
* Raven
* Logic
* Corbett
* Chin
* Fleece
* Trundlerock
* Roark
* Whisper
* Tilson
* Winkle
* Fuse
* Program
* Acidface

The Gym is alive with nervous men and women ready to die to defend this place. Lala and the rest of Crackle's Boys are here as well as the Pryers. Your group, are they armed? What do you tell them?

Let's have your Fortunes roll for the start of this session.

Give me a Manipulation roll to see how well you've gotten your followers to... well, follow your orders once they're given.


  • Fortunes roll:

  • Manipulation using Charismatic.


    xp +1
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    Not with serious weapons, just with what we normally carry. If the Pryers ask us to give that up, then I will tell my friends to do so as long as they are guarded. I've told them all, already, what we are here to do Some are eager, some are cautious, but they have agreed.

    However I still stop them at the door and turn to them, looking with affection at the eyes of each one in turn.

    "This is not just for Evan's Element and Shantytown, this is for our world and the hope of it's rebirth. You all risk so much, and I love each of you for that gift as much as for yourselves. I remember a verse, uttered by our dearly missed poet, that he said came from the before the breaking of the world. I can not help but think of it here, now, with all of you."

    "Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

    I pause a moment, looking at all of them.

    "This is dangerous, my dear ones. We are as much at risk as those who even now harry the enemy upon the battlefield. Should anyone not wish to risk it, no one will blame you. Now is the time to choose. All those willing, follow me into the baths."
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    Each of them return your look, Amiette. Adoration from some, awe by others, a childlike devotion from Fleece, deep love from Raven and Roark, fanatic loyalty from Chin. Each have their moment to will their readiness to you. The normally stoic and almost disaffected Pryers show moments of hope in you and this right and good thing. Like the warriors around you, they stand ready to make their sacrifice for the world against unbelievable odds.

    You enter the steamy Baths. Ula alone stands here. No guards outside, none inside. None were spared for this place because they are needed on the field.

    "So nice, Mis Amiette. Do we hided in here for them?" Fleece asks as she runs her thin fingers along the wet tile walls. Fleece slaughtered the last of her flock last night, to feed the flock so they "haved good food in their bellies""

    Fuse and the Pryers are quiet and reverent, this is a place they rarely visit, but are always near, like a distant but ever-present lover.

    What do you do?
  • "This is where we will help them" I say quietly to Fleece. I debated including her, but it is her home too and we are desperate.

    I turn to Ula and nod, then back to my friends. I strip off my red saree, and stand naked before them, making it plain they should also undress. My hair is up, so it is off my neck. Once they are ready, I go and crouch between the two pools, touching the water, as Grekkor has shown me. I go to them touching each one on the forehead with my wet finger, pausing to dip my hands again when necessary, and directing them to a pool. I trust Ula will show them how to greet the water. I send seven to one pool and six to the other. I go into the pool with less and carefully, reverently, wash myself, then I pull myself onto and lay down upon the narrow break between the pools, reaching my hands out so I have one in each of the pools.

    "Everyone who can, touch me. If you cannot reach me, touch someone who is touching me." I say to them. "Do not let go."

    I am waiting for that sense of readiness, connection with the thrumming power of the smoke in the baths, and I'm trembling for the fear that I'm going to hurt these people that I care for.
  • The Pryers don't flinch at this ritual, they are the first to disrobe and join you. They all enter the left pool together. The Pryers are followed by Fleece, who is obviously excited to be part of this (and to have a bath). Raven disrobes as well, followed by Chin, both of them a bit shy to do so, but trying to cover their worry by moving quickly. Corbett helps Whisper, taking her clothes to lay them on a bench, then he strips. Trundlerock grins a bit as he looks around at everyone, partly due to nerves, partly due to the proximity of so many nude women. Roark is last to enter, covering himself as he enters the warm water.

    Not a word is spoken among them. You sense their worry, apprehension, the filial tension between some of them, the ones who have vyied for your attention and affection, but you also feel the love from them, some wider than others, some slightly twisted, others innocent and wide-eyed.

    Before the ritual begins, you hear the first sounds of combat. It sounds close, pitched and furious.

    Then again, as calm finally comes to many of your followers, some people barge into the Baths. Ula moves quickly to intercept them, but you see them - Winter, the guard Ik and a very bloody, nearly dead man who you think might be Easton who Ik is carrying.
  • I sit up. I look around at my people holding my hands out for them to quiet. Only looking at Winter's face tells me what I need to know, and I get to my feet, padding to them, motioning for Ik to put him down and kneeling, a naked sylph, by Easton.

    "Winter, dearest, take off your clothes and go into the water. I will do what I can. Mr. Ik, hold that door against further intrusion, please."

    And I'm reaching out for Easton, summoning the healing parts of the smoke.
  • Healing Touch


    xp +1
  • Ik and in seconds Fitteen stand at the door. Ik says, "Foxes in the henhouse, ma'am. Best move quick, if ya can."
  • As Winter's eyes adjust to the room, the sight of the dozen odd naked people taking a bath conjures but one thought...

    What the fuck is going on here?

    But thankfully she doesn't have to think on it very long. She is visibly upset — shaking, pale, covered in blood, near tears, and intensely focused — but as soon as she sees Ami stand and walk over to Easton she's released. A smile gradually cracks her face, and she gets weak in the knees. Ami could have asked her to kill herself on the spot, and Winter probably would have done it right then and there for her. "Th... Thank you..." she whispers hoarsely, as she quickly slides out of her clothes, and rushes towards the baths.

    OOC: Mechanically, Winter's helping out with whatever comes next.
  • OOC: It's going to be tight, but here's the assistance roll for Ami's... Well, whatever it is. Roll+Hx (Ami +1)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Once it's clear that the healing energy has had it's effect, I take my spot again, laying down between the pools, pausing a moment to cleanse my hands.

    "Everyone, touch me if you can. If you cannot, touch someone who touches me. We must begin."

    I feel the circuit complete, and the power hum. So much power in the smoke here. This is what Harridan wants. I push the power though all of us, uniting us into a single consciousness, many I's becomeing one WE, and reaching out for our foe.
  • Augury


    xp +1
  • Amiette,

    The power here is greater than before. The deaths outside and inside the hold have given more strength to Yurd and The Baths itself. You realize, in this moment, with this group enabling you, you could take it for yourself. It could be yours, Amiette. So many would love you and touch you and none would deny you. You could grow this hold with a human touch, not the guidance of a spirit like Yurd. It would be better, right?
  • hey Winter,

    Go here.
  • For a moment the power fills every corner of my being. I become something of pure light, understanding now what was missing. Understanding the shape and depth of the pit of loneliness and self loathing in my own heart. Now it is filled with power and I am complete. Human rules and cares are not mine. They are insignificant.

    I suddenly understand Harridan, what he wanted. He wants to rule, yes, but more than that, he wants to rise above the pain of his own existence, the hole that rejection and heartache have dug into him, twisting him into a monster. There is so much power that I feel a little drunk. I could drink it all. I would be a benevolent goddess and not the cruel tyrant he would be. My friends would grow, they would all love me and no one would push me away. I begin to reach for it. No one would deny me ever again, not even...

    Emmy... I think of her, how I feel about her, and why I never compelled her to begin with and what would she think of me if I became this thing. Like the eye cannot see itself, neither can the soul judge it's own weight...so we must let our loved ones do it for us. How would all those I care about think of me?

    And in that moment, thinking of her, of them, I know myself, know how the power would change me. My power, indivisible from me, has always been an obstacle, and if I take this power, the kind of love I've always wanted will be impossible. People will love me as a god, unequal and feared, not as a friend, and not as a woman.

    And so I push it away, feeling the despair of losing it even now, afraid of shattering. Even in the trance I can feel tears on my cheeks. I know it is the right thing, but it is so hard to think that I will ever be so whole again, and my heart will ache with the memory of it.

    With determination, and some part of my soul whimpering, I turn my mind to Harridan and reach through the smoke for him.

    WE find his glowing malignant mass, with threads of smoke extending in all directions like an obscene mutant spider. I reach out and peel the smoke back from him, isolating him, cutting him off from the smoke.

    Isolate an protect a person from the maelstrom.
    It will persist for a while without maintenance.
    It is stable.
  • You. All of you appear within the maelstrom, in a pocket reflection of The Baths, the Gym, the area just outside the hold, all within your bubble. Most everyone in this place of shadows and shifting ground and smoke, they are flickering images, not vibrant beings here.

    Your followers walk with you, all nude, slightly wet from the baths, dripping light like water onto the maelstrom. As long as you are still damp, this will hold.

    You walk outside, the black-blue sky above and the volcano red of the mountains garish in their colors. There, before you, lying on the ground eyes wide, is the one called Harridan. He is a misshapen thing, one leg bent the wrong way, his back a twisted mangled set of bones, head so large that the neck struggled to move it. But those eyes, they are whip smart and already recovering, realizing what has become of him.

    "You... you took it from me. Why? Amiette?"
  • I crouch in front of him, near enough for touch. I reach to take one of the strange twisted hands in mine. There is horror, but mostly compassion. I understand him more than than perhaps anyone else would.

    "Because you are going to destroy us all, Including yourself, taking Yurd's power and unchaining the mountains again. And to no avail. Even if it did not, It will not give you what you want."
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    Harridan turns his head painfully to track your face, to look into your eyes. He's so used to working through others that this has become foreign to him, even in this psychic state, to see and be seen. He sees you and he knows your meaning. He spits out, "Lies. Yurd lied to you. She is part of the old world, Amiette, desperate to cling to the last pieces of her soul. MY ascension was." A flicker of doubt crosses his face. He looks around himself, feeling vulnerable, then croaks, "Why didn't you join me? You could have shared this. With me. You glow with her power now. Did you steal her heart?"
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    My voice is calm and smooth, soothing but with a tinge of sadness, as I stroke the back of his hand with my thumb.

    "No, I have not. She only lends us her power for a time. I didn't join you because power is not what I want, not what I ever wanted."

    I glance up and around us, at the shadows of people moving in battle. And around me at my friends. At Logic particularly.

    "Perhaps she has lied, perhaps not," I say thoughtfully, then pause returning my gaze to his. "I do not understand why, on the face of it, a being clinging to their soul, of whatever world, is a bad thing. I struggle with it at times, myself. But she has not come in terror and violence and contempt, spilling our blood and ready to subjugate all to her will, as you have. Are we to believe that you are the better choice?"
  • Logic stares at Harridan dumbly, his face slack, he is so withdrawn to be a ghost here. Tiny movements around his eyes betray the emotion he masks. He hasn't removed this emotion, severed it from himself like he offered to trim away your love for Bones. He may not even understand it. He had to have been twelve or thirteen when Domino raped him. He looks upon his own son, his own horrific son and what he has become. And now he must watch him die.

    You turn back to Harridan and see a group of shadows swirls in an aggressive move forward towards your position. Two large ones, Chigger and Grekkor, charging right up to Harridan. He looks at you and cries in a piteous voice, "You weren't the Bride! You were supposed to be my Bride! None shall understand you like I do! None could love you like I have!"

    Then Grekkor strikes at the shadow of Harridan, the crippled small boy hidden away behind a palanquin, hidden away from his puppet soldiers, those elite who still protected him until you cut off his strings on them. They stand confused and fall to blades and bullets and then Grekkor stands over Harridan and strikes. One blow, one solitary blow, destroying his body. And sealed from the maelstrom, he has no defenses. None.
  • I don't believe the words, but the anguish I know. I touch the head of the still form, fresh tears beginning to spill. I stand and turn to my friends, looking over them all. I go to Logic and after looking at him for only a moment, I reach out to take him in my arms.

    Then it catches... Winter is not with us. She is in the circuit but she is not with us here. It worries me that someone so afraid of the smoke is wandering in it alone.


    Even while holding Logic I extend myself, my mind, to look for her.
  • Logic folds into you, he becomes smaller, weaker for a moment. He has no words, he is unable to express himself.

    You're right, Winter is not here. You sense her with Yurd. You can join her here if you wish. But you must do it alone, leaving your flock here to maintain the rhythm you have established.
  • I look about me rocking a little. I don't want to leave them just now, especially Logic, but I cannot leave Winter lost in the smoke.

    "I must find our lost one, my dear friends. You must keep the rhythm. I will return soon."

    I kiss Logic's hair, and wave Raven too me, indicating that she should take him. I kiss her on the cheek. Then I reach out to put myself where Winter is.
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