[Ashen Snow] The Line Drawn [Gr 8.1]

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This morning, hours before dawn, were you asleep when Ula came for you? She brought you to The Baths and personally washed you in freshly drawn water straight from the spring. It was a solitary experience, sensual and reverent and surreal, just you and her and the presence of Yurd filling you. You communed with Yurd and she filled you with strength, healing your injuries (you are completely healed).

Give me a Weird roll to see how well you understand Yurd. Failure means the healing happened and the visions are confusing. 7-9 means you take +1 forward to march into battle. 10+ means something rather special has happened.

At dawn, your men along with Crackle's Boys and the Arm'ry Boys, are gathered and ready. You hear the sounds of battle as Emmy and her force hit the rear guard. The battle is long and loud, enough to shake the nerves of the younger Pryers, but they hold to your example, look to you for guidance.

The young runner Ghost comes up half an hour after the first shots at dawn, informing you breathlessly that at least a third of Harridan's legion has broken off to march on the Springs and they are taking heavy casulaties. Tar Pit had already informed you of this when he saw it from his perch. Did you send any to help defend the Springs? If so, give me a Pack Alpha move and tell me if you sent Pryers or the Arm'ry Boys.

Now Harridan's legion has arrived outside The Baths.

We see a long line of warriors in the ash descending upon each other in a massive apocalyptic battle on the field outside Evan Element. Of course there were no shots from the Arm'ry Boys big gun, so Harridan threw the legion at you in waves.

Amiette and her force are gathered in the Baths and are ready to act. But you must draw them in. You must make them pay a heavy cost.

Give me a Seize by Force for the opening attack of this battle.


  • [Grekkor][1XP]
    The darkness of sleep gives way to unsettling hands. Ula shaking him. Pain slivers through is body at each movement. Dark-purple has grown along the length of his body, a deep bruise. His shoulder and legs tight and unwilling. It is a slow walk to the waters. He is glad in this early morning there are none to see him struggle.

    And then he is in the baths. Ula delicate in her methods, cleaning with expert hands. Not to speak poorly of the dead, but she has an artistry to the ritual Jeanette never grasped. Yurd arrives and it is as if she had never left, a timeless, surreal, impossible perception. Then the wounds are gone. The pain leeched into the waters. In return for his pain Yurd tells him something.
  • Understanding Yurd
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • [Grekkor]
    The light of dawn illuminates Grekkor's armor. It is polished, repaired and in excellent shape. He stands up near Tar Pit's station, just below. The Pryers along with Crackle's Boys and the Armory Boys congregate around him. He speaks. No shouting or inspirational, morale boosting speech. Just him, talking to those near.
    "In the face of suffering we have honor, we have the baths. I have seen the second life of those in spirit-service to the baths. I find that an agreeable end. I can imagine the suffering life should Harridan prevail. This I find most horrible of fates.

    On this battle field. On this day. Serve with Honor, defend the baths, knowing you only risk the loss of suffering, and in that, do you risk anything at all?"

    Grekkor has sent out a small skirmish group to help should Alonzo call a retreat. Pryers.
  • Pack Alpha
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • RusRus
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    Plumes of ash and soot and grit in the air quickly confuse the battle field.

    Grekkor orders a full charge and then a measured retreat. Engaged them, start the choas in battle then retreat as if broken.
    Then, just within the reaches of the Element and Amiette's power, secret preparations for lay ready. Draw them in with a bluff retreat point then fight to the last in quickly made bunkers and trenches. Stashes of their meager weapons hidden in the ash. Hoping the main line of Harridan breaks forward, their organization crumbles and their numerical advantage is stretched thin.

    Seizing Control of Battle Location
  • Seize by Force
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • With +1 from Yurd's help.
    - Take definite Hold
    - Dismay the enemy.
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    To your rousing speech, the Pryers shout their allegiance. Even the Arm'ry Boys hoot and holler and fire off a few rounds, laughing the face of death. The Pryers take the field, marching in perfect unison and when Harridan's force approaches, you all wait with grit and determination. Harridan's legion is a mass of wild-eyed gangers, banners of skulls and death, motorcycles, hot rods, guns, alcohol and madness.

    There is no grand strategy here. There is no general for Harridan's force. This is a boy and his army men attacking without thought or consideration. Evidently Wolf and his pack were the last bit of militar intelligence and their loss is felt now.

    They are locusts, set to swarm upon the hold, to eat and pillage and kill and take until they are full. And there are so many, there is not enough to sate them.

    Your men wait until the last possible moment, meeting the army and then falling back, drawing them in. Not a one suspects the trap you have set. Your force brings them in between the rusty embattlements, past traps and some even take the roof to attack Tar Pit and look for ways to jump down into The Gym.

    doing the math here and showing my work:
    * Harridan has one huge gang attacking and one large gang in reserve, well-armed, for 3-Harm (main force and the remaining members of the reserve force)
    * Grekkor and the defending force is one huge gang, 3-Harm (well-armed)

    With Grekkor's roll to Take definite Hold of the battlefield, it will not impact Harm. In fact, he's drawing Harridan in and dismay the enemy with the measured retreat.
    This results in 3-Harm to Harridan's gang, since the reserve gang can't fight their way through, it is an equal size difference =
    3-Harm total to Harridan's force
    In turn, we trade Harm for Harm, so Harridan's return attack would be 3-Harm for a total of
    3-Harm to each group in the hold-defense force (Pryers, Crackle's Boys, Hold workers and Arm'ry Boys), Crackle's Boys reducing through armor to 2-Harm for themselves.

    This is a very bloody affair. Grekkor, name one-third of the Pryers who fall in the first wave.

    They are close now, some in the hold fighting, most outside the walls pushing their way in. Somewhere among them you feel Harridan himself.
  • In Memoriam
    Shelton, caught under the strange scythe like blades attached to a motorcycle.
    Bailey, crossbow bolt to the kidney.
    Edwards, tackled by several gangers, dragged behind a four-wheeler. Then shot.
    Omie, took a stand to slow the horde as it rushed after the Pryers. He stood tall, called them out. They swarmed him, slaughtered him with glee.
    Granary, he darted through the chaos with these small knives, doing wicked damage to the legs and knees of the horde, exploiting the gaps in their armor. One big guy finally caught him by his hair, lifted him high and gutted him with a short sword made of saw blades.
    Holder, lost an arm to a mighty cleave. As he tumbled the second rank pulled him down and into their knives.
    Tar Pit, Sniper.
  • [Grekkor][3pm][2XP]
    The last bullet from his clip flings from his rifle killing a young ganger on a motorcycle.
    Harridan's force has been stretched, the faster warriors ahead of the slower more armored men. He wheels about and orders a second charge up the right flank. He and his Pryers will descend on their snipers and artillery forces, now exposed.

    And then he feels Harridan amid the dust and clotted air.
  • Reading the Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • What is Grekkor's best way to Harridan.
  • As you look, among the slower armored warriors there is a palanquin. Harridan is not in it, one of his puppets is. But he is just behind it.

    You also see someone attacking the flank of Harridan's men, trying to carve a section to that palanquin. It's Chigger and his gang, wielding crude weapons and muscle, barbaric howls and challenge spat at them, paying with blood for each step. If you ride the wake of that attack, you can make it to Harridan. Or you can join them in the charge, lead it with Chigger at your side.
  • [Grekkor]
    Chigger charging, stealing his glory in his quest for revenge.

    Grekkor suspects Chigger has fallen for the ruse, thinking Harridan lurks in that litter. Should he go wtih Chigger, perhaps Harridan will think himself safe. Chigger kills the puppet as Grekkor moves in on the master.

    He slips a fresh clip into his rifle, time to spend more ammo on this last push. He pauses for a moment to let his Pryers gather to him. He points to Chigger.
    "Pryers, that one seeks revenge upon Harridan. To his side."

    And then again into the battle. Knives and blades, screams and killing.
  • Metcalf, Trivette, Chack and Pretzel join you on the push forward. Others, like Mice and Lala, Grip and Hugo, they give you covering fire.

    The gangers fall back a bit at the surge. Take a +1 and Seize this by Force.
  • Seizing Harridan's position
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
  • Choose your options, let's see how this pans out.
  • Suffer little harm, Inflict terrible harm, frighten enemy.
  • You surge forward into the throng, the heaviest part of Harridan's forces, the armored and the deadly. As you do, there is a ripple in the air. You feel it, that spiritual side feels it especially. The power of the Baths reaches forward, guided and directed.

    As you slog forward, the strongest and most experience warriors you face stand dumbstruck, confused, disoriented. you kill or move them aside until you find your prize. As Chigger rps open the palanquin, killing the women inside, the puppets now freed and screaming innocence, you find him. The small tar-skinned misshapen boy that is Harridan, held within a small pack by a much larger man, his head hidden by a wide scarf. You know this is him, you feel it in your bones and soul. To end the madness, the threat to The Baths, the Pryers, the world, Yurd, your friends, your wife, your sons, you strike Harridan down. His eyes never focused on you, cataract-filled things that they were. He lies dead on the ashen ground before you.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    A profane blot now wiped from reality. Grekkor looks upon poor murderous Harridan as something not human. Seeing him as something worse than a cancer. A thing that can sew such dishonor in so many.
    The killing blow feels like the least honorable thing he has done all day. More like a duty. Like an executioner not a warrior.

    "Chigger! Stop. You have your revenge. Harridan is no more. Chigger! Can't you see they suffer as you have suffered. The link is now broken."

    Grekkor climbs atop the palanquin holding his rifle high in the air. Sending a message to all the triumph of the Pryers. He gazes upon the battlefield, feeling Amiettes influence. The nature of the fight has changed.
  • Reading Sitch
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Who is in control here?
  • Chigger backs off when you remind him of his time being strung and he stops attacking, drops to a knee, breathing hard. The puppets are unstrung and confused. The gangers are streaming into the Gym or flowing out to ShantyTown, looking to loot and pillage. They are no longer an army, they are a swarm.

    Nobody is in control here.
  • [Grekkor]
    Spending Advance - Advancing remaining moves.
  • [Grekkor]
    "Puppets of Harridan. You are free. Submit to the mercy of the Pryers immediately!"

    He spots a group of gangers rushing for the Element paying Grekkor no attention. He opens with his rifle, mowing them down.

    "This is your final warning. Submit to the authority of the Pryers!

    He then nods to his troops and to Chigger, then points to the chaos.

    Seizing control by Force.
  • I'd rather see you Go Aggro on the puppets.
  • Aggro on ex-puppets
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Grekkor,

    As you stare down these men and women in their heavy armor and brutish weapons, which two of them do you recognize? How do you know them?
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