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You aren't sure where you ended up. Not at all. It is completely alien and unfamiliar, a dreamlike state, but too real and visceral.

And you aren't alone.

You're on the streets of some shit-ass town, hungry and alone. Everything looks so much bigger. No wait, you're smaller. This place, it's like some funhouse version of your own memory.

There's a woman offering you some food. You know her, that sly grin, tousled red hair, glinting eyes like a shark's, "Hey there, little one. You want somethin to eat?" She's dressed nice, a red dress, heels, a leather jacket that... wait, that's your jacket. She's packing a gun in there, you know it.

What do you do?


  • You know when you're on the cusp of falling asleep and you get jolted back into consciousness because you feel like you're falling? That's the last thing Winter remembers feeling before "waking up" in this foggy city. The smoke in the streets is thick here, and she can smell rotting flesh somewhere nearby — at first she thinks it's her, and she tries to disprove the worry by checking herself; but she can't completely dismiss the thought. She looks down at her arms and body, and she sees a thin, skeletal figure before her. She's never been this thin before, but she remembers being this hungry. She remembers wandering the streets, doing anything for a handful of rice, or bread. She remembers the smell of the Apple the woman offered her, and the sweet taste of its juices as she sank her teeth into it.

    But this time was different — she was so much older then, and she's too small to be that age now... She looks up at the woman and speaks as though she's repeating lines from a pre-fall movie, "Yes m'am... I do." She can almost hear her younger self's voice echo through the alleyway. She wanted that food more than anything — but this time she didn't. A sick feeling in her gut screamed at her: don't take the food.

    She steps back instinctively, examining the woman before her. She knows her. She's killed her.

    "What do you want with me?" Winter asks, fearful of what the answer will no doubt be...
  • The redhead produces a shiny red apple from her jacket and turns her wrist to offer it to you, palm up. She continues grinning and says low, "I want you to come to your full potential, little girl. No more pretending to be something you're not. I've watched you your whole life. You are right now on the doorstep to fulfilling your real destiny. You could save your lover's life. You could stop this war and bring peace to his father. You could save the protege and your adopted brother from misery and loneliness. All of that. ALL of it."

    You feel things shift and you grow in size respective to the woman, the world coalesces into a new place, a wide open cave with a green woman at the end of the cave, sitting placidly in a state of rest, phosphorescent moss giving the place an odd light. The redhead says, "All of that is yours, all you want. Out of the game. Completely. All the happiness you've been denied. Fulfillment as a person. Children, have and raise children in peace. If you kill this one mark."

    What do you do?
  • Winter stares at the red-headed woman, hesitant at the eagerness she displays to release Winter from her former life... Freedom in exchange for this one woman's life; it cannot be as valuable as the red-haired woman claims. It must be a trick... But Winter is starving for fulfillment, and longs for the happiness she's deprived herself of for all these years. She wonders... Could it be true?

    Read "The red-haired woman" incoming ...
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    You stare at the redhead for a moment, looking for the truth between the lies. She continues to grin with a confident glee.

    Then you hear a voice, a brilliant, resonating unearthly voice. It takes a second to realize that it is the woman in green, "Winter Delyle, why do you look at Cherry like she might be telling you some great truth? You know she lies. She promises you happiness with children? Young one, you will never bear sons or daughters to Easton. That was one of the many prices you paid for your lifestyle. You may never find the happiness you desire, but destroying me will damn us all."

    What do you do?
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    The unearthly voice shakes and frightens Winter. A flood of memories wash over her as she recalls running through the halls to Easton, and joining Ami's weird little ritual. She still can't place where she is, but she definitely knows what's going on. She looks to the woman and sneers at her, feeling betrayed and angry. "Never?" she cries, balling her fists, "I'll never find the happiness I'm looking for? I'm doomed to just wander the cities looking for some morsel of love and happiness forever, then? I'll fail at giving Easton the only thing I've ever promised him? Lose him because I can't fix him? And who the fuck are you? You just know this?"

    She abandons Cherry's side, distraught with this new information. She gets right up in Yurd's face. "You must be this goddess the Pryers think so highly of — this forgiving spirit that seeks to rejuvenate the world. Well let's hear it then. If you'll heal the world, then why not me? Why am I doomed?"
  • Yurd gives you a level look, unimpressed by your anger, "You aren't worthy."

    Your redheaded demon screams from behind te spirit in green, "See! See? Winter! You will NEVER be one of them! You are a killer, not a fucking housewife!"

    Cherry begins spitting each word as she clenches her fists in rage and fury, "You ruin things! YOU! DO! NOT! BUILD! THEM!"
  • Winter is seething with hatred for this woman. Shaking in a blind rage she sheds a single tear, teetering on the edge of violence. She can feel the judgement emanating off of this... this thing. It feels like every person who ever loved her turning their back on her, and she doesn't understand why. The people she loves know and accept her. They don't judge her, even if she deserves it. This woman is just like Cherry — she uses people, giving them just enough so they follow her every word, and she consumes whoever won't listen and whatever is left over when all is said and done. Hundreds of people were dying out on the fields outside Evan's, needlessly, and somehow Winter was the one who needed to suffer...

    The cold stone of the cave floor sends a chill up her spine, and the fog surrounding her becomes thick, and dark. She furrows her brow and leans in, "No, you're both wrong. I am not a turncoat, or victim of circumstance looking for leniency. I don't want to be worthy of you, or beg for your forgiveness — I don't give a shit about you. Either of you." Her voice gets louder as her temper climaxes, "All I ever wanted was a chance to be happy for a change! To stop hurting people, and consuming things for the sake of consuming them. I want purpose in my life. I want love and understanding. I don't want forgiveness, just the knowledge that I can do good things. That I don't have to be who I was. Why do you always have to take that away from me?!?!"

    She collapses to her knees, exhausted, and cries out in the face of futility. She feels a sharp pain in her chest as she struggles to catch her breath — a broken rib from one of Visage's cronies in the tunnels — and blood pours down her leg from a bullet that grazed her thigh. Her head pounds, and she grabs her temples and pulls at her hair in frustration, screaming at herself for not knowing what else to do... Tears pouring down her face. How is it the only thing she can think to do is to hurt this woman? When she releases her grip, she hears a loud *ting* ring through the walls of the cave. She recognizes it instantly... The sound of one of her pins hitting against the stone. She picks it up, and weeps to herself as she examines it — the avatar of her apparent damnation in hand. No, she weeps for herself. Of all the things she could have willed into existence to assist her — it had to be a weapon. Maybe she really was the chaotic force of darkness Cherry claims, and beyond redemption as Yurd claims...

    But above all else, she wants to prove them wrong.

    "No," she whimpers, sniffling and wiping away her tears, "No I won't..." She throws the pin at their feet angrily, and averts her gaze. "Just... Just leave me alone..."
  • "Winter!"

    I pad quickly to the crouched form, kneeling and gathering her to me, while looking at the other entities about. I do not recognize either of them right away.

    "I am sorry. Have you been hurt, love? What is the matter?"
  • Winter is caught off guard when Ami embraces her. She's speechless, and wary of her presence... Is this the real Amiette? She cringes when Ami slips her arm around her broken rib; and even though she tries to remain guarded, the warmth and empathy Ami is sharing opens her up. "I... I don't know what to do," she whispers feebly, her nose still stuffy and eyes still red from the tears, "I'm just a murderer... I'm supposed to kill her..." She looks up at the goddess woman, to direct Ami's gaze, but she can't meet her eyes — not that she wants to. "I can't... I won't..."
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    "Shh... You do not have to, dearest. I have seen you, I know you are not just a murderer." I say it, continuing to hold her, stroking her hair.

    I regard the two entities in the smoke. I recognize the energy of the green one.

    "Harridan has fallen. Thank you for your assistance in that matter."
  • Amiette,

    The woman in green regards you, "I could not act directly, only aide and guide. It was the strength of your action and the Hand that won the day. Now my strength grows with this conflict, not wanes."

    Both of you,

    The redheaded woman seems to diminish, become insubstantial. As Winter flails, she seems to fade.
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    Winter sinks into Ami's arms, and closes her eyes in an attempt to remove herself from this nightmare. The fight is completely beaten out of her now.

    She quietly meditates on everything that's happened to her today as Ami chats calmly with the goddess who denies her respite. What else could she possibly do?
  • I feel Winter sink into me.

    "Why have you hurt my friend, and who is the one demanding that she kill you?"
  • Yurd reclines into her throne and replies coolly, "I did nothing to Winter Delyle. Your ritual pushed her into this space in between and her spectre brought her here to destroy me. She decided not to do so."

    For a moment, Yurd closes her eyes and sighs softly with pleasure, momentarily distracted. She exhales a slow quiet breath, then opens her eyes again. They flash slightly when she says, "I can push you both back when you wish."
  • Anxious to leave this place, Winter breaks silence, "Please let me out of here... I can't stand to be with her. How can you trust this thing, Ami? Luring all these people to their deaths — so she can what? So she can feed on them? I want nothing to do with this monster. She's just like Cherry..."
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    "You have a remarkable number of enemies. Miss Yurd." I say my voice and expression neutral.

    When she sighs I think of the souls outside, being absorbed into her, and shudder a little. It is a madness to big to stop now, we can only survive it, and watch to see what we must do about this new power.

    When Winter speaks, I nod, hugging her tighter. "Very well, push us back, please"
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    Amiette and Winter,

    Yurd opens a green door back to The Baths.

    You see Amiette and all of her followers there, through the door, nude in the pools. you also see Alonzo and his son Hoze, and they are coming here.


    You enter the mossy cave. Yrd seems larger now. Winter is here, as is Amiette. Winter is obviously wounded, worn and has been recently crying. Amiette is nude, beautiful and dripping wet.

    What do you do?
  • I draw my gun and empty the magazine at Yurd.
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    The loud clap of gunshots ring out through the cave, and Winter instinctively throws herself over Amiette — afraid the fire may be directed at herself, or at least in her proximity considering she, Ami and the woman were the only things worth shooting at here.

    The sharp stinging in her chest sends out a shot of adrenaline, and she scans the cave for the danger. She's surprised when she sees Alonzo emptying his clip into the woman. She doesn't know what to do but watch.
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  • The staccato of pops from Alonzo's gun pierce the quiet tension of the cave and each shot hits Yurd, starting from center mass then working up her neck as bullets hit her in the chin, the cheek, then the left eye. She does not jerk back or spasm, but the bullets do solidly hit her, like stabbing a spear into mealy earth. Holes appear at each point of entry and a deep green viscous liquid oozes out very slowly. She blinks her right eye and says, "Prophet, what are you doing?"

    Winter, when you look around the cave and see Alonzo there, you notice that Cherry is almost completely transparent, just a red shadow of a woman. But you see she is crouched low, like a predator.
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    You awake in the cave. Alonzo, his quiet son by his side, has just unloaded a full clip into Yurd. The bullets are still echoing. Winter and a nude Amiette are here, too. You see a doorway to the Baths with nude people in the pools all touching the nude Amiette. You're still wounded, but now you're at 3 o'clock and the bliss has disappeared from your system.
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    You charge across the Gym, past Ik and Fitteen who have been fighting from the doorway and enter The Baths. You see the door and step through it into the cave. Yurd has been shot several times. Alonzo is holding the gun that fired them. His son is hidden in his shadow, watching.

    Amiette, nude, is here, holding Winter. The Bondservant Bones is here as well, her shirt ripped open and blood on her chest. She looks confused.
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    "You did this to us. All of it. You lured Harridan here to drink the ocean of blood that resulted. You created Harridan. Every life that has been lost has been your fault. All of it."

    I am in a rage, barely able to string my words together.

    "You killed Jeanette. You killed Sails and Takeback and Gummer and Trinkle and all the others!"
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    Winter rushes to her feet, hunched over a little since she can't put her full weight on the bleeding leg, and gripping her side. She eyes Alonzo and the woman nervously, vaguely listening to their conversation — but Cherry is the one that has her eye. She puts herself between Cherry and Ami — determined not to let these two forces of nature destroy the few people who care about her. "Ami," she asks, "what the hell is this?"
  • The echoes of the gunshots are still ringing. Alonzo just shot Yurd? Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming. This is some crazy, bliss-induced dream, right? I stay where I am, standin' on the damp moss, my eyes flickin' between everyone, tryin' to figure out what the hell is goin' on. I feel all too awake, all too aware.

    I'm supposed to protect Yurd, aren't I? I'm the Bondservant...the slave. Do I have a choice in the matter? But Alonzo is the Prophet. An' he's accusin' Yurd of being responsible for all of this? It's like I'm tryin' to put together a puzzle, but I'm missin' half the pieces. An' to be honest, it's not really Yurd I'm thinkin' about right now. I'm lookin' to see if Dune...I mean, Spector is here again.
  • Bones,

    It takes a second to adjust your eyes to the light, but yes, he is here. Dune is here, near you, holding your hand, helping you stand.
  • Dune, what is goin' on?

    Opening Brain
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