Lacuna and Afraid

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I'm tossing around the idea of starting a PbP game of Lacuna. Anyone interested?

I would be using the 2nd attempt (2nd edition) rules. If you don't have those, that's fine ... in fact, due to the peculiar way the game plays, it might be better if you don't completely know the rules. I would, of course, provide some kind of 'one sheet'-style rules summary.

Lacuna is a game:
In which faceless Agents hunt down undesirables in a dream city built from the human collective unconsciousness in order to cut out the parts that make their targets dysfunctional and return them as functional members of society. Meanwhile, they wrestle with doubt and misinformation - on the nature of the Blue City, on the true motivations of their superiors, and even on the matter of their own uncertain identities.
It feels like a combination of a Cold War-style spy novel, a weird psychological (sometimes psychological horror) movie, and The Matrix. Beautiful, creepy, very weird, and very cool.

Not interested in Lacuna? How about Afraid? If you've missed that, it's an in-development rewrite of the Dogs in the Vineyard rules for monster horror stories.

link 1
link 2
link 3 (this is the one with the rules)


  • Hi.

    I'd be really keen to try Afraid. Less keen on Lacuna, but only because I don't have it. Are you planning on running it here?
  • That would likely be the case.

    Not owning Lacuna really isn't a problem - it's good. The book contains serious spoilers for certain aspects of the game, and I don't know a single gamer who doesn't read all the way through his/her books.

    Not that I don't have solid ideas for a game of Afraid ... if there's interest there, I could flesh them out into an actual pitch.
  • I'm really a lot more stoked by Afraid, to be honest... the mechanics really appeal to me.
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    I'd be really interested in Lacuna. I might be up for an Afraid game at some point, but I'm not sure about right now. A good pitch on it might be able to convince me. I'm only vaguely knowledgeable about Afraid, but DitV is no problem for me.

    I'll second YP that owning Lacuna isn't a problem for play either. It might be a benefit in fact...

    And, just to share, a while back, when I was bored, I wrote an random character generator for Lacuna (since all characters are almost completely randomly generated (you can choose gender, and choose to use your real age, I think).
    Its here.
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