[BPRD] Makes My Skin Crawl, pt 7b [J 3.7, DrE 3.7]

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Joe and Dr. Eaton,

Atsah invited you to bring Dolly over and talk, Dr. Eaton came with you. You drive over to his mobile home. It's a single-wide with a hand-built sweat lodge out back, a small well, some trashed cars in front. It's nearly midnight when you come up. Atsah comes out to meet you.

How much did you tell him over the phone?


  • We pass several junked cars then our headlights shine on a small trailer. The sight of the sweat lodge behind the trailer is the only sign that we're in the right place, at least until the front door of the mobile home opens just as we open the car doors.

    I help Dolly out of the car and move towards Atsah to greet him as he walks towards us. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Fortunately I had explained that Dolly was yee naaldlooshii and that we needed his help figuring out how to remove the curse.

    "Hello," I finally got out of my suddenly parched throat and lips. I need a drink in the worst way.
  • I am present, palely luminescent in the dark of the night, the black bloodstain across my chest standing out all the more against the faint glow. Overall, however, I have largely re-knit my ghostly flesh, and my eye has begun to reconstitute, though it still flickers with cold, blue fire.

    I am keenly alert. I do not entirely trust Joe's superiors, and I also estimate that Ahiga will have been able to return to the region by about this time. He may be laying low and licking his wounds, but if he is on the hunt his most likely targets are just here.
  • Atsah is a white-haired man with a broad, flat nose that dominates his face, with dark eyes that seem to drink in everything. He's wearing a faded Boston Red Sox t-shirt that is worn and slightly stained on the left side, dark, probably grease, and a pair of jeans that were once blue and are not nearly white in the front and patched on both knees.

    "Joe. Dolly. I assume you're Dr. Eaton." He shakes your hand, Joe, nods to Dolly and Dr Eaton, "Come in."

    We do a quick scene wipe and everyone is inside sitting at a stout old light wood table. On one corner are maybe forty books of varying size and age, ranging from old library books on geology to leather-bound tomes on history, random books from an encyclopedia and a few old almanacs. Atsah is bringing over a fresh coffee pot and pouring it into cups in front of all three of you (he doesn't judge, Dr. Eaton).

    "Joe, your heart is in the right place. Dolly, I've known you all your life and I would have never expected you to be yee naaldlooshii. But then... you are tricksters, after all." He finishes pouring the coffee, then brings over a small, dainty small sugar cube holder and a little pitcher of cream, sets it on the table.

    Atsah takes a seat at the hand-carved and lathed chair that he lacquered a couple decades ago and says with a resigned tone, "I know Dr. Eaton has access to lore I don't, so perhaps he can offer a different answer. But in our world, Joe, Dolly. In our world, there is no turning back. Once you have the blood of a loved one on your hands, once you take the form of another, you are no longer human. You are a skinwalker, plain and simple." He takes a sip of his coffee and with tired eyes, adds, "I'm sorry."
  • My head is throbbing. I decline the sugar and cream. The black coffee tastes so good. Being back in Atsah's mobile home feels so good. It's like wrapping up with a well worn blanket on a snowy day. However, Atsah's words draw me out of my reverie. This wasn't the way I saw this going.

    "No! I refuse to accept this answer, Atsah."

    I set my mug down too hard and some sloshes out on the table. Some spills out onto my hand. I look to Doctor Eaton.

    "If there's nothing in our world perhaps there is something you've come across in your studies, Doctor?"
  • Dolly mutters to you, Joe, "I told you, Joe." Then she hides her face in the mug as she drinks some coffee with heavy cream.
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    I leave the coffee be.

    "Nothing is impossible, I suppose, but I know little of the material. The Bureau had a case in, ah, 1947 I believe with some similarities - a vampire. But I am not sure that the records were ever recovered from the base in New Mexico, and I do not believe it ended well in any case."

    "Nevertheless. Ms. Johnson ... Dolly ... do you wish to change? Stripping you of this condition cannot absolve you; your sins are yours to bear. Is your nature now so much a burden?"
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    Dolly finishes her coffee slowly before answering. Joe, you realize she won't make eye contact with you. She brushes her hair out of her eyes and answers to the table more than any of you, "You can't imagine what it feels like to shift, to become something else. The power to fly, to run across the sand on all fours, to taste the wind. It... it isn't a curse. It's a blessing. I'll never get my child back, nothing will change that."

    She finally meets your eyes, Joe, when she says, "I'd only give it up because it means you wouldn't have to kill me. I couldn't have my blood on your hands. And I won't kill you"
  • Atsah looks at you, Joe. You know he's taught you how to kill skinwalkers. He is as much as saying that he thinks Dolly should be killed. He'll do it if you're unable, you think.

    What do you do?
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    This trip has been utter Hell. I scan the bookshelf for the old tin where he kept white ash back when I was his apprentice. I intend to retrieve some of the powder and sprinkle them on the bullets in my revolver.

    Act Under Pressuer
  • "But...." The situation sinks in. My sister is a trickster. She likes what she has become.

    I felt sorry for her and thought that this wasn't what she wanted, that she wanted a normal life. Shedoes't want to kill me, but what of others like Jolo?

    I stand up suddenly. In a fit of rage I throw my coffee cup across the room and utter a few curse words in Navajo. It breaks into several pieces as it bounces off the wall into a cabinet. I walk over to the book case and take down an old pipe tabaco tin. I've not held this in a couple of decades but it's instantly familiar. With a soft pop it opens and the lid clanks loudly when I drop it on the shelf.

    "Doctor Eaton, thanks for coming here to help." It comes out flat and cold. " But perhaps you should go check on Penny while we sort this out."

    I set the canister on top, and then pull out my pistol. With a snap of my wrist I open my revoler. Tears are blurring my vision. I wipe them away with my left hand, firmly clutching the revolver with my right. When I reach in and pull out a small handful of white ash. Some if it sticks to my hand when I pour it over the rounds. I snap it closed.

    I don't want her blood on my hands either but she's unremorseful for the things she's done.
  • Dr. Eaton,

    You and Dolly catch Joe's tone as odd. Dolly tenses and moves like she's about to try and rise from her seat, looking about the mobile home for exits.

    What do you do?
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    An odd tone? I am in no way concerned about an odd tone in Joe's voice - the fool is breaking open his revolver and anointing the rounds!

    I stand up, snapping out, "This is absurd. I will not permit you to execute some kind of lunatic frontier justice. I took you for a man of reason, Joseph. You should be above this kind of ... tribal fanaticism!"

    I slam a palm down on the table; the entire trailer shivers ever so subtly, and it is clear that I am going to be entirely intransigent on this point. I snap a glance at Atsah, who is quite likely more of a threat than Joseph at the moment, and I especially scan the trailer for overlooked signs of magical traps. I was an idiot to not look before now, but I did not believe that this could descend into madness so swiftly.
  • I want to read the situation. I also want to manipulate Joe, since I am certain that this is not a confrontation that he wants. Though the Manipulate move is rather neutered in this game.

    First, reading the situation:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • xp (2)

    What's the best way to protect Dolly?

    Then, to manipulate:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    If you back down, Joe, mark xp.

    Hm, MC, as to the question I asked above, it may be more specific to ask What is my best way out?, provided that the answer can encompass getting Dolly out, as well.
  • Dr. Eaton,

    You get a sense that #1 Atsah drugged the coffee he gave Dolly and #2, he has a knife under the table that he'll use to kill Dolly if Joe loses his nerve. Your best way out, with Dolly, is Angel Wings.

    Barring that, you'd have to offer up a magical cure that both of them would believe could save her. In other words, you'd probably have to lie really well.
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    Naturally. Well, I suppose we will have to see how Joseph procedes.
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    "I must protect the people she and the other yee naaldlooshii are praying upon. They are killers, man. Stone cold killers! Do you want me to let her go kill others?"

    The revolver feels so cold and heavy in my hand.

    "Even if you could find a cure in your books..." My voice falters. I clear my throat and raise my revolver. "She doesn't want it!"

    kick some ass
    #DiceRoller( 2d6)
  • That has to be acting under pressure though, right? If she isn't fighting back.
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    What is Dolly doing? If she is indeed fighting back, then I want no part of this.

    If she is instead seeking an exit, I act to protect her, my ragged substance stretching like taffy to reach her and either spirit her away or, if necessary, to first interpose myself. In that case, however, Joseph would have to be acting under pressure, and his 7-9 result may also inform the situation.
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    Dolly is not fighting back. She rises from the table, but her eyes are wide and her movements are awkward. She tries to move away from you Joe, letting out a strangled, confused gasp.

    Joe, you are Acting Under Fire to kill your sister. Please roll+Cool. Then we'll see what happens.
  • Protect:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    xp (3)
  • Joe,

    You fire at Dolly, but Dr. Eaton moves in front of the shot. Dr. Eaton, you are hit by a .38 bullet and you have to take it, right? Otherwise it passes through to Dolly. So, take 2-Harm.

    Dr. Eaton,

    You've interposed yourself and now you're in between them. Dolly has fallen to the floor, she's on her butt, trying to scramble backwards. One of her legs is shifting into a coyote's but the transformation is coming in spurts, sluggish.

    Atsah has drawn a knife from under the table and now he's going to stalk Dolly, quickly trying to stab her, pin her down so Joe can take another shot.

    What do you do?
  • My form tears, and the air temperature drops once more as my substance claws for heat and life. I turn in a swirl of ectoplasm, warn the two men off:

    "Back! You will not have your way in this!"

    And then reach for her, a piercing light shining through from my breast. You can stop me Joe, perhaps. After my confrontation with Ahiga, I am still badly hurt enough that you could possibly kill me here, shoot me down before I take your sister.

    But that is the only way that you will have her.
  • Unless Joe stops me, I use Angel Wings:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
  • My nostrils burn from the gunpowder and my ears are ringing. The gunshot wound to Doctor Eaton was just as painful to me. I didn't want to hurt him... or even my sister. However, yee naaldlooshii must not be free to kill more people. If only she had wanted to be cured and the Doctor and Atsah had not failed me.

    But maybe there is another way, I realize. First though I must make preparations.

    "Atsah, make yourself ready. We're going to need all of our strength and wits."

    I sit my revolver on the table and set next to it the rattlesnake rattle from my satchel. I begin to chant the ndaa', the navajo healing song, to heal myself of the wound Ahiga inflicted on me back at the hotel.

    Use Magic
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    (I'm choosing heal +1 as the effect and the glitch that it is of short duration. With the successful use of magic I get a +1 forward due to my Mystic move.)

    For several minutes I chant the sacred song taught in my youth and perform the ritual dance. Time is of the essence, so quickly I set to performing the enchantment to my revolver.

    Use Magic
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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  • wait... I thought he used Angel Wings so that he and Dolly are no longer in the mobile home
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    Erm, yes. We have already left the location. Joe had perhaps an opportunity to shoot me before I managed it, but he did not elect to do so and we have now long since departed. The roll is indicated above.

    My destination is Penelope's hotel room.
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