[MH] Walking back. [Nx3.10]

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Ashley drops you, Aubrey and Robbie off at the parking lot, giving you a two mile walk or so back into the woods, if that's where you're going. Robbie is walking between you and his sister.

"Are you going to help me, Nyx?" She asks you quietly, her eyes looking out into the night.


  • [Nyx]

    We stand in the lot outside the small coffee shop, light from the large windows spilling over us.

    We stand until the sound from Ashley's car has faded, then turn towards the dark of the woods. Inviting to me generally, but now it's ever so slightly foreboding.

    "Haven't I been helping, Aubrey? I'm just..."

    I've been thinking about it the whole way in the car. What should I do?

    The truth is, I made a bargain with the fae, to save a life in exchange for giving up on Aubrey, letting her die. I never agreed to kill her or anything, I think all that is expected of me is not to help her. But I expect repercussions if I disobey. What I fear most is that this will be taken away from me, that I will be taken away from me. That the fae will somehow take back the gift of the blood and I'll just be Alvin again. It doesn't make sense, really... I'll never be just Alvin again, even if my blood turns human. I've learned so much, but it feels like they can take it away and then nobody will notice me and nobody will care.

    I've spent half the night trying to push this responsibility on someone else. If I'm going to be punished then let me be punished for doing what I know it right. If Myrii can help, then so can I.... and she's true fae.

    And I promised. The fae must respect that, as they taught me, your true word is your life.

    "I promised, Aubrey. I'll do anything I can to help you, I won't abandon you now."
  • "Of course you have, but they... they won't kill you or anything like that? I want to live, Nyx, but... I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Why do they even care if I live or die? It's none of their stupid business is it?"
  • We stand looking out into the woods, as if talking about them. The stand of trees like a cluster of fae standing and looking back at us.

    "I... I don't know what will happen. Maybe nothing... maybe it's a hollow threat, the fae... don't mean to hurt anyone, they're lost looking to make things balanced. But balance isn't kind... it's thoughtless... it is their business, these woods are their home and that's where this all happened."

    I just realized this myself.

    "Look, Aubrey, if it weren't for the magic of these woods you may not have come back at all... maybe it's not meant to be easy but nobody can tell you that it's time to die. Nobody."
  • She looks at you, it's clear that she's worried and afraid. Her gestures are broad as she talks.

    "How can you say that? That they don't mean to hurt anyone? Don't tell me they're harmless. I just watched you practically tear that guy's shoulder off and have to... to teleport or whatever just to save him! And then there's the... Myrii. I saw Cross' body, the arm was all sliced up, and I know she meant it! What if the fae tell her to kill you for helping me?"
  • [Nyx]

    "Yeah... OK not harmless... And I didn't mean to hurt him so bad..." Does that mean I can't control myself? "Myrii won't hurt me, she won't hurt you. She's accepted us into her waters, protected you all this time. Aubrey I don't know what will happen but we can't just do nothing can we? Don't let your grandmother's charm fade away... We need to save you."

    I look to her brother, "right Robbie? That's why you're here too."
  • Robbie nods. "Yeah, sis. C'mon. We have to. I don't want to loose you for real."

    Aubrey looks at her brother then at you. Arms crossed and hunched a little, like she's cold as you all continue to walk through town. "O... okay. Yeah I mean it's die or maybe be killed, I guess that's the choice.

    You continue on into the woods, Nyx. You are quiet. Robbie is fairly loud. Aubrey is somewhere in between. And yes, you really do have a sense of being watched. It's possible the Fae King might send others across the veil to interfere with this ritual thing. What are your plans for the next couple of hours?
  • [Nyx]

    Being watched... I didn't something would happen so fast.
    But I think we wind through the woods for a while, to avoid anyone earthly who might be watching. I'm pretty confident that I can get away from any human pursuer in the woods.

    But if this is fae... I think we avoid anywhere we've been before. I want to be within a few minutes walk of Myrii's pond, which is where we will no doubt find the others later, but somewhere unknown. Maybe out by the rocks where I sunned out with Teddy, that's just West of the ponds and I don't think I've taken anyone else there, ever. And if she needs us Teddy might even think of looking there.

    Yeah... that's a good spot.
  • It's maybe as you're passing near to Myrii's pond that you hear other people in the woods Nyx. Humans. Calling Robbie's name it sounds like.

    Robbie whispers. "Mom?"

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    Damn... Oh my god I just realized. She's lost Aubrey before... now what she must feel.

    I stop, they must hear too.

    "This... this is getting out of control. Aubrey we need to do this, save you and bring you home, then all will be forgiven... we can't let them find us now, they won't understand. I know... Aubrey can we do this tonight? If Teddy comes back, and Holly? At least, is that enough?"
  • Aubrey nods, agitated as she listens to the voice that hovers on the edge of hysteria as it calls her brother's name.

    "God... she must've tracked my phone." Robbie says, looking stricken. "I left it by the pond."

    It looks like she can't take it anymore. Aubrey starts towards her mother's panicked voice, moving as quickly as she can through the trees.

    "Sis!" Robbie hisses at her to no avail.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    Oh no... I rush after her, hardly sparing a glance at Robbie. "Aubrey!" I urgently hiss after her, hoping the others can't hear me. I'm sure I can catch her, but how can I stay quiet, how can I do this to her. She only misses her family.

    I catch up to her, maybe I have time for one thing, to say one thing, "wait, you need to live first! Then you go home... If you go now you'll never make it... Aubrey!"
  • She's very emotional Nyx, you get in front of her and she tries to get around you. You'll need to manipulate her.
  • Manipulate Aubrey to stop.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Spending my string on Aubrey to manipulate her. (+3) Guess she'll want something from me though?
  • Okay, well the main thing is that you'll have to physically restrain her, maybe pull her to the ground to get her to listen to you. You might want to cover her mouth too. And you're bringing that string into it somehow with what you're doing or saying.
  • Well I gained that string for turning her on earlier, so...

    I get in front of her, I easily can and just hold her, tearfully hold her back and whisper urgently in her ear.

    "Aubrey! Wait... you've got to live first.. get back in your own body... your living, breathing... feeling beautiful body Aubrey. Then I'll take you home with Robbie... we can really be together for the first time. Right? I don't want to let this chance pass us by... Aubrey please... they'll never... never understand."

    I just squeeze her tight, arms around her middle I fall to my knees, head against her belly.
  • She strains against your arms for a moment, trying to push them off. Then she goes limp, her arms coming up and her hands cradling your head to her belly as it spasms with her crying.

    Robbie comes up and hugs her from behind.

    She regains her composure, at least enough to talk after a few minutes.

    "What do we do? Robbie, maybe you should... should go back. Get her out of the woods."
  • I stare off towards the sound of the people searching. All I can think is that this is all falling apart. Nobody is here for us. The outside world is entering my woods, more and more. Defiling the sacred places which should remain secret. Soon enough there will be search parties and police and... a police officer was killed near these ponds today.

    We need to get away from here.

    "Aubrey, I've decided. We are going to do this, now..." I stand, taking her hand in mine, "Robbie, go... your mother has suffered enough. Tell her whatever you need to tell her, blame me if you must but don't mention Aubrey.... not yet."

    I lean into Aubrey, touching my forehead to hers, "Aubrey there isn't time to wait... let's do this now... right now. I promised I would help you and I will. Even if it's only me, I promise to bring you home safe. You'll be with your family tonight.... let's do your magic. Just you and I."
  • Aubrey says "Please." To Robbie when he looks to her. He finally, reluctantly, nods, hugs his sister, and heads off through the trees.

    Then you make your proposal of doing the ritual by yourselves and Aubrey looks terrified, though she looks in the direction of her mother. "But. I just... I don't know. It'll be harder..."

    You'll need to manipulate her into that. Or... maybe turn her on and then manipulate her into it.
  • Yeah, I could use a string. Time for a Twilight moment.<\i>

    I wrap my arms around her again, slowly embracing her and pulling her to me. I hold her for a moment, then rub her back a bit, her shoulder and along her spine. "Please Aubrey, if you go home now we might never see each other again," I kiss her, her cheek, her neck, her lips. Remind her of the night we shared together, which should be the first of many, "there's so much more we need to do, so much to experience... so much beauty in this world."

    Hopefully, even shamelessly bringing to her mind that moment at the pond where it seemed like we opened our minds to pleasure beyond the mundane. We agreed to explore everything. Will we never have that chance?
  • Turning Aubrey on, shameless (She gets a string on me)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )
  • Take a string, and immediately manipulate her.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • I'll spend my string to hit the 10+

    Think we've already made the offer clear. We will be together, she will get to go home, all these things.
  • Okay, Nyx, she's completely besotted with you so touching her and pleading with her seems to do the trick. She kisses you back, looks at you with those big brown eyes and nods.

    "Okay... no more waiting. We can do this. We can. I need... I need my book and my body."

    --End Scene--
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