[MH] Family Heartache [Nu 3.5]

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Ashley drives you to the Hospital in silence. Not that she's hostile or avoiding talking to you, you're just in your own head, right? Worried. She goes in with you too, a comforting hand on your back and murmured reassurances, and helps talk to the people there. That is a good thing because dealing with the human establishment isn't really your strong suit.

Eventually a Nurse comes and takes you down some white painted hallways to the room Dominic is in. Ash follows you but leaves with the nurse to stay in the nearby waiting area after giving your shoulder a final squeeze. He looks frail in a hospital gown against all the white. There is the beeping of monitoring machines nearby and an IV tube taped to his wrist.

He opens his eyes when you come in. It seems like he's a little disoriented, but he sees you and gives you a thin smile.

"Hello, Lovey," His voice is weaker and raspier than usual, and he just looks old.


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    I'm glad that Ashley is with me. She handles all the talking which is good because I don't know if I could open my mouth without bursting into tears. Ashley tells the nurse that I'm from Sweden, and I think that helps explain my silence. It doesn't explain why my face is all bruised, but I don't really notice the pointed looks I'm getting. I just want to see Dominic.

    Finally the nurse takes us down the hall, to his room, and there he is. The nurse and Ashley leave, and I'm trying to hold myself together. But then he calls me "Lovey" and I do burst into tears.

    "Dominic, I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! I'm so sorry!" I sob. I climb shakily and painfully up to sit next to him on the bed, gently taking one of his wrinkled hands in mine. "What did he do?" I choke out, suddenly fierce. "What did Mar do to you?"
  • His hand is trembling a little. His face darkens a bit at Mar's name, but he shakes his head.

    "Ach, none of that now, Lovey. Ain't your fault at all, nor his, just mine. Me and him got to a bit of a disagreement and my ticker decided to act up. Drinkin' so much last night prob'ly didn't help none. I'll be fine."

    I don't think Dominic has ever talked about having heart problems, has he? Or maybe a little? You might know it's common enough in older humans, particularly men.
  • Dominic takes a little pill in the morning. I asked him once what it was for and he said it was for his heart. Well, he said ticker, which confused me terribly for a few seconds until he cleared that up. He said it so dismissively though. I didn't know that he had problems really. I guess I just didn't really think much of it.

    I am relieved though, a little bit anyways, that Mar didn't actively hurt Dominic. Not like he tried to hurt Teddy.

    I squeeze his hand gently and lean towards him to speak in a low, determined voice. "I'm not leaving, Dominic. Not with Mar or any other Selkie. I found a...a way to keep from fading. So I'm staying here with you, permanently." I smile a little shakily, through the tears that are still rolling down my face. "If that's ok with you, I mean."

    I will tell him the whole story. About the werewolf thing. I mean, I think I will. Just not now. Not while he's so weak and frail. That can wait.
  • "Yeh did? Yeh are? But yer fellah said..." He stops, adjusts... "I don't want to keep you from yer life, Lovey. And I don't think Mar... I don't think he'd be too happy with yeh stayin'. Or the rest of them, from the sound of it. Why would you want to give all that up? Not for me. I'd say you best go back home."
  • "This is my home now." I say quietly. "Don't worry about Mar. I already...I already told him. And he...he wasn't too happy..." I trail off darkly, but then I blink and look back up at him, continuing even quieter. "I can't go back to the ocean, Dominic, even if I wanted to. I'm not...I'm not a Selkie anymore."
  • "You became human? Lovey! How did that happen?" It's clear he's happy that you're going to stay but then he seems to see your face again. "Oh... I'm... did yeh want to go back? I suppose yeh did, didn't yeh. Ach, I'm an old fool. I'm sorry, Lovey."

    Still, it looks like a heavy weight has been lifted off his mind.
  • I squeeze his hand. "No, it's...it's alright." I manage a smile. "I'll tell you the whole story later, ok?" I glance around at all the blinking, beeping machines, pretending to look at them while I take a deep breath and get my emotions under control again. "Do you have to sleep here?"
  • "He does tonight."

    The voice comes from a tidy woman in a labcoat who just entered the room.

    "You must be Nula, Dominic... Mr. Volkov has mentioned you." She hold out her hand to shake yours. You think she must be in her mid 50's or so. "I'm Dr. Carter." She stops... looking at you.

    "I... I'm sorry dear, but what in the wold happened to you? You..." She glances over at Dominic. "Why don't we speak in the hall?"

    She steps back so you can go through the door.

    What do you do?
  • I jump, startled. I didn't hear her come in. I guess I'm still a little on edge. I mean, it's been a long day what with all the werewolves and murderous Selkie ex-boyfriends.

    I recover, smiling a little nervously. I'm reaching to shake her hand when I see her see my face. I forgot about my face. I pull my hand back.

    "Um." I glance at Dominic. "Ok."

    I slide off the bed, squeezing Dominic's hand one more time before slinking a little anxiously out the door.
  • The Doctor follows you out the door. The hallway is relatively quiet. You can see staff moving here and there but no one very close. Dr. Carter's demeanor is not unpleasant but it is direct.

    "Miss Volkov, Your grandfather had a heart attack, we had to do a procedure to clear the blockage in his arteries. We're just going to keep him for the night for observation. He should be fine for now, but I think it's likely we'll have to do surgery on his heart. We'll need to do some more testing to be sure. If we do need to operate, it will need to happen within the next few months. For a man his age it isn't a trivial procedure. In the meantime he needs to rest, eat better and minimize stress. We'll be sending information home with him. To be safe, he will need another person, an adult, nearby to help with decisions. We've already told him but he's reluctant. You might have to contact your parents or your aunts and uncles to help you. Do you have any questions?"
  • I listen intently, biting my lip and trying to understand. But I don't know what a lot of this means and that scares me. Then she says that part about needing another adult, and I frown. I know Dominic has children, but they live far away. I'm not sure if they know about my Grandmother, their Grandmother too. Or me for that matter.

    "I..." I clear my throat. "I do not have any questions." I say in a small voice. I hope I don't look too confused. My accent might help explain why I don't seem very confident, I guess. I can't ask this Doctor any of my questions. I'll...I guess I'll just have to wait and talk to Dominic later.
  • She give you a serious look.

    "Nula... I hope I can call you that. When your grandfather came in he said he had been arguing with your fiancee."

    She pauses, her face shifting a little, like why is someone so young engaged? But the accent maybe explains it to her a little. It's still weird.

    "And... I'm sorry if this is a delicate questions...but now I see you and it looks like you've been hit. Did your fiancee' hit you?"
  • I feel myself tense. "He's not..." I blurt out, but then I stop. There's a strained silence that stretches on for far too long. Is it obvious that I'm frantically trying to think of an answer? Say something!

    "No." I finally get out. "No, I...fell down. I just fell down."

    I'm gesturing a little wildly. I'm still wearing Ashley's leather jacket and my jeans and shoes and hair are definitely still very damp. I'm very nervous and failing rather badly at hiding it. I don't like this place. This hospital. I didn't notice the first time I was here, but the smell. It smells strange. Like the stuff Dominic uses to clean. And blood.
  • Her face says she plainly doesn't believe you and she feels for you. And yes, the hospital. The clean smell isn't good, but the blood smell, the smell of weakness. This hospital is full of prey. Easy prey.

    "Nula... I know you might love him, but you won't change him. He won't get better. He'll just keep hurting you. And if you have kids with him, he might hurt them too. And worrying about you won't help your grandfather's heart. I can put you in touch with someone to talk to about this, if you'll let me."
  • Prey?

    What was that? Why did that word come to my mind? I don't want to hurt these people!

    Do I?

    I hunch a tiny bit like I'm trying to make myself smaller. Just...keep breathing. Breathe through your mouth. Try to ignore the blood smell. Don't think about prey.

    "He's not my fiancee anymore." I blurt out.
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    "Oh. Well that's good. That's a good step." She pats your arm. "But I'd still like you to talk to someone about this. It's... it's easy to go back unless you have support. Will you do that?"

    Your breathing only helps a little. Something is awake in you. More awake than earilier. Something wants to hunt and kill.
  • I'm shaking now. I don't know what's happening to me. Well...that's a lie. I guess I know, but...is this...is this what it's like? Is this what it makes you feel? And think?

    And I'm scared. A part of me is really scared.

    But another part of me is definitely not scared. Another part of me wants to kill.

    "Tell...tell Dominic I'm going home." I gasp, and then I'm taking off down the hallway. I have to get out of here. Right now.
  • So you're just running out into the night? I mean, Ashley looks up then drops her magazine quickly and gets to her feet when she sees you.


    But you could blow on past her.
  • I'm running past Ashley. I don't stop. If anything, I actually veer away from her and run even faster. I need to...to just get away. Get away from everyone. Before...before something bad happens.

    My shoulder hurts with every step. My whole body hurts. Running in wet jeans is terribly unpleasant. But I don't stop. I guess, if I remember correctly, I'll try to head towards Jarrod's...towards James' house.
  • She chases you! I mean it's a minute before you realize it, but she's right on your heels. She's clearly very fit, because she's gaining ground. She calls your name again, calling for you to stop. If she keeps gaining she might be able to grab you, maybe tackle you if you're on soft ground.

    Wolf doesn't like this... wolf should be chasing, not being chased. Not by prey.
  • "Go away, Ashley!" I shriek frantically over my shoulder. "Leave me alone!"

    Wolf. This...this is weird. Being a Selkie was different. There wasn't this foreign...presence...in my body. I was in control of myself, for the most part. This...this is terrifying. To know that Wolf could take over, could make my decisions for me.

    I don't want to hurt anyone!

    I push myself harder, my breath coming in gasps, my feet pounding down the sidewalk, but I'm not a runner. Not like Ashley is. The streetlights are glowing in the darkening light, but it's not midnight yet. It's not midnight yet, Wolf!
  • Go ahead and roll to run away.
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    Ashley tries to grab your arm, saying "Nula! stop!" But you pull away from her, so the second time she just tackles you. You go down trying to pull away from her which sends you both into a tumble on the grass.

    When you're able to gather your senses you find that she's partially on top of you, warm, a little sweaty and feminine smelling. Geez, that nose of yours.

    "Ow..." She says, but she's using her body to hold you down, until she can figure this out. Probably makes sense with you struggling.

    And with that Wolf seems torn between her being prey and being interested in her in a different but equally primal way, though in both cases it's about dominance more than anything. I think its... you remember that thing with Jarrod? Of course you do, stupid question. But that... whatever you picked up from him. Memories of Ashley having sex with a boy for the first time, from Jarrod's end. That's playing into this somehow.

    "Nula..." She's still huffing. "What the... what's the matter?"
  • Ouch. That did not feel good. And Wolf...Wolf's sudden shift makes me feel disoriented. No. I don't....that's not....those aren't my...STOP IT.

    I go suddenly still, my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Please. Please just let me go.

    I'm not sure which one of them I'm directing that thought towards.

    "Get...get off." I gasp. "Get off of me."
  • "Are you going to... calm down and... stop running?" She gasps back.
  • "I...AM...calm!" I open my eyes to glare at her. "Get OFF!"
  • "Yeah... well you didn't LOOK calm." She snaps back. She lets go and slides off of you, sitting up, but hanging her head as she continues to catch her breath. "You looked crazy.I was supposed to let you run off into the night like that? Obviously upset? Excuse the fuck out of me for caring."
  • I sit up painfully, bringing one hand up to my throbbing shoulder. I sit there silently for a second, catching my breath, breathing through my mouth.

    "Sorry." I finally mumble. "I had to get out of there."

    I blow out a shaky breath. Don't think about Dominic. Don't think about that Doctor. Don't think about Mar. Don't think about prey.

    "I need to get to Jarrod's house." I add, kind of watching her out of the corner of my eye. I know she had sex with Jarrod. I wonder how she'll react.
  • She glances over at you, kind of a sad half-smile on her face as she remembers Jarod.

    "Yeah... I guess he's your new boyfriend, huh? He's a good guy. We... uh... we went out a while back." She shakes her head to herself. She gets to her feet grunting a little with either pain or effort. She dusts off her pants. "Is your grandfather okay?"
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