[MH] Getting Myrii home. [Te3.6, Ho 3.7]

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So you went to the school then, Teddy? It's about 2 miles as the crow flies to Myrii's pond from that point. It's about 3/4 mile from the parking lot at the point of Eagle Lake but the park is closed so a Ranger might go by there, right?

And Holly doesn't have pants or shoes. It doesn't bother Myrii, but Holly is human... well more human. Though I guess if you're at school you might have gym clothes or something? You could get in through the studio but you'd have to get past whoever is there now, would that be hard? Or you could swing by home.

So what are you two doing?


  • I guess, what time is it? The studio's usually empty by nine, but I guess it's probably not that late yet? If it's close, we could wait ... I still have some soccer cleats in the bottom of my locker, and I guess, um, we could probably use the flashlight in the studio too? It'd be pretty hard to, I mean, I could just go in past them but obviously I'd kind of look messed up.

    I don't know. I really don't know what to do, Holly - I know it's stupid for, after all this, for a walk in the woods to suddenly be a big obstacle, but I'm totally burnt right now. I need to rest. You might have to take charge.

    The couch in the studio's sounding pretty good.
  • It's close to nine, so whoever's on duty should be leaving soon. Saturday night kind of shifts around, right? Do you know who it's supposed to be right now?
  • [Holly]

    The drive didn't take long, but it was enough time for Holly's throbbing to return. When Teddy said she was worn out, Holly understood and felt the same. But she made a promise to help Myrii and she meant to keep it. Plus, her pain medicine was out there and that would help, too. "Teddy, you look really tired. Why don't you let me borrow your, uhm, shoes? I'll walk Myrii to her pond and then come back. It won't take long. You can rest up in the radio station while I'm gone. Then you'll feel better when we do the magic to save Aubrey tonight. Okay?"
  • "I don't know ... you're, you've got a broken arm, Holly. And I said I'd help ..."

    But I don't seem like I need that much persuading. For the studio I guess it's, um ... no, she's out of town, uh, Brad Noble took over for tonight.

    "... Is that okay, Myrii, can you get home with Holly? Are you going to be able to find your way back, Holly?"
  • "I think I can... If you wish it, my... Teddy, if you are sure you don't need me." Myrii says. She is disappointed, but won't say so.
  • [Holly]

    "I can find my way to school, yes. I'm sure of it."
  • I stop and, "What - Myrii, what's going on? What's wrong?"
  • She blinks her big golden eyes at you, tiredly, considering.

    "It is harder to be apart from you than I expected, especially when your feelings are so chaotic." She says finally, "It is nothing to worry about now. Holly can see me back to my pond."
  • [Holly]

    Holly's brows knit in consternation, she doesn't understand this Myrii and Teddy conversation. She gets out of the car and pulls the blanket around her thin frame, waiting for Myrii to join her. If Teddy gives her shoes, she'll wear them, but she's tired and getting cranky. She looks up at the stars, trying to get her bearing so she can find her way back to the school.

    Dear Diary,

    The water nymph who was kissing me told Teddy she doesn't want to be apart from her. Teddy, the girl Ashley is in love with. I thought Myrii liked ME, she called me Wishborn, said I was special. She was just touching me five minutes ago and kissing me and I thought...

    Forget it. This is annoying and stupid. I am so tired of girls liking Teddy more than me. More than they like me, rather. I thought, at one point maybe Nyx liked me. But he's dating Aubrey the ghost girl now.

    I sort of miss Hunter. Even though I think he's a jerk. And he would have the S-E-X with other girls. Ok, I just talked myself out of that one. I guess there's nobody. I want to crawl into... I don't have a bed anymore.

  • I shoot you a look, Holly, or at least it's supposed to be kind of a shared wtf look, like are you getting any of this? But I guess I'm actually just looking at your back, so ...

    Well whatever, then. Some new weirdness is going on here, I just know it is, but Myrii's right, we can talk about it later. So I just nod stupidly and let it go, wondering if I'll regret this.

    "Um ... okay, sure. Just, uh, wait a second while I -"

    While I strip down - yay. Holly, I roll down the window and hold my shoes out, dangling. And then when you take them I'm squirming around in the driver's seat for a minute, and I also hand out my jeans because no way you can walk through the forest, off the trails, in the middle of the night without any freaking pants.

    I probably just don't want to ask what happened to your original pants. I can imagine just all kinds of -
  • [Holly]

    Holly takes the shoes and does a sort of hopping thing as she slides them on one by one while standing in the parking lot. It is less than graceful. When Teddy slips out of her jeans and offers them to her, Holly blinks a couple times, then her mouth drops open, "Are you... sure? This is really thoughtful, Teddy. I, uhm. Thank you." She takes the jeans as long as Teddy is still offering and then leans, still standing up, against the rear passenger window of Teddy's car. She takes a foot and kicks off one shoe, then the other. Then barefoot, she steps into the jeans and pulls them up. It reminds her of the sisterhood of the Traveling Pants a little. Maybe Holly is like Carmen. But she's probably more like Lena.

    Then she steps back into the shoes, kneels down to lace them again and stands. Holly walks over to place the blanket around Myrii, grunting slightly with the effort of it and her shoulder. Then she's ready to go, offering Myrii a hand to walk with her to her pond. Holly fully expects Myrii can find the pond, so she will try to mark her way by the stars so she can make her way back.
  • [Holly]

    After waiting a moment, Holly walks back over to Teddy's car, leaning in to look at her, "Are you okay? Gonna, uhm, sleep in the car? Can I? Can I do anything for you?"
  • Yeah, take my pants, Holly.

    "It's okay. I'll, uh, I'll sneak in through the studio once they clear out. Pro'ly pass out ... um, you're coming back, right? Don't let me sleep through it, okay?"
  • [Holly]

    "Yes, Teddy. I'm coming back. Aubrey needs our help. I won't let you sleep through it." After a second of consideration, "I still have your mommy's phone. How do we tell her we're ok?"
  • That's a good question, Teddy. Did your phone survive all that? Holly you left Peggy's phone by the pond, right?
  • "Ugh. I don't know, I can't keep lying to her like this. She's already on her way to work now, anyway."
  • You know, crap. I think I dropped my phone, didn't I? I had it when Mar went for me, and I don't remember it since then.
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    The phone is at Myrii's pond, yes.

    ETA: I'd love to have a conversation with Myrii once she gets to the pond. Or on the way
  • Okay, so you're going, Holly? I watch you and Myrii, but you disappear in the trees pretty quickly ... it's kind of weird to realize I'm worrying about you, but I totally am. You're really going to be able to find your way back through the woods, in the middle of the night? I don't think I could, not without a light.

    And then I guess I sit and wait, kind of drowsing. Hopefully I'll be awake enough to spot Brad on his way out, but I guess if I nod off then, like, I'll be able to see if his car's gone at least. And go in, get some gym shorts or something, and crash in the studio. A couple hours' sleep sounds ...
  • Holly, it's a couple of miles through the woods. Myrii keeps the blanket on I suppose but makes no particular effort to cover up with it. The cold doesn't seem to affect her much. I guess you and Teddy are kind of similar in size. At least the jeans fit okay. The shoes are maybe a size big for you?

    Myrii takes your hand as you walk, but seems deep in thought.
  • [Holly]

    For most of the walk, Holly holds Myrii's hand, looking at the stars, leaving her new friend to her thoughts. Eventually, she asks quietly, "Myrii, why is it hard for you to be apart from Teddy?" She swallows, then looks at Myrii's face in the dim light, "Do you... do you love her?"
  • Myrii glances around at you, maybe slightly surprised?

    "I like her very much, but no... not as you mean it. It is hard because I... When we confronted Cross at the pond I was badly wounded. Cross had a shadowblade, which made my wound a mortal one. When Teddy helped me, gave me her blood and affection it established a blood link. With a normal human it would not have been anything very significant, merely an anchor for me to survive. But Teddy... she is of the king's blood, and so the link was formed. Had I known..."

    She shakes her head. "Between the fae a blood link is the most profound promise. I owe her my life, and my service. I can feel her emotions through the link and am... at least at this stage... compelled by the magic to be near her if I can."
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    "Oh," is the best Holly can muster as a reaction. A minute passes, then, as Holly is stepping over a branch, she gets slightly stuck on a root in the path and her left shoe comes off. Holly huffs a frustrated breath and sits down. She spends a few moments trying to sit just right to tie her shoe this time, not just lace it and hope like she did earlier. It's painful to manage, tying one-handed.

    "Myrii, can you, uh, put your finger here on the shoe so I can tie?" Holly works at the lace and knot clumsily, then looks up at Myrii, "How does Teddy have the king's blood? King who?"

    Then later, as she finishes, she looks up furtively, "What power would a Wishborn's blood have? Uhm, over you?" Holly's eyes gleam a bit as she looks up at the nude fae.
  • She does as you ask, placing one long graceful finger on the knot.

    "Gwynn ap Nudd, Cernunnos, The Horned King... There are lots of names for him in human mythology. All the Tylwyth Teg... the Fae derive their blood and form from him. He has human children too, human descendants. Teddy is one of those."

    When you ask the second question she smiles at you from close range, the twinkle back in her eye, and a bit of a naughty smile on her face.

    "Why my sweet little doll, do you desire power over me?"
  • [Holly]

    At Myrii's pointed question, Holly stares at her for a small forever, breathing through her nostrils, mouth closed for fear of squeaking out a gasp. She searches Myrii's golden eyes, but they are practically inscrutable.

    "Yes." Holly answers, still staring into her eyes, "Everyone loves Teddy. Or Nula. Or Aubrey." She licks her lips in a nervous, self-conscious action, then breaks eye contact and busies herself with finishing the last loop on her shoe.
  • Her eyes twinkle.

    "Everyone? My... how busy they must be." She strokes your cheek. "There is a difference, my little miracle, between passion, desire and love. Passion and desire can give you power though... if you have the knowledge and will to use them. You are a beautiful young woman, Holly, you are mighty. You can devastate men, and women too, hold them in your thrall by the strings of their own desire, the center of their existence, if you wish to do so. Is that something you want?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly shudders at Myrii's touch and her eyes close for a second as she savors it. "I just... I don't want to be lonely, Myrii." Holly opens her eyes, which are a bit glassy, "I'm surrounded by people and I'm not one of them. I don't fit anywhere."

    She holds her breath to try and find a place of calm, then admits softly, "I want someone to love. And love me back."
  • "Ah... If you mean true love, rather than passion, that takes time. And it comes much more easily if you own your power, and believe in your own worthiness. That sort of love... It is unusual at best in the nature of the Fae. Not impossible, but unusual."

    She smiles gently. "But I do enjoy pleasure, Holly, and friendship. That is not a bad place to begin. And I certainly like you."
  • [Holly]

    Holly takes Myrii's hand to help her stand back up. As she stands, she leans into Myrii's personal space and gives her a crooked smile, "You say very nice things that make me feel special, Myrii." Holly loses herself in her golden eyes for a moment, her crooked smile slips into a wider one of wonder. "You called me beautiful and you said you like me. Why are you being so nice to me?"

    After asking her question, Holly turns and starts walking towards the pond, a bit more pep in her step, wanting to get Myrii back to her pond, to get to her medicine to take the pain away, to no longer have a reason to to have to keep moving so she can kiss Myrii for a little while.
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