[MH] A Short Nap. [Te 3.7]

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So Teddy... it looks like you fell asleep in the car. At least that's where you are when you're waking up. And the reason you're waking up is that insistant knocking on the car window. And damn it's cold.

When you look to the left you see Brad's face looking at you through the window.

What do you do?


  • I kind of lurch awake. I don't know how long I was asleep, probably not very, but I was already dreaming. Everything was all confused, but my mom caught me with my hands and clothes soaked in Deputy Cross' blood. Ugh.

    And of course Brad's here. Stupid, yeah, like he won't notice the one other car in the parking lot? I wasn't thinking straight, and I'm probably still not. But I roll down the window some, shiver when the air hits me.

    I say, "Um. Hi."

    Yeah, I got nothing.
  • He looks you over. Standing he can probably see that you don't have pants on.

    "Hi... Are you okay? You want to come inside?"
  • I give him a look when I realize, you know, he's looking, and I'm pulling like, I guess the first thing that comes to hand is Nula's pelt, and I'm pulling that across my lap.

    He asks then, and I'm just: "Uh ..."

    For a second, I'm going to bullshit him or something, but ... I'm falling asleep in my mom's car, I'm wearing nothing below the waist but underwear and socks, and it's cold. I mean, it's August, it could be colder, but it's Maine and it's night and I'm still wet.

    "... Yeah. Yeah, I would. There's a, uh, perfectly good explanation for this, you know."
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    It's September actually, isn't it?

    He quirks a bit of a smile. Brad's not a bad looking dude, is he? "Sure... Um... I just came out to get something when I saw your car. Eric's in the studio with me. C'mon, it's warmer in there."

    Brad is Eric's best friend, right? How did you two get along when you were going out with Eric?
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    Sure I guess, September. It could still be colder.

    I got along fine with Brad. I don't have a lot of, like, guy friends, but Brad's in broadcast and there's the thing with Eric. I mean, I'm kind of iffy right now about him being Eric's bestie or whatever, but being in broadcast makes him automatically cool. He doesn't pull down too many hours, like some of us do - he's in the classes, but he's only kind of in the extra-curricular club. But you can still count on him, pretty often, to take over the odd shift if something comes up.

    Well, and yeah, he is cute, which kind of helps.

    Eric, huh? Well ... I kind of scrub my fingers through my hair, thinking, but I guess I might as well.

    "Okay. The pants thing, by the way, there's a friend, she lost her pants and, um, her phone. She's looking for her phone, like, in the woods, and I'm waiting here because the park's closed now, right? And I lent her my pants, which is, uh ... obviously totally great right now, huh?"

    I'm getting out while I ramble, this is so awkward, and I'm wrapping myself up in Nula's pelt - it's just now I really consciously realize I still have it.
  • "Well you're a true friend. I mean... if I need pants, I guess I know who to ask, right?" He laughs and motions for you to go towards the studios... oh, right, you're in stocking feet too.

    He notices. He puts a hand on your arm.

    "Here, you want a lift? You're little. I'm pretty sure I can get you that far. Don't want you to step on something."

    Well you're little to him anyway. Brad is kind of a big guy for 16.
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    I wave him off, though huh. I can't tell if he's putting the moves on me, or just being nice? But it's kind of cute, either way, and I'm not too tired to notice. I smile back, kind of sidelong while I bump the car door shut.

    "Thanks, um. I'm okay, though, I'll just uh -"

    I'm hitching up Nula's pelt to, like, definitely above the knee, so I can kind of see what I'm doing with my feet. It's night, it's hard to tell even with the couple of lampposts they have in the lot here, but I don't - uh, I'd prefer to walk anyway. I think.

    "What time is it? I'm not sure how long I was out for ... are you heading home soon, or ...?"
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    "About 9:20. We were gonna hang out for a while longer, you know... party?" He waves a baggie at you, then shoves it back in his pocket. "You can join us!"

    Just then something sharp stabs into your foot, and you're not that steady anyway right?

    You start to go down but he gracefully gets an arm around your back, kind of stepping into your flailing arm so it's around his neck, and scoops up your legs.

    "Woah! Told you! You okay?"

    So he's now got you in that bridal carry. Seriously a good amount of male power right here. And Warm! He does wrestling as well as swimming, right? The pelt slipped a little bit and you can feel the skin of his arm and hand on your legs. And your foot kind of hurts, but it's probably not serious.

    Anyway he starts carrying you the rest of the way.
  • "Ah! You kidding me?"

    Just a, like, an exclamation, but then he's got me and - um. Well.

    This is - I mean, he is, for sure, pretty built. And, I kind of get where you're going here, and yeah, okay. I do - maybe this is shallow or something - but I do have a little bit of a thing for athletes, I guess. You know, like Eric. Or Joey. So if Brad's trying to put moves on me, well, the situation is pretty much in his favor, and it's not like he's being totally un-successful.

    What if he really is interested? That'd be ... nobody's really done that with me before, you know? Well, uh, I mean I guess no boys have. It's always, I had to ask them out. So, kind of flattering? Unless I'm reading into it or something. And it's not like it could go anywhere, not with the way everything is right now. Well, though it's not like I actually have a chance with Nula, so ... but Ashley ...

    And maybe I'll just shut up now. I'm tired, is all. And yeah, he carries me the rest of the way. I kind of wrap into him, to be a little more, um, so I feel a little less precarious up here.

    "... Um, I'm okay. Thanks."
  • And I'm sorry, Holly, Rich, whatever - I'm turning him on. I'm close and warm and almost-half naked, he was just looking a minute ago and now I'm curling up in his arms, bare legs under Nula's pelt. And I'm definitely, you know, kind of receptive, kind of vulnerable.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    I think you're right. Take a string on him.

    So maybe you detect a little change in his breathing, or his fingers flex around you or something. And he's definitely looking and smirking a little. But he carries you into the studio.

    "Eric! Dude... look what I found outside!"

    The studio is kind of dark, most of the light coming from the desk lamp over the board. You see Eric spin lazily in one of the spinny chairs then he's on his feet.

    "Teddy? What are you..."

    He seems to be about to continue but he stops and you can see him sort of register your bare legs under the pelt. Brad sets you down smoothly on that old sofa that's in here, right?

    "She stepped on somethin' out there." He kneels down next to your feet. "Is it this one? He says picking up your right foot and starting to peel the sock off.

    Eric kind of watches him, nonplussed, like he's not so sure he's cool with that. But he turns his attention back to you.

    "So... why don't you have... uh... pants?"
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    My foot's kind of ticklish in Brad's hands once the sock's off, and my toes curl in reaction - I squirm a little. Though it's also kind of embarrassing in front of Eric, since I'm pretty sure I don't really want there to be, like, a thing here.

    "Um. Well, a friend, she left her phone out in the woods, so I drove them here so they could go find it. She knows where it is and everything, but she, uh, she didn't have proper pants, and it's cold and dark ... I figured I could lend mine, and wait in the car? It wasn't, uh, a great idea, I guess."

    I think that version of the story was at least a little less stupid than what I told Brad? But good thing it's kind of dark in here, I think I'm probably messed up enough right now that I couldn't handle examination in good light. Need to get to a bathroom or something, and clean up.
  • "A friend? Who?" Eric asks curiously.

    I mean... most of you on the island know each other at least in passing, right?

    Brad puts your foot down.

    "Doesn't look like anything broke the skin." He smiles.

    He gets to his feet then sits down next to you on the couch, pulling the baggie out of his jacket again, and some papers and starts rolling a joint.
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    "Well ... not a friend exactly. You know, um, Holly Hobbie, from homeroom? Her. She's kind of - my mom decided to foster her. She was with the Bays, but it sounds like it was pretty fucked up there, the police got involved and everything."

    I'm kind of eying the weed, not totally sure.
  • That was definitely an unexpected answer. "Yeah? She's um... wow." Eric says.

    Brad snorts. "She's kind of a freak." He's finishing up the joint then digging out a lighter. He takes a toke then holds it out to you.
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    "Yeah, my mom knows one of the officers on the scene or something, so."

    I frown at Brad a little, and like, "She's not like - she's just sheltered. I mean like, uh, really, really sheltered, but - um, no, not right now, I need to go to the little girl's room."

    That last bit is me waving off the joint for the moment, I'm getting up and going out to the bathroom. I need to, well, use the toilet and also just clean myself up. And I can get a pair of gym shorts, at least. Uh, is there a thing here? 'Cause otherwise, I just go and I come back after like ten or fifteen minutes? I'm barefoot, and I've got those shorts on, and Nula's pelt I've folded up and kind of draped over an arm, and my cleats are dangling from my fingers.

    And maybe, like, I leave the door cracked a little on my way out, and I stop - just for a second - and listen before going in and letting them know I'm back. Just, I don't know, on impulse.
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    "...supposed to be comin'?" Brad

    "Yeah sometime, I said to wait, with Teddy here." Pause "But I don't believe you man, hotter than Ashley? Really?" That's Eric. He sounds incredulous.

    "Big tits aren't everything, man." Brad says back. "If I had to pick one, I'd take Teddy with that sweet little ass of hers any day. I've waited just so I could walk behind her in the halls."

    "Why didn't you say so?"

    Brad sighs. "Dunno. She is your ex. That's kinda weird.... I don't think she likes me anyway. Plus you were gonna try to hook back up with her, right? I figured you had dibs."


    "She's really bi?" Brad again.


    "You think her and Lange...?"

    "I doubt it, but I'd pay to see that." Eric says.

    "You'd pay more to be part of it." Brad snorts.


    "Oh my god, or that Nula chick, that would be fuckin' hot." Brad again.

    "Shut up dude, she's gonna be back any minute."

    "Good, I've got somthin' waiting for her." Brad laughs.



    You going in or continuing to eavesdrop?
  • Guh. Going in, I guess. I mean, I could just leave, but it's still cold outside and, well, this'd all be a lot easier if I was high. Which is, you know, horrible - I usually try not to use when I'm in that state of mind, and I already did that ketamine last night ... but man, this day. I killed someone today, Jesus.
  • Okay so you go in. Eric is back in the chair but closer to the sofa than he was. Brad straightens and shifts a little to give you room, and to unsuccessfully hide the tent in his pants. But he's smiling. Both of them kind of look you over, probably thinking about sex, Brad speculating, Eric remembering and speculating, but that's guys right? Eric holds out the joint to you.

    Eric frowns at your expression. "You okay?"
  • No, whatever. Maybe I should just give up on guys, huh? I don't know, there's got to be at least some of them who are halfway -

    I take the joint, though.

    "Just ... tired. Long day, I guess. I'm, uh, about ready to pass out."

    I take a hit, then pass it I guess to Brad when I get to the sofa. I curl up so I can lay down a little, maybe rest my eyes and drowse. I figure Holly'll come looking for me, like knocking on the studio door when she see I'm not in the car, right? This thing with Brad and Eric, I don't know - I just want to get some rest before this magic thing.
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    "You can... uh... you can stretch your feet out if you want." Brad says.

    Eric's about to say something but he's interrupted when there's a buzz from the studio door. His eyes and Brad's meet each other for a minute like they aren't sure what to do. Eric glances at you, then back to Brad. He, at least, is suddenly anxious.

    He gets up and goes to get it.

    I don't know if you're looking or not, but you hear a female voice.

    "No I didn't get the stupid text okay? Just let me in, it's cold!"

    In a minute she's at the door of the studio proper. It's Hayden, and she stops stock still in the doorway, her eyes widening when she sees you. It looks like she has a paper sack, probably with some beer in it.


    She glances back over her shoulder at Eric who's worriedly looking at you. Brad's watching you too.

    What do you do?
  • Oh, well, that fucking makes sense, doesn't it? Yes, I was looking, since it could've been Holly. I mean it's been, like, at least an hour since she went. But no, and it's almost funny the looks I'm getting, like their parents just walked in or something. Wonder if someone was s'posed to be getting laid tonight?

    "... Wow. I thought you were with Joseph, Hayden? Or was it Alvin? Guess I can't keep up."

    I lay back from leaning up to look and, uh, this is a bad idea, but I do stretch out some. I leave one leg folded under, knee against Brad's hip, and I let the other leg unfold to lay across his lap. My upper calf kind of presses ... did I already turn him on? Yeah? Okay.
  • Hayden't face reddens and she's about to say something when the studio door buzzer sounds again, which stops her cold. Eric goes to get it and comes back with Holly following him.
  • [Holly]

    Holly walks in all smiles with Teddy's blanket, her jeans and shoes in her arm, holding it against her chest. She hitches up a step and wrinkles her nose, then looks around, "What's so stinky? It doesn't smell like cigarettes." She marches up to Teddy and presents her with the clothes, but doesn't drop them on her, "Wanna go change? We need to go, really soon. Ok?"
  • You come in Holly, and I feel suddenly embarrassed. Not like, embarrassed by you or for you, embarrassed for myself - I mean, what am I doing here? Getting high with my ex, practically humping Brad Noble's leg (or something), sniping at freaking Hayden Booker? It's stupid, I don't have anything to prove here and, like, is any of this even worth getting all bitchy over? God knows Eric and Hayden aren't the worst people I've run into today.

    So when I see it's you, Holly, I sort of convulsively get off of Brad, curling back and then straightening up.

    "Uh, okay. It's okay, I'll just - sorry guys, guess it's time to go."

    Take my clothes, and kind of nose my feet into the unlaced boots. Mess up my hair with a hand, even kind of look over at Hayden and repeat, "Sorry."

    And, I guess mostly addressing Brad: "Uh, shit. I didn't think about it, and I don't know where you got the weed, but I heard, you know, around? Aubrey's supplier, I heard they sold her like a tainted crop or something, so you probably shouldn't use anything you got through her lately, okay?"

    I guess we're just on our way out, though, right Holly? I'm in gym shorts right now, I'll change outside. Uh, we'll have to move the car, or these guys are going to ask questions later. And obviously I'm asking you what's going on, once we're alone.
  • [Holly]

    Holly passes along the information about Nyx and Aubrey arriving, Robbie being gone, too. "Nyx is worried that Robbie might blab, I think. And he wants us to get there fast. I don't want them to start without us."

    As she's in the car, Holly asks Teddy, "Did you know that Myrii told me I was Wishborn? There are others out there, too." Holly smiles wide, "She told me that part of Renna is inside me. A piece of her soul! In me! Isn't that terribly wonderful?"

    It's prattle, really, Holly doesn't expect an answer, but she's excited about it nonetheless.
  • Well, if this is happening early, I can actually - look, we have to move the car anyway, so I'll drive around to the Eagle Lake parking lot. It'll actually be faster that way, and we'll be closer to the car when everything's done ... it won't be great if a ranger sees the car, but I'll try and park toward the back and I guess the car won't be sitting there very long anyway? Though it's not like Aubrey's told us what this thing actually, you know, entails.

    The whole soul thing is a little iffy to me since, you know, I grew up in Sunday school - indivisible souls and all of that. But whatever, the nice people at St. Ignatius didn't tell me much about ghost witches and sexy lake fairies, either.

    I take a stab at it: "Doesn't that mean you kind of, I don't know, like you are Renna?"
  • [Holly]

    Teddy's question stymies Holly for the rest of the drive. She sits in silence, contemplating with her mouth sort of screwed up like she's chewing on the inside of her cheek a little, twirling a finger in her hair and looking out the car window.

    When they park and start out towards Myrii's pond, Holly checks the stars, but she is a little lost. She follows Teddy and finally answers, "Maybe I am Renna, Teddy. Or maybe I'm just carrying a piece of her with me. Maybe I'm a matryoshka doll. One of those Russian dolls with other dolls inside it? And I'm holding Renna, keeping her alive." Holly stays close to Teddy, reaching out to touch her as they walk. If she thought Teddy would let her, she'd hold hands.

    "I want to learn how Aubrey does her magic." Holly says as if she wants to learn a new style of calculus or trig, "If she is a ghost and she's moving her own soul back into her body... then, uhm, maybe I..." her voice drops into a whisper, just loud enough for Teddy to hear, "Well, maybe I could bring Renna back, too." Her eyes are wide with anticipation and wonder.
  • "..."

    I think for a minute, trying to figure out how to say it. While I'm doing that, if you try to take my hand, I hold back, firmly. I guess I kind of get you now, in a way I didn't before.

    "... Uh, Holly? I ... don't know bringing Aubrey back is actually, um, the right thing to do. I've kind of, talked? I guess to the, like, fairy King, and he ... I'm not sure exactly why, but Nyx is right, he really doesn't like the idea. It's, I guess, unnatural? If I went and talked to a priest, I don't think he'd say it was right, either. And I think, um, I think the King's been trying to tell me there might be consequences too, like something might really go wrong."

    "I'm helping since, you know, Aubrey really wants this and I can't tell her no - I mean, how could you do that, tell someone they're not supposed to be alive? And I kind of, um, owe her for a thing I did to her, earlier today. So I can't turn my back on her. But I don't think this is really going to make everyone, like, happy, and ..."

    I kind of trail off, because I don't really want to tell you it's wrong to want to bring your sister back.
  • [Holly]

    Holly grins at Teddy in the dark when they hold hands. Teddy's worry doesn't seem to affect Holly's demeanor, "Why wouldn't people be happy, Teddy? That's so silly. Most everyone I know is unnatural. Nyx is a fae, and Aubrey's a ghost and Myrii is a Rusalka. And I'm a doll brought to life!" She titters a little, like natural is a silly notion anymore.

    "Did you know that when you gave your blood to Myrii that you bound her to you? It actually hurts her to be away from you too long. That must be weird. But she's so pretty and nice, so I guess it's ok. I know you'd never hurt her. You're a good person, Teddy." holly says as she picks her way down a narrow path with caution, "I'm glad you're helping Aubrey. I think this is going to make Nyx really happy. And me, too. I want to saaaave Aubrey. It hurt so bad to watch Renna waste away and I promised myself I would help anyone I could. I learned CPR and I thought I saved Jen, but I went to see her today and she's in a coma. She's probably never going to wake up. I was really sad. But now, I can try again. We have to make her live, Teddy, we have to!"
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