[LF] The Loser Kisses Ji Ji [Flashback 4]

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You're eleven, and you and Rui and Ji Ji are at Ji Fang's estate, far off in the wooded area away from the servants and the teachers. This is your free day, you're supposed to be practicing for a celebration, some fancy dance that you're supposed to do. It's odd how few adults are around now. So many are off fighting in the war against the Avatar and the Earth Kingdom. But the forms are still followed by those who are left, mothers, elders, the infirm, house guard.

But it has gotten so much easier to sneak away now. Which all three of you have done.

What is the contest Rui challenged you over? Who suggested that the loser has to kiss Ji Ji?


  • A week earlier we'd been climbing trees, and I fell. I wasn't too high up, so I wasn't seriously injured, but it scared me. Of course I refused to admit I was scared, but I hadn't climbed since. So Rui decided to have a contest to see who could climb the highest. It was her own way of daring me, and I knew that. I was far too stubborn and proud to back down, so I agreed. Even though it made my stomach feel like I'd swallowed a handful of leech-a-pillars.

    We convinced Ji Ji to be the judge, and as we ran towards the two trees we had chosen, Rui threw her arm around me to inform me in a wicked whisper that the loser had to kiss Ji. I had to very forcefully school my emotions so I didn't give anything away. See, I'd been thinking about Ji Ji a lot lately...and...well, somehow differently than normal. I kept finding myself daydreaming about his smile. Or how his eyes would sparkle when he laughed. I wasn't sure what to think about my own thoughts....but the thought of kissing Ji....no. No way was I going to let Rui beat me! I couldn't kiss Ji Ji! I mean...I wonder what...what it would be like...

    It's a good thing I was mostly hidden from view because my face felt as red as a fire ferret.

    When Ji whistled, we both began to climb our respective trees. I was determined to win, but Rui scrambled up into the tree like a tiger monkey. And I found myself nervously climbing slowly, testing each branch, and trying to stay as close to the tree trunk as possible. Plus, it was really distracting trying not to think about kissing Ji Ji.
  • You're three branches up, still making your way slowly when Rui, who is moving twice as fast, calls down at you, "C'mon Keela! I'm gonna stomp you sooo bad!" Then she calls out, "Ji Ji, better pucker up, big boy! hahahahaha"

    Ji Fang yells back, his voice almost a shriek, "What?!? What do you mean, Roo? I'm just... I'm just the judge!" Rui howls with laughter and keeps climbing.

    You try to stay focused as images of Ji Ji flit through your head. Ji Ji with a big fish mouth. Ji Ji coming at you, all tongue licking. Ji Ji sitting stock still like a statue and whining while you kiss him. Ji Ji's lips being nice and soft, him smelling like jasmine.

    "Ow!" Rui calls down. She's over halfway up when she calls out, "I'm! I'm stuck on a branch! Tsi*!" You glance over and the sleeve of her tattered kimono is stuck on a branch. She's not in any immediate danger, but she's stuck. What's odd, though, is that branch is far away from the trunk. She must have throw her arm wide to have gotten it caught like that. Now why would she do that?

    *tsi - from context, you're pretty sure it is a curse word. Rui heard it when she was training with her father's soldiers. She thinks it's a curse word, too. She hasn't used it in front of any adults... yet. Well, not by this point.
  • I narrow my eyes suspiciously at Rui. She's giving herself a handicap! She thinks I can't beat her. She thinks that I'm just scared and pathetic!

    Part of me is definitely jealous of Rui's bravery. Curse words! Ionesca would kill me if she heard me say something like that.

    I take a deep breath and start climbing faster. "Faker!" I yell back. "You better get unstuck fast or you're going to be a loser!"

    I don't dare look at Ji Ji. Especially after what Rui yelled at him.
  • Rui snaps back, "I'm NOT faking. I'm still going to beat you bad, Keela! You're so slow, I could take a nap up here!"

    She pulls her sleeve back and you see it rip a bit. She's going to get in trouble for that one. She grunts unhapply, but then she's climbing again, making her way to the tippy-top at a good pace. All the while, Ji Ji is yelling up, "What did you mean, pucker up? Hunh, Roo? Are we eating lemons again? Roo? Roo!"

    Rui just laughs and laughs and she's reached the top now. She's looking down and moving steady but slow back down. If you want to win, you're going to have to do something drastic once you hit the top, which you've almost got. You could maybe drop a few branches at a time, that would catch you up. But really, if you want to win, you're going to have to take a chance.
  • I climb as fast as I can, but by the time I get to the top, Rui is already almost halfway back down. I square my jaw. I'm not going to lose! My stomach is somewhere up in my throat, but I step off the branch I'm on, attempting to drop down a few branches. As I fall, panic claws into my brain, and I grab for the branch I'm aiming for more frantically than I meant to. There's a sharp, stinging pain in my hand, and my head swims. I grit my teeth and keep going. I don't try dropping down again, but I climb down fast and steady. Still, by the time I reach the ground, Rui is leaning against her tree trunk, smirking.

    I tilt my chin up, assuming the haughty, lofty expression the nobles around me often wear. I don't wait for her to say anything. I know I lost. So I just march straight over to Ji Ji, grabbing his shoulders, squeezing my eyes shut, and planting an abrupt kiss on his lips. His lips are soft. And he does smell...nice. Not quite like jasmine. But like Ji Ji. Kissing him makes me feel funny inside. Kind of like my stomach just flipped over.

    But it only lasts a second, and then I'm gone, running back towards the house. I get almost halfway there before I realize that my hand is bleeding. I'd sliced it clean open when I'd grabbed that branch.
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