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You stopped by your cave and retrieved Aubrey's book. Now you've arrived at Myrii's pond again. As you approach you see a figure on the shore. You realize fairly quickly that it's Holly, and she's getting dressed, pulling on her jeans. Myrii is in the pond itself, her arms on a branch sticking out of the water and her chin resting on her hands. Her long hair is wet. She looks better than when you saw her last.


Nyx and Aubrey come out of the darkness. Nyx perhaps you didn't hear, but Aubrey you did.


  • [Holly]

    When she hears people coming, Holly freezes. Completely freezes up like a deer. Aubrey and Nyx come through the woods to see Holly in pants, no shoes, her left arm holding her unfastened bra over her chest. She smiles sheepishly and says, blushing, "Aubrey... can you help me with my, uhm, my bra? I'm sorry, but I'm not so good one-handed."

    Despite her predicament, Holly steals glances at Myrii and smiles at her, and beams at Nyx like she has a secret. Of course, the secret seems obvious.
  • [Nyx]

    "Holly..." I say, with an almost whimsical tone, "you may be the best possible person to find here, and Myrii... you seem to be feeling better?"
  • Myrii smiles slyly back at you, Holly. "Yes. I'm not completely recovered, of course, but I do feel much better." She answers Nyx.

    Aubrey kind of blinks back and forth and then comes over to help you, Holly. She's looking to you, Nyx.
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    I hold Aubrey's hand and lead her closer.

    "We're going to do Aubrey's magic, now... before anything else can get in the way, there's dangers about that until tonight even I didn't' know.”

    I try to ignore Holly's half-nakedness, she is a beautiful girl and though I am often thinking of her, it's usually not in that way.

    "Holly, it must be fate or something that you're right here where we need you... will you help us?"
  • [Holly]

    "Of course I'll help, Nyx!" Holly says quickly. "I say what I mean and I mean what I say." She smiles at them both, "I know we were not best good friends, Aubrey, but I don't want you to go away.... I will fight for you."

    Then she stops short for a second. Takes a breath and looks to Aubrey tentatively, "But I want to, uhm, to watch how it works. The spell, or summoning or binding or... what have you. I need to understand magic more and, and stuff." Holly steps towards them both and turns her back to them, pushing her back towards Aubrey a little, hoping she will help her finish getting dressed.
  • Okay, we've established this Nyx - Holly thing, so I would be remiss if there wasn't a Turn On here, right? I mean, she's half naked, coming up close to Nyx and Aubrey both all adorable and vulnerable and trying to help. It's probably obvious she just had sex with Myrii, so that's something they've all shared. So... yeah.

    Turn Nyx On:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    (+1 XP)
  • [Holly]

    Holly looks over her back at them, "I thought we needed everyone we could get? And, uhm, what happened to midnight?" She licks her lips and adds, "Teddy is really close by, she's at the school. I have to take her pants back to her and, she-she wants to help, too! Aubrey?"
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    I'm stunned for a second. Trying not to look at Holly's body as I stand here with Aubrey in this situation.

    I somberly say, "I just don't want anything else to happen, for the police to come, or her parents. Maybe too many people know about this. I think we can do it if we really care about Aubrey. Haven't you seen wishes come true before Holly? I'm not all wrong am I?"

    I look to Holly, at her too. Maybe I am wrong. Holly will tell me if I am.

    Why was she.... with Myrii?
  • Frankly, Holly, I think standing here in front of Nyx and Aubrey, partially dressed, after having wonderful sex with Myrii is turning you on more than they. Especially with the way they're both looking at you.

    Nyx, take a string on Holly.


    Aubrey puts a hand on your arm. "We have to set up the ritual anyway. Let her go get Teddy. If they aren't back by the time we're ready, we'll just do it alone."
  • [Holly]

    Aubrey's touch doesn't tingle as much as Holly expected, but it does feel nice. Holly waits for her help dressing, then turns back around to kiss each of them on the cheek, lingering a bit by Nyx's cheek to whisper, "Don't start without me, Nyx." Then she's off.

    Holly marked the stars and she deliberately and quickly makes her way back to the school. She's actually quite giddy about this ritual and the possibilities. When she reaches the parking lot and sees Teddy's car is empty, she heads towards the school. Maybe she's at the studio?
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    I'm a little deflated about it, felt almost like we were running off together. It was... exciting, romantic, hopeful.

    Yeah... and stupid.

    I look away from Holly towards the edge of the water, feeling Myrii's true fae eyes upon me. Feeling Hollys eyes upon me. Without looking at anyone I nod and exhale a long breath. The girls are right. I was afraid and I let it get to me.

    "Ok... ok Aubrey. Let's do that. What do we need to do?"

    OOC: Don't think we need to play out the prep.
  • Holly, Eric answers the door and brings you inside. Jump here real quick and then we'll probably jump you both back.

    Yes, I'll just describe it briefly.
  • Nyx, with Myrii's help you and Aubrey pull Aubrey's body out of the water to a clear place along the shoreline. Aubrey then carefully draws a couple of concentric circles around the body in the dirt. That takes longer than you'd expect because she erases parts and redraws them until she's satisfied. Between you, using her grandmother's book as a reference, you draw sigils at the cardinal points of the compass and the half points, between the two circles. The sigils themselves seem to haunt your mind as you etch them into the ground with sticks.

    Just as you are finishing this is when Teddy and Holly arrive.

    Teddy and Holly,

    When you get there you see Aubrey's body laid out in the middle of a smaller circle, with a larger circle around that. Nyx and Aubrey are still drawing in the dirt with sticks. Aubrey gets to her feet, finished with hers, and looks up to see you.

    "Good!" She says with a subdued smile. "Thank you both for helping me." It's clear that she terrified that this won't work at all.
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    I'm really subdued myself: "Yeah."

    And I look around, see the circle and all of that. Where's Myrii? And since there's a second here, I approach Aubrey and I'm kind of not quite holding her eyes.

    "Um, Aubrey? I never got to say, I uh - I'm sorry about ... about earlier. In the cave. I took advantage of, of you, and ... sorry."
  • I don't know what this is, really, why I'm doing this. Maybe just settling business, in case ... you know.
  • [Holly]

    Once she enters the clearing, Holly gives Aubrey a quick smile and walks over to the book and the circles. She drops to her knees slowly to avoid a jolt to her broken arm and reads everything she can in the book. This seems so alien and amazing to her. She asks Nyx, "How do the circles work, Nyx?"
  • "All I know is that it's magic... And it has to work. It will."

    I can't help but thinking about all we've been through together. Too bad Nula isn't here, and Robbie had to go, but I'm glad we're not alone.

    I walk over to Teddy, not quite able to meet her eye. I'm happy she said something to Aubrey about that. That means a lot.

    "Teddy, I'm sorry for before... I... I know you're trying to do what's best," I think a moment then add, "you're braver than anyone I know. I don't think I could handle what you've had to do..."

    I stop. I've said enough. My tongue has a way of causing more trouble... Enough. I'm just glad they're here for Aubrey.
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    Well it's dark, Teddy, and the moon hasn't risen yet. There is a little bit of firelight. (I guess, Nyx, that you guys dug out a firepit and set a small fire.) So you catch the sound of water moving a little and maybe a glint of white skin or gold eyes out on the pond. She seems to be keeping her distance.

    It looks like she can't meet yours too well either. "It's okay... we're... its okay." She says, low. I don't think she's actually figured out how she feels about it. Okay probably isn't the right word.

    This is where Nyx speaks to you, Teddy.

    She looks around.

    "Okay, um... we need to ritually cleanse ourselves. Um... sorry, but we're supposed to be naked. Here, just follow me and do what I do."

    She strips down and goes to the pond. I'm assuming you all follow, right?

    After she leads you through the cleansing, which is mostly ritual washing of face and hands and body... Yes I know, you're wet again, and the air is cool. Myrii swims nearby and makes the water warm.

    After that she leads you back to the circle.

    "Teddy you go here" She points to a spot between the two circles, near the body's outstretched right hand. Nyx she puts you on the left hand and Holly she puts you near the feet.
  • [Holly]

    Holly's eye are wide with excitement and she giggles when everyone gets naked. The whole time they're bathing, or cleansing, she's glancing at Teddy and Aubrey and Nyx. Especially Nyx. This is a bit of sensory overload, the whole experience, like she's finally part of something important, vital. She is in a circle of friends, this is life or death. And they're all so pretty!
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    I knew stripping down would come into it. Aubrey's exactly the sort of dancing-naked-in-the-woods Wicca-type thing the nuns always warned about, isn't she? But, well, I guess I've already seen everyone here naked, anyway.

    I don't know how to answer, Nyx. I'm brave?

    "I'm ... not. I'm scared -"

    And I'm glad I guess that Aubrey moves things on. I strip down in the cool air, then step into the Myrii's water and follow Aubrey's example. It's not so bad. It's warm, and I think back, and I wonder about what Holly said. Am I really hurting Myrii? One more thing, then, so strange I can't understand it.

    I stand where I'm put, staying a little turned away from Nyx, covering my sex with my hand. And, kind of embarrassed, I look up and watch the stars while I wait.
  • I'm not embarrassed. Not the least bit. And also not making a big deal out of it. I get naked in the woods by myself all the time, though... I'm seeing these girls that I like... Especially Holly who I haven't seen like this before. But I keep focused.

    We're here for Aubrey.
  • Aubrey herself gets into the circle kneeling next to the corpses head.

    She looks around at you all. "Magic... witchcraft is mostly an act of will. You must will me back into the body, focus on it as much as you can while saying the chant. Nyx will put the ring here." She touches the breastbone of the corpse. "You will touch.. um.. me... And you will all say the chant three times, while willing me back to life. The most important thing, is that when you feel it, you will need to hold on, don't let go of the body. It will be scary, but you need to hold on.... please."

    She pauses for a moment.

    "This is the chant:

    By the nameless name
    homeless soul
    we call thee here
    to make thee whole
    Join this flesh
    upon the earth
    we call thee
    to second birth
    To this body
    upon the ground
    we call thee thrice
    to be bound.

    Wiggle thy toes
    Open thine eyes
    Twist thy fingers
    Toward the sky
    Life is sweet
    Be not shy
    On thy feet
    So sayeth I"

    She has you repeat it a couple of times, waiting until everyone has it, then nods at you Nyx, to place the ring on the sternum of the corpse.

    You feel the energy change when you touch the corpse with the ring in place. It's weird. Uncomfortable. Nyx to you it probably feels even more foreign...even wrong. Aubrey begins the first round of the chant, gesturing for you all to repeat it.

    The wind begins to pick up. Your bodies are buzzing strangely, like electric current running through you. It's weird and frankly scary.

    Everyone needs to hold steady.
  • Holly Holding Steady
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    (+1 XP)
  • [Holly]

    Holly will take +1 Forward in this scene. She's completely focused on learning this ritual and making it work.
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    I listen, trying to squash my worries. I'm going to do this - we're going to do this - and if the decision's made, there's no point in second-guessing it. I touch Aubrey's body, her cool palm and wrist, try to ignore the uncomfortable buzzing energy, try to imagine that hand coming to life, fingers moving to lace with my own.

    You know, like, in a good way, not in a zombie-movie kind of way.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Nyx]

    So here we are, the moment we've worked so hard for. How can it be wrong? But it feels strange, it gives me a feeling deep in my stomach which I don't like. I bear with it and say the words and wish more than anything ever that Aubrey will live again. That she will heal and we all will heal and the woods will heal forever.
  • Holding steady.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Wow what a range of rolls.
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