[BPRD] Makes My Skin Crawl, pt 8 [DrE 3.8, P 3.8, B 3.8]

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Dr. Eaton,

You snatch up Dolly and whisk her away with your Angel Wings and within the blink of an eye, you're in Penelope's room. It's still in rough shape. Penny and Blake are still gone. It's just you and Dolly. Dolly swoons and I assume you guide her to the bed. There are no signs of your team.

What do you do?


  • Yes, we reappear here amid piercing light and the sound of a hundred wings. However, then pay Dolly little mind - she can swoon if she likes. She is an immortal monster, she will survive this, and she also remains a murderess. I do not aid her out of any particular sense of sympathy; I only do it because it is the right thing to do. If they are at least able to admit their sins, there is no one who does not deserve the opportunity to redeem themselves.

    So I do not coddle her. Instead, I go to my books, and I open to the same passages that I used previously to ward the doors and windows against the skinwalkers. I will adapt the remains of those wards, inverting and broadening the effects in order to turn this room into a prison. They will not keep anything out, but they will keep Ms. Johnson in, and focused as they are on a single being, they will prevent her leaving even through magical means or, say, by smashing holes in walls.

    This is for her own good; it will protect her from being summoned and slain by Joseph, his mentor, or any other bloodthirsty accomplices they might bring in. I take my time, referring to my texts and conducting the binding carefully. It should take Joe some time to put together a summoning ritual, and I have the advantage in that I am working from wards that are already in place, if partially damaged. That is why I am doing this here, rather than, for an example, at the BPRD headquarters.

    I do explain to Dolly what I am doing, if she is alert enough to ask.
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  • And it is good that I took my time. Dolly is trapped in these two rooms, unless she does something to stop me or convince me to stop (this will take several minutes).
  • Dolly does rouse after falling to the floor, the poison was fast-acting, but it seems to be fading. She does ask about your ritual and since you just saved her life, she doesn't seem to be fighting to get out. "Dr. Eaton, do you give me your word you aren't just trapping me here to kill later?"
  • I actually roll my eyes. Though admittedly, since my substance is slowly unraveling even as we speak, it may be difficult to see this. I need to heal very soon, or my condition will likely worsen ... I am now as bad as I was when Ahiga fled me, as almost as monstrous, though I am doing a slightly better job of maintaining a coherent humanoid form.

    "That is ridiculous. Why would I bother? But yes, if you prefer, I promise and assure you that that is not my intention."
  • Dolly seems to accept this, but she's rising up, moving around the room sniffing and looking at your rituals, "What are you going to do?"
  • - aside -

    MC, a thought: I may in fact have mildly hurt Dolly when bringing her here. I can normally resist harming those I touch, but I am currently wounded and unstable, and my substance is hungry for heat and life. And, of course, I had no choice but to touch her to bring her here. If you think it appropriate, she would have taken 1-harm (ignore-armor). If you wish to let that slide, then perhaps I was able to rein it in for those few moments on contact.
  • "I am going to find Agent Blake and Agent Snow, and bring them here. They will protect you, if necessary. I suggest that you attempt to remain civil with Agent Snow, Ms. Johnson - your life may well rest in her hands if Joseph or Ahiga comes for you.

    "And once they are here, I must hunt. I am ... my encounter with Mr. Ahiga was costly, and our exchange with Joseph additionally taxing. I am unraveling."

    I raise a hand, and it is obvious: streamers of ectoplasm are peeling away from my form, unraveling into thinner and thinner strands, disintegrating down to naught but a spectral glow in the air about me.

    "My will alone is now insufficient to sustain me. I must seek warmth and life."
  • Dr. Eaton,

    Dolly looks at you, and it registers on her face the trials you've been through. She doesn't show pity, but she gets it.

    That's when the door opens and Penny and Blake come in. You notice there is a stark difference between their body language. Blake seems oddly at ease around Penny, like he's nearer to her. Penny, she looks like she's trying to hide an inner glee and wonder with her Agent Snow face, but you glimpse it around the edge of her eyes.

    Blake and Penny,

    Dr. Eaton looks quite ghastly. A droopy-eyes Dolly is sitting cross-legged indian style on the floor, still wearing Joe's jacket and looking miserable.
  • I stop, startled. Oh, well, hello there, Grandfather. You have a remarkable ability to suddenly turn up every time I'm kissed.

    And Dolly.

    I ignore Dolly.

    I'm at Grandfather's side in a flash, my hands on his shoulders, not thinking or caring about his freezing touch. He's hurt again! Possibly even worse! "What can I do? What happened?"
  • I look between both Dolly and Doc with concern, though I suddenly have a new awareness of Penny.

    "Situation Report, Doc?"
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    I do look rather poorly. I am not materially any worse off than I was after my confrontation with Ahiga, but this time I have held my shape more effectively. Where before my injuries caused me to appear monstrous, I now appear largely human, and wounded, which I suppose must make all the difference. My substance is pale, slowly unraveling into a cold halo, and a dark stain still bleeds from my breast.

    Penelope, I am dangerously cold. Or rather, I seem to be thus because my substance hungrily draws heat from any touch. I attempt to ward you off with a raised hand, or - if I must - I slip from your grasp as streamers of fog.

    "Please, Penelope! Keep your distance. My body requires heat, and life, and it will take whatever I touch. I will be forced to prey upon some animal, mostly likely, and until then you must keep your distance. If you wish - do you recall rituals of healing, or how to use the mugwort? I can only consume so much from enchantment, but if you help, it may nonetheless stabilize my condition."

    "Joseph brought Ms. Johnson and I to his mentor, a senior in his cult. There, they poisoned Ms. Johnson and - when it became evident that her transformation from human could not be readily reversed - Joe attempted to murder her. There was a - brief altercation, and I delivered us here. Ms. Johnson has committed herself into our custody; she will require the Bureau's protection until she is safe or can be brought before tribunal."
  • Dolly, even though you're all avoiding her, you can't help but glance when Dr. Eaton mentions her. Her pupils are dilated, her hair is matted against her face from a cold sweat, and she looks pale. She's not talking, not meeting your gaze, just staring into nothingness.
  • "Well hell. Poisoned?"

    I kneel down next to Dolly, looking at her eyes. "What did they give her?" I say to the Doc. "Do we need to counteract it?"

    To Dolly I say. "We're not going to let anyone hurt you, Ms. Johnson, if you're giving yourself up. Penny can you get a blanket, she looks like she's getting shocky."

    I glance up. "Ilya said he would cooperate too, if we see about protecting the sacred place. He though Ahiga would not though."
  • "I couldn't say; she ought to be generally immortal. However, Joseph drank from the same pot, so it may ..."

    Perhaps I should have considered it earlier, but I am in no great condition myself. It takes a deal of my attention simply to maintain a semblance of humanity, but I concentrate on Dolly for a moment. Is she worsening? The only way I can think of to do something like that to her, leaving aside certain forms of black magic, would be to feed her ashes.
  • Investigate:

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    On a hit, What happened here?

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  • I highly doubt poison could kill Dolly. She's already full of poison just naturally.

    I'm frowning, but I get a blanket like Blake asks me to. Because Blake asked me to. I hand it to him and then I look at my Grandfather again. He ducked away from me earlier. It's terribly complicated having a Ghost Grandfather. I wish I had a pair of Ghost-Proof Gloves.

    "I could try doing the healing ritual that Agent Waller taught me." I say a little hesitantly. "I just...haven't had the chance to practice it very much. If you accidentally grow a few extra appendages, I do hope you'll forgive me."

    Extra appendages are better than no Grandfather at all. I'm already clearing my mind. Picturing the words, letting the steady chant fill my head. I'm moving into your space again, not touching, but getting as close as I can.
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  • Dr. Eaton,

    Atsah fed her white ash and a mixture of a poultice containing home-brewed chemicals that when combined, become a very powerful poison. Evidently, Atsah expected Joe would lose his nerve. Atsah most likely has an anidote, since he dosed Joe as well.
  • "Thank you, my dear."

    That was excellent, Penelope, and I nod in approval. I do not appreciably improve in appearance, but my gradual unravelling does seem to have been arrested.

    Blake, "Agent, I suggest that she may have been poisoned with white ash - a small quantity mixed into coffee, most likely in conjunction with some other poison. Are you equipped to treat a poisoning? There are sorcerous means of curing her, but I am not especially prepared to do so."
  • "Only basic poison treatment, which we can try, though I don't know if it will work. Ms. Johnson, do you know what he gave you, or what we can do about it? Will it kill you or was it just to slow you down?"
  • Dolly bites back a smart-aleck response, and instead answers while looking at the floor, "Ahiga kept me in the dark. Iiya, too. It, uh, wasn't an equal partnership. Let's say that."
  • I'll go ahead and fetch my kit. I'll try some standard poison treatment and hope that it does the trick


  • hmmm... would it be stabilize or fix a harm? Probably stabilize?
  • Stabilize works best.
  • Alright then. I stabilize her.
  • Blake,

    As you finish up with Dolly, your mobile phone rings. The ID shows a local landline number.
  • I hang back from Dolly and John, although my traitorous eyes stray to John far more often than they should. I turn them to my Grandfather and command them to behave.

    "Are you quite sure you're alright?" I ask dubiously, frowning. "Where is Joe now?" I add, a little quieter and a lot worried.
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    I answer the phone as my eyes are shifting between Dolly, Doc and how messed up he looks and Penny.

    "This is Blake"
  • "No, my dear, I am not. However, I will recover, and rather more quickly than if I were a natural, living man. Do not worry yourself. When last I saw them, Joseph was with his mentor, on the outskirts. I doubt that he has moved far, since then."

    "Penelope, have you been in contact with the other skinchanger, the Ilya boy?"
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