[MH] End of a very long day [Te 3.9][Ho 3.9]

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You've dropped Aubrey and Nyx off, finally, where they needed to be, maybe a block from Aubrey's house. Nyx assured you, no doubt, he could walk home (or back into the woods or whatever) from there. Did either of you say or do anything particular when they left you?

But finally here you are back home. It might be weird, now that you're thinking of it, Teddy, that you have company... and they aren't leaving. I mean, you've spent an awful lot of nights alone for a while now. But now you have Holly, a foster sister. So you've both come in...

I imagine you both end up together somewhere, probably your room? I mean you're maybe eating something, showering, getting ready to go to bed. I know you're really tired. Are you planning on crashing on the couch then, giving Holly your bed, since the room isn't made up for her yet?


  • Yeah, that's exactly it, it still hasn't totally sunk in. It feels like a sleepover, you know? Though that's weird too, it's not like I've had people stay over here like, ever.

    When we left Nyx and Aubrey, I guess, you know. I guess I thank, uh, Nyx. For being there. I mean, I kind of have to, I screwed up bad, as far as helping Aubrey goes. Whatever, um, whatever I feel like might be wrong with that picture, it's something I said I'd do, but I just ... couldn't. So Holly and Nyx, I guess it probably wouldn't've happened without them.

    And now it's you and me, Holly. But that's not so bad. You're not so bad. Though, this is going to take a lot of getting used to. I'm going into the kitchen and checking the fridge:

    "There's still some pizza. Let's, I guess, get cleaned up first, and get some food, and ... how about you take the first shower? Do you need any, uh, help? With your arm like that?"
  • [Holly]

    When Teddy asks if Holly needs help, she quirks a frown of frustration, then nods simply. "Yes, Teddy. I, uh, can't get my shirt. And uhm, stuff off... by myself." She trudges over to Teddy and turns around so she can help with her shirt and bra. While Teddy is helping her, Holly asks, "Why do you, uhm, go by Teddy? I think Theodora is a classic name. It's really nice. Or Dora. That's adorable." Holly looks over her shoulder at Teddy for a response, curiosity in her tired eyes.
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    Okay. I guide you into the bathroom, and we get those clothes off, with my fingers all cool against your skin.

    "What? I don't know, it's just, I don't like it. It's, like, my grandmother's name, but it sounds like it. It's an old lady name. And I guess, the kids just called me Teddy back when I was little, and now it's just my name, you know?"

    Well, you probably don't know, actually.

    "... But I don't mind, um, Dora. Mostly just mom and Ash call me that. And dad."

    Are you okay to shower? I don't know what instructions they gave you at the hospital. I broke a finger once, back when I was doing soccer, and they let me take off the splint to shower, but it might be different for a whole arm? And can you, like, wash your hair and stuff on your own?
  • [Holly]

    "I like Dora, too. I want to call you Dora. Is that? Is that ok?" Holly replies with a smile. She motions for Teddy to help with the splint, she just wants to take it off, even if the doctor suggested she keep it on as long as possible. Holly leans into the tub and turns on the water to cold. Always cold, ice cold, like the Bays told her. Don't waste the hot water, too expensive. She flips the toggle for the shower to come on and turns to Teddy.

    Without a sense of discomfort about being naked in front of Teddy, Holly says, "I'm happy to be your foster sister... Dora."
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    I help with the splint, but I make you keep the sling on. It'll at least keep your arm kind of immobile? And I'm tapped, worn out, so while you're showering I'll just stay and sit here on the toilet, waiting for my turn to shower. Eventually, I'm going to notice it's cooling off in here, and I'll check if the water's really okay with you, turned down that cold.

    "... Yeah. Uh, I'm glad you got away from those people, the Bays. And ... I know I gave you a hard time, I was pretty much a bitch to you, but I'm uh, I'm really sorry about that."

    This is complicated, I can't meet your eyes. You being naked, it's kind of embarrassing for me, at least, and ... God, I'm remembering this morning in Ash's bathroom, aren't I? You were, I don't know, freaking out over Ashley or something, and you were suddenly coming onto me, like, hard.

    Is there something wrong with me? I was never attracted to you before that, before I knew what you were, and before that Nula was the only girl who ever turned me on. I mean, Nula and Myrii ... so do I just have a thing for, like, people who aren't, you know ... normal? Isn't that kind of screwed up?

    Because the scary thing is, you were coming on to me, and I wanted it. I kissed you, even. It tasted like blood. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still kind of fascinated with you. I sort of hate that part of me, but it's still there. How can you forget all of that?

    So I can't quite meet your eyes, but I also say, "It's okay with me - I mean, if you're really okay with staying here, then that's, um, cool, and ... I'm glad you're here."
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    When Teddy asks about the water, Holly answers, "It's okay. The Bays didn't want me to use up their hot water and I, well, I got used to it mostly." Then she shuts off the water and begins the uncomfortable process of drying off. Holly pulls back the curtain and gives Teddy a pleading look for help once she's done all she can with the towel.

    "What did you and, uhm, and Ashley talk about in the woods?" Holly asks when a towel is over her head. "I saw you talk to her when I was, um, hiding under the blankets. How are... you two?"
  • "I don't ... nothing happened. She drove up and then, you know, there was Nula and, uh, Aubrey. I guess she knows about Aubrey now and - I don't know about Nula. I don't know what to tell her ... are you going to tell her about, um, Myrii and I guess Nyx?"

    Drying your back, your hair.
  • [Holly]

    Holly pauses as Teddy dries her hair, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of someone caring for her in this way. "We're best good friends, Dora. All three of us. We shouldn't lie between us... right?" Holly turns her head to look back at Teddy, "She. She loves you. And she's so wonderful, one of the bestest people I know. You're so lucky, Dora." A half smile, a forced smile of worry crosses her lips when she looks at Teddy, "Do you, uhm. Do you love her back?"
  • I hedge, like, "Well, she's my best friend, we're like sisters, of course I -"

    But that's stupid, it's not what you meant and we both know it. So I stop.

    "... I don't know. Maybe I could? I've never thought about her that way but, all along, she's been - and I've never made, uh, great choices, with dating and, and love. Like boys. And Nula. So maybe I'm just letting my, like, sex drive or whatever drag me into stupid hook-ups, and maybe, um ..."

    Maybe it'd be better with her. She's been thinking of me so much.

    "What do you ... think of her?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly keeps watching Teddy stumble through her answer, her new foster sister's face seems pensive, full of self-doubt. A flash of pity shows on Holly's face as Teddy extols her life choices and regrets. When Teddy asks Holly's opinion of Ashley, she replies without hesitation, "Ashley is a very wonderful person. She would be a great girlfriend. She is strong and true, and smart and passionate. She would try so hard to make you happy." Then Holly hesitates, and adds, "And she's really really pretty.... and uhm, a really soft kisser and, uhhh. And stuff." A goofy grin creeps onto her face at that. She shrugs, but then winces at the pain of the movement.

    Realization of what she said hits Holly and her eyes grow wide. She stammers, "Dora, I'll never. I won't be in your way, never ever. I want my, uhm, my sister to be super happy and we know she loves you. I was, uhm," her voice falls a bit, "Just an experiment. So it's. It's totally ok. I'm ok." The word ok has a bit of finality to it, like the final ring of a bell. Holly licks her lips and gives Teddy a smile, slightly forced.
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    There's just a second, but then I lean in from behind you here, and I try hugging you. Sort of, like, as an experiment. So my arms are wrapped around your sides, my hands - again - kind of chilly against your ribs and belly. There's not much to you, is there? I mean, like, the Bays weren't taking care of you at all, and you're kind of scrawny under those loose clothes you're always wearing.

    ... I guess I'm still, like, still a little conscious of you, in that way from this morning, but I'm kind of tired of being led around by my libido, you know. So I ignore it.

    "Um. Thanks, Holly."

    I don't really hold the hug for very long, since it's still kind of weird - Ashley's the only friend I've had where I've really been that comfortable with being, like, touchy. But when I pull back, I start wrapping the towel around you, tucking it into itself to kind of cover you up.

    "Go get something to eat, okay? I need wash up, but I'll be out in, like, a few minutes, and ... look, maybe you could take the bed tonight, until we get things worked out."
  • [Holly]

    Holly closes her eyes when Teddy hugs her. The move is unexpected, but not unwanted. She slides a hand over Teddy's where they are over her belly and makes a soft, pleasant "Mmmn" sound, just a verbal expression of the warmth between them.

    When Teddy offers the bed, Holly nods, her eyes tired, shoulders slumped, "If you, you want, you can lie in the bed with me. Like, uhm, last night." Holly heads for the door, then looks at her over her shoulder, "I won't, do anything funny. You had a rough day, too. It's ok for you to sleep in your bed. If, uhm, you want." She stares at Teddy for a long moment, then she heads for the kitchen to find something to eat.
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    So, I take a shower, which is huge - I'm filthy, cold, and damp, and being able to just stand under the water for a minute, it feels so good. And then I get on some sweats and an undershirt or something, and if you're still just hanging out in that towel, Holly, I guess I'll find something for you too.

    And eat, you know, reheated pizza.

    Are we settled here, Holly? Want to just go to bed? I'll take you up on that, uh, and share the bed with you. It's just a twin, nothing like Ash's giant ocean of a bed, but it would be okay and ... I don't know, secretly, I could use the company. Kind of afraid to go to sleep tonight. I was having these sort of nasty bloody dreams just nodding off for a little bit in the car, I don't think I'm going to sleep well.
  • [Holly]

    That feels like a good end scene, yeah. MC?
  • Weren't you planning to commune and all that, Teddy?

    So I mean at the end there it's the two of you sharing Teddy's bed, right? Is it just you laying next to each other there in the end, staring up into the dark? I suppose Holly's arm keeps her from rolling around too much. So yeah.. at that point, Teddy, maybe when you're drifting off?
  • Yeah, the two of us in bed. I probably am kind of laying on my back, staring up. I can't usually sleep like that, I sleep better on my side, but I'm not really trying to sleep anyway. Things are just replaying in my head, and I'm worrying to myself for, I guess, a while after you've finally drifted off, Holly.

    It's not the weirdness that's getting to me, all the magic and inhuman stuff ... it feels, and I really want to believe this but it feels like all that's done, you know? Myrii's had her revenge, Aubrey's back to life, everything's taken care of. There's still, like, people in my life, like you and Myrii and I guess Nula, but I hope now, I don't know. Maybe it can be normal, even if the people aren't, quite?

    What's getting to me, that I keep coming back to, is Deputy Marsha Cross. How awful and scary she was. The things she showed me, like in the photographs of mom and, um, and Ashley's dad? But mostly, that fight, the knife coming down on Myrii, the gunshot ... all that blood when I woke up. I killed someone today, I'm kind of saying that in my head but the words don't even make sense. What happens tomorrow? What do you do, the day after doing something like that?

    But yeah, I do go to sleep eventually. I'm incredibly tired, and my eyes are closing all on their own, so I kind of carefully roll onto my side so I'm not waking you up, Holly. So I'm just slightly curled there, facing you, and I let my eyes close, try to forget and just listen to the sound of your breathing ...
  • Yes, I want to see if I see the King in dreams. If he ... has anything to say.

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  • See. Bad dreams.
  • Yes. Dark, confusing, chaotic and terrible. The battle with Cross, somehow more terrible, bloodier. Myrii's pond filled with blood rather than water. A blank hole growing out from where you were stabbed. Trees withering and bleeding. Cross' face as you shot her. The jerking of her body and the terrible stillness of it afterwards. You and Aubrey flashing between having sex and eating bloody chunks of flesh from Cross body, then vomiting the nameless darkness out to fill the world. A tiny chubby hand reaching out to grab hold of your thumb.

    The Horned King will take a string on you.
  • --End Scene--
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