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Teddy finally dropped the both of you of, maybe a block or two from Aubrey's house, right? You probably told them you could get home from there. Do you really plan on going home?

You're walking now, along the darkened street. Aubrey is dressed but still is feeling cold. It seems to be an after effect of the ritual. Did you guys talk about a story to give her parents? How is she going to explain what happened to her? There's been a police search for most of a week. She's been dead for... about 10 days, maybe. And then there's the whole boyfriend out of nowhere thing, have you talked about that?


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    No actually. I'm just happy she's back and haven't thought about what to say. I doubt we could possibly explain in a believable way. A few ideas came to mind but were swiftly dismissed:

    "Maybe we just say we tried to run away together... and got carried away... lost..." that doesn't sound right either. I was home, I was at her house... at the hospital.

    And it took some time to suggest the next:

    "Or I found you in the woods..."

    But I don't want to lie. Maybe mother will be so happy to see her that the rest won't matter.

    I just hold her, supporting her around the waist or under an arm if she needs it as we walk to the house.
  • "Well you did find me in the woods, I guess."

    She sighs as she looks at her house just coming into view. She's strong enough to walk, but she holds onto you tightly.

    "We can say you found me in the woods an hour or two ago. And that I can't remember anything about what happened. That'll have to do for now."

    She squeezes you.

    "I wish you could stay with me tonight."
  • I hold her tight, returning her gentle squeeze, "so do I, Aubrey. Things will probably get a little weird for a while... " I can't help but smile at her, with her I hope, how weird could they get compared to what we just went through?

    You know... I've given up the comforts of the human world but... but it would feel good to sleep with her, with Aubrey, the girl I love in a real bed. Soft... warm... clean.

    I miss it... just a little bit. Maybe it's walking through town like this that makes me feel it.

    "Let's get you home."
  • You get to the door. Aubrey has to knock because she doesn't have her key.

    It's Aubrey's Mom who answers, looking tense and edgy. Clearly there are bad feelings from Robbie going missing tonight. She looks at you Nyx, then at Aubrey and blinks for a moment. Frozen in shock.

    "Hi, Mom." Aubrey says, her eyes tearing up.

    "Baby?" Her mother reaches out to her, like she is a ghost that will disappear when touched, like she isn't real. When Aubrey's hand meets hers, she lets out this little choking noise. She suddenly embraces Aubrey.

    "Oh my god... my baby... oh thank you..." She gets out rapidly descending into tears. Aubrey's father comes out with a worried expression to find Aubrey in her Mother's Arms. He also stands still, glances at you, but doesn't seem to really see you, before running forward and embracing Aubrey also, which you have to move out of the way of.

    It's a long few minutes of tears and clinging. Here you see a couple of people who were devastated by the loss of their daughter, now embracing her. How do you feel about that? Do you think your own family would feel the same if you really disappeared? The human one?

    At this moment, you could easily get away, into the night. Or are you going to stick with her and help her explain?
  • I quietly move out of the way but my eyes tear and I'm caught up in the moment, so much. I take a few steps back and there's a lot of wiping my eyes and trying to look composed... but I'm clearly not. This has been the most trying few days of my life and to see it come to this happy ending is truly moving.

    Do I steal away into the night? No. No I'm here for Aubrey, I won't leave her just yet. I'm pretty sure they don't want me to stay, not for long, but it would seem wrong just to walk away.

    I wait at least long enough for Aubrey to look to me, I'll read it in her face whether she wants me here or not. I'm not going until she tells me to go.
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    They eventually recover enough to take notice of you.

    Aubrey's Dad sees you first, and steps back, doing his best to regain his composure. He gives you an uncertain look holds out his hand to you and introduces himself as Bob Benton. Her mother turns to face you too, but never entirely lets go of Aubrey.

    "Daddy, Mom, this is Nyx.. um, Alvin Foster. He goes by Nyx. He... helped me get home. Nyx, this is my Mom, Laura Benton."

    Her mom starts. "Aubrey... what happened?"

    She turns her attention to them. "Can we go inside? Please?"

    "Oh.. of-of course. Would you come in... Nyx?" Laura Benton says, she's still mostly overwhelmed with seeing her daughter again, but you can tell something is tugging at her when she looks at you.

    Aubrey looks at you too, asking you to come in with her eyes.
  • I shake her father... Bob's hand. A very human, and a very adult ritual. It feels odd. I introduce myself as Nyx Foster. No explanation needed.

    I nod silently to Aubrey, of course I'll come in. I return my Bentons smile with a little nod. "I'd love to come in... for a bit... thank you, Mrs Benton. Aubrey's awful tired, I'm sure we'd all love a warm drink, too.."
  • So you go inside.

    Robbie is at the top of the stairs and his mother motions him down. He catches your eye, Nyx, looks at his sister and gives you a slight nod. Then he comes down and hugs Aubrey. They whisper to each other. She kisses his cheek.

    Then Laura herds everyone into the kitchen. Sits everyone down and makes cocoa, just the microwave kind, as the questions begin to come. Aubrey tell them she can't remember what happened, just that she went for a hike in the park (something the Bentons seem used to her doing) and then... she doesn't remember anything until waking up today, in the woods. She wasn't sure where in the park she was, and you showed up and helped her to get home.

    They ask you some questions about why you were out there, where you found her, how she seemed, stuff like that. Laura seems less concerned. Bob maybe seems a little suspicious of you. But they seem to accept the story as far as it goes. That their worst fears didn't actually happen, and how tired Aubrey looks, seems to keep them from pressing too hard.

    Soon enough, the questions are stymied. And there doesn't seem to be anything left to say. Not with a stranger in their midst. Aubrey meets your eyes and nods... it's okay for you to go, though she wishes you could stay with her, it's not in the cards tonight.

    Bob offers to take you home, but you probably refuse, right?

    Laura escorts you to the door. "Thank you Nyx, for helping her. It's... Well. Thank you."
  • [Nyx]

    Oh yeah, refuse that.

    One, I don't want to be talking alone with her dad... and two... not sure I even want to go home.

    I say something like, "I think you should stay with Aubrey, Mr. Benton. I'm fine... thanks."

    But I do go home.... I'm exhausted. The fae won't blame me for sleeping in my own bed one night.

    If I'm lucky everyone's asleep.
  • I suppose I forgot to mention, but before you went out the door, Aubrey gave you a quick hug, slipping something into your hand. When you get the chance to look, after you left the house, you find it's her grandmother's ring. The one her spirit was bound to.

    It looks like you're pretty lucky tonight, the house is quiet. You might not be so lucky tomorrow.

    But you make your way inside.
  • (End of scene, or?)
  • (Unless you want to commune or something before you crash.)
  • (Nope... I'm avoiding all of my parents right now. :-) )
  • --End Scene--
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