[BPRD] Makes My Skin Crawl, pt 9a [J 3.9, B 3.9]

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You drive back over to the hotel, Blake is waiting for you right outside.


Joe pulls up after a few minutes, he wasn't far away.

Both of you,

It's dark outside now, and quiet. You get the feeling you're being watched when you pull into the hotel parking lot. There is a murder of crows on the power lines across the street, watching you silently, unmoving, only visible from the dim light of the single street lamp. There are a few hundred bugs flitting around in the light of that street lamp, like Metamucil swirling around in a glass of water before it settles to the bottom.

What do you do?


  • The rental screeches to a stop in front of the doors to the hotel. I jump out and intend to rush inside, up to the room. "I need to see Doli. She's been poisoned and I have an antidote."

    Blake, do you trust me and let go up to the room? Or do you stop me; try to question me or disarm me?
  • I'm putting myself between you and the door. I don't know if that's an antidote or not, really, do I?

    "Hold it, Joe. I stabilized her and Doc says you and your mentor tried to kill her. Why should I let you anywhere near her at this point?
  • As Blake moves to block me, I make to force my way past him. But then Blake's words sting me and I stop short of touching him.

    Why should Blake trust me? Things have been difficult since we've arrived - Blake, of all people, snapped at me for shooting at a skinwalker, my sister is a skinwalker, I tried to kill her and Atsah poisoned her, Doctor Eaton's academic knowledge fell short and took a bullet saving my sister from me.

    This is what yee naaldlooshii do. They are tricksters. They see discontent.

    I try to focus on Blake and, like a cat hearing a faint sound, tilt my head slightly askew. The crows on the power lines could be a portent of the third skinwalker. Is this really Blake?
  • Investigate

    Marked for XP. On a hit what is being concealed here?
  • I can't speak for the rest of the world, but I'm certainly me. Oh... and I kissed Penny. Other than that...
  • Joe,

    Here in the parking lot, nothing. Blake is being straight with you. But you feel the gentle pull of magic being worked somewhere behind him, inside the hotel. It feels, no tastes, just like what you used for Ahiga, to summon him forth.
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    "Blake, come on. Step aside, man." I reach into my shirt pocket and hold forth the capsules. "Take a look at them yourself. These are the antidote for the poison Atsah gave us. She needs to take these soon."

    I draw in a deep breath through my nose. "Who are they summoning upstairs? The other shapeshifter? Shouldn't we be up there when they do?"
  • Manipulate
  • "I've already treated her for the poison, Joe. She's stable. If you want to go up there, I want your weapon and a promise you're not going to try and hurt her or the other one without a go ahead from me."

    I"ve been watching you carefully, Joe. I'm going to go ahead and try for a read.

  • Are you telling the truth about the pills? I'm going to assume yes, having read the thread. I'm holding the rest for your response. (Unless you want to interfere and knock the score down.)
  • "Ok." I reach across my waist with my lefft hand to unholster my revolver. Holding it by the frame, aimed downward, I extend it handle first to you Blake.

    "This is a different side of you Blake.when we were up against those werewolves, Blake, you weren't this... soft." We've spent some time together in tight spots. You know me. I'm being honest - I'm trying to save her.
  • I look you in the Eyes a moment, Joe. My second read question is what do you intend to do?. Part of that is save Doli I know.

    Since you handed me the weapon when I asked, I don't reach to take it, I just nod. "Keep it. The werewolves weren't exactly interested in negotiation. We still want justice, if possible, not just extermination. I think the real hard case is gone. Your sister has given herself up, and the other one seemed willing to deal."

    I step out of the way and follow you, assuming you go upstairs.
  • We lock eyes. You can read the concern on my face. I want to save Doli. I also want to find a way to fix things with the team.

    I replace my revolver in its holster and head upstairs with you to our room.
  • Alrighty, had over here to join the team.
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