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Since you and Aubrey are still a thing that you're campaigning to go together? In fact, let's talk about a couple of things. There were a lot of questions for you two in the days following Aubrey's return. They were suspicious of your stories but ultimately there wasn't much they could prove. They took you out to the woods I guess, so you could show them where you found her. That escalated the trouble didn't it? Because I think you were a little less than cooperative about that trip.

I suppose it was a minor scandal, but the police didn't make that much of it. And Nyx, I don't know what happened. I mean you were already in trouble just from not coming home. Dad went ballistic and Mom yelled and cried and you were solidly grounded.

Well that made it hard to see Aubrey. She really wasn't going anywhere either though. She wasn't grounded but her parents were really paranoid about where she was and what she was doing. They call or text her quite a bit and she has to answer right away, and of course the GPS locater on her phone has to stay active or they completely freak out. So for a while there... well you had to get inventive about finding alone time. The difficulty and the danger, well, I imagine that drove you guys to be that much more passionate in the moments you did have. Where was your best spot and how far did you go? Have you two had sex again since she was resurrected?

Well that led to you being caught cutting class, right? Serious trouble at school, so your parents had to come in for a conference. Your Dad has threatened you with military school if you screw up again.

So you started to lay low and be much more careful right? Have you kept any of your Fae personality or brashness that you started the year with? How recently did your grounding get lifted? What are you wearing today?

Then there's that Zach Green guy. See, Aubrey's been able to go out with her friends in groups, even with having to update her parents every 15 minutes to half hour. Somewhere while you were grounded you noticed Zach talking to Aubrey all friendly and close, laughing easily. When you asked about him she mentioned that he's been in some of these groups she's hung out with that you couldn't go to, and insists there's nothing going on. Maybe there isn't. Are you planning on confronting her again, or maybe him?


Wow... three months living with your new mommy and sister. How's that been for you? I know Peggy's taken you shopping. Ashley and Teddy probably have too. What's your look like these days... still thrift store chic?

Peggy was good on her word, they cleaned out the office, making the front room much more cramped, but you have a bedroom of your own. Peggy even offered to help you paint it? Did you take her up on it, and what color did you choose?

Before the room was ready though, you slept with Teddy in her room for a few more nights. Do you miss that? Nothing like having a warm body in the bed. That's probably where you first saw her starting to have nightmares, too. I think she's probably said they've stopped since then but you know they haven't. Have you done anything about that yet?

School wasn't the easiest thing for a while, right? Those videos that Liam took of you, well they were found. You had lots of boys giving you lewd looks and making comments about your body. Sometimes mean, sometimes just creepy. Girls too, though they were more on the mean side.

They charged Liam with Assault and Battery, and making and distributing pornography of a minor, and Mr. and Mrs. Bay with child neglect and a few other things. You know that Nolan and Trish went to live with their Grandparents, who are also in town. Mr. and Mrs. Bay were fined but not imprisoned. However Mr. Bay's business has failed due to the social stigma. Liam is also on probation and living with the Grandparents. He's not back at school, this whole thing will have set him back by a semester at least, but you know he is out. You remember that Myrii promised to kill him for you, right?

Speaking of Myrii, how often have you been to see her? Does Teddy know?

Now here's the thing, you have a date! Three different boys have asked you out. Sheldon from here in homeroom is one. Then there's Seth Morgan who just moved here maybe a week or two ago, and seems completely unaware of your whole deal. And Tim Lewis who has a different homeroom but you have him in.... what crazy math class are you taking this time? Anyway, which of them is the date with? And have you decided on who you want to take you to the winter dance? Or do you even want to go?

I know you've been watching Nyx too, even though he's been a little restricted recently.

Anyway... for you both, Nyx and Holly:

You're both in homeroom Monday morning. It's two weeks before winter break and there is a dance coming up on Saturday. Did you already talk about having a double date or is one of you just asking about this now?


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    Posted By: trevisWhere was your best spot and how far did you go? Have you two had sex again since she was resurrected?
    We see each other mostly at school, the way things are, and then mostly at lunch where we hang out together around the back of the math hall or the gymnasium. We're often intimate, kissing, holding each other for pretty much every moment. We had sex only once since we've been back. This one day when we found ourselves alone in the auditorium at lunch after an assembly we realized the doors were closed, locked... we could hear the teachers next door in the staff lunchroom but we didn't care. We just let our passion flow, made love backstage, behind the heavy velvety curtains behind the covered piano in the wings, where pretty much nobody ever goes.

    It only happened that once, and that was some time ago... pretty sure we're both dying to do it again, and do more, but there hasn't been a chance so for now we continue to kind of... see each other at school.
    Posted By: trevisAre you planning on confronting her again, or maybe him? So you started to lay low and be much more careful right? Have you kept any of your Fae personality or brashness that you started the year with? How recently did your grounding get lifted?
    Heck yes, I'm jealous, she's my girlfriend... I trust her, I totally trust her but I don't trust him. So yeah, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind when I get the chance... but I'm not going out of my way, you know? I've pushed the fae part of me back inside and I don't let passion rule me so easily. It's caused a lot of trouble. I was grounded for what seemed like forever. Pretty much my mom and little sister picking me up directly from the gate. Embarrassing as hell right? I'm still not allowed out past 9:00. At least I can get out of the house now though, too bad my girlfriend can't see me.
    Posted By: trevisWhat are you wearing today?
    Well I'm much more normal, I guess. Jeans, tshirt, probably a hoodie or something over that. Tennis shoes, often no laces. I still wear an earring or something stolen from my sister Angela, usually. She has so much shit she usually doesn't notice and I'm sure to take it off before I get picked up.
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    Dear Diary,

    First of all, please let me apologize for neglecting you since I moved into my new home. These last three months have been the best of my entire life. Technically, they've been almost ten percent of my entire life, but they are certainly the top ten!

    Right away, Peggy and then Ashley and even Teddy, all took me shopping for pretty new clothes. I wanted dresses, which I guess they didn't expect. I didn't want to always dress in cargo pants. They're fun to wear to carry books and supplies and food and drinks, but dresses are so pretty. I got a nice peach chiffon dress and a cute limey green dress from American Eagle, plus a flutter-sleeve chiffon dress from JC Penney's. I picked up almost two weeks’ worth of clothes, with new underwear that fits and it feels so nice. I feel like a real girl in my pretty dresses. Sometimes I just swish my dress back and forth and look down at it, watch how it moves around me. I have the best family and friends in the whole world, Diary.

    Peggy, and I sort of don't like calling her Peggy because I really badly want to call her mommy, but Peggy, she helped me paint my room. I had found some stencils and flower sponges at the Goodwill and I can tell you, Diary. I hid them behind some underwear, old man underwear, and I knew nobody would find them. We went to see and they were there. I painted my room like a sunflower garden, with green grass and flowers and hills and a pretty sky and spongy clouds and a bright shiny sun. I love my room. I wish I could carry it around with me.

    It gets a little lonely in there sometimes, though. For the week when we were painting, I got to sleep in Teddy's bed with her. I miss that really bad. Sometimes I ask if I can sleep with her in her bed, on nights when I hear her having those nightmares, I just pretend that I can't sleep and I ask if I can sleep in her room. I want to hold her and help her rest, knowing someone is there for her. Some nights, I sneak in her room and watch her sleeping. She would be really mad if she knew that, but it's so nice to watch how peaceful she is on the good nights.

    For the first couple months after the incident with the Bays, things were really awful at school. Boys were always making jokes about me and doing that hand thing Hunter thought was funny and some of them, in Enlgish class, they would sneak out their phones and show me the videos of me naked and it was really embarrassing. It made me feel so ugly. The girls called me bushy, I'm not sure why, really. Some of them still do. I keep meaning to ask Teddy about that. Myrii has no idea. But teenagers are fickle and they got bored of tormenting me with that. Mostly. Sometimes they are ugly to me and I just try to ignore them.

    Ooh, Myrii. I go see Myrii alot after school. I told Teddy about it at first, but she seemed. Hrm. She seemed jealous? Possessive? Maybe it is just in my head, I'm not sure. Myrii is so smart about things, like people's emotions. She really helped me get over the rumors and the name-calling at school. Plus, she taught me more about kissing and how to make guys think you are interesting. Although, all she has to do is, well, be alive and there. I need to work a little harder for attention. Especially hers! She is so completely obsessed with Teddy. Some days, I just want to leave her at her dumb pond because she's talking about Teddy and asking after her and pining for her and I'm thinking bad thoughts about how Teddy already has Ashley and NOW she has Myrii, too. So bad, thinking those things. I feel really bad and I just have to leave. I hope it doesn't hurt Myrii's feelings.

    Oh, oh! I have three gentlemen callers, Diary! Three boys asked me to the winter dance and I'm so torn. Sheldon is so sweet and he was nice to me when everyone else was ugly and I like him for that. Then there's Timmy, who has these dimples that I just want to pinch, but I think that would make him mad. He's in my college-level statistics class. Which isn't really a class as much as an excuse to take CLEP courses for college. I can skip my core requirements for all math classes for an undergrad at the pace we are burning through these tests. I can't believe people have to pay money to learn this stuff. I adore it, but I don't see many practical applications in day-to-day life. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with it.

    And I'm a mathlete! Peggy-mom said it was "totes cool", which is how she said it and it means it was okay for me to join the math team. And Timmy is the captain, which is okay with me because he has to tell some of the mathletes when they aren't as good as the others. I just have to do math, which is "totes easy".

    The third boy is Seth Morgan, who is pretty dreamy. He even has a dreamy name, like a novel. Seth Morgan. I am going to get ice cream with him tonight. He is going to pick me up and then we get ice cream and I think I'm going to kiss him, I think. Or let him kiss me, which Myrii says is the right way to go so you don't scare them off. He has really soft-looking lips.

    But I have no idea who I want to take me to the dance. I'm going to ask Nyx, he's really smart, even though he doesn't dress like a girl so much anymore and seems sad, I still sort of think he's the hottest guy in school.

    OK, class is starting soon, so I'm going to finish this entry. But I promise there are more to come!
  • [Holly]

    "Hey Nyx," Holly whispers loudly. "I like your earring. Do you have the other? I want to borrow them, they are pretty." Her tone doesn't have a trace of mockery.

    She leans over her desk to try and get his attention, "Are you going to the winter dance? Or are you still in T-R-O-U-B-L-E?" This morning, Holly is dressed in her peach dress, with her strappy sandals and her big fur-lined coat slung over the back of her chair. She's all smiles and a little giggly, on top of the world.
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    I touch the earring as she mentions, it makes me smile that she noticed. I love Holly's attention, makes me feel like I won something whenever she talks to me.

    Slowly I run a hand through my hair, "I was born in trouble, Holly. But ahh... you know I'd love to go but... I'm supposed to be home by nine... and Aubrey probably can't go anyway right? Unless someone talks her folks into letting her. Like... if they think she's just hanging out with a bunch of girls maybe."

    "What's got you all yippy-skippy today?"
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    Holly giggles when Nyx says yikkpy skippy. While he was talking, she leans over her desk and watches him with wide eyes, like he's one of the most interesting people in the whole world. "You are trouble, Nyx. A bad, bad boy." Grins and a twinkle in her eye, she sits up a bit straighter with an idea, "I bet I can help you! I'm going to the dance and Aubrey can come with me. I'm super responsible."

    That said, Holly reaches out to touch Nyx's forearm, "And I'll be happy to help you if you'll double date with me. And, uhm, help me pick who should take me to the dance." She glances around to make sure nobody is eavesdropping. "A few boys asked me and I need advice on who to go with. Hellllp."
  • [Nyx]

    For a couple seconds there I'm lost as she talks to me, how can a beautiful girl like this say these kind of things to you without getting thoughts in your head.

    "Uhhh... yeah maybe that'll work, Holly... maybe I can talk my dad into it," I lean forward over the table, nearly touching noses and I whisper excitedly, "sooo who do you like best? Got to be an amazing special boy to deserve to dance with you Holly!"
  • [Holly]

    Holly leans in just enough to touch Nyx's nose with hers, then draws back, smiling, "Thank you, Nyx. You are very nice to say that. Aubrey is very lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend." She looks down at the desk for a second, unable to keep up the playful banter and talks to her desk, "Sheldon asked me Monday. At least, I'm pretty sure he did. Timmy..uhm, Tim, he asked me after Math Bowl practice, but I didn't get to answer him because Peggy-mom beeped the horn and I had to go." She drops her voice to a whisper and continues conspiratorially, "And this morning... Seth Morgan asked me, like asked me asked me, the words and all. The 'Would you go to the Winter Dance with me, Holly?' and everything!"

    She glances up while chewing on her bottom lip, "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, Nyx... tell me what to do."
  • [Nyx]

    I meet her glance, she's so cute when she gets like this. She's playful and so smart, and...

    "So he looked right in your eyes, kind of like this..." I'm sure to catch Holly's gaze, "and said," I lower my voice, again like sharing secrets, "would you go to the Winter Dance with me, Holly?"

    There's a pause here as the words echo in my mind... it feels so good to say it. I wish she would say yes.

    But I blink and shake my head a touch, "I mean... that's what Seth asked... well... do.. do you like him Holly? Can't say I know him. What's he uh... like?"

    I settle down a bit, face slightly flush.
  • [Holly]

    When Nyx pretend asks her to the dance, Holly sits completely still, staring deep into his eyes, caught in them like a little fly in a big web. Even the change in Nyx's tone doesn't break her trance. Only the tension of her hands gripping the edge of the desk gives her away as a living person for those moments.

    "Yes," Holly whispers back with a scarce move of her lips, still gazing at him with still eyes. Then blink, blink, the spell is broken. She licks her lips as if her entire mouth went dry and adds, her voice still small, "Yes, that's what he said. Not as well as you, though."

    Someone's laughter during a distant conversation snaps her back to the now and Holly takes a breath, a calming, okay, back to the real world breath and answers the rest of his question, "I don't know him, either. But he doesn't know me, and he asked me to get some ice cream with him tonight. I want to bring Teddy with me. I'm curious about him and scared, too. You, uhm, you never know what a boy will be really like."

    The teacher seems to be making her way to start class, so Holly tries to look ready to learn, but she asks again, "What should I do, Nyx?"
  • [Nyx]

    "I guess... well why not get ice cream and see if you like him," yeah you never know what someone's like... "bring a friend if you're not sure... well... he's from out of town right? Wonder where from."
  • [Holly]

    Holly shrugs about where Seth is from. "You. You'll come with me and. And whoever to the dance?" she asks suddenly. Then she gives an embarrassed smile, "I mean, with Aubrey. Of course. I can talk to Aubrey today, if you want."
  • Actually, Holly, this is Homeroom, so right now you're just waiting to go to your first class. Still Mr. Gladstone, though I guess you must've moved seats around to be near Nyx like you are. And you're probably studying for something, aren't you?

    But here's the thing. Ash and Teddy took you here super early, right? Teddy said she had something at the station or something, so Ashley came and got you both. But Teddy isn't here. Teddy sits by where Ashley is now. Ash is busy writing in her notebook but you see her glance at the empty chair with a frown. Brad doesn't seem happy that she's not here either. And... is he looking at you Holly? I guess you do look pretty cute today.

    I think you catch Aubrey's eyes too. She's on the front corner, a slight wrinkle in her brow that smooths when she registers that you're looking at her. And she smiles. I don't think she is super happy watching you interact with her boyfriend.

    And I don't know if you've noticed, either of you, but Nula hasn't made it in, either, or Jarrod for that matter. What have you been hearing about her? Have either of you seen one of the fights or just heard rumors?
  • [Holly]

    When she sees Aubrey watching, Holly sits up, then looks back at Aubrey and smiles. If Mr. Gladstone hasn't called on everyone to be quiet and sit down, she'll head over to talk with Aubrey about the double date. She can't help but notice Brad noticed her, too. But she doesn't try to flirt with him back or anything so forward. Not when Sheldon is here. Especially not when Nyx is here.
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    First, deny it as I might, the Fae still lurk in my blood. I hear too much, see too much, and although I try constantly to ignore it, my ears hear every bird, every breeze, every drop of dew and fall of leaf. And Nula has been quite loud, I hear her fight, shout, feel the anger she radiates. That much is obvious, she's angry and she is terribly sad. I saw when she pushed Lily, when she shouted at her teacher... But I try to pretend I don't notice... In my heart I want to talk to her, reach out and save her like I know I can... or maybe I could once is more accurate.

    Come on... Alvin... like you've ever really saved anyone?

    When I see Aubrey watching I wave with my fingers and a smile. I talk to Holly a lot, its nothing to be ashamed of, right? I'm pretty sure Aubrey likes her, too... after what we've been through how could we not be close. But still... I don't want Aubrey to see how being close to Holly makes me feel sometimes. Holly makes me feel so good inside in a way that Aubrey doesn't... quite.

    But I'm so happy... right?
  • [Holly]

    "Hi Aubrey, good morning." Holly offers as she walks up to Aubrey's desk. She leans down to eye level with her at her desk, putting a hand on the desk casually, "I was talking to Nyx about the Winter Dance," she begins, dropping her voice a little, "I wanted to help him be able to go. With you. But we could tell your parents you're going with me. Is that, uhm, ok? I sort of, well, would like to make it a double date. If that's ok. Is that? Okay?"
  • Holly,

    Aubrey smiles. "Hey, that's, like, a great idea! You can go with Zach! I'll tell him next period. He's really sweet, you'll like him."


    You're busy watching Holly move over to talk to Aubrey. Where's Hayden sitting now? Have you even tried to talk to her since September? Anyway, you get a tap on your shoulder. When you turn, you find Sheldon sitting in the desk behind you.

    Sheldon wears nice clothes, like slacks and real shoes and a button down shirt. His shirt is this light green color that contrasts beautifully with his dark skin. He's got that close cropped hair too making his head seem very round, and he has stylish glasses with thick black modern-looking frames.

    When you notice him he leans in.

    "Hey, Al. How are you doing? Listen, you, uh... you know Holly pretty well, right?"
  • [Nyx]

    I turn as Sheldon talks to me, I have a pretty good idea what it's about and he proves me right, "Yeah, pretty well, sure. She's nice... nice shirt. You follow fashion, huh?"

    Hayden? Oh has it been awkward... we haven't talked. (Hey, where's the seating chart? I think she's moved further away, though)
  • [Holly]

    Holly blinks a couple times, confused, "Zach?" Her brows knit and she holds up a hand, "No, I... no, I have someone who asked me. I mean, well, a few boys asked me. Already. To the dance." She glances back to see Sheldon and Nyx, then frowns slightly.

    "Sheldon and Tim Lewis, uhm, and Seth Morgan. I don't know who I should pick. And Zach, I don't know about Zach." Holly huffs a little sigh, "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I think I might like Seth, but I don't know. Sheldon is really nice and I like his clothes and he's different than the other boys. And Timmy is really good at math and I like doing math and talking to him. And, I don't know what to do." She gives Aubrey a helpless, slightly confused smile, "What should I do?"
  • Holly,

    "Holly... please?" Aubrey lowers her voice and almost whines, giving you a wide-eyed pleading look. "I'm in... I'm kind of in a jam. I.... I kind of said I'd go with him. But if we all go together he can be your date and I'll be with Nyx."
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    Holly blinks a few times, her mouth pulled tight. She tilts her head to the side, as if looking at Aubrey at a different angle would help her understand. Finally, she asks, as quiet as Aubrey spoke to her, "Why did you tell Zach you would go with him when Nyx is your boyfriend?" Holly gets a sudden, concerned look on her face and asks in a whisper, "Did he make you say it?"
  • Nyx,

    Sheldon blinks, then shrugs, looking down at himself for a moment, then back at you. "I just like to look good, you know? Anyway... You guys seemed kind of close, I was hoping you could help me out with her?"
  • Aubrey ducks her head like she's ashamed.

    "Well... It's just... He was with a group of friends that were at my house, you know? And he was the last one to go and he kind of asked me... right in front of my mom and dad. They.... they don't think that much of Nyx, and he's been grounded anyway, like I'm not even sure he could go, and... I was just in a spot. I've tried to back out but he's nice and... somehow I never get the chance. Ohmygod ." She grabs your arm, glancing furtively around your shoulder to see that Nyx is occupied.

    "Please, please don't tell Nyx.
  • [Holly]

    "You weren't, uhm, forced to say yes? But... but I thought you and Nyx were soulmates? Forever and ever love. He brought you back and everything, it was so romantic and..." She narrows her eyes, "Is going to the dance that important? To go with Zach instead of not go at all?"

    After Aubrey answers, Holly asks, "Zach is nice? What is he like?"
  • [Nyx]

    Well, I was hoping to change the subject but he got the best of me.

    "Help you out? You like Holly?" I give him a sly little grin, "she's a pretty special girl, you're probably not the only one who wants to ask her to the dance. It'll break her heart if she has to turn someone down. She's like that you know, wouldn't hurt a fly."

    I stand up, looking at where Holly is talking with Aubrey, then shoot a glance at Hayden, "tell you what, I think you're a nice guy and I'll be happy to say so if she asks, but it kinda looks like she's making other plans with Aubrey... kinda, doesn't it?"
  • Holly,

    "Well I kind of... I kind of had too. Yeah, I would have skipped the dance but my parents..." She sighs. "I guess you wouldn't understand having parents that are all freaky protective." She glances down. "They just... they want me to get as a far away as possible from anything that had to do with that... thing, you know? Whenever I fight them I get the whole "When we though you were dead..." speech, and then mom starts crying..."

    "Um... anyway, Zach is... I don't know, he's cute and funny and just a nice guy. He's got a little bad boy thing going for him, too. My parents love him. Please? I'll totally make it up to you."


    "Yeah, I like her. She's the smartest girl our grade. Probably in the whole damn school, and cute." He stands up too. "If she asks? Look man, it looks like she listens to you, okay? I know she's talking to some other guys too, like Morgan, so I need an edge... I need someone in my corner here."
  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    How did this morning get so messed up so quick? Teddy isn't in homeroom and I don't know where she is. I'm getting worried about her because Ashley is still here, meaning they didn't sneak off somewhere together. Ashley looks really cute, today. Even though she looks stressed about Teddy. Where is she? Someone should send her a context message.

    Poor Nula is out again, I hope she isn't suspended. I haven't heard anything lately about her, well, new tendencies, affecting her recently. I will never forget seeing Nula attack that poor blonde girl in the hallway. It reminded me of when Mikaela kicked me in the bathroom so hard and made me cry. But Nula saved me then. I don't know what's wrong with her. She's a good person, she needs help. I am so selfish worrying about boys and the Winter Dance when she needs help, Diary. I want to talk to her right away.

    Oh, the dance. Now Aubrey wants me to go with Zach. Zach? Number four? Am I a slut now? I don't know what the requirements are but I want to avoid them alot. Is kissing Seth being a slut? I would ask Teddy, but she isn't here. Please tell me if I should help Nyx date Aubrey or if I should tell on her to Nyx or just maybe not go? Maybe I should just do homework. I bet none of them can do the hustle anyways.
  • [Holly]

    Gazing into the Abyss
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    "She is smart, and cute, and yeah... I'm lucky as hell to be her friend," I cock my head, giving him a puzzled expression, "but you know, Sheldon, you and me aren't exactly best friends are we? You've been too cool for me since freshman year..." I kind of shrug, "kind of shallow to act like you're my buddy now, isn't it? I'm trying to be nice, Sheldon, but I really don't see why I should help you try to score with my friend."
  • Nyx

    He looks at you. "Well maybe calling people shallow is why you don't have no friends, man. I never said I was your buddy. And was I too cool or you were just too chicken shit? I don't remember brushing you off, man, but whatever." He pauses, getting up and glancing back over at Holly. "You all into her then, even when Benton is your girl? Good luck with that shit dude, it's gonna bite you in the ass." He shrugs and begins to wander back to his own seat.

    Holly... what exactly are you doing when you Gaze there. Are you just...staring into space ignoring Aubrey's request?
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    I tighten my lips as he turns around, resisting the urge to say something.

    Why am I pushing people away? He's a nice guy.... I know he is. Why don't I introduce him to Holly? Why not set them up? I am not interested in Holly that way, seriously...

    I'm not.... right?

    I look over to Holly where she continues to talk to Aubrey. Seeing them together makes me smile. Two of my favorite people in the world.

    I get my book out and try to study, peering at the girls from time to time. I feel bad for shutting Sheldon down like that. I'm an idiot.
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