[In a Wicked Age] Let's give this game a second PBP bash!

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I want to run a game of IaWA on PBP. I know there was a game on here a while ago, and it (eventually) dried up, but I think we can make it work.

Here's why

1) It's an awesome game. I'm desperate to run it, play it, anything.
2) I have a few ideas about how to make it work better in PBP... start with ONE game thread, with IC and OOC all together... perhaps we could do some negotiating separately, or introduce some kind of revolving veto, or time limits.
3) Two or three players. That's a max. If I only get one player, we'll draw the oracle and then go to The Pool for the system.

What do you think? Anybody?


  • I'm game.
  • I'll give it a try. I'm a little skeptical about the idea of running it in a single thread, though - it tends to break into multiple concurrent scenes if there're more than around three characters. (And it's difficult to restrain the oracles into giving you only a few characters.)
  • I'm interested. Single thread supports better cutting from scene to scene. Needs quite an acitve GM though.

    May I submit a style guide? OOC in normal text, IC in
    quote blocks
    so they stand out better? Also, scenes can be separated by putting them into separate code blocks.
  • I was thinking of a similar thing myself, oliof. Although, how do you get those quote blocks? (sorry, I'm pretty computer illiterate). My rationale for single thread was based on

    1) When I look at a PBP game, as a lurker, I want to see how the mechanics interact with the narration. I don't just want narration; I'd read a book if that was the case. I'm interested in why events happen, and how the system supports the events and characters described.

    2) It gives some scope for negotiation. I'm thinking we're best trying for a post a day commitment (but I'm easy if you can't make that), possibly less at weekends. I'm based in the UK, by the way, so my posts won't be on at the same time as you (assuming you're in the US).

    Three players is about what I think we can manage, so I guess we can start... anybody else want to join in, just chip in here, while we talk about oracles.

    What do you guys fancy? I'm going to follow Vincent's advice, "GM's, don't choose, deal or read," excellent GM advice for any game. So what are we after?
  • If you format your comments as 'BBCode', you can create a quote block by typing


    to start it and


    to end it.

    I'm in Switzerland, so we're pretty close time zone wise. A post a day is quite possible.

    I'm all for the God Kings of War oracle.
  • I don't really have a preference on the oracle. I don't think I've done God Kings yet, so that could be fun.

    But, so you know, I'm leaving town for a handful of days - I won't have an internet connection until Monday. If you want to dial up an oracle and start identifying characters in that time, that's cool - I can just pick up when I get back.
  • I'll just
    try that out
    Thanks, oliof!
  • So ... God Kings? I could dial up the oracle to get us started, if that one's ok with everyone.
  • Yeah, I think God Kings was a consensus. Go for it, yellowparis!
  • OK! I have the queen of hearts, the 4 of clubs, the 10 of diamonds, and ... a Joker. *cough* Make that the 6 of hearts. That gives us:

    • A warrior-woman, queen of her small wild tribe, hard-pressed by advancing civilization.
    • A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.
    • The country fort, of bricks and timber, of a local warlord.
    • A speaker for the ancestors, carrying secrets and warnings.
  • So we have these:

    • a warrior-woman
    • a local warlord
    • a speaker for the ancestors

    And maybe one or more of these:

    • a member of the tribe
    • a representative of civilization
    • a solider from the victorious side
    • a soldier from the losing side
    • a dead soldier from one of the above sides
    • a subject of the warlord or a denizen of his fort
    • one of the ancestors

    Does that sound complete? Looking at this list, I think I'd take the speaker for the ancestors.
  • Seen as how we're kinda starting playing, I've started up a new thread, here (http://snailspace.forgreatjustice.net/comments.php?DiscussionID=87) where we can prepare characters and stuff. Don't worry about formatting in- and out-game stuff yet, cos all of this second thread will really be OOC prep etc.

    So head over to the new thread and see what you think.
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