[MH] The Errand [Te S2:1.0]

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Hi Teddy.

It's been an interesting three months for you, hasn't it?

How are you doing with Holly? She's starting to feel more permanent about now, right? She has her own room, does her chores (more than her share actually.) Has it been nice having her around? You're beginning to find those places that people who live together find. What does she do that really drives you batty? Mom's been super attentive to her, too. Maybe too much so? Like sometimes don't you just want to say "Hey... remember me?"

You and Ashley took Mikaela to her doctors appointment then ended up making an appointment to have the abortion. You went with her to that too, right? In Bangor? And Ashley helped her with the expense, I think. Mikaela cried in your arms all the way home. She just started balling in the parking lot, and Ashley had to drive. How did you take it? The rift between the two of them never quite healed, did it? Now it looks like you're the hinge of the trio instead of Ash. I mean if there is a trio. Holly fits in there somewhere too. Have you tried all four of you together?

Speaking of Ashley... yeah, the big thing to talk about is that she's your girlfriend now, right? You must've made the move. She wouldn't risk it again after what happened before. Why don't you give me the when, where and how on that. And tell me, did you just realize you loved her, like that way? Or are you just, y'know, distracting yourself from your unrequited crush? You had to sort of talk her into it, or kiss her into it, or both, I think. Of course she was still crazy about you, but I think she was worried about your motives.

You've been together maybe, what, 6 weeks now? So how's it been? Kind of weird in ways, right? Ash doesn't want to be "out" so that sort of limits you. She's sure her Mother won't take it well. In fact you've sort've been pushing her a little on that, right? Have you guys told anyone, like Mikaela, maybe? Have you had or are you having sex or is that still on the horizon?

Are you even thinking about the whole thing with your mom and her dad?

She still flirts with boys at school, to maintain the image. And I should mention that Brad has continued to flirt with you, like he might be really interested. You haven't really told him to buzz off either, have you. In fact, last Friday, he asked you to that Winter dance that's coming up.

Then there's the other side of your life. You know, the supernatural one? You've continued to have nightmares, which is making it hard to get any rest.

How often are you seeing Myrii these days, and is your relationship still sexual? Even if you aren't, when you do talk to her she is almost desperate to touch you, not even sexual if you haven't been pursuing that, just to have contact with you. It brings her almost physical relief and it's been getting worse, as far as you can tell, though Myrii didn't say a lot until you demanded that she tell you about it. You know that bond between you? Well the day you asked her about it she told you that bonds of that nature are the closest thing the Fae have to marriage. I mean the Fae don't have formalized relationships like that for the most part. Not that it demands sexual fidelity or anything. But for true Fae, their word is the force that keeps them together, which is why they can't lie, but they do omit and twist the truth. A promise is a serious thing among the Fae, which is why Nyx is in a lot of trouble.

That was maybe a week ago, but it's been on your mind, hasn't it?

Then the Horned King has been asking you to do things for him. Minor things that dont' always make sense, but he's not good at explaining. Still, it's a two way street.

That's where you are now though. Out in the early morning doing his bidding. Well not that early, at this point you're going to be late for school. You're in the park in freaking December, looking for Nyx's bolthole and the damn knife, you know the one that stabbed you and Myrii. The one you can still feel in your guts when you dream? The King wants you to find it. You could go see Myrii too, I suppose.

What do you want to do first?


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    So, the big thing, yeah, it's Ashley. And no, it's not like ... look, she's incredibly important to me. And it's really because of that time when, uh, it was at Ash's house, that morning before I, before I ran into Deputy Cross. She made a move on me, right? But I ran away, like, ran into the bathroom. I was in there puking into the toilet, just sick and overwhelmed, and that's when the King told me - showed me - just how much Ashley, um, loved me. You remember.

    That was a huge thing - it changed things, I didn't think anyone'd ever felt that way about me. But I was still pretty, uh, confused, like about our friendship and about Nula, and then Holly kind of freaked out and we didn't get to talk until later. And when we did talk, then I still just wasn't ... sure.

    Now I am sure: I love her. It's a little different, I admit, because I still don't think I'm really that attracted to girls? I mean, I'm kind of a mess with Myrii and Nula both still around, both still in my life, but stepping back, well, um ... Nula's special. And with Myrii, that's just what she is. But still, I'm not actually that into girls - not that way. That doesn't mean anything, though, I still love Ashley, and it doesn't have to be about sex. And even with sex, I mean, I still uh, I'd still want to make her happy, and I don't hate the idea of her, uh -

    Well, it's not like I wouldn't enjoy it. If we were doing it. Which we aren't.

    I told her - well, I kind of told her - that night, the night after she and I and Mikaela got back from Bangor. It wasn't a great time, I guess, but it just looked like such a mess then, and I still didn't know what was going to happen with Aubrey and Deputy Cross and all of that, and I just wanted -

    It didn't work out well. I didn't really say it right, and I think you're right, I think she was scared over it and worried about my, like, motivation? I tried to convince her - how weird is it that I had to talk her into it? - and it took a while. We didn't have a lot of time alone, because of Holly, and maybe because Ash was kind of avoiding the discussion. And her mom's been kind of ... I don't know how much she's figured out.

    Halloween, though. There was a party, right? A bunch of us went, but like Mikaela went home early, and Aubrey had these other friends there too, and I kind of ditched Holly. (She was having fun, I swear!) Me and Ash ended up alone and, well, I kissed her, yeah. And I guess that did work out pretty well. We ended up back home at the apartment, basically making out on the couch for um, a while, like until Holly got home.

    So that was five or six weeks ago. We're kind of going out now, but we're not out-out? And I'm not really sure how I should act when we're around people. Mikaela doesn't know, I guess even Holly doesn't know, though I think she probably assumes. It seems like things are mostly the same, except we make out actually kind of a lot, when we're alone.

    I'm trying to figure out, you know, where this is going? How's it supposed to go anywhere if we're afraid of, you know, acting like a couple?
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    So that's Ashley, I guess. As for mom and, you know, Ash's dad, I try to mostly not think about it. Which is obviously impossible, since I live with her, don't I? And now that I know there's something going on, it's usually pretty obvious where she's going, what she's doing. But what am I supposed to do? How do I fix it? Who do I talk to, in order to fix this? Ashley? Mom? Him? How is any of those going to turn out well?

    ... Okay, no. I should talk to mom. I should. But it's just - I haven't.

    So, you know what else? I don't like having people dependent on me. I mean, when it was like, me and mom living at home and I'm doing the laundry and the cooking and everything, that was fine. I liked being able to help mom out - and it's actually kind of weird with Holly doing so much now, I wish she wouldn't - but now, like, everything's changed. Between me and Ashley, I feel like I'm on eggshells. And Mikaela, why'd she pick me? Ashley's obviously better at this, so why did she - and Mikaela's been kind of depressed, and I never know what to say. And Holly ...

    With Holly, it's like living with a super-smart three year old. Though I like her, well, kind of a lot, actually. She's helpful and pretty much overly-nice, and she's crazy affectionate, seriously. Almost too much. But she's so defenseless, it's like you don't even want to let her out of the house unchaperoned. There's boys asking her out again, and I don't even know. I'm still not even clear what happened with Hunter, but it wasn't a good situation, right? And her creepy br- I mean, the Bays, and Jesus, those videos? Is she really going to be alright?

    And then I wonder if I'm being possessive or over-protective or something, I don't know. Except sometimes I also kind of resent it, like come on, grow up Holly. I know you're only like two or something, but the world doesn't know that and it's not going to wait for you to - no, I don't ... Maybe if mom wasn't being so suddenly attentive like that? I don't know.
  • So, what am I doing? I guess I'm slogging in the forest, which pretty much sucks. It's cold and - well, I guess the trees are thick enough that there isn't that much snow on the ground, right? But there's still drifts all over the place, and I can hear, like, big piles of snow collapsing out of the trees every now and then.

    It makes everything look kind of different, the snow drifting and falling like that, but I've been down this way kind of often in the past few months, haven't I? Myrii needs me, and Jesus, if I don't like people being dependent on me ... this thing's getting kind of scary. I feel like I've done something wrong, like I've hurt her. I mean, I know that's not right, because what we're talking about here, she'd be dead if I hadn't, right?

    So, uh, I did stop at Myrii's pond, and promised her I'd swing back through once I was done, but man. The problem is, you know, that I've been coming down here, but not to find Alvin's stupid hideout - I've been coming to see Myrii, and I only sort of remember where his place is. Everything does look different, and I've been kind of blindly searching around for a while now. I'm totally going to be late getting back to homeroom ... what am I supposed to tell Ash?

    It's got to be right around here, doesn't it? I remember it was along the stream. There was like a little waterfall or something. Maybe it's buried in snow?
  • So you stumble around a while longer before you recognize some configuration of jutting rocks under the snow. Yes... there it is. Your feet are pretty cold at this point.

    Since the woods are more or less still, I'm assuming you go ahead a figure out a way in. It's not hard, the passage in there is well hidden but since it's actually under the little semi-cave it's relatively free of snow. You climb up with little trouble. When you poke your head in, your eye catches on that spot on the side of the cave where you kind of had Aubrey pinned when you... yeah. Have you thought about that in a while?

    Remember that the cave is partially open on top, so there is some snow in here. It looks like Nyx hasn't been back here at all. There are still some things laying here and there and squinting you see the long form of the knife in a shadow. I want to say you see it because it's darker than everything else, like it's sucking light out of the air. That spot where it stabbed you throbs, and I suppose you can't help but remember that and Cross stabbing Myrii with the thing and you shooting her. That look in her eyes when the life went out, like a switch was flipped.

    Is it the same nightmare you've been having, or do they change?

    What do you do?
  • Yeah, uh, the dreams ...

    It's pretty much the same nightmare. Sometimes there's more of Cross, sometimes there's more of Aubrey, sometimes its mostly the, the blood and darkness and hungriness. Ashley's there sometimes, and sometimes there's the baby. So it switches up a little, but it still stays pretty much, uh, that same basic thing. It's not every night, but it's ... more than half. Three months, you'd think I'd get used to it, but -

    It's pretty bad, MC. And sometimes I feel like I don't get hardly any sleep for, like, days, and then I kind of start to - it's like sleep deprivation and a couple times I've started to hallucinate bits of the dreams. Like, when I'm still awake. That was, uh, really bad. I got some pills from a guy - they don't really keep me from dreaming, but at least I'm sleeping more, these last few weeks.

    So, yeah, I've thought about Aubrey a few times. I can hardly look at her without remembering.

    I'm kind of crouching here, brushing the snow off from where I had to shove in through the snow bank to find the way up into the cave. This place is, you know, pretty depressing. Cold little hole, little bits of - of like Alvin's stuff buried under leaf crud and blown snow. And the knife. It's also, like, the knife's jumbled there with some clothes, my clothes, the bloody ones I took off after, uh, the thing with - when I killed Marsha Cross.

    That's how it went, after. I got back here with Aubrey, and then I - I jumped her like halfway through changing. The clothes are still here, blood-stained and frozen. I don't touch, just kind of lean in and try to pick up the knife, makes my skin crawl. Did he say what I'm supposed to do with this? If I'm supposed to get rid of it, maybe that'll, you know, it could maybe help with the dreams?
  • What did you do with that gun? The one you shot Cross with? I don't remember.

    And actually, no, he hasn't said specifically. I get the sense your conversations don't really happen in words a lot, right? No he wanted you to find it, I think the images gave you the impression that the Fae themselves can't really touch the thing, or at least not easily. And find a way to contain it. There were images of a wooden box, markings on the outside... no it must be something existing. I mean I suppose you might make a new one if you figured out how, but maybe it's the box it was taken from when Cross had it?

    And yeah, it might help with the dreams.

    You reach out and grasp the knife and it feels cold and... well, creepy is the only way I can describe it. It's not just an object, it has the presence of a creature, an intelligence. You touch it and cold, barely there prickling begins going up your arm. Even through your glove. Like tiny ants made of ice, crawling up your wrist. The sensation is so strong that you want to shake your arm to get rid of them. That spot in your belly throbs even more.

    What do you do?
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    The gun, I don't know. I think I dropped it, so like I guess it's in Myrii's pond, unless she did something with it. The other gun, uh, the one she - Cross - planted in my locker, I got rid of that one. Dropped it off a dock into the ocean. I never want to see a gun again, you know?

    And this now, ugh. Creepy, yeah. But I guess, you know, I've had worse, like when we brought back Aubrey ... and I've been doing some kind of weird things even since then, over the past few months. So I don't freak out. This still pretty nasty, though, like I don't think I can take this to school with me and, like, carry it around all day? No way. And what am I supposed to do with it while I find that - that box or whatever to seal it up in?

    I start packing it up. I brought an old art box, it's like a gray plastic box for art supplies and things, and I have this old shirt to wrap up the knife before sticking it in the box. Maybe I could - no, I guess I can't leave it here. It's pretty untouched, but I don't think the King would've been so insistent about me doing this if keeping it here a little longer was okay. I mean, he waited three months.

    I wonder if someone else ... is someone looking for it? I don't want to think about that. I don't want to stay here, either. Guess I go, and head back to Myrii's pond. Is it any easier to carry the thing, now that it's packed?
  • Yeah, once you wrap it up put it in the art box and put that in your backpack it's easier. You're still aware of it, like a slightly colder spot on your back. Tough to notice during a winter in Maine, I know, but you do all the same. It's blunted enough that you don't have to think about it.

    So you squeeze back out of Nyx's old cave, getting some snow down the neck of your coat in the process. You stand in the open air for a minute then walk to Myrii's pond.

    It's like she's been waiting for you. When you near the pond, she is already on the bank, slender and naked and, of course, unconscious of the snow, her long black hair sticking to her back, legs and arms, and running to meet you with an enthusiastic, needy, and slightly wet hug. And maybe a kiss, depending on what sort of pattern you two have established.... you'll have to tell me.

    In any case she seems relieved, literally, to see you. Like she's able to relax for the first time in... however long it's been since you've seen her.

    "Oh... my Theodora. How wonderful to see you." She whispers in your ear.
  • Um. I don't want to turn the question back on you or whatever, but I don't know. The thing is, I definitely don't want to be betraying Ashley, right? But I think probably Myrii and I might've, um, been intimate early on, before me and Ashley were a thing like we are now, and that could've set a precedent, and ... and I don't know if I actually could say no to Myrii. If she kisses me, or if she wants, um, more than that - I think, uh, I think that's what we're doing. And that's not her fault, it's mine. I mean, I know if I told her we had to stop, well, I think she'd respect that. But I -

    God, there is a kiss, isn't there? And I haven't been here since Saturday, almost two days, so it's long and deep and warm and - and this is why I haven't told her we need to stop. This is wrong - I'm worthless, I can't control myself at all.

    I kiss her back. And then:

    "Yeah. Sorry I didn't make it yesterday, I - and I can't stay long. I'm already late."
  • Well, if you have been having sex, it's been in her pond. On a practical level, she can keep you warm, even out here. Even more than that she can read you. So maybe there was that awkward time right after the thing with Ash started. She had grown accustomed to being intimate with you but with this new development you couldn't disguise your guilt, not when in the pond. And so, covering her disappointment, Myrii left off that time. I'm sure you talked about it, didn't you? A little? Myrii in that frank way that a Fae, untroubled by human things, does. What did she call it? "Being angry at yourself for what you want."

    Even so, she doesn't want to cause you pain, so she's done her best not to push you that way recently. She's unhappy feeling all your guilt afterwards. Of course, that's conflicting with her need to be near you, and sometimes she loses that fight. And, probably, sometimes you help her lose it, right? Is that what happened Saturday, or has it actually been a while? And are you aware that Holly's kind of been seeing her too? Myrii wouldn't hide that, but she wouldn't necessarily bring it up either.

    Myrii in her natural(?!) form is a little different. For one thing, she's tall. Like you can tuck your head under her chin without too much trouble. Like you are now, after that kiss, as she holds you against her, savoring the contact. I'm kind of curious... do you miss Aubrey's um... physical form? Or do you prefer this one?

    She makes a slight noise of disappointment from over your head when you say you can't stay. "Still I am glad to see you, even for a little while." She gently kisses you again, looks into your eyes. "Are you well? You seem... unsettled."
  • Oh no, like this Myrii's - it wasn't Aubrey's body that sucked me in to begin with. Back then, it was Myrii shining through, and now that she's herself, um.

    But it's actually been a while. I mean even, like, since Halloween it's only been a handful of times, and just a couple times now that it's winter. It's easier to persuade myself when, you know, we're talking about leaving here soaked in the middle of December. And it's easier to be, uh ... okay with this, if we're not going that far. I can kind of set guilt aside, mostly just feel it later. When I see Ash.

    Right now, though, she's soft and close, and her skin's silk under my hands, and I can mostly forget.

    "It's ... fine. He wanted me to pick up that knife that Marsha had, the - the shadow blade. It's a still pretty nasty thing, you know? I have it with me, need to get stash it somewhere."

    I do suspect Holly's still coming here. Well, actually, I know - I come here almost daily, and I kind of, um, walked in on them that once. But I don't ask about it. I can't blame Holly, but I'm sort of jealous it's so simple for her. Though that's totally not fair.
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    She sucks in a breath when you mention the shadow blade, and lets go of you when you say you have it, her hands clutching at where she was stabbed by instinct, her eyes slightly wider.

    "I am sorry... the memory of that wound...It... it isn't often that a Fae faces a true death." She reaches out and draws you back to her. "Yes... I knew I felt something. I would take it for you, beloved, but I... cannot. You must rid yourself of it quickly, please, it is a dangerous thing."
  • "I know, I can't forget it either, it's just - well, I guess it's not as bad for me. But it's been all in my dreams, and it hurts ..."

    I'm going back to her. I hug myself against her, and kiss the curve of her shoulder and neck (I can't help myself).

    "... hurts to be around it. It's a job, though - I'll figure something out. Um ... are you going to be okay on your own? I've got to go, but maybe I cou-should come tonight?"
  • She makes one of those infectious little noises that kind of get to you, when you kiss her neck. She runs a hand into your short hair.

    "I will be fine. " She says quickly. " But oh... yes, please. I... it would be wonderful to see you." You can hear the edge of need in her voice.
  • I'm smiling at her reaction, but it kind of falters when I catch that, uh, edge in her voice. I mean, I do cover that up - I think I've learned to be pretty good at hiding these feelings, at least when we're not in the water. So I'm leaning into her, running my hands through her long, long hair.

    It's, you know, most of the time I basically pretend this is just chemical, we're just friends with benefits? And then with her talking about this thing as being like marriage or whatever, that's kind of something I have to wrestle with sometimes.

    Except, and I mostly try to squash this down, but sometimes it kind of creeps back in, and I get the ugly feeling that, uh, I wouldn't call this thing she has for me marriage or love or whatever. I'd call it, if I was honest, an addiction? I mean, right? I'm not a faery person, so maybe I just don't know, don't understand - but that's kind of what it looks like, and that's really scary.

    I mean, I know some people like that, addiction's not an abstract idea to me, especially not with as rough as these last few months've been.

    I lean back, just a little, kind of tilting my head back against her hand, still in my hair:

    "You're fine? Tell me Myrii, really. How are you doing? I know it's gotten worse ..."

    Her hair's wet and sticking to her back and shoulders and long limbs ... I've been smoothing it into a single sweep, my hands tracing along her skin, and I'm finishing with my hands on her hips, my thumbs petting the hollows of her waist in tiny little motions. It's obvious to both of us that I'm staying, lingering, longer than I meant to.
  • It's strange to be the one making the move, but I'm turning her on. Maybe I'm moving toward a manipulate as well, but I leave it to you if that's necessary or not. And it might depend on the result of this roll.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • I'm taking a String.
  • Some of the hair is beginning to freeze in the cold, it feels slightly crunchy. She closes her eyes, inhaling as she feels your hands run over her skin.

    Then she opens those big glittery eyes and looks down at you.

    "It is getting worse." She says reluctantly. "It is like missing a part of myself. I do not know how much longer I can remain so separate from you. It pulls on me constantly. The longer you are away, the less I can think of anything else."

    She closes her eyes and shakes her head a little.

    "I'm sorry. I know you did not ask for this."
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    Yeah, cold. My hands are freezing too, I'm kind of ignoring it.

    I want to say, like, it's okay, I don't mind. But I don't know, let's be real - it's kind of a problem. I can't come live out here or anything, you know? And I do feel wrong about it. She's so beautiful, and old, and wonderful. How could she end up like this because of me?

    So I'm just, like, "It's not your fault. If Marsha hadn't hurt you so bad ... and I was there too. That whole situation, all three of us made it."

    Though I guess we've already been over this some, right? She doesn't really have any way to fix it, or make it easier?

    "Sorry. I have to go ... I'll come back tonight and, um, we can - maybe we can figure something out."

    I really shouldn't, but I kiss her again.
  • Does she have any conditions? I'm trying to take on her emotional problems with Hungry Ghost:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (1)
  • She can pick either to gain a String on me, or remove all of her conditions. Probably the first one, right?
  • No, I don't kiss her. I'm about to, and then - I really shouldn't. I separate myself, start pulling on my gloves.
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    Yes, the first one.

    You have sort of been over it. She's been downplaying the whole thing for a while, trying to be a friend and confidant and, I guess, a lover. And it's not like you haven't had other things going on. But no, not really. She said that you coming to see her now and then would be enough, but that's clearly become inadequate. I don't think you've even discussed too many other options. Like her living with you or something. I mean... how do you make something like that happen, right?

    The magic doesn't seem to be affecting you the same way as her. Probably because you're human, despite your blood. It's clear that some of the difficulty lies with that. She simply isn't sure how the magic is going to act. And she's told you about the bond, described it as a deep promise, a marriage, but there is more under the surface of that that she hasn't unpacked for you, considering how you reacted (internally) when she told you the first part.

    She watches you, pressing her lips to keep from pouting, her eyes maybe a little shiny, but smiling if you look at her.
  • Of course I'm looking at her. I mean, who could look away? But I keep my feelings to myself, and I'm sort of scared to get in the water tonight - maybe I won't. I mean, I don't want to hurt her, you know?

    "I'll come back, okay?"

    And I guess I'm going.
  • How close to school have you gotten before you remember that you and Ash were supposed to do... what was it again? Anyway, you were supposed to be together. And while I'm on that topic, Ashley hasn't really been overtly pushing you on the sex thing, but you can tell she really wants to, right? Do you?
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    Well, I guess ... yes. I mean, like I said, I want to, you know, make her happy, and I don't hate the idea of her, um, doing things with me? But I think she's being, like, overly considerate or something. Like she's afraid to scare me off? I said we've been making out kind of a lot, but I guess we've been sort of shying away from, you know, rounding third base.

    But like in the last couple of weeks, it's been a little different, the mood's a little different. We just haven't had a lot of time alone just recently, that's the thing, but I think it might, um, something might happen soon.

    I'm already in the parking lot when I remember that thing, though. I'm, like, knocking the snow off my boots and pant legs, cleaning up before going in, and I remember, crud, we were going to start doing study sessions in homeroom this week, right? My grades've kind of been slipping this year (wonder why?), and she was going to help me review in my worse subjects.

    I work in the studio a few nights this week too, and I think she'll be visiting ... but, uh, I don't think we'll get that much studying done, alone like that. I'm actually kind of nervous about that because, you know, what you asked above. Unless Holly hangs out too, or something.
  • --End Scene--
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