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It's just after school now. And I guess you're going to walk home (about 5 miles.)

Sure it's the middle of winter, but... Well I guess you get to spend time out of doors and more importantly with your girlfriend, Nyx. Are you nervous about walking the road that runs through the park? You haven't heard much from the Fae.

Holly. I guess you saw Seth sometime today and he said he was looking forward to your date. You didn't manage tell him about the dance yet, though. Teddy did eventually show up, though you two don't really have classes together. I suppose you can save the inquisition until when you get home, when she's there. Did you just decide to walk home with Nyx or was this the plan from earlier?

Anyway, Nyx, at least, is waiting for Aubrey to show, but you have maybe a few minutes before she does. Holly, you've just arrived.


  • [Holly]

    "Hi, Nyx!" Holly says brightly as she pulls her big brown puffy coat tight. It's one of the remnants of her second-hand store clothing, but its warm, with a fake fur lining on the hood. "Thanks for waiting for me! I told Ash to go on with Teddy. I'm excited about meeting Zach. Do you know him? Aubrey says he is nice. Are you cold? Do fae get cold? I wish I didn't feel cold." Holly moves up close to Nyx, watching the misty breath coming out of her mouth.
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    "Hey Holly!" She looks cute in that coat. Fur and all, "no, I don't know Zach really, can't wait to meet him. Yeah... guess Aubrey's been talking to him so... so that's nice that I'll be a chance."

    I laugh when she asks about the cold. No wonder she asks, I'm just wearing my hoodie, hardly winter gear, "course I get cold but I like it... long as I'm not wet. Can do without getting dunked in the ocean again..." I blow into my cupped hands, "what's wrong with feeling cold? Means you get to warm up again!"

    I smile, "wish we could get some hot chocolate around here... we could go stop at two cats and I won't be too late home."

    Two cats is a little coffee shop in Bar Harbor, cute... first floor of a homey bed and breakfast type place.
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    Holly smirks at the mention of the ocean. "You should visit Myrii. She can keep you warm in her pond and..." Her eyes widen for a second and she pauses with a look like she might have said something wrong. Suddenly, "I love hot chocolate! With at least forty little baby marshmallows. And way too much chocolate mix than you should have so its all gooey at the bottom." Holly begins rubbing her hands together as she continues talking, not pausing to take a breath, trying to dominate the conversation, "Mr. Bay would do something he called five-fingering the Swiss Miss hot cocoa mixes and I made it alll the time. And I got to have a few cups, too. It was delicious!"

    She gives up on rubbing her hands and reaches out to take Nyx's in hers, "I've never been to Two Cats, but I like cats. Do you like cats, Nyx? What's your favorite thing about it? Two Cats, I mean."
  • [Nyx]

    I give her a warm smile as she goes on. I love the way she goes on like this, she could teach me a thing or two about enjoying life.

    I enjoy that she takes my hands, holding her soft hands in mine. They're warm... does that mean I feel cold?

    "Great fries... George'll come rub on your feet while you're eating, he's the kitty, wonder why they don't have two... hmm. But it's kind of like going to your grandma's house. Everyone's nice."

    Not like going to your actual house... where everyone isn't.
  • [Holly]

    Holly moves closer when Nyx talks about Two Cats, her eyes wide as she listens intently, unblinking. "Everyone is nice?" She says it like a mystical truth of the universe has been unveiled. "I really want to go there. I don't even have a grandma and it still sounds nice." Without realizing it, Holly slowly begins to rub her soft thumbs across the backs of Nyx's hands, still smiling widely up at him.

    With a snicker, she says, "George is a pretty awful name for a cat, don't you think? Not as good as Nyx. Nyx is a great name for anything. Because anything named Nyx would make me think of you." A smile again, looking up into Nyx's dancing eyes.

    Her voice drops to secret-sharing level, "Aubrey is so really very lucky. You are a wonderful person. Or fae. I don't care. You are Nyx. That's all I care."
  • [Holly]

    Rolling to make Nyx feel beautiful
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • You hear someone clear their throat.

    When you look up it's Aubrey, standing there with a good-looking boy next to her. He's about your height, Nyx, or a little taller. He's Lanky, dark haired and pale, with blue eyes and a crooked smile. He's smiling. She is too, but it looks a little fixed, her eyes look a little wide, and she's looking between you.
  • [Nyx]

    "Hi Aubrey!" I take one hand from Holly to wave at Aubrey, but the other stays in her hands. I'm kind of oblivious if Aubrey is taking offense at us holding hands. "Holly was just saying we should go to Two Cats... get some.... oh, hi," I say to the new guy, "you must be.... Zach? I'm... uh... this is Holly."

    I raise the (now three) hands we hold together kind of like playing London bridge.
  • [Holly]

    Holly turns to Aubrey, still holding her wide grin. When Nyx keeps her hand, she giggles lightly and continues smiling, oblivious to Aubrey's expression at first, then confused by it. It finally seems to dawn on her when Nyx introduces himself to Zach. She looks to Aubrey, then Zach, then Nyx, and turns to face the new arrivals. She doesn't, however, let go of Nyx's hand quite yet.

    "Hi Aubrey. This is Zach?" she says politely. She peers intently at Zach's crooked smile. "Have you been to Two Cats which has only one cat with a silly name?"

    With only slight reluctance, she lets go of Nyx's hand and walks up to Zach and does a slight head bob that seems to be a weak curtsey, "It is very nice to meet you, Zach. I am... oh, you know that already because Nyx told you! It is nice to meet you. I am really happy about our double date for the Winter Dance. Do you like to dance?" Then with bated breath, she leans forward to ask,"Zach, can you do The Hustle?"
  • [Nyx]

    When Holly lets go, I walk to Aubrey to give her a quick "people are watching" hug. I whisper in her ear, "he seems nice..."
  • Nyx,

    "Hi" Zach says to you. "Um... Nyx, right? I mean Aubrey said that was like your nickname... where'd that, uh, come from?"

    I guess you don't really get a chance to answer because Holly jumps in with her greeting to Zach. She's a little stiff when you hug her, and say he's nice, Aubrey shrugs a little, pulling away rather than lingering, avoiding your eye. "He's okay."


    You kind of pelt Zach with questions in rapid succession.

    "Um No... I mean I don't know the...uh... the Hustle." He's glancing to Aubrey but her attention is occupied. "But yeah, I like to dance okay and no I haven't, um, been to Two Cats."
  • [Holly]

    "I haven't either. Been to Two Cats." Holly chirps, "And I can teach you The Hustle. It's a disco dance. Do you like disco music? I love disco music." Holly smiles widely and wiggles her hips just slightly imagining doing The Hustle. Then she steals a glance at Nyx and Aubrey, seeing her body language, which brings a worried frown to her face.

    "Nyx is a dark and mysterious name of a long ago power of the night, Zach." Holly shares with a knowing grin. Then she recites, "Always found in shadows and only seen in glimpses." Holly leans up to Zach's face, "Do you have a nickname, Zach? Is Zach a nickname for Zachary? Or maybe Zach is short forrrrr Zacchaeus? Like the tax collector in the Bible?"
  • [Nyx]

    Holly jumps in and answers for me, which is kind of good. I don't want to tell Zack about myself. Not that part of myself.

    As Aubrey pulls away, I say quietly "okay? Yeah? Okay is good enough for Holly? For our friend? I hope he's awesome."

    Then I straighten up and put on a smile, "yeah, I'm mysterious like that. Totally... so where do you live Zach? Walk home with us?"
  • Holly,

    "Zachariah, yeah, but only my grandma calls me that." he says.


    Aubrey gives you an irritated look when you say that, and looks away.

    Zach says "Sure. I'm not far from Dubbs." He gestures at Aubrey.

    Aubrey kind of starts but all four of you start walking out towards the road.
  • [Holly]

    "I like Zach. I don't want to make your grandma mad." Holly says with eyes wide with worry at the thought of an angry grandmother and her name calling.

    As the group starts walking and Zach says he isn't far from Dubbs, Holly queries innocently, "I've walked around most of the town. I don't know where Dubbs is. Is that a new subdivision?" She's walking beside Zach and somehow Aubrey is on the other side of Zach, with Nyx three bodies away.
  • "Uh... no. I meant I live near Aubrey's house." Zach says. "Sorry... I was kinda teasing her. You know she's a.. uh a wiccan, right? Well some of us started calling her "wicked witch." Then WW. Then Dubbs." He glances at Nyx and shrugs. "Just a joke."

    Aubrey looks uncomfortable.
  • [Nyx]

    "I don't think that's something you should joke about, Zach. Aubrey's Grandma believed, and she was pretty amazing from what I hear. So just cool it about that, all right? Her name is Aubrey."

    I can't let that slide, Aubreys got real magic in her veins. I know it.
  • [Holly]

    When Zach explains he was teasing Aubrey, Holly glances over to see Aubrey look away and seem unhappy. Holly's bottom lip sticks out a bit and her eyes narrow. She walks along quietly watching Nyx tell Zach to call her Aubrey. The whole conversation seems to hang in the air and only the scuffling of feet is heard for a moment.

    Holly says, "You shouldn't tease people because they are different. It hurts their feelings, even if you don't know it. Aubrey is a good person, you shouldn't make fun of her because she believes in magic." Her voice began trailing off, but then she gets a second wind of confidence, "I do, too. I believe in magic! Like elves and nymphs and magic spells and... and even Wishborn! Are you going to give me a funny name?" She glares at Zach for a moment. But then the glare softens and a little hurt shows underneath and she listens and waits, hanging on his answer.
  • "Uh... I guess if you don't want me too. Everybody has those names from their friends, right? Geez, everyone's getting all in my face." Zach frowns. "The only people who don't joke are like, zealots and shit. Dubbs is cool with it, aren't ya?"

    Aubrey shrugs. "Sure, of course." She looks over at you Nyx. "It's no big deal."

    Holly, haven't you heard Teddy and Ashley trade all kinds of joke insult names? Though Ashley really hasn't done it to you... maybe because of how shitty you've been treated.
  • [Holly]

    Holly peers at Aubrey when Zach asks her if she minds about the name. When she accepts it, Holly cocks her head slightly to the left, trying to puzzle it out. It finally dawns on her that she overreacted and she looks away, embarassment coloring her cheeks, "Oh," is all she can manage. She lets it drop.

    The confusion of their relationship, Aubrey and Zach, gives Holly pause, yet another social interaction that seems beyond her comprehension. She glances at Nyx after walking with them, trying to see how he takes it, trusting his instincts over her own.
  • [Nyx]

    That just makes me pause for a second, well, I try to stand up for her and this is the thanks I get. Don't think I like him.

    "Sure... yeah Zack, fine. If Aubrey doesn't have a problem with it then no big deal."

    I glance at Holly, too. I'm obviously uncomfortable but trying not to show it.

    I take Aubreys hand and start walking home.
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    Holly's discomfort is showing, she's chewing on the inside of her bottom lip, staring at the ground while the group walks, listening and not talking.

    Dear Diary,

    My friends call each other mean names and they like it. Ashley doesn't call me a name. What does it mean? Do you get called a name if you're normal and then the weird ones don't get called names? Or do the weird ones just never hear them? I don't understand why Zach calls Aubrey a wicked witch. I wonder what he would think if he knew her magic brought her back from the dead? Or what if he found out I'm not even a real girl? Or that Nyx is a magical elf? I wonder what names he'd use then?

    I wish I wasn't going to the dance with him now. I think he's mean. He doesn't understand me. Not like Nyx. I wish Nyx had asked me to the dance. But I like Aubrey, too. I don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm her friend. I brought her back to life. I should be nicer to her. I still don't understand why she told Zach yes. I don't like lying for her. I don't like it at all.
  • So it sounds like conversation is kinda strained from that point on. I mean Zach seems to solider on, you know, keeping up a conversation but man it's just littered with tons of 'in jokes' and stuff that kind of make you aware they they've been hanging out a lot, spending time together. Every little private joke sort of excludes you guys but it's nothing blatant. I mean he still talks to you. Aubrey even smiles and laughs as the walk goes on, one time he leans over and whispers something in her ear and she cracks up.

    So I don't know, Nyx, do you kind of suffer in silence or what? Do you play along? Were you planning to go to Two Cats? You could strike back too, you know, at Aubrey. I mean, Holly's right here and she seems to like your attention well enough. Or maybe you just lose it at some point and confront them? Or maybe just him?
  • [Holly]

    During the walk to "Dubs", Holly wears a thin smile, like a parade smile she saw the cheerleaders wear on the Christmas Day Parade, which made no sense because it happened on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Not even close to Christmas, but Santa was there, with reindeer. And cheerleaders with painted-on smiles. Like Holly wears.

    If possible, Holly will say nothing. Not a word. If she can manage it. If Zach talks to her or Aubrey talks to her, she will respond. If Nyx talks, well, that's an entirely different thing. That would be quite nice. But he's far over there, two people away.

    Somewhere along the way, Holly picks out the general direction of Myrii's pond, or where she thinks it would be, and stares at it, longingly. Myrii would know what to do. But Holly doesn't. So cheerleader smile, no talking. It will all be over soon.
  • [Nyx]

    I walk in silence for a couple minutes, allowing myself to fall behind a bit, even. I trudge along, hands in and out of pockets as I walk near the edge of the road, occasionally slipping around the woodsy side of a tree or two as if I might abruptly disappear into the woods.

    I catch Holly looking towards Myrri's pond, I can't help but follow her gaze and thing of when times were simple, when it was just Myrri and I, and then that brief time when everyone sort of just... got along.

    Then things got too complicated.

    Finally, about half way I just stop walking. Staring ahead at them, I wonder if Aubrey will even notice. If anyone will.

    What if I really did disappear. Aubrey do you know what I went through... no... what we went through to prevent you from disappearing?

    I wonder if anyone would miss me.
  • [Holly]

    Holly notices, almost immediately. She was looking across at Zach, cheerleader smiling at yet another crack at Dubs. When she tries to glance across at Nyx, he isn't there! Holly stops walking, looking over her shoulder until she sees Nyx. She turns, walks quickly back towards him, saying in a low whisper, "Are you okay? Are we lost? Did you want to go see Myrii?"
  • [Nyx]

    Holly. Of course it's you.

    I look towards Aubrey and Zach as they walk along sharing some inside joke, "feel like I'm losing her, Holly. Or... am i just being stupid. She's allowed to have friends right? Aren't they just friends?"

    Not sure I really expect an answer, but I have to say something.
  • [Holly]

    Torn by indecision, Holly's face grows flushed and she clasps a hand over her mouth, like she's trying to keep something in. Her eyes well up, she looks down the road at Aubrey and Zach, then back to Nyx. She shifts from foot to foot for a moment, swallows.

    Then Holly drops her hand away from her mouth and shrieks with all the passion that had been building all day long, "Aubrey was going to go to the dance with Zach, Nyx! She told me she'd already said she'd go with Zach this morning and she wanted me to go with him so you wouldn't be mad!" She looks back at both of them, tears welling up. Then back to Nyx with a guilty look, "I'm... I'm sorry, Aubrey. And-and Nyx! I don't want to lie anymore! I don't like Zach! I don't want to go with him! Or anybody!"

    Holly blinks away a couple tears, then turns to step off the path and run into the woods. She just wants to go be with Myrii, she's ruined everything again.
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    Can't help but glance after Aubrey and Zach, but my attention is on Holly, especially when she grows upset. I step up to her, "wait, Holly... wait... Aubrey wanted to go.... with Zach? Really?" I look at Aubrey and Zach, a disappointed look on my face. Of course they can hear me, too.

    You know, I wouldn't even mind so much if Aubrey liked Zach, but why not just tell me?

    But going with Zach means without me, doesn't it... that's the part that hurts.
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