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It doesn't take long for each of you to get busted for being late. It's not like it happened right when you walked into school, no, you were summoned to Mrs. Glen's office, after maybe a class or two? It's like she's been waiting for this, or you guys are both on a watch list or something. I suppose it was halfway through 2nd period when you got called out, Teddy.

When you finally arrive at the front office, you're pointed to a row of three chairs made out of chrome tubing and upholstered in nondescript grey fabric, like you might find in a dentists office. The walls are mostly white and display some bland waiting room art, school photographs, and a photograph of a balding man, Dr. Mitchell, who is the principal of the school. On one wall not too far away is a a bookcase like piece of furniture that acts as mailboxes for the teacher and staff. The air is filed with quiet sounds of office work, the occasional hum of the copy machine. The smell of coffee.

The chairs are right outside Mrs. Glen's door. Nula you've already been there for a few minutes when Teddy walks in. I don't know how much you two have been interacting over the past few months. I know Teddy is one of the few to know your secret... well, your current secret anyway.


  • I've got my feet up on the chair, knees pulled against my chest. My hood is up over my head, and I'm leaning my forehead on my knees, eyes closed. I know this is bad. I'm in trouble, the kind of trouble where Dominic is going to find out. Mrs. Glen warned me, but she doesn't understand. And I can't explain it to her.

    Sound familiar?

    I know when Teddy comes in. I catch her familiar scent as soon as she enters the room. I've gotten really good at avoiding her, along with everyone else. But now there's nowhere to go. I hug my knees tighter and keep my head down. Maybe she won't realize it's me?
  • That's impossible. I see the line of your leg, the set of your shoulders, the lock of auburn hair escaping your hoodie - I mean, I know it's you the instant I step through the office door. Sure you've been avoiding me, but we're still in a couple of the same classes this quarter, plus homeroom, and do you think I haven't been watching you?

    They point me over here, though it's not like I don't know the routine, and I come. I kind of hesitate for a few long moments, and then like, there's three chairs and I could've sat there, so that there was a chair between the two of us, but I don't. I sit here, close beside you. I guess you smell, you know, me and snow and Myrii too. Maybe evil shadow blades, if those have a smell, though I don't still have it on me.

    And you're huddled up - I say, uh, "Hi, um. Nula. You okay?"
  • Well, wishful thinking I guess.

    "I'm fine." I mumble.

    I mean to stay curled up like I am, but you are always such a strange mix of smells, Teddy. Myrii I've gotten used to. I mean, you and Holly both often smell like her. The snow, that's not unusual. The evil shadow blade? Well I don't know anything about that, but maybe it has a scent. If it does, it's probably one that would catch my attention.

    So I turn my head a little to peek out from under my hood at you. And if you're looking, I look exhausted. Pale with dark circles under my eyes.
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    Yeah, I know that feeling. I look pretty drained - I didn't sleep too well last night, or the night before that or, uh, yeah. I move like I'm on autopilot, really rough around the edges.

    And I'm totally looking, I catch your eye, and I answer, "... Okay."

    I look concerned, though maybe I sort of school my face once I see you peeking. You don't look fine at all - it's really been weeks and weeks since you did, right? And I mean okay ... pot, kettle, black ... but I've heard people say you've been spending a lot of time at Jarrod's place, and you totally have this sort of whipped look to you. I'm kind of wondering if you're, like, being abused or something?

    I mean, okay. Maybe it's the other thing. I've been kinda keeping an eye on the calendar lately, so I know the moon was full the last few nights, and you did sort of say something about werewolves that once. But I don't really get that, and anyway - didn't Jarrod, like, bite you or something? Why would you stay with him, if you had a choice? And his dad's the chief of police, you're away from home - if something fishy were going on, maybe you'd feel like you couldn't go to anyone?

    Some of that's, like, in my voice: "How's it going with Jarrod? Are you two, uh, doing alright?"
  • My eyes widen slightly, panicked, just for a second. Then I catch myself, looking quickly down at my wrist where I'm picking at my sleeve. It's just Teddy. James isn't here. I can relax.

    "Jarrod? We're, um, yeah, we're fine." I say it really quiet and kind of strained. I glance at Mrs. Glen's door. I was dreading going in there, but now I kind of wish she'd hurry up.

    But then I kind of glance at you again, out of the corner of my eye. You do look tired, kind of like how I feel. I want to ask if you're ok, but I don't...I haven't really talked to you in a long time. And I don't really want you to ask me any more questions.
  • Yeah, well ...

    "Are you going to the dance? With him?"
  • I look straight at you, surprised. The dance? Oh...that's happening this weekend, isn't it? That must be what those girls in the bathroom were talking about. Am I going with Jarrod? He hasn't said anything about it. Would I go with Jarrod? How would we hide that from James?

    I blink and realize I'm just staring at you. "Um, I don't...I don't think I'm going." I say kind of lamely. "Are...um, are you going?" I add in a rush.
  • "Me? I guess so. I don't ... I don't think I have a date, exactly, but you know. I think I'm going with friends?"

    There's something more than I said, kind of packed in there, maybe you notice.

    "Jarrod hasn't asked you?"
  • "I've been really busy." I say, a little sharply, suddenly defensive. Why hasn't Jarrod asked me? "I have to take care of my grandfather."
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    "Oh, um ... sorry. Yeah."

    I kind of let it go, and I look away - my eyes wander around. This isn't my first time here at all, I've spent a pretty good amount of time down here in the office. Usually not because I'm in trouble or anything - though I guess I kind of have a problem with tardiness, even going back to last year. Sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning, if you've been using.

    I check on Mrs. Bednarczyk, at the receptionist's desk, and make sure she's not paying too close attention. Then, well, maybe it's been a long enough pause that you're starting to think I'm done but um, I'm not. I don't catch your eye again, though.

    "I, uh, still have your pelt ..."
  • It's suddenly very hard to swallow.

    I have to try a few times before I can get past the lump in my throat. And my eyes are welling up, so I'm blinking furiously. I was pretty sure she still had it, but I hadn't....I'd been trying not to think about it. I mean, I can't even go near the ocean. I can't bear the thought of standing on the shoreline or worse, swimming. My pelt?

    I turn my head away. "That doesn't matter anymore." I say harshly, but there's obvious pain in my voice.
  • "..."

    I know what a selkie is, now. Three months, right? I've done some reading. I say, lamely, "... Well, I have it."

    And then suddenly, blurting it out kind of low and fast, "Look, what's - what's wrong? Did I do something? I know I screwed up - screwed up a lot the other weekend, but ... I just want to stay friends. I'm sorry about, about that other thing."
  • I've got my jaw clenched, face turned away. But then you say "that other thing," and, well, I snap. I abruptly turn on you, getting in your face, eyes full of furious tears.

    "That other thing?" I hiss at you. "What exactly do you mean by that other thing, Teddy? How my home and my family and my life were taken from me? How I lost everything? How I have to constantly be afraid that the two people I love will kill each other? Or maybe you mean how my grandfather almost died? How he's still sick? How he might never get better? What's wrong? Everything is wrong. So what exactly are you sorry about?"

    My voice was getting a little raised there towards the end, a little dangerously close to being overheard by the receptionist.
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    Hey Nula, do you think you're dumping your emotional problems on me?
  • I'm not sure if I'm dumping my emotional problems on you as much as I'm shutting you down?
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    You think so? Let's do that, then. Maybe I'll have to work a little harder to trigger Hungry Ghost.
  • Don't forget all those Strings you have on me.
  • It looks like a shut down to me.
  • Shutting you down! You'll have to work a little harder for Hungry Ghost. :)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • You should totally spend a String on that.
  • I'm going to spend a string on you to make that roll a 10 and give you a condition. Teddy, you're a bad friend.
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    Oh actually, take that String back, Nula. You're forgetting that I'm, like, infatuated with you, right? Still. So you should've had a 10+ to begin with.
  • I kind of flinch away, I don't know how I keep making you angry like this. It seems like every time I try to open up -

    "Sorry, I don't - I meant, like, at the beach ... asking you -"

    I thought that was why you were avoiding me. I mean, it's been really obvious that you're avoiding me, and I didn't know any of this about your life. I just knew you weren't talking to me. So like, I'm leaning forward onto my knees, looking away from you, kind of staring at my toes for a minute, and then I'm looking up at you.

    My tone's different: "Why've you been avoiding me, then? What did I do? You can't trust me? You know I'd help you, if you asked ... I like you, Nula. A whole lot. I know you think - you think I'm just a human, don't you? I'm not important, I can't make a difference. But that's not true - a lot's happened. I know things, now."

    Dunno if you're watching me, but if you catch my eyes, there's a kind of an edge there that I didn't have three months ago. Where they were once all big and soft - I remember you thought that was pretty - now they're just so dark, and sharp enough to pierce. Maybe you remember the smell of blood, all over me that night back in September.
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    I'm giving the Faery King a String.

    Tell me a secret about yourself, Nula - a secret fear, secret desire, or secret strength that I just now discover. Because something in you whispers to me, silently. Maybe your soul, maybe your Wolf, maybe some tiny remnant of the ocean within you.
  • A secret, hm? I have quite a few secrets. I suppose if there is any of the ocean left within me, it would reach out to you. That Nula would want to confide in you.

    I had sex with James Kent, and I still secretly desire him.
  • I don't say anything - I mean, I don't use that or anything, right now. I wait and see how you answer me.
  • I feel kind of horrible when you flinch. I look away, swiping angrily at my eyes with fists of balled up sweatshirt sleeve. If this had happened a few days ago, I might've just stormed out, screaming at Mrs. Glen again if she tried to stop me. But with the moon last night, Wolf is quieter and I? I'm just so miserable.

    "I don't care that you asked me out." I try to snap, but my voice is too wobbly. I look back over to glare at you with teary eyes, and yeah, now that I'm looking you in the eye, you do look different. It actually makes me pause for a second. What happened to you?

    "I don't...I don't think that. I don't...I'm not avoiding you." I'm so obviously lying. "You can't help me. Just...just leave me alone." I add with a spark of anger.

    I can't worry about you too. I can't let you into my life. It's too dangerous.
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    I know you're wrong. I can feel it, right this minute - the presence of the King hanging around me, huge and silent and trembling with potential. I owe him for this, for fucking sure ... but it's a fair price. I really could help you. I could show you, make you -

    No. I look away, I sort of deflate. You don't want my help, you don't even want to talk to me.

  • I pull my knees up to my chest again and hide my face in them, crying silently into my jeans. Wolf is disgusted. I'm disgusted too, but not for the same reason. Teddy just wants to help.

    I want the sea back more than ever right now.

    The silence stretches on for a while, unless you say something, Teddy, although it doesn't really sound like you will. I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm crying, but maybe you can tell. Maybe not.

    Anyways, after a few minutes, I start thinking about what you've said. And I latch onto something. My pelt. My pelt is still here. Maybe...maybe I could...I don't know. Just thinking about it hurts, a deep, horrible ache in my chest. But maybe I should get it. Maybe it could help, somehow. Maybe if I just held it, it would help. Maybe.

    I suck in a shaky breath and hold it, trying to get control. "I'm sorry." I lift my head up enough to drag my sleeves down my wet face. I glance at you, miserably ashamed of myself. "I'm...I'm sorry." I say again. "I would like to get my pelt back."
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    Well, I haven't said anything yet. Though I don't think I'd, you know, be able to let it go like this either. You're kind of ... important to me, and not just that - I mean, I've given up on being more than friends, or anyway, as much as I can. But I still wish I could just, talk with you.

    So I'm kind of brooding, just sitting here, leaning forward with my guts all twisting up into hollow knots.

    Now: "..."

    "Sure. It's yours. I don't have it here, though. So ... call me tonight, okay?"
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