[MH] Deeply Concerned [Te S2:1.2]

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Mrs Glenn shuts the door behind you as you come into the office. She makes her way behind her desk which is at is usual level of obsessively neat organization. There's a file folder there with your name on it. It's really a bit thicker than it should be now, isn't it?

The office is pretty much as you remember it. You can see the Bible, on a nearby shelf. The framed prayer. The whole thing neat as a pin.

She seats herself and clasps her hands over the file on her desk. She nods to the chair across the desk from her. She's wearing her usual skirt-suit with a white shirt. Her reading glasses are hanging from a chain around her neck and she looks quite serious.

"Please sit down, Miss Ellis."

When you have. She opens the file in front of her.

"You seem to be having some trouble lately, Miss Ellis, and I and several of your teachers are becoming very concerned."


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    I sit, and let my backpack fall by the chair.

    "... Okay ..."

    Guess I'm in trouble. I didn't think I was really pushing it that bad. I mean, I've been late to school before, all that kind of thing, so all this that's been screwing me up in the past few months ... I guess I thought I was still doing a good enough job of hiding it, keeping everything looking normal. Looking back, though, maybe not. Ashley's kept me from being late to class all that much, but I've been so tired in class, really distracted, and I've been doing things in the evenings that ... aren't homework. Both, like, with Ashley, and for the King.
  • "Is there a reason for your trouble? Issues at home, anything like that? I know your family took on Miss Ba... MIss Hobbie, which is about the time this... deterioration began."

    She's folded her hands over the papers again and is watching you intently.
  • Yeah, so I'm kind of eyeing the file and trying to protect, you know, attentiveness and everything. I guess I feel pretty comfortable with Mrs. Glen, but I'm not totally sure where this is going to go, right? Little nervous.

    "Um, I guess it's been kind of a tough ... few weeks. Holly's really nice, she's not a problem or anything. I just, uh, I guess I haven't been sleeping too well."

    Well, she can tell that by looking.
  • I take it you haven't been called in like this before? Aside from being questioned by Cross, I mean. When was the last time you got in real trouble at school? What for?

    She nods., still intent. "Have you considered seeing a doctor, or talking to someone? Mr. Bell, perhaps? Or Father Martinez?" Mr. Bell is the school counselor.
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    "Um, no ..."

    Jesus, no. I mean, I'm not saying I couldn't use a head doctor right now, but you know. Uh, and I've had talks with teachers a few times, but I show up for school mostly on time, I pay attention in class, I get my work done when I'm DJing the station, and I keep the whole recreational drug use separate from school and everything ... I mean look, the school lets me hang around after hours unsupervised, they gave me keys, and I got elected treasurer of the broadcast club back at the beginning of the year, so I'm an officer in one club and I still help out with the newspaper. I'm responsible, really a pretty straight-laced kid, uh, most of the time.

    So I haven't been in real trouble since, like, middle school, when my parents broke up and mom and I moved up here, and that was just, like, I wasn't doing any work and they got mom involved and I ended up seeing a psychiatrist for a couple months. Or ... okay, sorry, there was a thing last year, when I broke up with Eric the second time. We were kind of fighting, and it got kind of public. I guess Mrs. Glen was there for that too.

    "... I've just been having a lot of, you know, nightmares or whatever. And, yeah, I know, but - I don't really want to talk to, um, a guy about it, so ..."
  • She purses her lips slightly for a moment, considering.

    "We do have a female counselor who we keep on file or maybe... Perhaps I could help?"
  • "It's, uh, kind of complicated ..."

    I hesitate, but I mean, it can't hurt too much, right? So I start talking, and maybe some of this is, like, she asks a question and I answer, but I say something like this:

    "... There's kind of two things, I guess. I keep dreaming about, um, the thing with Aubrey and the police at the beginning of the year? I guess that's stupid, since it all turned out to be nothing, and I didn't - I didn't know Aubrey that well anyway, but it sort of ..."

    "There was this cop, you know? Um, Deputy Cross, from the sheriff's department. She was the one doing interviews and everything here, and she, um, she kind of had it in for me or something. She thought there was like a drug angle in it or something, and she ... just decided or whatever that I was involved, like I'd, uh, murdered Aubrey or something. I go up to Bangor to dance sometimes, and I guess, uh, there's a drug scene there, so I guess that's what she was thinking - but it was totally crazy. It's like, my name was in Aubrey's address book, and that's all she needed or something? I mean, she told me, she was like telling me -"

    I'm kind of talking a little faster now.

    "- telling me outright that she, she accused me of dealing drugs? And she said she knew I had something to do with Aubrey, um, disappearing. She was like threatening to search my home? And someone sent me these, like, on Friday I got these photos of me in the mail, like stalker photos, though I don't know - I can't prove it was her. But it was crazy! And -"

    Right here, I realize I should probably:

    "- or, uh, I mean, I did call the cops, or like the sheriff's department, and I complained. I guess they, uh, they did something, and Aubrey showed up anyway, so she - Cross - didn't bother me anymore, but ... it was just really f-, uh, messed up."

    I stop, like I'm done. But just a second later, I kind of spit up the last of it, something that's just been under my skin - I tell Mrs. Glen what Marsha told me about her unborn daughter, losing the pregnancy, losing her husband. I tell her in detail - not like with the whole context, obviously - and I tell her about the, uh, the parts of my dreams where the baby's, you know, involved. Then I stop, and kind of - yeah. I guess that's it.
  • That last part, you tell Mrs. Glen that Marsha told you the thing about the baby, do you also talk about her attempt to blackmail you into selling drugs or no?

    She listens attentively. Seems to grow a more concerned on the last part, of course.

    "Do you... do you think the dreams have anything to do with your... ah... your friend's decision to abort her baby?"
  • Oh no, nothing about blackmail. I leave the context out, like maybe Marsha told me when she interviewed me or something.

    The connection between Marsha and Mikaela kind of catches me off guard, and I'm sort of surprised Mrs. Glen knows about Mikaela anyway. I'm also suddenly feeling a little defensive, considering how religious Mrs. Glen is.

    "I don't know ... I wasn't, uh, thinking about that. I guess it was - she did what she had to, but I guess it was kind of a rough trip. She was really broken up about it?"
  • "Well, We'll leave aside the question of what she had to do." She says, voice carefully neutral. "A baby seems to figure prominently in your dreams, it might be from several sources, or even combined sources. Perhaps you are feeling guilty, rationally or not. Maybe… inside yourself you think you're… off course. You do seem a little lost just now."
  • "Um ... lost?"

    This is getting a little weird, maybe I shouldn't of said quite so much.

    "Anyway, look - I know I haven't been doing so well lately. I'll, uh, I can turn it around. I'm getting some help and studying for finals, like with friends, so I'll fix my grades. And I'll just ... rest up over break."
  • "Teddy..."

    She sighs, gives you this sort of pitying look. She stands and comes around the desk to sit in the other chair next to you and reaches out and takes one of your hands. She looks steadily into your eyes.

    "I know this is uncomfortable... You've always been a good student and a good young woman. Despite our initial misunderstandings, I've always been fond of you. You're very responsible, and very bright, and I think you have a promising future ahead of you... if you make the right choices for yourself."

    "I think all this trouble you're experiencing... the dreams and so forth, are a product of guilt, Teddy. I think you know that you're making choices that are going to be very destructive and I think that perhaps you're having a hard time facing up to that, and it's haunting you. And I'm afraid for you. I don't want to see such a promising young woman destroy her own happiness."

    "I know you are very fond of Miss Lange, but the road she is tempting you onto is a deceptive and destructive one, and I think you know that. It isn't too late, though... and there is help if you need it."

    Okay... so when you and Ash got together in October there may have been a couple of... school incidents. I mean you didn't think anyone saw you two, right?
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    What? I take my hand back. She, I guess basically had me up until 'very fond of Miss Lange', but this? Too hell with this. I take my hand back, and stare back at her hard, like I'm sort of fully focusing on her for the first time in the conversation.

    "Help? What do I need help for? Exactly?"
  • She withdraws a little bit under your scrutiny. She knew this would be sensitive and she genuinely is concerned about you. She seems very earnest.

    "I think you know what I'm referring to. I... saw you and Miss Lange together, quite by accident. And I've seen other things in your behavior over the past few months that led me to suspect that you were struggling with this issue. Combine that with an absent father and a... difficult early relationship, and a close friend who is already deeply misled, and it's easy to understand why you might lean toward that sort of relationship in the hope that it will be better. But it will do you both more harm than good, Teddy. It's already hurting you."
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    I'm giving the Faery King a String, for a total of 4 Strings on me.

    Tell me a secret about Mrs. Glen, MC - a secret fear, secret desire, or secret strength, whispered to me by something she holds within herself. You don't have to give me any dirt here, but come on - you know you want to.

    And I'm like, cold, confrontational: "No. It's not. I'm not 'struggling with this issue', and Ashley's not 'deeply misled'. And this, this is a public school - I don't think you can even say things like that ... or maybe I'm, you know, confused about this talk? We're talking about how I'm bi, right? Bi-sexual? Is that a problem?"
  • Huh, I was thinking of going for a shut down if I got something juicy from Mrs. Glen's secret, but I think I'm just doing that already. I'm attacking, trying to take control.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
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    I'll spend my String on that, for +1. I got this one String on Mrs. Glen way back on the first day of school by turning her on when she caught me in the halls with Nula, so I think that ties in neatly.

    Let's trade conditions, but I kind of want to hear her secret before I pick mine, okay?

    xp (2)
  • Well she has a desire to help you, but I suppose that's not so secret. She certainly seems more interested in you than you expected, isn't she? She certainly isn't interested in stopping say... Ashely from being interested in women.

    There a reason for that. You strongly remind her of her own daughter, over whom she feels deeply guilty. The image you get is of a girl very much like you... attractive, but sort of boyish. Even back in Sunday school, even when she mistook you for a boy, you reminded her of her own child, and then... then you weren't a boy and that hit her quite hard. And now this. You see, Dorothy's daughter, Judy, was gay, and when she came out to her parents, they fought bitterly.

    When Judy tried to reconnect with her mother after a few years. She was pregnant and hoped, among other things, that her having a baby would bring her mother back to her, despite Dorothy's feelings about her 'lifestyle.' Dorothy, though, was terribly angry and hurt by the estrangement, and when her daughter contacted her again they had another terrible fight.

    A few days later she got another call. Her little girl was dead. Her daughter's partner told her, point blank, that she was responsible and prevented Dorothy from attending the funeral.

    What she wasn't told was that the baby had survived. Dorothy has only just discovered it herself, indirectly. The girl would be... well, not very old. About seven perhaps... eight?

    So... Secret desire? She wants to atone for what happened between her and her daughter. She's tortured by it. If she'd just prevented her from turning gay maybe, instead of walking away. She also wants to find her granddaughter.

    But anyway, you'll have to put something else out there too I think. Something meant to hurt her.

    "Teddy, please. I've seen what this choice does to people." She seems sincere, motherly.
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    Sure, sure. I can do that. The King's power is around me, can't she see that? Guess not ... well, as far as I can tell, nobody can, which is kind of wild. Maybe Nyx could? But anyway, I'm sort of listening to what Mrs. Glen - Dorothy, what Dorothy says, but I'm really listening to what's sneaking around behind the words.

    "What this choice - ? Yeah, no, the problem is when someone makes this choice, and then just gets dumped on for it. If you can't accept someone for who they are, if you're just going to tell them who they love is wrong and beat up on them until they - if that's it, then you're the problem. That's is why we can't just go out and be a normal couple, because Ashley's so scared of what people like you will do if we come out!"

    "Whatever. This whole thing - if you're seriously calling me in here because I like gir - a girl, then I'm going. You can't do this, this isn't church school anymore, and you seriously cannot tell me not to date ... whoever I like! I'm a student - there's laws. If you want to try and control someone's life, go talk to your daughter."

    I'm leaning over, picking up my backpack.
  • Her condition is blamed.
  • Ow... damn.

    Yeah you nailed it. She goes white with an expression on her face.... well it kind of reminds you of Cross when you shot her. Or at least the face you see when you dream about it.

    In fact a dig like that just reminds her of her daughter even more... the fights. I think your condition is "Deeply Troubled." She's staring at you her mouth slightly gaping as you gather your stuff.

    You taking off, or are you going to wait for her to recover?
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    Yeah, I bail. I'm standing and shouldering my bag, and shoving out of the room. If she doesn't stop me.

    And, um ... I don't know. I don't have a plan after that. I guess Nula's gone now, and I could be in pretty big trouble - they might haul me back up here, once Mrs. Glen, uh, whatevers. Hey, can I go looking for Nula? Going back to class doesn't sound that great.
  • Sure, you can. How do you plan to do that, just going to wander around? I suppose there's only so many hidey-holes in the school. I don't know how familiar you are with all of them.
  • Yeah, well, she didn't go back to class, right? You don't bail out of a meeting with the vice-principal, just to go listen to Mr. Gladway lecture about early American history. Guess I should know, huh? So, yeah, just look around, check the empty classrooms and club rooms, that kind of thing. I mean, if I don't find them, I'm totally not above using, you know - magic or whatever.
  • Allright.... well lets say you wander through. And when you check in the darkened Newspaper club room you are about to move on when you hear voices, faint ones, coming from the darkroom. Sure most people do digital now, but this has been the Newspaper room forever. And Jarrod does pretty much all types of photography... so who else would be in there with the room all dark?

    What do you do?
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    Oh, yeah, the darkroom, that figures. Really, I mostly know Jarrod from visiting Ash here, and from helping out with the sports section. Plus, you know, it's a pretty primo make out spot, right? Like, if you're in the club, and you have keys. Just a couple weeks ago, Ashley and I -

    Uh, so. I still don't really have a plan, but I kind of figure this isn't a good scene. I mean, I kind of have this figured out. Jarrod and his dad are probably both werewolves, or at least Jarrod is (he bit Nula, right?). But Nula, she's been so jumpy, so like obviously stressing, freaking out, that I have to assume she's, what? Being abused or something? And she can't say anything because Jarrod's dad is, you know, Chief Kent, and she's not from around here, so she probably feels like she can't go to anyone. And since she loves Chief Kent, well, they've told us about abusive relationships in class, right? And anyway, Jarrod already bit her the once, and what's he going to do if he realizes how Nula feels about his dad?

    So I just shove in there - I assume Jarrod pressured her into coming some place alone with him, and really I guess what I see doesn't, well, it looks like I have things about right.
  • Yep... you can go back to that thread.
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