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Hi Holly,

So it's been a couple days. Aubrey has had to have a few surgeries, and when Peggy checked she wasn't able to have any visitors at all, being in the ICU. It sounds like you might be able to see her tonight... well, she'll be able to have visitors. What did you do? Are you waiting to see her or did you send something? Did you tell Peggy about what happened?

I guess you told Teddy about the whole thing, right? She didn't react well. She doesn't like Nyx anyway and hasn't for a while, and maybe she was angry and irritated enough that you didn't really pursue it. Her own feelings are really too strong to connect with yours. She had some pretty negative things to say about Nyx and his capriciousness with women and probably gave you a stern warning that he was going to be trouble. (Wouldn't you say so, Teddy?)

Anyway the story leaked through Zach, probably, though it seems to have been exaggerated a little. A lot of people are saying that Nyx really tore Aubrey apart verbally, dropping her for you. There's even rumors that he's been screwing you before he broke up with her. So there's been people talking about you everywhere in the school. Some people talk to you, maybe trying to get information. Are you telling them the story or brushing them off? Others... Aubrey's friends, particularly, have been giving you dark looks, whispering among themselves when you pass. Are you worried at all?

Also... you remember the Farie King has told him to kill your ex-foster brother. Have you given that any thought?

Nyx is super-restricted again, supposedly. I don't know if he's paying attention to it or not. But certainly you can be together at school, between classes. And maybe if he's being defiant again, even after that. I think Chad's been recruited to help monitor him at school, not that he's doing a great job. Maybe even Angela too, when she's there. It seems though, that she's on your side, and instead is passing notes between you.

It's mid-afternoon. You're headed for your locker, right? Why are you alone in the halls between periods?


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    Dear Diary,

    I'm so excited and worried about tonight. I sent flowers to Aubrey's room every day, and wrote her some poems, too. They aren't very good. The flowers are, my poems aren't. They're "sappy", but I feel so terribly awfully bad. I need to know, did I do this to her? Did I make her sad? I don't understand!

    No, Diary, I do understand. I did steal Nyx away and I made her super sad and she decided to die. I don't know what she wants me to do. I want to ask her. Does she want Nyx back? What if he doesn't want to go back? I love him whole bunches, but if I hurt her by loving him, then I need to fix it. I just... I need to know how.

    Teddy is still mad at me. I did tell her that Myrii told me I wouldn't get pregnant! And she doesn't understand about Nyx. I feel sad that they aren't friends, like I should split myself up for them. I mean, it isn't hard now because Nyx is so in trouble and Teddy is just around and with Ashley. Ashley is still friendly, but I feel like there's something different now she's with Teddy. I wish I was closer with Ashley, she is my best good friend and so special. I miss her and I think about her alot.

    The kids at school are mean to me about Nyx, calling me names and whispering. I spent a whole day trying to explain, but nobody listens, so I tried crying. Well, I didn't try crying, it happened. But it didn't help at all, and it made Angela's mascara run and I put it back on all shaky-handed. I'm weary of them. I try not to listen, but I'm good. I'm really a good person and it hurts so bad.

    I've been thinking about Liam lately. Since Nyx isn't allowed out and Teddy and Peggy are out after school, I've been going to the library, checking out books on killing people. Murder Mysteries, encyclopedia entries on poisons and Time Life books on guns. I don't check anything out, I just stay there all day and I sneak-eat some cheese crackers and only go home when it closes. I have a super great boyfriend and I'm lonely.

    At least I can see Angela at school, she's so super nice. I think she is a cool person. I need to do something for her, thank you stuff.
  • It's mid-afternoon. You're headed for your locker, right? Why are you alone in the halls between periods?

    Holly is heading to her locker between classes to pick up the card she made for Nyx last night. She made a big, pretty heart with a bunch of little fairie silhouettes cut out of it, like they are flying around happily. She used up ten sheets of construction paper and a bunch of Elmer's School glue, glitter and puffy paint. It's been in her locker since second period, and now she is going to sneak it into Nyx's locker. He told her the combination, a show of trust, he said. She's also attached a small bag of Hershey's Kisses to the bottom, says "from the bottom of my heart" on it, and she wrote


    and XOXOXOX all over it.
  • Holly,

    I suppose the giggles are unexpected when you hear them ahead of you. You round the corner to your locker to find it open with three girls standing around it. One is rummaging through it. A lot of the stuff in there has been tossed out onto the floor. You realize one of the girls is eating the candy and all of them are laughing.

    You recognize Lily from the swim team, maybe? The one in the center a sharp faced, dark eyed girl with spiky dyed black hair, named Riley, has your love letter in her hands, and just as they come into view, she tears it in half, laughing.

    "Oh my god, that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen! What else has she got?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly gasps loudly when she hears them talking, and walks quickly up to her locker, "Hey, uhm, that's mean. I worked really hard on that card!" She stalks up to Riley first, looking at her with sudden anger and a bit of confusion.

    Tattered pieces of the card drift lazily to the red concrete floor of the hall. Holly stops glaring long enough to look at them, all torn apart.
  • The girls turn to face you and LIly and the other one... Beth? Make room for you then sort of flank you as you face Riley. Beth is the one eating the chocolate. Riley looks at you, black-eyeliner-enhanced eyes wide, cocking her head to one side. All the girls are sort of gothy, both in dress and makeup.

    "Almost as mean as stealing someone's boyfriend?" Riley asks with a humorless smile.
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    Riley's cold question cuts into Holly. Her mouth hangs open for a moment. "That's... uhm. That's between Aubrey and me, Riley. I would never ever want Aubrey to be hurt, she is my friend." The girls intimidate Holly, but she pushes forward, "Please stop eating Nyx's kisses, Beth. This is very mean."
  • Beth give you a wide eyed look, then deliberately pops a chocolate into her mouth.

    "Realfriends don't steal their friend's boyfriend. They don't even date their exes." Riley hisses. She gets right in your face, starting to maneuver you into the lockers. The other two cutting off clear escape.

    "And if you were her friend, you knew how she was, and you still did that to her. You and your bastard boyfriend practically shoved her in front of that car."
  • [Holly]

    The girls are able to maneuver Holly into the locker. She's crossed her arms, less defiantly, more like hugging herself. Holly's voice rises in pitch when she answers, "I didn't mean to steal anything. I love Nyx! I don't understand the rules, I've never had a boyfriend. I didn't know it was against the rules. You all have so many rules and nobody tells them to me and they aren't in any books!"

    She's panting now, afraid, excited, a little angry, too. "I don't know why Aubrey was hurt, I would never ever hurt Aubrey. I brought her back so you don't even know. You're just being a dumbhead and you need to leave me alone!"
  • "Oh... we will. But I need something first. Hold her!" Riley snaps at the other two. They move in quickly to grab your arms and shoulders and pin you against the locker.

    Riley pulls a small knife out of her bag. It's a shiny double-edged thing with a black handle. The blade looks pretty sharp and she steps up close to you, smirking.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    The knife, the girls grabbing her, all takes Holly by complete surprise. They are going to hurt her! Holly wants to scream out, to lash out, to run away. But this is so intense, so scary.
  • [Holly]

    Holding Steady:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    (+1 XP)
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    With that XP, buying an advance - +1 to Volatile;
    Will take the condition
    terrified, which fires Better Than Nothing Move for another XP.
    Will carry 1 forward during the scene.
  • Riley gets in close with the knife and a nasty grin, grabs the end of a lock of your hair and slices, a small hank coming loose in her hand. She holds it up in front of you.

    "Now you'll find out what happens to people who mess with witches." She says, backing away. "And don't worry, Nyx will get his, too."
  • [Holly]

    Riley's threat about being a witch brings abject fear into Holly's eyes. "No... no no no, Riley! Please no! I'm... Don't. I'm not. I am magic, didn't she tell you? I cast the spell to bring her back, please. Please don't unmake me. I did it, helped. Helped save her. I marked the spell, too. I, please don't do magic on me!" She'd bring hands up in supplication, but Beth and Lilly hold them. "I'm sorry! I'm not a bad friend, not bad. I didn't know!"
  • Riley looks at you with a raised eyebrow and a sneer, glancing at her friends.

    "You're magic? You saved her? What the hell are you talking about?"
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    Riley's confusion startles Holly for a second. "Wuh... what? I thought you. Are you in a coven with Aubrey? I, uhm, I thought that. Didn't she tell you we, Nyx and me, we brought her back? She was..." Holly drops her voice to a whisper, "She was dead in the woods that time, and she taught us the magic for bringing her back. And we saved her. That's, uhm, that's why I would never want her hurting, Riley. I saved her, I'm her good friend! I just, I really love Nyx and she was with Zach and I thought it was ok. Because he told her he loved me before I ever kissed him or anything at all. I would never cheat. I'm good. I'm not a cheater. Please don't use magic on me, I'm Aubrey's friend."
  • Go ahead and try a manipulate.
  • [Holly]

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    Using Bought loyalty to give her a string for a +2
  • Riley looks you over again and looks at her friends. You can see the burning curiosity in her eyes.

    They won't use magic on you if you tell them all about this whole resurrection thing in detail.
  • [Holly]

    Holly senses their hesitation, sees that the situation might not have to end in violence. Or bad magic. "Aubrey never told you, did she? Well, I can tell you more about it. I will. But not in school, ok? Tell me where to meet you after, I will tell you how we, uhm, brought her back." Holly licks her lips in anticipation, waiting for Riley to trust her, just a little bit.
  • She looks at the others again. Then back to you. She nods.

    "Okay. Meet us by the doors at final bell. We'll go to my house. I'll give this back to you then." She holds up the hair. "But... if you don't show up... bad things are going to happen. You get me?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods vigorously, eyes watery until they let her go. As soon as they leave, Holly cleans up the area around her locker, because it is important to keep your locker area clean and tidy. Then she will return to her class and worry until the end of school.
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    Holly pauses by the door to her advanced trig class, looks down at her hall pass for a moment. Indecision crosses her face. She ducks her head down and walks towards the studio. Teddy normally has a free period about now, she will be doing "deejay stuff" most likely.
  • So Teddy,

    Holly finds you in the broadcast room. What have you been doing today after the visions this morning? Things still tense with Ashley after last night? Did you even ride with her today?

    Is anyone in the studio with you? What are you doing?
  • Yeah, I don't know. I mean, yes, still tense. I, uh, rode with her, but Holly was there too, you know? Man, Holly's got to know something's up - she's kind of oblivious sometimes, but I've been using her as kind of a buffer, on and off, for like a week or so. And this morning, I guess it was pretty awkward. I tried to make up, of course I did, but at this point ... I think it's going to be hard between us until we settle this whole thing, you know?

    Anyway, it's a free period, except us broadcast geeks come to the studio, right? It's me and Brad and sophomore Jakob, holding down the fort. Our advisor (um, who is our advisor?) came around at the beginning of the period to check in, but we've been on our own since then, and I kind of crashed. The guys can handle the station with just the two of them, and Brad, you know, covers for me? Even though I kind of mostly-but-not-100% turned him down for the dance.

    There's a little room, was like a janitor's closet or something before the station, and we have a couch in there and a little coffee table kind of thing. And a couple chairs. It's a place to do homework or, uh, whatever (like it's never been used for making out, right?) while someone else's working the studio, and I'm basically crashed out on the couch, dozing. I guess the guys wave you over, Holly, so that's how you find me.

    I'm laying there on my back with my feet up, face all slack and open-mouthed, kind of cradling my hurt arm across my chest. Though, uh, I fixed up the cuts with bandaids and gauze and tape, right? And I'm wearing a long-sleeve sweater, and I've been acting like nothing fine all morning, because this cutting thing isn't any kind of fucking cry for help - I don't want anyone to know.

    And I don't know, I didn't mean to actually sleep, but I'm seriously exhausted all the time now, so maybe I'm actually having those visions like right now? Kind of weirdly turned on, shifting around a little in my sleep.
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    Holly comes into the studio and finds Teddy asleep on the couch. She walks quietly into the room to stand over her, crouching down to watch her sleep. Holly's worry fades as she sees Teddy so vulnerable. So not yelling at her for loving Nyx. Holly watches her chest rise and fall, her body moving about in pleasure and a grin spreads across her face.

    After several minutes of watching her, the dread creeps back in. Holly cautiously reaches over to touch Teddy's arm gently, to wake her.
  • "Huh - ?"

    I kind of snort awake, ugh. And I'm bleary.

    "Holly? What's, uh ... up?"

    Kind of sitting up.
  • [Holly]

    Holly reaches down to gently take Teddy's shoulders, give her support as she sits up. Her face looms large in Teddy's. She smiles nervously, then slides back to stand near. "Do you, uhm. Do you know Riley and Lily and uhm... and Beth?"
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    I run that in my head. I don't know any of them really well, though I guess I've talked to them a little more since I started hanging out with Aubrey, right?

    "... Kind of?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly leans down to Teddy and says in an urgent whisper, "They're witches, Teddy!" She pulls at her hair and shows it to Teddy, "See here? They cut my hair for a magic spell! They are mad at me for Aubrey. I told them it wasn't my fault and, that and, Aubrey's my best good friend and I didn't want her to be hurt, too. And they are so so mad and I'm really kinda scared."

    She swallows and continues, reaching down to hold Teddy's shoulders lightly, fear in her eyes as she shares, "I hafta go meet them after school, Teddy. They said bad things would happen if I ran away!"
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