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Welcome to Nanoworld.

Why don't people introduce themselves and take a [two digit] number.

I'm Marshall and I'll be your GM for this game.


  • I'm Sully, casual gamer with obsessive tendencies.

    I'll take the number 31.
  • I'm Rich, obsessive gamer with a pretense of being casual to lure people into my web.

    I take 52, my old high school football number.
  • I'm Ryan. Not that one; or that one.
    I am neither obsessive nor casual. I coined the phrase Corvus Disorder.

    I'll take 87.
  • Awesome! I'll go ahead and kick things off.

    Clones, you are each one among Nano's clone workforce, you serve your purpose together. You will never be unique and you are alone among yourselves.

    #31 When you look at the other clones, are they all blond, brunette, white-haired, or bald?

    #52 When you look another clone in the eye, are their eyes blue, green, starlit, or barcoded?

    #87 When you look around you, do the clones wear coveralls, suits, tunics, or nothing at all?
  • [#52]

    The ocular inputs of clones are bar-coded. Faulty design-element, as bar codes created to establish differentiate, of which there is none among clones.
  • [#87]
    Clones serving our purpose wear tunics. Our tunics are neutral gay with 18% reflectance across the visible spectrum.
  • [#31]

    The thick and curly hair of the clones is white, and acts as a light insulation against the elements.
  • Are clones male, female, both, or nether?

    Anyone can answer.
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    Clones are manufactured to appear as either human gender, referred to by the makers as androgynous. Clones were not designed for the purposes of procreation nor sexual intercourse. They are asexual.
  • Ok, so clones get four stats. Stats are usually one word.

    #87 In what way do clones really excel? Name the stat. (It gets a +2)

    #52 What is another strength of the clones? Name the stat. (It gets a +1)

    #31 How are clones particularly inept? Name the stat. (It gets a -1)
  • [#31]

    We clones are bred for a pretty specific purpose, and we aren't great at dealing with the unexpected or thinking on our feet. We get -1 to Improvise.
  • Hahahaha - You'll see why that's funny in a bit.
  • [#87]
    Drive. Motivation. Will. Humans have words like this.
    Clones have Purpose.
  • [#52]

    Clones are designed with superhuman sense of balance, manual dexterity, spatial awareness, visual perception and body coordination.

    Clones are Precise.
  • There's also one other thing about clones. #87 or #31 should name that stat (It gets +0)
  • [#87]
    Clones have a somewhat low onboard memory capacity. To compensate they do much of their data storing and processing in the cloud.
    They can Access Hive Mind.
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    (Take a look at the post above)

    #31 What were clones designed to do?
  • [#31]

    Clones are designed for the care, harvesting, processing, and packaging of a strange crop. Clones don't know its purpose, just that it is inesible. Automated barge shuttles come twice per cycle to retrieve the finished product.
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    Throwing in my two cents: I bet the plants are dangerous or delicate, hence why the clones must be so nimble. Anyone have thoughts on that?

    #52 What's the very first thing all clones can remember?
  • [#52]

    Emerging from water, searching for home. Clones are developed in an nutrient-rich organic fluid until they are matured. Once they emerge, their first awareness is to seek the hive-mind, to link up, find home, seek the others.

    The plants are dangerous, this is true. It is unknown if they are sentient or highly evolved for defensive purposes, but they are able to move, entrap and poison clones. It is a purpose with a high mortality rate.
  • #87 What is unsatisfying about a clone's lot?

    #31 What are the "uniques" like?

    #52 What does your clones' work area look like?
  • [#52]

    The clones work area was constructed to appear indigenous to this planetoid. The interior spaces are tightly confined except for the planet processing work stations, which have enough space for an individual clone to harvest plant spores without endangering more than one clone at a time.
  • [#31]

    The uniques are clones who developed some mutation during formation. Their DNA imperfection is recognized at the point when they attempt to join the cloud, and they are rejected. With no access to the hive mind, they have no place within the social structure of Nanoworld, and are cast to the wilds. Those that survive are generally quite a bit more clever than your average clone or else quite a bit stronger. They are usually easy to spot as uniques because their extended time exposed to the elements causes their body to attempt to produce excess melatonin, resulting in heavy freckling across their bodies. Their attitudes toward the true clones varies, but spite or even hatred is not uncommon.
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    Holding out for #87.
  • Not what you'd expect. We frequently find a great deal of satisfaction in surviving the plants attempts to kill us, even relishing the chance to fend off an attack.

    The most unsatisfying thing about a clone's lot is that we have an incredible sense of dedication to our purpose, but absolutely no context for its end. What use are the processed spores? Why are we doing this deadly work? Some speculate. Some claim that some Uniques know.
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    Clones are white-haired and androgynous with bar code eyes. They wear neutral grey tunics. They have a strong sense of purpose and execute their directives precisely, in part, due to shared memory. However, new things are challenging for them.

    Purpose: +2
    Precision: +1
    Cloud: +0
    Improvisation: -1

    Clones live on Nano, a planet filled with deadly plants. The clones work in an isolated processing center, deep in the organic zone, harvesting the plants and periodically loading them onto shuttles. Who knows where the shuttles go? Who knows what the deadly spores are used for? Conditions are cramped, in part, because the low lying compound is hardened and sealed air tight. Plants are allowed, a few at a time, into a corral at one end of the center, where they are immobilized. A clone then removes them to an individual chamber, where the plants' toxic and complex anatomy is dissected and their spores removed. The clones take great pride in their work but aren't really sure what the spores are used for - it's a topic of some debate. Sometimes plants clog the shuttle bay - clearing them to make way for a shipment is a cathartic chance for excitement in the otherwise routine production schedule. A clone's life is 90% careful dissection, 10% ganking things with machetes.

    The clones themselves are grown in tanks, as needed. Growing clones is still an imperfect process, however; imperfections are only detectible in the final stages of development. Imperfect Uniques are evacuated through a sortie gate and the least fit often attract more of the plants. Is that by design? No one asks. The few that appear to escape the plants occasionally return to bang on the center's locks - their perceptions are not framed by the shared memory and, through the view screen, their messages often come off as excited, confused, or hostile. With their deep freckled tans, they would never pass as a complete clone.

    Clones can:
    -Dissect and process plants
    -Gang up to bring down plants
    -Bring down Uniques
    -Treat the wounds of other clones/Uniques

    It's risky for clones to:
    -Interpret the Unique's language
    -Repair the center or its mechanisms

  • Everything had been going so well. Production has been good and there have only been 4 clones lost this cycle. The replacement clones should be emerging from water to connect to the cloud any time now. You all are waiting, near the corral, for your turns to collect your plant for the day. What just happened to disrupt your work? Anyone can answer.
  • An alarm sounds! A voice comes on over the PA system indicating that there has been a security breach on the northern perimter of the compound, and a small gang of Uniques have gained entrance.
  • Yes!

    So the alarm sounds. You know what the alarm means but this is the first time you all have actually heard it. The automated notification confirms the breach warning. The North entry isn't far from where you are now. What do you do?
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