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Hi Nyx,

You talked to the police that night. It was pretty prefunctory stuff, they just wanted the story of what happened between you and Aubrey for their official record. Do you ask for any information or anything? Once that's done your parents... well your mom tells you in no uncertain terms that you are not to try and see Aubrey and that you are to stop associating with Holly.

Chad is supposed to keep you in line at school, but after Tuesday he's less than interested in watching your every move. It crimps his style, so you really aren't being monitored that closely. When do you have the opportunity to spend time with Holly at school?

School... Well people are talking about what happened. Zach has certainly spilled the beans, and it's gotten through the school grape vine *very* quickly. Some people are asking you about it because they're curious, some giving you dark looks and some just mutter when they see you.

Angela has been good about being your mail carrier. It looks like you might not really need her for very long, considering Chad is slacking off, but she's definitely in your corner. But then, she didn't exactly take a shine to Aubrey, did she? Why was that?

Also... have you given any thought to the whole killing Holly's former foster brother thing? You know, to get in good with the Fae again?

So, anyway, it's Wednesday afternoon, the last break before your last class of the day. Just out of curiousity, are you planning to go see Aubrey tonight? You're making your way to your locker. When you round the corner into the hall you see Chelsea standing by your locker, clearly waiting for you.


  • Nyx

    I don't ask the police for any information beyond if she's alive... if she's expected to make it. Stuff like that.

    Chad is a slacker when it comes to me, so that's a relief. I see Holly in homeroom of course, but we find time to be together at lunch hour and recess. We find a remote spot, the little stairwell behind the gym, the edge of the fence behind one of the buildings. Anywhere people will leave us alone.

    I expect we spend our free moments together in a kind of perpetual hug, often not speaking much. But we talk about the future, about dreams and how things will be when we grow up and all that. Hopeful, but with that melancholy edge of two kids who maybe don't really understand how tenuous love is but can feel it.

    Of course it's out what happened. People blame me, that's fine. I don't defend myself, again only speaking up to defend Holly or Aubrey if someone brings that up.

    I've never been so close to my sister Angels. I appreciate her so much, I never looked beyond her glam-exterior to notice how unhappy and rebellious her heart is. Mom is using Angela for her own satisfaction just as much as she's been neglecting me. It's kind of the same for dad and my brother. Why did they have children?

    But... yes Liam is on my mind. Holly has hinted that she wants to be there when it happens, though I don't want her to see me kill. Honestly I'm not sure I can, but I must. I am doing it for love, I keep telling myself. A grim date we must go on together, I watch Liam when I get the chance. See who his friends are... but Holly knows where to find him alone. She knows what he likes... I expect sex is the way to lure him into a trap.


    Wednesday afternoon. I'm not planning to see Holly, it's better for us at home, and it's better if the police start asking about Liam in the future. I know this.

    I pause for a moment then with a smile I walk out, giving Chelsea a friendly wave. "Hey.. Hey Chelsea. What's up?" Can't help but look around to see if anyone's watching.
  • You're getting a few glances and whispers, but then that's been happening since yesterday. But no, other than that, nothing significant.

    Chelsea smiles back. She glances around too, when you do.

    "Hi Alvin." She says. She seems... bashful? "Um..." She glances around again, not as happy with the venue for conversation as she thought.... "Can I... talk to you for a minute?"
  • [Nyx]

    Puzzled, little puzzled. Holly knows I like her, but Chelsea doesn't have a clue... does she?

    "Sure.. yeah of course Chelsea, yeah. What's up?"
  • "Not here... c'mon."

    She grabs your hand.

    What's the most secluded spot, nearby, Nyx? That's where she takes you.
  • [Nyx]

    Hall closet? Often left unlocked, concrete floor, hose, buckets.
  • Cool. This is a janitorial closet so it's not super tiny I guess.. Still it suits her, and she drags you in there and then turns, leans, and reaches past you to push the door shut, her auburn hair giving you a warm noseful of her shampoo or perfume or whatever. She leans back again, for a couple breaths, her wide hazel eyes looking into yours from a very short distance until she suddenly crushes herself against you, and you against the door, taking your mouth in a passionate kiss.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    Surprised. Shocked... and incredibly turned on.

    Later I may wonder what's going on, but right now lonely for Holly, frustrated and dissapointed this moment is so, so welcome.

    I don't think too much. I kiss her back, wrap my arms around her and lose myself in kissing a girl I've dreamed of for years. Chelsea isn't a girl who I just want for her body, she's more than that. A kind, gentle pretty girl who has always been nice to me even when my folks and my brother have been hard on me. Even Holly knows how I feel, I don't feel like kissing Chelsea is a betrayal of Holly. I think she would understand... but honestly that's not on my mins while this is going on.

    "Chels..." I manage to whisper in between kisses, my hand on the small of her back. My eyes closed as if dreaming.
  • She whimpers when you kiss her back, a sound both longing and joyful, and redoubles her efforts, pressing the whole soft length of herself against you insistently, like she wants your bodies to merge into one. Her hands find their way under your shirt at the waist, warm against your skin. You hear her whisper your name, your real name. Nyx about the time you're kissing and sucking your way down the warm perfumed column of her throat. One of her hands has shifted behind your head.

    You suddenly realize there's more sound, and maybe more movement under your mouth than you expected, not that I know what you were expecting. Well maybe not more sound, just not the kind of sound you were expecting. You hear the sniff and the quiet beginnings of a cry about the same time that you encounter the taste of salt water on the skin of her neck, having dripped down from her eyes.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    I pull back, getting her hand off my head and into mine. Something isn't right.

    "Chels..." I look at her, is she crying, just... crying? Why? "What's wrong? What happened?"
  • She is indeed crying, silvery tracks of liquid sliding over her smooth rounded cheeks. She shakes her head, quickly, back and forth a little choking sob coming out of her.

    "I'm... I'm sorry. N-Nyx. I know... I know I shouldn't've done that... you... you have a girlfriend..." She brings both hands up to her face..
  • [Nyx]

    "I... I do... but..."

    My attitude changes... the uncontrolled heat of the sudden turn-on fading away as this becomes more serious.

    "It's been hard for us... I can never see her, Chelsea.... I... I've liked you for a long time..." I stop, thought of Holly in my mind, "I'm meant to be with Holly, everyone's trying to break us up. But I've always really... really liked you. I wanted it too."
  • She sniffs. Wipes away her tears though her eyes are a little reddened. She looks away from you, idly looking at the inside of the closet.

    "I always liked you, too." She says in a quiet voice. She pauses, looks down. "I broke up with Chad. We... we had a fight and... I think we're done."
  • [Nyx]

    I'm not surprised. Chad is a douchebag sometimes.

    "Oh Chels," I touch her on the shoulder, "you're better than him. He never deserved you... are you going to be ok?"
  • She shrugs and nods. But you can tell she's wounded.

    "I should have broken it off a long time ago. I kept waiting for him to get better... and he just... he kept getting worse. And I..." She pauses, glances up at you. "I realized the person I wanted him to be was... well... was you."

    She looks away again. "That's why I kissed you... I mean... I didn't mean too. But I'd... um.. I"d been thinking about trying it." She chuckles a little "I thought about sneaking into your room one night... well more than once, but I never had the nerve and I was... I was still trying to making it work, you know? I actually really did want to talk to you, it's just I closed the door and you were..." She glances at you, can't hold it. "you were right there. So..." She shrugs.

    "Anyway..." She takes a slightly shaky breath as she changes the subject. "I was going to talk to you about helping you out... with uh... with Holly. I had an idea anyway. I... seem to be out a date on Saturday. I can talk your parents into having you take me... and then you can get with Holly when we get there, and you're all legit."

    You know she's right. Your Dad has a real soft spot for Chelsea, and both your parents a pretty used to her being around.
  • [Nyx]

    She admits that she's 'wanted' me for some time and it's flattering, and surprising, and it fills me with thoughts of what may have been. What if she had told me about this a year ago? What would have been? The passion of our kiss is still within me but it's controlled, I know that this isn't the time... is it?

    "You'd do that for us?" I step up and hug her, different this time. Warm and full of love and thanks. "Thank you Chels, really... yes... I would love for you to do that for us... Holly will be so happy. I... I wish somehow I could go with you both."

    What a stupid thing to say but I feel it. I wonder what Holly would think if she knew about this. I hope I see her soon.
  • She stiffens when you hug her. It takes a minute for her to relax and hug you back. Not because she doesn't want to hug you but because she's still keyed up from the kissing and wants more than just a friendly hug.

    She laughs when you say the thing about taking them both to the dance. "It's okay. I'll be... okay. Just bad timing." She looks up at you, a slightly forced smile on her face. "Holly's a lucky girl. That will teach me to follow my instincts next time... whenever I'm ready to date again."
  • [Nyx]

    "Instincts...." I look at her with a slightly playful expression, "are there for a reason."

    I hold her gaze for a couple of seconds, a moment of anticipation and uncertaintly. My life seems to be about bad timing sometimes.

    Just look at her, Chad you're an idiot.

    Turning Chelsea on.
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  • To clarify. This isn't Nyx deliberately turning her on. His fae nature just does it.
  • And she responds to it. I mean you're still standing close and she's been struggling to hold herself back. I mean, like she just said, you have a girlfriend. Heck you just changed girlfriends. But in that moment, with those whispered words? She can't hold out anymore, she plasters herself against you again with determination, almost a growl coming from her, restarting the kissing like she's on fire.

    She's got you against the wall again. You feel the tugs of her working at the front of your pants.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    She kisses me, my fae blood excited and hot. My mind says no... this isn't right. Holly won't understand... will she?
    Maybe she will. She's not human like other girls. She doesn't know jealousy... she knows I liked Chelsea. She might even be happy for me.

    I kiss her back, letting all thoughts of human restraint fall away. I'm here in the moment. How I wish it were the woods where I could feel free. I let her open my pants, reaching up inside her shirt when I get the chance, feeling her skin. Chelsea is amazing, always has been.

    I return her passion, kissing, holding, caressing her... seeing where this fire takes us and going there without worry.

    For now.
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    Um... just out of curiousity, Nyx... do you carry protection? I mean... and use it and everything? It would be against your fae nature, putting something so...artificial in the process but...
  • Yeah I don't think I carry that.
    Still an unpopular nerd who doesn't get laid at heart I suppose.... it's always a surprise.

    I'm not a responsible Fae. Don't do drugs, kids.
  • Okay... so you go there. Pretty quickly. I mean your options are a little bit limited. So you have the excitement of each other and the novel and dangerous location. There are a few nerve wracking and adrenaline filled moments where you have to still when someone comes too close. She has to bite her lip.. or really your shoulder... and try not to make any noise when she gets there.

    But now it's afterward. She's clung to you for a little while, then she kisses your cheek and finally gets off of the flat part of the utility sink where she's been perched for a while now and sort of bashfully begins to put herself back together. She's shaking her head slightly as if she can't quite believe what she did... what you did together.

    What do you do?
  • [Nyx]

    It is a hurried affair, students walking past the door make for an exciting, exhilarating sense of risk which adds to the moment.

    But after... I get dressed quickly, watching her but not staring. Trying to remember her, every curve and freckle of her skin. Remember how her hair falls as she brushes it back over her bare shoulder with a flick of a hand. Remember how the curve of her hip is just so when she turns her back. She's wonderful.

    "Hey... uh... Chels..." I've called her that since I was a kid, "you know I really... really like you. I mean... more than just about any other human being on this Earth. But... but my heart belongs to Holly. I've caused so much pain getting there..." I pin my lips together for a moment as I try to say this, "will you do something for me? I... never want to lie to her. Or to you. Would you promise me that if Holly ever asks you about this you tell her the truth. I'm not going to this secret... I can't. Promise you won't be ashamed. This was great."

    My voice is sincere here, I mean it. It was great, how could I keep this from the one I love.
  • She hitches for a moment. I don't know what she was expecting, really... I don't know if she was expecting anything just yet, it's all a little much to process. She's feeling confused and disappointed. I mean, she knows you were taken. And you know... it's the height of tact to discuss another woman with one you just were intimate with. So... go you. She looks up and gives you a brief and brittle smile, and nods.

    "Um... sure."

    She finishes putting herself back to together, gets her bag on her shoulder, seemingly in a hurry to be gone.
  • [Nyx]

    She's going to leave.... confused. Yeah I see that.

    "Hey... " I stop her a touch on the shoulder. "Chelsea don't be like that. You're amazing... don't forget it."

    I know I'm letting her down. She wanted more. But she couldn't possibly have expected more from me. She started this even knowing about us.

    I look away for a second, then smile brightly at her, with the sun shining in my eyes.

    "Come on, let's show Chad the he can't bring us down," without warning I take her hand and throw open the door, I don't care who sees us, I'm not ashamed of who I am or who I love. Never will be.

    We rush hand in hand together down the hall, hopefully I bring a smile to her face.
  • Making Chels feel beautiful:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    I'll likely go find Holly if there's time to. Or take Chels to her hall or whatever, depending on the time.
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    It looks like that works. Your words really reach her and sound like more than a simple consolation.

    You take her where she needs to go... she genuinely smiles and she even kisses you on the cheek before she goes into the classroom.

    And that seems like the place for this Scene to End.
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