[MH] Dream a little dream... [Te S2:1.2]

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Hi Teddy,

So... did you go see Myrii on Monday night? And how nuts did you go when Holly told you the whole debacle with Nyx? Finally, have you seen Ashley since Monday? Aside from driving to school?

I'd say it's early Wednesday morning, now, and you're having a dream. You communicate with the King mostly in dreams, right? He hasn't ever really spoken, just shows you images and sounds, sometimes in a coherent way, sometimes not. Even when talking to him now, though, his presence hasn't returned to you yet. How hard has that been? Have you been doing anything to compensate?

Anyway, go ahead and make a commune roll for me, okay?


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    I didn't go nuts. I mean, I've been hanging out with Aubrey more, she's kind of a friend, so obviously I'm on her side, but it's not Holly's fault. I might've said a thing or two but - look, I'm just worried about her, you know? Why'd she have to hook up with Nyx? Jesus. Holly seems pretty resilient, so I guess most people would think, you know, when Nyx ditches her like Aubrey, she'll handle it better? But I remember how she was after Ash, um, after that thing between her and Ashley, so I don't know ...

    No, great, now I'm remembering about Ash and Holly having sex. And yeah, we've seen each other - me and Ashley, I mean. Well, obviously we have homeroom and a couple classes together, but we didn't see each other much more Monday, since I went out to the pond. I was all out of it, though, so I don't think I really settled anything with Myrii, either.

    But Ash came by studio last night, though I kind of made sure we wouldn't be alone. I, uh, got Amy Cooke to come for a study session? I don't know what's going to happen when I'm alone with Ashley again, so I'm basically a coward and it was a miserable night. She thinks I'm avoiding her, and we didn't get in a fight or anything, but she's unhappy and I'm unhappy ... and I'm pretty sure the whole thing made Amy really uncomfortable, too.


    I can't deal with this, MC. I feel half-dead, and there's just so much wrong. I have a friend in the hospital, a girlfriend who, you know, doesn't want to admit that she is my girlfriend, my foster sister's hooking up with Nyx - probably being bullied again - and there's still these nightmares, and this horrible time-bomb of a thing going on between Mom and Mr. Lange, and Myrii's worse than ever. I wish I could talk to Nula ... but yeah, I already told her way too much, didn't I?

    And I still can't sleep. Even with the pills, I'm having trouble basically every night - I'm scared to go to sleep. Everything's just falling apart, and I'm too exhausted. I can't think, can't react, don't know what to do: I'm a zombie. I, uh ...

    ... I don't really, um, want to tell you this, MC, even if it's you, but ... I started cutting again, last night.

    I hadn't done that for like, uh, weeks now, not since that kind of bad time a couple months ago, before I got together with Ashley, before I got the sleeping pills from up in Bangor. I came away with those scars, the fine little scars on my forearm, but I was holding it together pretty well up until now. But last night, I don't know. The scene with Ashley, it just kind of pushed me over. Everything's so much more raw, without the King's presence. So naked and painful. So when I got home, I just -

    It's hard to do, MC. I have to kind of work myself up to it, which, you know, probably it should be hard, I know this thing is fucked up. But when I actually do it, it doesn't hurt - not really. It just ... it focuses me, puts things in perspective. It lets me get a handle on things. I really need that, right now.
  • I harmed myself (1-harm), before communing last night:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )

    xp (1)
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    revised for focus: The visions are lucid and detailed, and I discover a String on someone important to what the King wants me to do.
  • Well you do get lucid and detailed visions. Visions of you, mostly, doing things. There's the knife and retrieving the box. More than that your HE wants you to bind the shadowblade, and to do it before beings already influenced try to take it from you. The box will contain it, but it needs to be subdued. To do that you'll need to gather energy and for the quantities you need, the fae usually gather it through... um... well, sex. The primal act of creation subverted into magic. You'll need different...um... colors...flavors... frequencies... whatever, and stuff. He shows you what they look like, what they feel like. You'll know them when you see them... when you feel them.

    As for what he offers you.... he can give you the magic to make Ashley's mom accept the two of you... even support you. All you will have to do is touch her.

    And yes... someone important to what you need to do. The king shows you a man. Handsome, dark, clearly not a kid. Suddenly you know his name is Adam... Adam Walsh. You see him typing on a computer, coffee cup next to him. Notebooks layed out to the side. You've seen the expression, the organization before with Ashley. He's a reporter out of Bangor.... and you suddenly remember Ashley mentioning him, though mostly in passing as you guys either talk about other things or... you know, make out. She's got a kind of intern thing going. Something about him working on a story down here, some calls made by her Dad to see if she could intern over the summer and this guy saying he needed help on something now.

    The string is he was Cross' ex, the father of the baby she lost.
  • Respond if you like, but later today, Holly is looking for you in her thread.
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