Nanoworld [OOC]

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Thanks for joining in my game and thanks for bearing with me. To check in, what are your thoughts thus far? Is anything particularly unclear and/or do you have questions about the game?


  • I'm really digging the surgeon/butcher dichotomy that has emerged in this game. Makes me think the clones were re-purposed to farming...
  • I'm happy that Sully and Ryan picked up on the phrase groupthink-link. I think it's neat. I'm also finding the wild variances in reactions to the threat intriguing, like a swarm of hornets.
  • Just checking in. Are people away for the holiday week+end? Hopefully, people aren't waiting for me to post.
  • Chirp. Chirp.
  • I'm coming off a long weekend, so I'm not sure where others are on the game.

    With all possible kindness: I am not feeling this one anymore. Part of the issue for me is simply subject area. Nanoworld feels very far-future scifi and that is not really my thing.
    But I also wonder if the PbP weakens the experience of playing Nanoworld. I imagine that a good deal of energy is created in Nanoworld because of the face-to-face response to such a blank slate. (I could be totally wrong, having never played Nanoworld F2F). I can see it playing as a quick game, an hour or 90 minutes with a great deal of cooperative storytelling. I think it would be awesome under those conditions.

    On PbP, I think we loose much of the energy of face-to-face social interaction that would make Nanoworld awesome. We certainly gain things in PbP games, but they tend to be things that go well with slower, more reflective storytelling.

    Marshall, I sincerely hope you take this in the spirit I've written it: friendly honesty. I think Nanoworld looks keen (although I must admit to not having the game itself). Perhaps I am way off base with my reflections above. I bet it would work well in IRC or chat where you could have quick, snappy interactions.

    Regardless, I am going to back out and hope to play with you all again in another game.
  • Ryan: No offense taken. The game is meant to be played short and fast in person, 30-60 minutes, and end when it reaches a satisfying conclusion (I estimated the game would run about 1 month in PbF). In this case, the question I saw developing was: How would the clones resolve to treat the Uniques once they realized killing them all would be no thing. Rich had more or less just touched on that in his last posts so I figured the game was just about to end anyhow.

    As to the far future setting, one thing I like about the game is that most aspects of the game could have been totally different based on the answers given, stats chosen, or the things clones attempted to do.

    Thanks for your interest and giving it a shot.
  • Do the rest of you want to end on that note?
  • yeah, I actually thought it WAS done. It felt like we reached an end point to me.

    It was neat. I hate that we lost Sully somewhere.
  • Ha, then it was definitely done. Thanks for playing everyone. I really appreciate the chance to try out the game online. Maybe I'll run something else in the future.
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