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So it's after school.

I suppose, Holly, that you went to find Teddy before going to meet Riley and the other two girls? Did either of you do anything special before coming to meet them? You find them all right where they said they would be.

You haven't been able to find Nyx again today, but... well you did hear about him emerging from a closet with his brother's girlfriend... and they looked like they had been doing more than talking, apparently. I think you overheard it in the girls bathroom. How do you feel about that?

Riley spots you walking up with Teddy along side. The expression in her dark eyes says that she isn't happy about you having company.

Teddy, you said you've hung out with them a little, right? You got along with Lilly, fine, but Riley... well I don't think you two exactly took a shine to each other. She's Hayden's friend, right, and we all know how you feel about Hayden. Then there's Beth, you have a longer history with her, don't you?

Riley nods at Teddy, then looks at you Holly.

"Hey... so are you ready to go?"


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    Dear Diary,

    I stopped real quick before I went to find Teddy, just to catch you up. I'm meeting with three witches and that's scary. Also, I overheard that Nyx and Chelsea made out in a storage closet. If the girls had been talking to me, it was Julie and Steffie, I know they would be lying to make me feel awful. But I don't think they knew I was in the stall. I know Nyx really likes Chelsea, a whole lot. She is very pretty. Prettier than me. Wait, prettier than I. Am pretty. Grr, English is so tough.

    I guess it didn't last long. Teddy was right. I just want to know what I did wrong! Was I just "o" and "k" again?

    Maybe... maybe it is a lie. Maybe they did know I was there. It's a trick, it should be a trick, this isn't fair. It's only been three days, eleven hours and twenty six minutes since I had the S-E-X with him! He said he loves me. But-but, he loved Aubrey, too.

    I should talk to Nyx. But I'd rather ask Myrii. I can't talk to Teddy, she'll just give me the "I told you so" look, and then curse alot. I wish I knew what to do, Diary.
  • [Holly]

    Seeing the witches seems to alert Holly out of the sad little reverie she was caught up in. She grabs teddy's hand and walks forward, "Uh huh, Riley. Dor, uhm, Teddy was there, too. She wants to talk, too. Ok?" There's worry about Holly's eyes, and she didn't talk with Teddy on the way there, lost in dark thoughts.
  • I stopped off for something, too. I went and got the keys to the AV storeroom - I said I needed to check on some of our remote gear? And I dug out Marsha's shadow blade. I've had it hidden in with some damaged sound equipment, the stuff that got ruined when that water main or whatever broken at the beginning of the year?

    We've replaced what we had to replace, but we haven't thrown anything away since, you know, the broadcast program's pretty poor and we're hoping we can fix something or use them for parts or ... whatever. So I've had the knife hidden behind a recording deck. Not too many people can even get in the room (I can because I'm a club officer), and this broken gear's just been sitting untouched for months now, so it's pretty safe.

    So I've had Marsha's blade all through final period. It feels different, kind of, from earlier this week, maybe because I don't have the King with me? But I brought it because maybe this is a chance to ask someone, you know, human about all this ... if these girls even know that much about magic, which I guess I'm not totally convinced. I do kind of know them, and they seem pretty normal to me, right?

    Um, for Beth, she was in soccer with me and Aubrey, that's how she and Aubrey were friends. She was a forward, like Aubrey. Well, I mean, she still is - she's been like a starter since day one, she's really good. And seriously fit, like she totally reminds me how much I've gotten out of shape since leaving the team. I take care of myself, and I've been doing more working out with Ash lately, but still: huge difference.

    Now, I shrug: "Yeah. If you want her, Riley, I'm coming with."
  • Yeah, Teddy... I think the shadowblade feels oddly comforting, even if still wrong, like it's filling in a hole in your life. Is it... trying to be friendly? Something about it is reaching out to you in a supernatural almost-caress.

    Riley looks at you Holly, then back to you Teddy.

    "Oh, is that so? Well you weren't invited." She looks at you again, Holly, crossing her arms petulantly. "Maybe we should just just forget this whole deal and go back to our original plan. Hmm?"
  • [Holly]

    When Riley makes her threat, Holly shrinks back and grips tightly to Teddy's hand. She squeaks out, "R-Riley... she was, uhm, she was there, too. She cast the spell with me. I thought. I thought she could maybe help. In case, I uhm, well, in case I forgot pieces. Please don't go back to your original plan, I'll be good. I want to show you we're Aubrey's friend, that we saved her. You don't need to hurt me, ok?"
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    I step forward, maybe a little in front of you, Holly. You're probably not gonna like this, but I tell them:

    "Riley, look, come on. This thing, it's not Holly's fault. I mean seriously, don't get me started about hooking up with Alvin, but this is on him, okay? He's just got her wrapped around his finger, just like he did with Aubrey ... it's stupid, but it's him that made Aubrey -"

    I hesitate.

    "- Holly was just there."
  • [Holly]

    Teddy's insults cut Holly to ribbons, more now than ever. The pain of Nyx's possible affair with Chelsea still so fresh, she does little more than wince. Those last words: 'Holly was just there,' they affect Holly the most. She closes her eyes and looks away, rubbing them with the back of her hand. No objections.
  • Riley looks at you sullenly, Teddy.

    "She says she's Aubrey's friend. Friends don't date their friend's boyfriends, Teddy. But she's all living with you now, so maybe she doesn't know how to act."
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    "Please, Riley, do you really want to do this? Are you still on about Hayden? Oh! Wait. Isn't she the girl blowing other people's boyfriends behind the gym? Is that your role model?"

    I look away, cut to the others: "Come on, Lily, Beth, seriously! She's just really ... sheltered, okay? She doesn't know how to handle this, she's never had a boyfriend before, and Alvin comes on really strong. Not her fault."
  • Guess I'm shutting Riley down. Probably will regret it:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    Oh, but xp (2)! So that's worth it.
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    Riley cheeks flush with anger, Teddy, as she gets in your face.

    "Are you fucking kidding me? She only did that because Lange fucking paid her to." She hisses. "Paid her a lot. "

    Both Beth and LIlly gasp.
  • Dear Diary,

    Riley and Dora are yelling at each other and I have no idea what they are saying. Haley was blowing boyfriends? I know the bleachers are a bad place for sluts, I know that. But the blowing, that's bad? How many boyfriends? What does that even mean? Is it putting bubblegum in your hair? That's awful. No, the bleachers are places for sluts, so it is probably dirty.

    Wasn't Haley with Nyx at the beach party? Were they blowing? Nyx Nyx Nyx. I want to cry. I thought I was his girlfriend, but he said he liked Chelsea more. He's so pretty and she's so much older. Well, everyone in school is older than me, technically. But she's older wiser, like an adult. And so pretty, too.

    Riley said Ashley paid Haley to do some blowing on boyfriends. A lot of money? Is that worse? Ashley has a lot of money, so she can afford more paying. This is so confusing Diary. I think Riley said something mean about Ashley, and I don't like that. Not at all. Ashley is wonderful. I miss her. She's Dora's girlfriend and that's great!

    If Riley is being mean to Ashley, I think I will punch her in her eye. I know it is not nice, but she has my hair and she broke my card that I made for... for Nyx. If I had given Nyx the card, would he still have been fucking Chelsea? I really like the part about "from the bottom of my heart". I thought it was pretty clever. I am so tired of just being "o" and "k".

    This is the worst day in ever, Diary.

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    I'm kind of blank for a second, just tired and not quite processing? But then this isn't even about you anymore, Holly, and Riley's up in my face? Okay, well, I get back up in hers - little wannabe goth witch. If she's like really in my space, I even kinda shove her a little. Not like Lashing Out, just ... I guess sort of provoking her.

    "She told you that? Jesus - are you high? That is such a fucking lie! I mean, not like I'd be surprised if Booker whored herself out, but -"
  • Where are we? What's going on around us?
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    You're just inside one of the lesser used entrances. Maybe by the gym? Most of the traffic is over, the occasional person goes by. Trophy cases and other decorations are nearby. But a couple of people have stopped to pay attention.

    Riley crosses her arms with a look that says she has you. She's completely certain that what's she's saying is the truth.

    <"She told me after I pried it out of her! And she made me promise not to tell but fuck it. I'm sick of your shit, and the crap you and the bitch princess have put her through. Hayley's family has shit for money, and her mom was sick at the time. Lange didn't think Eric was good enough for you. Hell, maybe she wanted to fuck you herself. Don't believe it, bitch? Fine. Go ask your fucking <i>best friend, or whatever she is. I dare you."
  • [Holly]

    Teddy gets in Riley's face, then Riley calls Teddy a bitch and insults Ashley, too. Holly takes two amazingly quick steps in between them, her left hand drawing back, the coming in an upward arc, straight for Riley's face. She smacks her as hard as her thin body can muster.
  • [Holly]

    Lashing Out
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (+1 XP)
  • [Holly]

    Choosing Riley needs to hold steady before retaliating.
  • [Holly]

    When Riley moves back, Holly says low and with complete certainty, "Riley, you do not call my sister a "b". Ever. I don't care what you do to me, I'm just a stupid doll. I don't care. But you do not hurt Dora and you do not talk mean about Ashley. Or I will hit you harder. A lot."
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    Riley stumbles back from the hit, loosing her balance and hitting the floor on her butt. She raises her own hand to the red handprint that stands out bold on the pale skin of her face, staring at you in shock, Holly. After all she had you cowed not that long ago.

    Lilly and Beth back away, leaving Riley more vulnerable to the two of you. She absorbs your threat Holly, then begins to scoot back.

    That seems like a pretty clear manipulate if you really want that from her. If not, that's okay too.

    What do either of you do?
  • [Holly]

    Sure, let's see if that cows Riley to apologize and play nice. Holly really does want to meet with them and learn about the spell, seems like Teddy wants to know about the knife. So, let's see if we can be friends.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Holly]

    SHIT! I didn't declare I was using Bought Loyalty for a +2. Your call if you accept it, but Holly's consistently used that every time she tries to Manip an NPC. So either it is a squeak or a fail, your call, MC. Let me know how you decide so I can mark the string or not.
  • No, that's cool. She'll take it. I guess she knows where your soft spot is now.

    Riley picks herself up, still looking at you, Holly.

    "Fine... whatever. I'm sorry." Her voice sounds a little raspy. "Look, I won't say shit about her friends, but she can't say shit about mine either, okay?"

    She doesn't sound really sorry, of course, but it sounds like what you're going to get if you really want to discuss this whole deal with her and her friends.
  • [Holly]

    Holly un-clenches her fists, nods, accepting this as an apology. She looks to Teddy, to make sure she accepts, too. "Riley, we accept." She offers an apologetic smile of her own, "Sorry for hitting you. Can we go and talk about magic now?"
  • You startled me Holly, obviously, with all of that. But now I kind of stand down and look away, like:

    "Yeah, sorry - whatever. It was Eric's fault."

    It's not much of an olive branch, and I don't think I'm really sorry either. But I'm also uncertain - not sure at all that Ashley wouldn't of done that.
  • So I guess you take off together, right? The five of you can fit in Riley's car.

    I think she was planning on going to her house, or one of the others, but she could be talked into going somewhere else if there's a hangout that gives you guys some relative privacy. Where do you go?
  • [Holly]

    Riley's house is interesting. Holly wouldn't push for where to go, trying to be nice. And also curious about their homes.
  • Sure, Holly - if you wanna check out her place, I guess that's okay. I'm a little, I don't know, if they end up messing with us, I'm a little worried about being on their, uh, home ground? It wouldn't be a big deal if the King was with me, but ... well, it's okay, though. Let's go there - I'm not all that convinced they know anything about real magic anyway.
  • So here's Riley


    Like I said. Goth girl, pretty much. But she takes you to a very ordinary blue Ford Escort that's seen better days. It's got little plastic skulls dangling from the rearview.

    It's maybe a little crowded. Both Lilly and Beth come so along with you two, that's a full car. She'd let one of the guests sit up front but she'd probably prefer you, Holly. Do you take it, or do you give Teddy the seat?

    Here's Lilly and Beth, respectively.


    Riley drives you to her house which is a fairly boring small ranch-style in need of repainting to restore the faded green color. There is a little conversation on the way. Mostly Lilly and Beth doing their best to make chit-chat. Once you're in from out of the cold, she immediately leads you to the basement door and down. into what is her room. Holly, in some ways it seems like a bizarre parody of the way you were living at the Bays. It is a proper room in the partially finished basement. When you get inside you find it just as gothy as Riley is. Lots of dark, rich colors, like red and purple, and of course black.

    For all that, it's pretty small. There's a little open floor space, a well worn bean-bag chair, a desk and chair, obviously reclaimed or bought secondhand and an unmade twin bed. The headboard contains books, which if you read the titles are mostly about whichcraft or urban fantasy novels.

    Riley and Lilly both take seats on the bed while Beth perches nervously on the desk chair. Do you sit?

    Riley leans forward. "So... tell us about this ritual you were in?"
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    Normally, Holly would gladly give up the front seat, but she worries that Teddy will snipe at Riley or Riley will say something mean to provoke Teddy. To avoid it, she takes the front seat, giving Teddy an apologetic look. During the ride, Holly closes her eyes and listens to the chit chat between Beth and Lily. She smiles softly at the banter between friends, it sounds pleasant even when forced a bit.

    The trip to the basement seems to make Holly nervous, triggering some old memories. She pauses at the top fo the stairs, looking down, then steps down timidly. She continually clenches and unclenches her hands, then reaches out to take hold of Teddy's hand to hold as they step down the stairs. When Teddy gives her a look, Holly smiles an apology but doesn't seem to want to let go.

    When they enter Riley's room and it looks like a regular room, not a dank concrete hole, Holly relaxes a bit. She looks around at the decor and says lightly, "Your room is spooky, Riley," as if it is a compliment.

    She glances at the beanbag chair for Teddy, figuring she'd like her own space, and sits at the end of the bed with Riley and Lily. Riley asks about the ritual and Holly's eyes dance as she retells the events, "It was three of us. Nyx and me. And Teddy. Aubrey was a ghost then. She could walk and talk and... lots of stuff. We got her body out of the pool of water, and made two circles around her. And, she drops her voice to a whisper, "we had to clean off, hands and faces and stuff, and get naked, too. But it wasn't bad naked, ok? But then we had to will her spirit back into her body. There was a chant we said together, and Aubrey had a ring that was her tether. Nyx put it on her chest." Holly mimics the act herself, placing it on an imaginary Aubrey on the bed between them.

    Holly's eyes are bright and she talks in a singsong story voice, "We chanted and chanted, and Ghost Aubrey told us to be brave and to hold on to her body, not to let go even though it was scary. Then Ghost Aubrey slowly winked away into nothing." She looks up at the girls, making sure they pay attention. She waits for them to consider asking for more before she continues, "All of the sudden, Aubrey's body takes a breath! And she's ALIVE! We brought her back. We did it all of us. Isn't that amazing?"
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