Hello and Let's Play Burning Wheel... with a twist...

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Hello, my first post here at Snail's Pace and in order to get maximum karma out of this thing I'll go ahead and make a new game pitch!

In the past, I've run moderately successful one-on-one pbps of Burning Wheel and I really enjoy it. So I'd like to try something like it but a little more interesting... call it double-barreled one-on-one. Essentially I'd like to find two players to run parallel one-on-one campaigns with that are set in the same game world. Ideally they'd have a long-term goal in common, but they would start out isolated from each other. Maybe they'll meet up... maybe they won't!

I warn you, this is definitely an experiment. It might be awesome, but it might go horribly wrong. I think it'd definitely fall on its face in person, but it has a legitimate shot to be awesome in pbp. If you don't mind a little risk and want to play some Burning Wheel with me, let me know and we'll start figuring out the world.

Player restrictions:
- You must own a book. You can be a n00b, just own a book.
- Be able to post once a week at least. If you go more than a week without posting (or without letting me know first), your character will be auto-NPC'd and your slot is open for another player.
- Have a Dropbox or Google Drive account so that we can share game documents sanely.

Game restrictions:
- No Great Spiders.
- 4 lifepaths, give or take.
- No starting stat, attribute, or skill may be above 6.
- No being a priest or a sorcerer unless you've at least read those rules.


  • Looks like I've got two takers. As soon as we prep, you'll see the game on your forums!
  • I wish I would have noticed this sooner, love me some burning wheel. I would very much like to read your posts once you all start playing. Someone just posted this Burning Wheel Gold character sheet to Google+ an perhaps it will be of help to you. I don't know how to turn it into an actual link so you will probably have to copy and paste it into your browser. https://docs.google.com/document/d/162LCfJVj4EzEwxPW3QYIQF8pzoZXUbzQrx9GN1dafzY/edit?usp=docslist_api
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