[God-Kings of War] Characters and Set-up

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So these were the oracles:
• A warrior-woman, queen of her small wild tribe, hard-pressed by advancing civilization.
• A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.
• The country fort, of bricks and timber, of a local warlord.
• A speaker for the ancestors, carrying secrets and warnings.
And we started out with these characters from yellowparis:
• a warrior-woman
• a local warlord
• a speaker for the ancestors

And maybe one or more of these:

• a member of the tribe
• a representative of civilization
• a solider from the victorious side
• a soldier from the losing side
• a dead soldier from one of the above sides
• a subject of the warlord or a denizen of his fort
• one of the ancestors
Are there any more to add? Or could we link a couple of the oracle results together (I'm thinking that one of the sides of the victory could be the warrior-woman's tribe), or think about some interpretation of the oracles beyond the obvious (so maybe the victory hasn't happened yet, but is foretold by the ancestors, or something).

Just a few ideas.


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    Well, strictly speaking, you just list out all the possible characters, and all the rest is supposed to fall into place as characters are selected and the best interests are stated.

    Like, if you pick the warrior-woman, you could potentially declare that she's also the speaker for the ancestors. Then, you could say it is in her best interest to convince the warlord to end the conflict, because she has foreseen the destruction of her tribe in a great battle.

    Personally, I have no problem with a more organic approach, but the by-the-rules approach does seem to work pretty well.
  • Sorry I was just thinking aloud, without my book in front of me. The list seems fairly complete, at first glance. What do the rest of you think?
  • A representative of the civilization sounds interesting to me, for my character.
  • I mentioned the speaker for the ancestors earlier, but now I'm kind of going back and forth between the 'speaker' and the 'warlord'. Still, since rugrsi's the only other one to pick something, I think I'll go ahead and stick with 'speaker', to guarantee that there'll be a PC on both sides of the cultural gap.
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