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So this isn't so much a specific pitch for a specific game as just trying to get something going. I've got a short list of games that I'd both like to play and think would work on a forum. This list is:
- Apocalypse World
- In a Wicked Age (high on my list)
- Mars Colony (except that's two player only)
- Diaspora
- Archipelago II

There are some others I'd like to play but probably not until I get a few more games worth of experience under my belt, like Burning Wheel which would be kind of a huge undertaking.

Do any of those games mentioned above excite you? I'm kinda hoping for a relatively light pace, not posting a few times a day but still trying to be regular.


  • I am very interested in playing Apocalypse World
  • I am pretty sure Madu would like to play Apocalypse World as well. OK David, you have seduced me with a 10+ how about you seize snailspace by force and make this into an actual pitch. Now do I want to play a brainer or a savvyhead? hmmm
  • I'm down with an AW game! Excitement = very yes. A light pace is also eminently suitable for my schedule. Come to think of it, playing Diaspora would also be fantastic. Many times read, few times played.
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    Personally I think I'd be a little more excited for Disapora (which I haven't played) than I would for Apocalypse World but I'm totally happy to go with the flow.

    I created a pitch thread for Apocalypse World but am looking to/happy to do more than one game at a time so this thread is still a thing.
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