Apocalypse World

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Hey all,

So I want to run a game of Apocalypse World on here, despite the fact that I've never run or even played it before. But I gotta start sometime!

So, Marco and Madu have expressed interest already. Who else is in? I don't have any specific ideas or plans for it at this point, so everything is up for discussion and brainstorming.


  • I'm in!

    I've been lurking here for a number of days reading the posts with interest.

    I have the AW rulebook but also haven't played it.

    In fact I have numerous 'indie' rpg rules but I've only played Mouse Guard (as GM).

    I've been wondering if we can use Microscope to build an AW universe in which to play. Not sure if this is a viable idea, but you said we should brainstorm!

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    I really love the idea of using Microscope to build a setting to game in, but I'm not sure that would be a good match up for Apocalypse World which seems to me to be more of a 'build in play' type of game.

    I'm looking to do another game alongside this one so perhaps that might be a good option for that! Or we could just play Microscope as well, and then use the eventual setting for, well, whatever we feel like playing.
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    Is there a general interest in a rootless and mobile lifestyle, or a settled (or at least initially settled) setup? Kinda thinking Operator if the former, or Hardholder or Maestro D' if the latter. Not staking claims here, mind, just thinking aloud. Are there playbook limits in the consensus?

    As far as apocalypses go, I'm open to just about anything. I tend to like the sciencey-technological ones more just because I have the background for it.
  • I'm open to any of the Playbooks as long as I get a chance to check them out first. I know that some radically change the game or at least tend to force the game to be centered around them so we'll just have to figure that out.

    I'm kinda drawn to the idea of a game that's more mobile/travelling based.
  • Mobile is good for me, although I can't help thinking 'Mad Max'.

    I'd also be up for a Microscope game.
  • It would be interesting to do something a bit different to the classic 'Mad Max' style post-apocalypse. One idea that occurred to me today is to make the whole thing 'post earth' and set it on some alien planet that a bunch of colonists landed on a few generations ago.

    I'll make another thread for Microscope.
  • So anyway at the moment we have Alan, Madu and Max B. One more player would be great!
  • I'm interested.

    What is the expected post frequency?
  • I'm in I would be interested in a Brainer or a Savvyhead. And I prefer the game is not mobile. I think that is a mistake that comes from the idea of the travelling adventure party. This game sings when you have a community to live in and relationships to develop those PC NPC PC relationship triangles.
  • and I have no idea what microscope is
  • Posted By: marco42 And I prefer the game is not mobile. I think that is a mistake that comes from the idea of the travelling adventure party. This game sings when you have a community to live in and relationships to develop those PC NPC PC relationship triangles.
    I second this.
  • Actually you're totally right Marco.

    As for expected post frequency, I was thinking once a day? With plenty of leniency as long as you mention you won't be able to post. Does that sound ok?
  • Sounds good to me. I'm in England, will that be a problem?
  • I'm in Australia so I hope not
  • I live on the East Coast of the USA but I work graveyard shift so I will probably be awake with the Aussie and the Brit more than my fellow Yanks. And the more I think about it I want to be a Savvyhead if that's ok with everyone else.
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    Agreed too with Marco re: the rootless thing, though I admit I've always wanted to try a traveling serial story approach, sort of Dogs in the Vineyard-style. I may be guilty of wanting to put parmesan cheese in my chocolate there, so to speak. (Edited to add) US left coast here, GMT-8 or so. My peak posting hours will probably be around 7pm local time.

    So - our apocalypse. A long slow slide into chaos? Civil war and its aftermath? Some kind of sudden natural catastrophe? Earth, or orbit, or a colony world? Not looking for a bluebooking session here, or answers that come up in play, just setting-noodling. I confess to being enamored of an orbital or colony-world setting, possibly because of the initial mention of Diaspora.
  • How about this pitch? - The colony planet Aeneas was once prosperous and thriving. But the faction/company on old Earth that financed the colony no longer exists and whatever valuable resource they thought was here is gone and so the supply ships stopped coming and the rest of humanity has forgotten us. Or perhaps when the moon "Dido" exploded and surrounded the planet in it's debris the Earther's decided we were all dead and the planet uninhabitable. Well whatever they thought they're gone for almost 80 years now and we have to scratch out a living the best we can. It didn't help that when Dido died the psychic maelstrom showed up, some people call it Dido's curse but some of us call her mother.
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    I like it!

    Edit: Since I'm new to how things work here on Snail's Pace, what's the usual deal with making characters? Do I make an IC thread and we handle it in there?
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    I can only speak to my limited run in the Menagerie AW game, but the organization there seemed to work well - a Characters thread, and then IC threads titled with a scene number and the names of the participants.

    Eta: Marco, I like the sound of the colony. Anybody have a burning desire to play the Maestro D'? If not, I b'leeve I'd like to.
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    Ok so

    Max B

    I'll make a character thread

    Edit: http://snailspace.forgreatjustice.net/comments.php?DiscussionID=874&page=1#Item_1
  • So how are we on technology? Can I assume that, say, something like cloning is common enough to not excite undue commentary? I don't want to go balls-out clone army BS - just that Proper's a clone of someone from the older days of the colony, and marked so by a QR-code-like tattoo in a stripe across his eyes.
  • I'm ok with including one more.
  • Dido's dead??

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  • Well I was thinking of this Dido http://www.lib-art.com/artgallery/5228-dido-and-aeneas-pierre-narcisse-guerin.html but however it sings to you. I don't care how it's tagged as long as I know what to look for.
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